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Southwest Airlines To Stop Overbooking Flights


Overnight the airline said it was introducing new policies after the forced removal of a customer on United Express Flight 3411 drew the ire of thousands on social media. The current limit is $1,350. In addition to the upped payment, displaced passengers and crew members will be put on other airlines or have a auto arranged to transport them to their destinations. Read More »

27 stress they are united heading into Brexit talks


German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers her speech about the European Union at the German parliament Bundestag in Berlin, Thursday, April 27, 2017. "Without progress on the many open questions of the exit, including the financial questions, it makes no sense to have parallel negotiations over the future relationship", Merkel said. Read More »

Republican lawmakers urge Trump to weaken Paris climate pact pledge

In a letter to the president organized by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), the 13 companies - which include BP, DuPont, General Mills, Google, Intel, Microsoft, National Grid, Novartis Corporation, PG&E, Schneider Electric , Shell, Unilever and Walmart - said that continued United States participation in the agreement would help them manage increasing climate risks and compete in global clean energy markets. Read More »

Ivanka Trump booed after defending her father's remarks about women

Some in the crowd hissed and booed at her comments, but she later chalked it up to "politics". "I think there is a global humanitarian crisis that's happening, and we have to come together". She also said, "I grew up in a house where there was no barriers to what I could accomplish beyond my own perseverance and tenacity". Unsurprisingly, Ivanka said she didn't like the word "accomplice" "because, in this context, I don't know that that's productive". Read More »

Sessions to address gang violence during Long Island speech


Officials estimate MS-13 has 30,000 members internationally and around 6,000 across 46 US states. Earlier this month, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions both mentioned MS-13, and Sessions specifically referenced the Long Island killings before meeting with top federal law enforcement officials on ways to dismantle violent transnational gangs. Read More »

USA commander suggests missile defense in Hawaii amid N. Korea threat


Though highly unusual, the briefings do not necessarily suggest a security crisis is imminent, although military tensions are increasing on the divided Korean Peninsula. North Korea also in April celebrates the anniversary of the birth of its founder, Kim Il Sung, and the founding of its army. Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling on China to play a leadership role in reducing North Korea's military ambitions. Read More »

Early indication of China doing better job on North Korea


Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called on North Korea and other countries on Thursday to avoid behaviour or rhetoric that could increase tensions around Pyongyang's nuclear programme. Merkley noted that given the stakes, one could have anticipated that Trump would present a strategy for dealing with North Korea (particularly since-as Vice President Mike Pence noted-"The era of strategic patience is over"). Read More »

Turkey's Airstrikes Could Damage Anti-ISIS Efforts


Turkish war planes carried out strikes on Kurdish militia forces in Syria on Tuesday and also hit Kurdish forces in neighbouring Iraq in what Ankara described as " terrorist havens". But Turkey's air force claimed it was targeting members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which Ankara deems a terrorist organization. However, Dorrian said in a video conference from Baghdad that the YPG forces continue to "make tremendous sacrifices" in the fight against ISIS and in preparation for ... Read More »

China warned N.Korea of sanctions after any nuclear test: Tillerson


U.S. troops in South Korea began on Wednesday deploying a contentious anti-missile system in South Korea that has infuriated China. In a related story, Air China, which abruptly announced on Apr. In recent weeks, however, the roles may have reversed, with a new administration in Washington bulldozing its way to the brink before finally backing away. Read More »

Tillerson says China asked NK to stop nuke tests

China objects to North Korea's weapons development and has called for a return to worldwide negotiations, but US officials have said Washington sees no value in talks until Pyongyang shows it is serious about denuclearization. "As long as America continues its hostile acts of aggression, we will never stop nuclear and missile tests", said Sok Chol Won, director of the North's Institute of Human Rights at the Academy of Social Sciences. Read More »

