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Flooding rain risk with Harvey much of this week


Tropical Storm Harvey is anticipated to drift slowly back toward the Gulf of Mexico through Monday afternoon, all but insuring that the storm will stay alive and continue to produce unprecedented rain totals from Southeast Texas edging into Southwest Louisiana and portions of Acadiana. Read More »

Iraq says 90 percent of Tal Afar retaken from IS


The Iraqi military says it has "fully liberated" Tal Afar's town center from the Islamic State group. The Tal Afar operation began Sunday, and is aimed at driving IS from one of the last major pockets it controls in Iraq . Officials have said they hope to announce victory by Eid al-Adha, the Muslim holiday set to start in Iraq on September 2. Tal Afar is about 150 kilometers (93 miles) from Syria's border and it's among the last IS-held towns in Iraq . Read More »

N Korea fires 'projectiles' into waters: S. Korea

North Korea's state media on Saturday said that leader Kim Jong Un inspected a special operation forces training of the country's army that simulated attacks on South Korean islands along the countries' western sea border in what appeared to be in response to the ongoing US-South Korea war games. Read More »

U.S. says North Korea missiles failed in flight, exploded on launch


The second missile "appears to have blown up nearly immediately", Pacific Command said. "The military is keeping a tight surveillance over the North to cope with further provocations", the South Korean defence ministry said. The "accidental" reveal of the two as-yet-untested missiles was in photographs of a factory inspection by leader Kim Jong-un . Experts have said they don't believe North Korea has the capability to accurately target a place with an ICBM. Read More »

North Korea Launches Short-Range Missiles, US Says


The Pacom said that initial assessment indicated the projectiles fired were "three short-range ballistic missile". Lim and Sullivan are expected to assess the current situation on the Korean Peninsula after the North's recent threat to attack the US territory of Guam and the latest missile provocation. Read More »

North Korea launches trio of missiles amidst US-South Korea military drills


North Korea warned the US and South Korea of a "second Korean War" if they went ahead with their annual Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercises which commenced last Monday. North Koreas state media earlier Saturday said that leader Kim Jong Un inspected a special operation forces training of the countrys army that simulated attacks on South Korean islands along the countries western sea border in what appeared to be in response to the ongoing U.S. Read More »

N. Korea Fires Projectiles into East Sea

The three launches come as the USA and South Korean militaries hold the joint Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises in South Korea, which Pyongyang considers to be a provocation and threat to its security. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the missiles did not reach its territory or exclusive economic zone and did not pose a threat to Japan's safety. Read More »

Trump Tweets Another Call for Wall, Tearing Up of NAFTA


More than half of respondents say it's "not at all" likely that Congress will approve funding, including one-third of Trump voters. In July, a leaked transcript of a January phone call between Trump and Mexico's president, Enrique Pena Nieto, showed that Trump recognized he had painted himself into a corner over the wall's funding, as he implored Pena Nieto to stop saying publicly that Mexico won't pay for it. Read More »

In Austria killed five climbers


All of the climbers, including two 13 year olds, were injured. The climbers fell about 300 meters (1,000 feet) onto a glacier near Krimml in the Alps, according to Dr. Five helicopters were sent to the scene, and the surviving climber was transported to a hospital in Schwarzach where he was said to be in serious condition. Read More »

North Korea reportedly launches another missile, raising tensions


Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff says that the projectiles fired from the North's eastern coast flew about 250 kilometers (155 miles), though it did not mention any failures. Two of the missiles flew about 150 miles while the other one appears to have blown up nearly instantly. That assessment proved incorrect. But earlier this week the rhetoric appeared to be cooling - at least on the American side - as Trump expressed optimism about North Korea on Tuesday, saying of leader Kim Jong Un, "I ... Read More »

Pakistan, Afghanistan Agree to Form Army Working Group

America's security aid to Pakistan "will be conditioned" on the steps Islamabad takes against terrorist groups such as the Taliban and the Haqqani network, a senior Trump administration official has said. "The Afghan war can not be fought in Pakistan". "Our commitment to war against terrorism is unmatched and unshaken". Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said terrorism is a transnational threat that can only be defeated through intelligence-sharing and coordinated ... Read More »

North Korea fires several projectiles amidst US/South Korean military exercise


Says N.Korea Fired Three "Short-Range" Ballistic Missiles appeared first on Channels Television . The launch comes amid an easing of tension after weeks of harsh exchange of threats between North Korea and the United States after the North's leader Kim Jong Un threatened to fire missiles into the sea near the US Pacific territory of Guam. Read More »

North Korea fires short-range missiles into sea


The latest missile exercise is the first known launch since July, and South Korea is anxious. The White House said President Trump was briefed on what happened and "we are monitoring the situation". "We hope that this is the beginning of this signal that we've been looking for - that they are ready to restrain their level of tensions, they're ready to restrain their provocative acts and that perhaps we are seeing our pathway to sometime in the near future having some dialogue", ... Read More »

Trump could lift ban on military equipment for USA police


The Associated Press report states that there are documents to indicate the U.S President may sign an executive order reversing a 2015 directive laid down during the last administration which limits police access to military-grade equipment such as "grenade launchers, bayonets, tracked armored vehicles, weaponised aircraft and vehicles, firearms and ammunition of.50-caliber or greater, bullet-proof vests and riot shields". Read More »

China says Indian forces have withdrawn to Indian side of disputed border


India said it has agreed with China to de-escalate a tense, months-long border stand-off days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping are set to attend the BRICS Summit. The Indian army chief noted that the capabilities of Chinese armed forces had progressed and Beijing's influence in the region has been increasing as it developed economic and defence ties with neighbouring countries, such as Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Read More »

