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Turkish opposition to challenge referendum at European court

Why should we wait any longer? Ankara, one of the council's oldest members, said it was now reconsidering its relations with the body. The 47-member Council of Europe is separate from the European Union, but the vote is likely to be a further setback in Turkey's bid to join the EU. Read More »

Former press secretary doesn't have much sympathy for Spicer


The entire US Senate will go to the White House on Wednesday to be briefed by senior administration officials about the brewing confrontation with North Korea. Tillerson will chair a ministerial meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Friday that is expected to discuss tougher sanctions, which USA officials say could include an oil embargo, banning North Korea's airline, intercepting cargo ships and punishing Chinese and other foreign banks doing business with Pyongyang. Read More »

Trump considering order to withdraw from NAFTA

The number one export category, by far, is vehicles and vehicle parts, totaling nearly $80 billion - or about 25% of the country's total exports to the United States - according to data from Intracen. Asked during a White House interview by the Washington Examiner if he'd thought about proposals to break up the court, Trump replied, "Absolutely, I have". Read More »

Shareholders angry over fake accounts disrupt Wells Fargo meeting

In current time period from sell-side analysts, price to current year EPS stands at -3.20%, and moving forward with price to next year's EPS estimate is 8.11%. Stephen Sanger, the bank's chairman, tried to get Marks to sit down and wait until a specific Q&A session, telling him he was "out of order". Eventually, Marks was taken out by security guards, his hands behind his back and shouting, "Come on guys, what are you afraid of?" A person familiar with board discussions said some of those ... Read More »

Germany's anti-immigrant AfD party picks top candidates

Two police officers were injured and a police auto was set ablaze. Protesters have injured one police officer while trying to block the hotel in Cologne where the nationalist Alternative for Germany party is holding a two-day convention. Denouncing "provocations" by party officials, Petry has called for the ouster of an AfD state leader, Bjoern Hoecke, who in January sparked outrage by slamming Berlin's vast Holocaust memorial as a "monument of shame". Read More »

French presidential candidate blacklists RT


The move appears to be an attempt to appeal to a wider range of potential voters ahead of the May 7th election decider between herself and Emmanuel Macron , the independent centrist who came in first in the first round of the presidential vote on Sunday. Read More »

Japan and USA test anti-missile ships during joint military exercises

Meanwhile, the USA has increased its military presence in the region, saying earlier this month that it would be sending a Navy strike group closer to the Korean Peninsula. South Korea's navy has said it plans to hold a joint drill with the USA strike group late this month. China's warning was sent through the Global Times newspaper, which praised the "smooth communication" between President Xi Jinping and U.S. Read More »

Aaron Hernandez's fiancée wants his death evidence preserved


UPDATE: The Worcester District Attorney's Office released a statement Thursday, after Baez's press conference , ruling Hernandez's death a suicide. Baez would not speculate as to whether the 27-year-old Hernandez suffered from CTE, but said it's imperative to find out. The timing of his death - prison officials say he hung himself - has perplexed people and Hernandez didn't leave a suicide note. Read More »

US says raised deep concerns with Turkey over air strikes

A day earlier, Turkish airstrikes and missile attacks targeted positions of the Kurdish fighters on areas on the Syrian-Iraqi borders, killing 50 on both sides of the borders. "To destroy these terror hubs which threaten the security, unity and integrity of our country and our nation and as part of our rights based on worldwide law, air strikes have been carried out.and terrorist targets have been struck with success", the Turkish army said in a statement . Read More »

Demand for Global Bond Markets Retreats After French Elections

Looking at the global scenario, stock market is on its peak, gold is lower and yields are higher. "For months and again today I've heard the doubts, the anger and the fears of the French people". "I was very impressed by him", Deri said. Merkel's chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, tweeted that "the result for Emmanuel Macron shows: France AND Europe can win together!" Pro-EU views are not in fashion these days, particularly in Western Europe which has faced a wave of anti-establishment ... Read More »

Macron favourite for presidency in run-off with Marine Le Pen


With 7.5 million votes, Ms Le Pen beat the National Front party's previous election record on Sunday but failed to pip pro-EU Macron to the first place. But even presidential candidates sometimes have to face criticism from the family. "He [Macron] is a candidate of oligarchy, while I am a candidate of people". Read More »