Wisconsin dairy farms face closure due to Canadian policies

The supply-management system is hugely beneficial to a relatively small number of farmers, but it raises costs for millions of consumers. Canadians have faulted the US for producing too much milk. Shelley Mayer is the Executive Director with the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin and a dairy farmer herself. He added, "We have to stand up for the sector because it is so vital to communities like Wellington County". Read More »

THAAD equipments arrive in Seongju, Korea for assembly and environmental test

US lawmakers want to leave briefings on North Korea on Wednesday with something many think has been absent in the Trump administration so far: a clear strategy for dealing with a major national security threat. While China opposes THAAD, calling it a threat to its own security, it has spoken out against North Korea's missile and nuclear tests and has supported United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang. Read More »

USA commander: Anti-missile system in South Korea operational in 'coming days'


Despite a recent transition to the private sector, Matthew continues to follow and share insights on US foreign policy. "The DPRK will react to a total war with an all-out war, a nuclear war with nuclear strikes of its own style and surely win a victory in the death-defying struggle against the USA imperialists", the statement went on. Read More »

What you need to know about rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula


In a further warning of its military might, North Korea said the US will have to choose between political and military surrender if Washington launches a preemptive strike, Yonhap reported Tuesday. US Vice President Mike Pence said the US would try to marshal support from its allies and North Korea's neighbors, including China, and tighten the noose around Kim. Read More »

Peronnin Selected for NCAA Columbus Regional


A total of 18 teams and six individuals were chosen to compete at each regional site. "We're all very excited to head to Lubbock next week". Georgetown won its first-ever BIG EAST Championship last weekend, leading from start to finish and posting a nine-shot victory to reach the postseason for the first time. Read More »

Polls: Millenials rate President Trump's 100 days a whooping 'F'

This will be part of Trump's announcement Wednesday. The federal government will run out of money Saturday - Trump's 100th day in office - unless lawmakers pass legislation to pay for agencies to stay open. "Executive orders are the easiest, simplest way to showcase action by the president to begin to fulfill some of the pledges made in the campaign". With the push of a red button placed on the Resolute Desk that presidents have used for decades, a White House butler soon arrived with a ... Read More »

Kulbhushan Jadhav case: India knows neither his condition, nor location


Mr Jadhav, a retired navy officer, was arrested a year ago and accused by Pakistan of spying and subversive activities in Balochistan. "Pakistan is forgetting that Jadhav is not a Baloch, he is from India", Marri said. He trashed the secret trial by the Pakistani military court as "completely opaque". "We are engaged in achieving this objective", he added. "We have to verify how Kulbhushan Jadhav walked into Pakistan with a valid passport in his pocket". Read More »

How Will North Korea React To Trump's Posturing?


Mattis denounced North Korea's attempted missile launch as he began a Middle East tour, telling reporters traveling with him to Saudi Arabia, "the leader of North Korea again recklessly tried to provoke something by launching a missile", he said. Read More »

US lawmakers say Trump admin still lacks clear N. Korea plan


After briefing senators in a highly unusual meeting at the White House on Wednesday, Pentagon chief Jim Mattis , Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats issued a statement that toned down military rhetoric and urged the global community to help find a solution to North Korea's nuclear programme. Read More »

Canada reports progress with USA on lumber, 'but not there yet'


The phone call comes a day after Trump signed an executive agricultural order, criticising what he viewed as unfair dairy trade practices and complaining that farmers in U.S. "I know that's not such a popular sentiment for governments to express". "Every day, tensions are rising between the United States and our sworn enemy, Canada". Read More »

N.Korea tension has to be stopped: China

An official from South Korea's Defense Ministry couldn't immediately confirm whether any of the rockets represented a new type of ICBM. The North's warning, carried by its state-run KCNA news agency, came as leader Kim Jong-un arrived at Pyongyang's main Kim Il-sung Square, named after his grandfather, for a military parade marking the " Day of the Sun ". Read More »