As swine flu virus mutates, DAK sounds alert


Of 455 suspected cases of swine flu reported in the state since July 1, 101 tested positive for the disease. The state is witnessing the highest number of positive cases after 2015. The mortality rate among swine flu patients is around 7.5 per cent this year, it added. India has recorded 1,094 swine flu-related deaths in 2017, with the maximum 342 casualties being reported in August only, said an official report on Wednesday. Read More »

JAHAN NAMA: North Korea Tests Three Missiles

The UK's membership of NATO does not automatically oblige it to participate in a conflict between the USA and North Korea, even if the latter attacks military bases in the Pacific. "We are now analysing", said Japan's Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera, adding that they did not fly on a "lofted" trajectory. Earlier, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said a ballistic missile may have been fired, without citing a source. Read More »

Samsung Heir, Lee Jae-yong arrested on bribery chargers


The Seoul Central District Court on Friday found Lee guilty of bribery, embezzlement, smuggling funds out of Korea, hiding illicit assets and perjury. "We should all steadily wait until the truth is revealed", it cited him as saying, urging them to "gather power and wisdom to overcome the unprecedented challenge". Read More »

Donald Trump reveals who will pay for THE WALL


Trump also demanded that Mexico pay for his border wall "through reimbursement/other", signalled a visit to Missouri created to pressure a Democratic senator, and praised a book by a controversial law enforcement official . Specifically, the president suggested that he might veto any spending bill that failed to include funds for his monument to American xenophobia, thereby allowing the government to shut down (and, nearly certainly, his approval rating and that of his party to fall). Read More »

Germany will be harsh with holiday refugees, says Angela Merkel


Aware of huge public unease over the refugee crisis, and related terror attacks since, she signalled Germany would demand an extension of border checks on the border with Austria , a Schengen suspension requiring European Union approval. He said the conservatives' campaign was simple: "We have Angela Merkel and that's enough for our future". In an interview with national broadcaster ZDF, Merkel said Germany allows plaintiffs to bundle lawsuits against financial companies and the same ... Read More »

North Korea launches another missile into sea


The crisis in the Korean Peninsula is far from being resolved as North Korea on Friday fired "several projectiles" into sea off its eastern coast. North Korea crisis: is there method in Trump's madness? Earlier, the United States military initially claimed and two of the missiles failed to complete the flight, but later it emerged that one appears to have exploded nearly immediately. Read More »

North Korea tests short-range missiles as South Korea


Sullivan will also reaffirm the United States' "ironclad commitment" to the defense of South Korea and its other allies against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats, the department said in a news release. The two Koreas are indulged into war since the 1950-1953 Korean War ended following a truce. The White House said in a statement: "In regards to activity in North Korea tonight, the president has been briefed and we are monitoring the situation". Read More »

North Korea launches several short-range missiles

It said earlier that the third missile appears to have blown up immediately. North Korea last month fired intercontinental missiles capable of reaching the U.S. However, they later amended their remarks by adding that missiles flew approximately kilometers in northeastern direction. Japan's chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters the missiles fell beyond their territorial waters or the exclusive economic zone and posed no direct threat to national security. Read More »

North Korea missile launch fails


A government source said that they may be artillery rockets from a new multiple-rocket launcher, given that their altitude is far lower than that of a ballistic missile. The launch came five days post the USA and South Korean forces began annual military exercises which are mainly largely computer-simulated ones. This latest missile launch comes as the US and South Korean armies are conducting annual joint military drills known as "Ulchi Freedom Guardian" in South Korea, which began on ... Read More »

JJ Watt Starts Fundraising Campaign For Hurricane Harvey Victims


Trailers full of shelter supplies including cots and blankets enough to support more than 20,000 people are in Texas. You can simply donate by texting " HARVEY " to 90999. The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is in dire need of blood donations . Red Cross volunteer training is free and open to the public. "It's going to last four to five days", said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who urged drivers to stay off the road. Read More »

Catastrophic Flooding in Houston


Mr. Turner defended his decision on Sunday, saying it would have been foolish to evacuate 6.5 million people from Houston and surrounding areas without knowing the course of the storm. "If we wanted to call an evacuation, we wouldn't even know where to call it", Emmett said, "cause we don't know where the rain's going to fall and which watersheds are going to be affected". Read More »

Additional Arizona Red Cross volunteers being sent to Houston


The storm is expected to continue to produce life-threatening rain - estimated to be anywhere between 1 and 3 feet in places - through the middle of next week. More than 125 Red Cross emergency response vehicles, including the three from SC, also have been activated. Supplies for an additional 22,000 people are on the way. Read More »

Red Cross volunteers prepare for big job in Texas


The Red Cross has mobilized thousands of trained Red Cross disaster relief workers, truckloads of kitchen supplies as well as tens of thousands of ready-to-eat meals to support the response effort. The Red Cross honors donor intent. Those searching for a way to help Texans impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey need look no further than iTunes or the iOS App Store. Read More »

'Restraint' Appears To Be Over As North Korea Launches Missile Test Again

The North tends to carry out test-firing of missiles or other projectiles - including those from long-range multiple rocket launchers - in response to the US-South Korea joint military exercises . Japan's chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, told reporters the launches wouldn't directly affect Japan's security, and that no missiles have reached Japan's territorial waters and exclusive economic zone. Read More »