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Case dropped against Code Pink activist who laughed at Sessions's hearing


Fairooz had attended Sessions's January 10 confirmation hearing along with about two dozen members from Code Pink, a progressive activist group that regularly protests at Congress. A Superior Court of the District of Columbia threw out the charge in July, claiming that the government had wrongly maintained that laughing alone was cause enough for the verdict. Read More »

Why did LeBron post angry 'Arthur' meme on Monday night?


The meme is commonly understood to reflect anger or frustration, so what, everyone wondered, had him so agitated? Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics - Cleveland's biggest Eastern Conference rival - are 9-2 with James' former teammate, Kyrie Irving . Read More »

Teacher Threatens To 'Put A Bullet' In Student's Head


If you screw with me, you're going to get in big a-trouble. Okay? And it might be me the one who does it". Since going public with the video, Carr wrote that she'd received both support from people who thought the teacher's response was overboard and from others who said the student shouldn't have been acting out in the first place. Read More »

Laurent Koscielny to retire after World Cup


Koscielny has represented France at three major, worldwide tournaments, and has enjoyed a successful period in his country's colours so far. By stepping away from the French national team, Koscielny could use the global breaks to rest, rather than battle for minutes against a whole host of younger, hungrier players eager to represent their country. Read More »

Hope Sharma broadens ambit, staying in guesthouse won't work: Omar


Waheed Para, PDP youth leader and secretary Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council, discussed problems faced by the youth and steps needed to be taken by the Centre to wean students and youth away from the cycle of violence, officials said. Asked about his father and National Conference President Farooq Abdullah's statement that there was little hope from the process started by Sharma, Omar Abdullah said: "Farooq Sahib was right when he said we do not expect much from this process". Read More »

US carriers drill as Trump visits Asia


The interceptor is created to launch and destroy ballistic missile threats after receiving detection and tracking information from land-, sea- and space-based sensors. USA defense officials noted recently the presence of the three U.S. carriers in the region was reassuring allies, even though it was long scheduled. Read More »

Indian American elected New Jersey town Mayor despite anti-Sikh propaganda


The flyer calls that other candidate, Councilman Ravi Bhalla , a terrorist. Bhalla said the flyers are upsetting, but said he does not want the racist comment to paint all of Hoboken in a negative light. The latest race instigated profiling against Bhalla is reported just days before New Jersey goes to poll booth to elect their next mayor. The upper lefthand corner of the flyer reads "Paid for by Team DeFusco For Hoboken", referring to Mike DeFusco, a Hoboken city councilman also running ... Read More »

Iran sees Pak security as its own: Gen Hatami


Major General Asif Ghafoor on Tuesday reiterated that Pakistan's soil will not be used against any country including Iran. The military's spokesperson said that terrorists are likely to exploit the friendly Pak-Iran border . "Kashmir is long pending dispute between India and Pakistan". "We greatly value our relations with Iran, which have a positive history bonded by history, culture, and religion". Read More »

'Iran's supply of rockets to Houthis an act of war against Kingdom'


The exact number of the deaths is still not immediately clear. The two are the major powers in a coalition that has been fighting the Huthis since 2015 in support of the internationally recognised government. The real terrorists are those who receive support and funds from the Saudi-led military campaign to carry out terrorist activities and bombings, the statement said. Read More »

2.0 release date not yet fixed!


In an interview to mid-day as part of the conversation series, Sit with Hitlist, Kumar finally opened up on the Padman-2.0 debate. Still, taking the current situation, if both the film releases together which one would you like to see in theatres? When asked if he considers pitting two of his projects against one another a wise move, he said, "There is a lot of false information that is being circulated over both films releasing on the same day". Read More »

White House's Executive Order Will Weaken Barack Obamacare

Conservatives see rolling back the mandate as a way to cut federal spending while achieving a key policy priority, but it could complicate the tax bill's prospect for passage. Brady said he is expecting an updated score from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on the impact of including repeal. Trump can not get rid of the mandate because it is law. Read More »

IL couple allegedly starved child as punishment for two years

Two adults have been charged with first-degree murder after a 6-year-old IL boy died from extreme malnourishment last week, officials said. The boy's father, Michael Roberts, and the stepmother, Georgena Roberts, both 42, both are charged with first-degree murder, a felony count of child endangerment and a misdemeanor count of child endangerment, the Associated Press reports . Read More »

Manus refugees quit detention centre


This is a desperate situation on the brink of a catastrophe. 'We do accept and we thank New Zealand for their generosity should be asking the Americans to expedite the USA resettlement arrangement and they should be accepting this offer from New Zealand, ' he told Sky News on Monday. Read More »

Gunman once fled mental health center, threatened superiors


Kelley pleaded guilty to one incident of domestic abuse in which he "struck his wife by beating her with his hands, kicking her, as well as choking her and forcefully pulling her hair" and another incident, a beating of a child under 16 in which he hit the child "on the head and body with a force likely to produce death or grievous bodily harm", according to court documents reviewed by . Read More »

Reality Check: Gun Violence In The US


Other Japanese people want to own a gun, must attend an all-day class, pass a written test, and achieve at least 95% accuracy during a shooting-range test. But even the most vehement USA anti-gun activists do not advocate repealing the Second Amendment , which grants Americans the right to bear arms, and no serious United States politician favors confiscating weapons. Read More »