White House Considers Re-designating N. Korea as Terrorism Sponsor


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) called it an "important" meeting. Leahy describes the Administration's approach to North Korea as little more than "saber rattling" and he thinks it has little chance of being successful. The legislation, approved by the House Foreign Affairs Committee last month, is meant to cut off supplies of cash that help fund North Korea's nuclear program, and increase pressure to stop human rights abuses such as the use of slave labor, the bill's sponsor, Foreign Affairs ... Read More »

Corbyn might not do TV debates if May declines them

Tory backbencher and long-time Leave supporter Jacob Rees-Mogg told the MailOnline the speech was "an admission the Labour Party has rejected Brexit and with it many of its non-metropolitan voters". After protracted wrangling, debates went ahead in 2015 in a variety of formats, including one involving leaders of parties which were not in government. Read More »

Trump, worst US leader in 100 days


It was unclear how Trump planned to address use of the Antiquities Act in his order, or if he will try to undo actions taken by Obama to put certain areas off limits to drilling and mining. "When you think about what he's started. he'll move forward on tax reform, healthcare, on immigration, on trade, it's been a hugely successful first 100 days", Spicer said on April 24, according to The Washington Examiner. Read More »

China, Japan urge N. Korea to avoid provocations

The USS Michigan, a nuclear-powered submarine, arrived Tuesday at the South Korean port of Busan for what was described as a routine visit to rest crew and load supplies. The Pentagon said the deployment was a critical measure to defend South Korea and its allies against North Korean missile threats and it would complete it "as soon as feasible". Read More »

U.S. to tighten sanctions on North Korea

Kim Jong-Un is clearly in a position to threaten Hawaii today, in my opinion. On the same day, North Korea released photographs of what it claimed to be the largest military drill in the country's history , showing hundreds of of tanks, live-fired missiles and explosions, ostensibly to celebrate the 85th anniversary of its military. Read More »

Judge blocks Trump's order defunding 'sanctuary cities'


Asked about Orrick's ruling Wednesday, Trump averred that he is "never surprised by the 9th Circuit", reinforcing an early morning tweet in which he declared that it "has a bad record of being overturned (close to 80 percent)". The policies of sanctuary cities vary but in most cases provide some protections to unauthorized immigrants by not fully cooperating with federal immigration authorities. Read More »

Arkansas begins 11-day 'run' of executions


U.S. state Arkansas has carried out its first execution in 12 years as it rushes to use up its supply of lethal injection drugs before they expire at the end of the month. The southeastern USA state executed Ledell Lee on Thursday at its Cummins Unit in Grady, which houses the state's death chamber. On Wednesday, the company said a state circuit court judge issued a verbal order prohibiting Arkansas from using this drug in executions, and a written order followed on Thursday morning. Read More »

Netanyahu cancels meeting with German foreign minister over West Bank

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Gabriel thanked Rivlin and mentioned the significance of his experience being in Israel during yesterday's Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day. Germany has been among critics of Israeli settlement policy. Belgium also had a spat with Israel back in February over the issue of visiting NGOs critical of the Israeli government. Read More »

Trump tax plan slashing business rates to test support in Congress

In a memo Tuesday that contained a number of factual inaccuracies - including a claim that Roosevelt signed only nine executive orders, rather than the actual 99, in his first 100 days - the White House boasted of the president's "historic accomplishment", citing the 13 Congressional Review Act resolutions, the 28 laws, and the 30 executive orders that Trump has implemented or passed. Read More »

USA 'prepared to defend ourselves' over N Korea

China has been increasingly helpful in recent days in reigning in North Korea , and Harris credited a good relationship between President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping for helping that along. The Trump administration is also upping the ante diplomatically. "It is aimed north, not west", he said, adding: "It poses no threat to China ". "We're told the priority is still the diplomatic option, trying to isolate North Korea economically, making it hard for it to get components that ... Read More »

After Whirlpool battle, Le Pen and Macron clash over fish


But the Kremlin says it is not backing any candidate in the election, which it says is purely a matter for the French people. Striking workers jeered France's front-running presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday when he showed up at a northern French factory after being publicly trumped by far-right rival Marine Le Pen. Read More »