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The First Ladies: Melania and Ivanka have a 'frosty' relationship


The Twitter was also filled with #SaveMelania and #SadMelania hash tags. Now we have to wonder if Donald Trump plays some kind of role in her decision. Well, the speculations she has every intention of moving to White House once Barron finishes his school year. In a Vanity Fair article centered on the private life of Melania, the magazine claims that two unidentified sources in both fashion and media noticed the cold interactions. Read More »

US submarine arrives in South Korea as tensions rise


Leader Kim Jong-un is also believed to have participated in the event, supervising 300-400 "long-range artillery pieces that can put Seoul and its adjacent areas within range". A White House readout of the call said Trump criticized North Korea's "continued belligerence" and the leaders "reaffirmed the urgency of the threat". Read More »

Trump tweets curious video celebrating release of Egyptian-American from Cairo


What we're treated to is a bunch of Ken Burns style pans, scans, and zoom-ins of pictures of Trump and his family hanging out with Hijazi in the oval office as "I'm Proud to be An American" swells in the background. She was arrested in Egypt in 2014, but human rights groups said she had been held on fabricated charges. The Obama administration unsuccessfully pressed Sissi's government for their release. Read More »

U.S. lecturer arrested at North Korean airport


Xi stressed China is strongly against any action that would violate any UN Security Council resolutions. Hwang Pyong-So, the director of the political bureau of North Korea's army, made similar threats in a speech: "If they [the United States and South Korea] try to ignite the spark of war, we will wipe out all of the invaders without a trace with. Read More »

Lower turnout equals higher uncertainty in French election arithmetic


One thing that is certain is that if Melenchon and Le Pen are the last two standing after this weekend's vote then markets, in France, Europe and across the globe will tumble. "This (closeness) creates a risk of surprise because it substantially lowers the vote required to make it to the second round", Swiss fund managers Unigestion, with 23 billion euros ($24.5 billion) under management, said in a research note. Read More »

Spain arrests 9 suspects, probes ties to Brussels attacks

A police statement says the operation took place Tuesday with raids in five towns, including the regional capital Barcelona . At least three of those arrested were suspected of links to the Belgian suicide bombings in March of a year ago, which killed 31 people at the Brussels airport and on a metro train, Spain's High Court said in a statement. Read More »

House's medical marijuana bill passes final committee

Local superintendents, teachers and parents have been anxious that making the jump to lower class sizes set in current law would result in districts eliminating staffing for art, music and physical education classes, which is often paid for with money for traditional classroom teachers. Read More »

At least 10 in minibus killed by roadside bomb in Pakistan


Security personnel rushed to the blast site and cordoned off the entire area. Another local administration official confirmed the death toll, speaking on condition of anonymity. Pakistan has been battling the group - an umbrella organisation of armed religious groups - since 2007, and has launched a series of military operations against them, including one in Kurram district that concluded in 2011. Read More »

USS Michigan nuclear sub heads to South Korea

The phone conversation between Mr Trump and Mr Xi yesterday morning came after the American leader had already used a meeting with Mr Xi in Florida, a follow-up phone call, interviews and Twitter messages to press China to do more to deter North Korea from holding additional nuclear and missile tests. Read More »

Paris attacks days ahead of elections


One police officer was killed and two seriously injured Thursday evening after a gunman opened fire at a police patrol in the famous Champs-Elysees boulevard in the French capital, according to the Interior Ministry. More than 50,000 police officers were on hand for security in Paris this week, as the vote nears. In a statement from her campaign headquarter in Paris , she asked the government and judicial authorities to handle the case of all individuals on the French territory known ... Read More »

Wynne lays out plans to cool Ontario's sizzling housing market

Mr Tory says, "Vancouver recently implemented a vacant-home tax". "We're targeting those are who aren't looking to raise a family". After two consecutive years of double-digit gains, the price of an average house in Toronto jumped to C$916,500 ($925,600) last month, a 33 per cent increase on the year-earlier month; the average price of a detached home topped C$1.2 million. Read More »

Naxal ambush: Its a cold blooded murder, says Rajnath


He praised the valour of the CRPF personnel and said that the sacrifice of the martyrs will not go in vain. President Pranab Mukherjee, on Monday, tweeted, "Strongly condemn attack on CRPF personnel in Chhattisgarh; condolences to families of deceased & prayers for injured". Read More »

Chinese president urges restraint on N. Korea in call with Trump

The State Department on Sunday said that it remains committed to directly addressing the North Korean nuclear threat. "What's only laid for aggressors is dead bodies", the newspaper said. China's willingness to press North Korea has sparked a battle between the nations' media outlets. Trump also spoke by telephone with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Read More »

May's Conservatives at 50 percent in poll, highest since 1991

The recent election announcement is further proof no-one should trust a word she says . He told Andrew Dickens the snap election will push out the date of the next election, reducing her political risks. I'm not taking anything for granted. "Instead, we've seen consumer confidence remain high, economic growth beyond all expectation and record numbers of jobs created". Read More »