Ex-friend: Georgia Tech coach encouraged, knew about illegal player benefits


Bell told CBS Sports that he gave two basketball players more than the amount of money self-reported by the school, and says Pastner knew about the violations before the October 2 date that was reported. He said Pastner didn't call him on his birthday this year , which is something he interpreted as disrespectful. He took over Memphis' program in 2009 when John Calipari left for Kentucky, and Pastner became Georgia Tech's head coach in 2016. Read More »

NPPC Responds to WHO Calling For Ban On Prevention Uses Of Antibiotics

Since 2005, the agency publishes a list of antibiotics critical to human medicine, to encourage a prudent use of these drugs to preserve their effectiveness. Antibiotics are used commonly by farmers and producers to prevent viral diseases and make sure animals remain healthy to produce the required yield. Read More »

Deposed Catalan leader slams European Union for 'helping' Spanish PM

Puigdemont thanked the Catalan mayors for their support, as well as "our friends in the Flemish N-VA party who are with us today" referring to the Belgian separatist party. But Tuesday night ERC dismissed this option for the coming poll, with spokesman Sergi Sabria saying in a statement that "faced with the impossibility of forming a truly unified list, we will seek to coordinate on the basis of different candidacies". Read More »

US Becomes Only Nation Not Part Of Paris Agreement


Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the historic 2015 Paris Agreement on limiting carbon emissions in June. Environmental activists and supporters display placards during a demonstration in NY on June 1, 2017, to protest US President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the 195-nation Paris climate accord deal. Read More »

Texas church shooting: Trump says it's mental health problem, not guns situation


President Trump said if that Good Samaritan didn't have a gun, "instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead", at a press conference in South Korea on Tuesday. A white man in his twenties, carrying a rifle, entered the church at 11:30 local time and started shooting, said Freeman Martin from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Read More »

US Bombers Display A Show Of Force To Rattle North Korea


Michael J. Dumont, vice director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote in a blunt assessment to US lawmakers. Following the Pentagon report, 14 lawmakers - all Republicans except for one Democrat - joined Lieu and Gallego to urge Trump to quit making "provocative statements" about North Korea's leader that jeopardizes diplomatic efforts and puts United States troops at risk. Read More »

What are the Paradise Papers?


Earlier this year the "Panama Papers" leak sent shockwaves across the world as it was unveiled that scores of high-profile Scandinavian companies, including Jyske Bank and Nordea, had links to the Panamanian tax solutions firm Mossack Fonseca. Read More »

Woman appears to snatch money from New York Uber driver's tip jar


There are cameras everywhere these days. During the video, which runs for about two minutes, there is no suggestion whatsoever that the woman, who is wearing a bra and skirt, is about to make off with the money and she doesn't even appear to glance down at the waiting dollar bills. Read More »

New Zealand PM's cat, Paddles, killed by auto


Children need to have the best start in life, and evidence shows that having a parent at home as long as possible to care for a child provides a huge benefit for that child's development, the new female prime minister said. "This is a key part of our Families Package and one all three parties of government have been proud to support because it's the right thing to do", Ardern said. Read More »

Christie Clashes With Voter After Casting Ballot For Guadagno


Gov. Kim Guadagno (gwah-DAH'-noh) is a referendum on the economy, which he says is not strong. When Christie went to cast his vote in Tuesday's gubernatorial election, he ended up in an argument with one of his constituents. The poll surveyed 1,049 voters and had a margin of error of 4 points. Instead, Guadagno focused her campaign on a promise to lower property taxes. Butch Zaborniak, 51, an unaffiliated voter from Hamilton, said that was his main reason for voting for Guadagno. Read More »

Russian Laywer: Trump Jr. Hinted Repeal Of Sanctions


Veselnitskaya says she had gone to the Trump Tower meeting to lobby against it. At the time of the sit-down between Trump Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskaya , bank records show Fusion GPS was paid by a law firm for work on behalf of a Kremlin-linked oligarch while paying a former British spy Christopher Steele to dig up dirt on Trump, Fox News reported . Read More »

Augusta Police Search For Robbery Suspect


Authorities have not disclosed how much money the suspect took. She complied. No weapon was shown, implied or mentioned. "There was no violence". This robbery is being investigated by the Auburn Police with help from the Indiana State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Read More »

Mystery surrounds death of another Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz


India Today and other news sources reported that Prince Abdul Aziz was arrested on Sunday as part of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman 's wide-reaching arrests. The al-Masdar news network first reported the news of his death but later removed it. He was a son of Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who briefly was Saudi Arabia's crown prince from January to April 2015. Read More »

Man arrested in assault on Senator Rand Paul released on bail


A prolonged absence by Paul could also complicate matters for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and the broader Senate GOP's legislative agenda. But they said the dispute had more to do with long-simmering tensions over their adjacent properties than politics. "They just both had strong opinions, and a little different ones about what property rights mean". Read More »

Dem Lawmaker Ditches Moment Of Silence For Call To Action On Guns


During an interview with HLN, Lieu claimed he was not politicizing the moment of silence by walking out in support of gun control. Lieu's colleagues have stood through too many moments of silence following devastating mass shootings. "I will not be silent". "We can not be silent", Lieu concluded in his video. "I urge us to pass reasonable gun safety legislation", he said. "We need to act now". Read More »

Sheriff Releases Surveillance Video of Morning Sherri Papini was Found


Papini, 35, went missing November 2016 after she went out for a jog near her home in Redding. A trucker going north on I-5 saw Papini on November 24 on the side of the road. Unknown female DNA was collected from a swab taken from Papini's body, and a male DNA profile was compiled from clothing Papini was wearing. The DNA samples submitted to the criminal database do not belong to Sherri or her husband, Keith Papini. Read More »