Trump administration to brief full US Congress on North Korea policy


Just hours before the rare briefing, the top U.S. commander in the Pacific, Admiral Harry Harris , testified in Congress that Washington may need to strengthen its missile defences, particularly in Hawaii, given Pyongyang's threat. So the military escalation with North Korea is so important that all 100 senators are trekking down to a makeshift SCIF in the EEOB and Donald Trump might casually "drop-by" if he shows at all? That official wasn't the only one warning of a hard line on nuclear ... Read More »

Death toll in Turkish raids on Syria Kurds hits 28: Monitor

Turkish warplanes killed more than two dozen Kurdish fighters Tuesday in strikes in Syria and Iraq , where the Kurds are key players in the battle against the Islamic State group. PKK are Kurdish fighters operating in Turkey , while the Rojava Defence Units (YPG) are Kurdish fighters operating in Northern Syria and the Peshmerga fighters are in charge of security in Iraqi Kurdistan. Read More »

When does the NFL draft start?


Writer's note: The links above are our combined horizontal & vertical "Big Boards" for the Philadelphia Eagles 2017 Draft class. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter what you think. Most had solid careers. Thomas is a big defensive lineman who can stop the run and get pressure on the quarterback. "And he's 20 pounds heavier", Mayock said. Read More »

Bannon's future in doubt as Trump downplays his influence


Rush Limbaugh echoed this sentiment, noting who has perpetuated this anti-Bannon narrative: "Remember my old adage, the Democrats will always tell us who they fear by trying to take them out". He was behind Trump's failed travel ban, his immigration crackdown and the Republican push to repeal Obamacare. That isn't wholly out of the ordinary, though, as Kushner was serving as the "chief conduit to foreign governments and officials" during the Trump administration transition. Read More »

New FCC chair announces plan to destroy agency's own net neutrality rules


Net neutrality basically prevents broadband providers from playing favorites or steering users toward, or away from, particular Internet sites. Pai was a commissioner when former Chairman Tom Wheeler forced through the change at the direction of the Obama White House and he said at the time that the change to the status of the internet service providers was a mistake. Read More »

Trump decides to keep Nafta for now


Trump, in phone calls with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday, agreed to proceed swiftly to enable the renegotiation of the Nafta deal to the benefit of all three countries. The U.S. dollar had surged to a four-week high of 111.780 yen on Wednesday before Trump's tax reform plans were unveiled. News of the potential presidential action to withdraw from NAFTA earlier drove the Mexican and Canadian currencies lower. Read More »

Dhinakaran brought to Chennai


The Crime Branch team will leave for Chennai along with Dhinakaran and Mallikarjuna. A powerful section of the ruling AIADMK (Amma) recently revolted against the Sasikala-Dhinakaran leadership. The court also sent Mallikarjuna, an associate of Dhinakaran who was arrested along with the politician last night, to police custody till May 1. Dinakaran and Mallikarjuna were produced before Delhi's Tis Hazari court today at around 2 pm. Read More »

North Korea hits out at Trump and vows 'thermonuclear war'

North Korea has celebrated the 105th anniversary of the birthday of Kim Il-sung, its founding president, with an enormous military parade - and an escalation of rhetoric. Also on display was a powerful mid-range missile that outside analysts call a "Musudan", and which can potentially reach US air bases in Guam, as well as a new solid-fuel mid-range missile that can be fired from land mobile launchers, making them harder to detect before launch. Read More »

Suspended Alabama chief justice to announce future plans


Senate. Stuart is the first Republican woman to hold the position of chief justice. Former Gov. Robert Bentley previously set the date to coincide with the regular election cycle scheduled for 2018. This is the second time he was suspended from the court, as he previously lost his job after flouting a federal court ruling ordering the removal of a Ten Commandments monument he installed in the courthouse rotunda. Read More »

Mexico Calls President Trump's Wall An 'Unfriendly, Hostile' Act


But Trump said Monday that he was willing to budge on his demands to fund the wall in the spending bill, saying he would be open to shifting the timeline for funding of the border wall back to September. They will need the Democrats' votes in order for the funding bill to pass in the Senate. On Tuesday, however, Trump tweeted that he has not changed his position on getting the wall built. Read More »

France debates: did Le Pen or Macron win Whirlpool fight?