North Korea stages massive weapons drill to mark special occasion


Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have heightened amid concerns about a possible pre-emptive strike against Pyongyang by the U.S. to counter its provocative acts, Yonhap news agency reported. Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshide Suga, told a media briefing that China's nuclear envoy, Wu Dawei, would also hold talks with Japanese Foreign Ministry officials on Tuesday. Read More »

No Labour deal with SNP after election, vows Jeremy Corbyn

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has endorsed Labour Jeremy Corbyn to be the next Prime minister he said the choice between Theresa May and Corbyn "was simple". Most Labour lawmakers - and most Conservatives -argued before last year's referendum that Britain should remain in the EU. "There are decisions which prime ministers have to take and those people in authority have to take (which) are sometimes very uncomfortable", Sir Patrick said. Read More »

Donald Trump hits out at 'ridiculous' 100-day benchmark


Gallup's daily presidential tracking poll found Trump's approval at 43% on Thursday, a 1-point increase from the prior day. Trump tweeted Friday morning that "no matter what I accomplish during this ridiculous standard of the first 100 days", media organizations "will kill!" President Donald Trump at a "Thank You Tour" rally held at the Giant Center Hershey, Pennsylvania, December 15, 2016. Read More »

Top officials say US must confront Russia for arming Taliban


U.S. claims that Moscow is arming the banned in Russia Taliban Movement in Afghanistan are groundless and unprofessional, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday. General John Nicholson made the comments to reporters in Kabul on Monday during US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis's first trip to the country as part of US President Donald Trump's administration. Read More »

China bans 'extreme' Muslim baby names in Xinjiang


China director at Human Rights Watch, Sophie Richardson, said: 'This is just the latest in a slew of new regulations restricting religious freedom in the name of countering 'religious extremism'. Successive bans on select "extremist behaviours" have previously been introduced in in areas of Xinjiang, including stopping people with headscarves, veils and long beards from boarding buses in at least one city. Read More »

UN hosts aid-pledging conference for beleaguered Yemen

Yemen's war has pitted pro-government forces against Iran-backed Huthi rebels and their allies, renegade troops loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Ongoing violence has created a food crisis in Yemen, leaving almost 7 million people, including, 2.2 million children, malnourished, the UN's United Nations Children's Fund said in a statement on Monday. Read More »

UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

But Starmer said that May's Brexit vision was "reckless" and that the June 8 election was fundamentally a vote on what kind of Brexit the British people wanted. A Bill to transfer relevant European Union laws to Britain would also be replaced with legislation that would protect employment and consumer rights as well as environmental protections when powers are repatriated. Read More »

Korea restraint, Xi urges


Although a major event around the anniversary was viewed as possible, the morning came and went without any nuclear tests or ballistic missile launches. As those drills continued, the USS Michigan arrived in the South Korean port of Busan today, the US Navy said. On April 15, North Korea offered a look at its advancing nuclear weapon and missile programs in a massive military parade in Pyongyang honoring late state founder Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of the current ruler. Read More »

Arkansas execution flurry marks early test for new Justice Gorsuch

Legal teams have managed to postpone the execution of three of the men, but three more killings are scheduled at the prison next Monday. The executions were scheduled to begin April 17 and run through the end of the month, when one of the drugs used for lethal injections, Midazolam, expires. Read More »

Haley warns NKorea about attacking US base or testing ICBM


Tensions with North Korea have escalated again in the run-up to Tuesday's anniversary of the founding of the North's military amid fears Pyongyang could mark the holiday with a nuclear test in what would be a brazen defiance of the USA and the worldwide community. Read More »

North Korea says it is ready to strike U.S. aircraft carrier

The naval exercises are being held near the Philippines and involve the Ashigara and the Samidare , according to the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force. Worry that North Korea could be preparing to conduct another nuclear test or launch more ballistic missiles has increased as it prepares to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its Korean People's Army on Tuesday. Read More »

France on edge as presidential vote looms

Le Pen , 48, has been calling for France to "immediately" take back control of its borders from the European Union and deport all foreigners on a terror watchlist. In a divide that mirrors what has happened in the United Kingdom and the United States, the opposing candidates represent not just different parties but clashing worldviews. Read More »

Trump says charges against Assange would be 'OK'

Gentiloni pointed out that Italy has been a staunch ally in fighting Islamic extremism in Iraq and Afghanistan. "We need a stable and unified Libya", Gentiloni said, adding that "the U.S.'s role in [stabilizing the country] is very critical". Read More »

Narrow majority would back Turkish constitutional changes in referendum

Erdogan argues that as Turkey's first president to be directly elected by the people - instead of the parliament - he has a wider mandate than previous presidents. The changes will also allow the President to be affiliated with a party, allowing Mr Erdogan to restore his ties with the Justice and Development Party (AKP) that he co-founded and helped sweep to power in 2002. Read More »

Trump congratulates NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson


Asked President Donald Trump. NASA astronauts Jack Fischer and Kate Rubins also participated, as did Trump's daughter, Ivanka. "How does it feel to have broken such a big and important record?" the president asked. She says it was the Apollo missions to the moon that first got her interested in becoming an astronaut. She called the space station "a key bridge" between living on Earth and travelling into deep space, and she singled out the station's recycling system that transforms ... Read More »