But would they really be better off if Marine Le Pen were to win? But Macron, appearing in a suit and tie amid the workers, held his ground. But he stood his ground, patiently and at times passionately debating with workers in often heated exchanges about how to stop French jobs from moving overseas. Read More »

Conservatives back revised health bill, GOP moderates balk


States also could obtain waivers to permit insurers to charge customers more if they are older or suffer from preexisting conditions. Republican Representative Chris Collins, another member of the Tuesday Group, said pressure to follow through on Republicans' top campaign promise for the past seven years had shifted from the party's conservative wing to the moderates. Read More »

Macron, Le Pen Trade Barbs in French Election Race

Macron gained 23.7 percent of the vote to Le Pen's 21.7 percent, according to Harris poll estimates. "I consider that the election of Marine Le Pen and the launch of her project will bring serious consequences to our country and to the French", he wrote. Read More »

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Spurns Russian Call for New Syria Probe


The move places the Syrian aircraft in close proximity to Russia's Khmeimim Air Base - where the majority of Russian air forces helping ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime are based - in Latakia Governorate, Syria. French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon called on the United Nations to punish those behind the attack and said "whoever uses chemical weapons should be condemned". Read More »

Payments from Russian Federation kept secret

And it appears as if he did take that money. "It was inappropriate and there are repercussions for the violation of law", Chaffetz said. Chaffetz also raised questions about fees Flynn received as part of $US530,000 in consulting work his company performed for a businessman tied to Turkey's government. Read More »

Tillerson Declares the Iran Nuclear Deal a Failure

A senior Iranian official has criticized U.S. President Donald Trump's contradictory words, saying he "does not have a clear understanding of worldwide relations". But the agreement only lifted secondary sanctions and numerous USA sanctions remain in place, making it hard for companies to navigate investing in Iran without cutting off their ties to the US marketplace, which is significantly larger. Read More »

All Wells Fargo director nominees elected, some with scant support


Stockholder Proposal 7: The Board of Directors should study whether Wells Fargo should divest its non-core businesses, effectively breaking up the bank. “We know these issues are not what you expect of us, ” Sanger said. The other three received 99 percent approval, and were recent additions: Sloan, who was named CEO in October after the scandal erupted, as well as Ronald Sargent and Karen Peetz, who were newly elected to the board this year. Read More »

France says analysis shows Syrian regime behind sarin attack

However, Damascus denied it had anything to do with the Khan Sheikhoun attack, instead blaming "terrorist" groups. In what is one of the largest single sanctions actions and listings in OFAC history, 271 employees of Syria's Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), the Syrian government agency responsible for developing and producing non-conventional weapons and the means to deliver them, have been placed on the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list. Read More »

Macron tops first round of French presidential elections: final results

Le Pen expressed her intentions about immigrants during her presidential program presentation, which took place on February 5 in Lyon, saying that she is the only candidate who can protect her country from Islamic extremism. Mr Macron's internal security program calls for 10,000 more police officers and 15,000 new prison places, and he has recruited a number of security experts to his entourage. Read More »

Egyptian-American Aid Worker, Released From Cairo Jail, Returns To U.S.


Aya Hijazi was arrested in 2014 on charges of child abuse and human trafficking. The charges have however been widely dismissed as bogus by human rights groups. Both had been in prison since May 1, 2014 on charges of child abuse and trafficking, which USA officials dismissed as false, the Post adds. The Obama administration had considered the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi as the legitimate Egyptian government, and dragged its feet in recognizing the Sissi government, and ... Read More »

France Elections: first round of elections raises stocks in France and Europe

However, unlike Trump (whom she initially praised, and who waxed enthusiastic about her), Le Pen's economic program is nearly socialist in nature, aimed to woo economic "losers". "Save our jobs, Monsieur Macron!" yelled a man. According to the BBC , the French term she used signalled that the decision to step aside would only be temporary. Read More »

Venezuela says it's renouncing membership in OAS


Masked protesters throwing Molotov cocktails managed to briefly set fire to the windshield of an armored police truck, but they did not hold their ground for long as the security forces advanced. Huge protests flared up in Venezuela after its top court tried to take over legislative powers from the opposition-controlled National Assembly. The court partly backtracked after an global outcry. Read More »

2 police wounded in shooting on French island of Reunion


The man was subdued and arrested. More than 230 people have been killed in a string of terrorist attacks on the French mainland since January 2015 and the country has been under a state of emergency for almost a year and a half. The Paris prosecutor's office said anti-terrorism prosecutors have taken over the investigation. Their leader, a 21-year-old known as "The Egyptian", was arrested and transferred to Paris. Read More »