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Clawson ready for two visits from the Easter Bunny at egg hunts


The event begins at 1 p.m. Candy, fun and hidden treasures are all part of the 40th Annual Easter Egg Hunt , slated for Saturday, April 15 also at Oregon Park West. LANDER - The Lander Parks and Recreation Department is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt at City Park on Saturday, April 15 at 9:30 a.m. Wolcottville - The Wolcottville Lions Club and Wolcottville merchants will hold their annual Easter egg hunt at 2 Taylor Park on the South end of Wolcottville on Saturday, April ... Read More »

North Korea threatens Australia with nuclear attack


Ms Bishop said on Thursday that the sanctions were to send "the clearest possible message to North Korea, that its behaviour will not be tolerated, that a nuclear-armed North Korea is not acceptable to our region". He said they agreed to strongly urge North Korea, which continues to make risky provocations, to show self-restraint. North Korea had earlier shown signs it was working on a new ICBM. Read More »

Presidents Greetings on the eve of Easter

Churches across the state will hold several Easter Sunday services throughout the day with some services starting as early as 12am and continuing until the evening. He stressed every challenge, including even death, can be overcome through abiding faith in God and dogged determination. "This Easter, we declare once again: No amount of money or power or honor could make us deny that Jesus is Risen and that He is our hope!" A lot of us may dive into chocolate eggs during Easter time, but ... Read More »

Palestinian Prisoners Stage Massive Hunger Strike In Israel


Librati said that some 1,100 detainees in several prisons had announced they were going on hunger strike. Responding to Barghouti's hunger strike, Yisrael Katz, Israeli intelligence minister, described the Palestinian leader as a "despicable murderer" and called for the "death penalty for terrorists". Read More »

Gasoline Shortage in N.Korea as China Turns off Supply


Wang was meeting his Greek counterpart, Nikos Kotzias, Sunday. North Korea is thought to be preparing to conduct further test-firings of missiles or a sixth nuclear test, possibly around the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People's Army on Tuesday. Read More »

France to release evidence Assad ordered chemical attack

Senior military officials at the Pentagon say the Syrian airbase was targeted because of its involvement in the chemical attack involving sarin gas, which killed over 70 civilians including women and children in northern Syria on April 4. Israeli defense officials said this week that Syria still has up to three tons of chemical weapons in its possession. UK-based chemical weapons expert Dan Kaszeta told the Associated Press that Israel's estimate was conservative, but that the remaining ... Read More »

PDP leader shot at by militants


According to reports, unidentified gunmen opened fire at him at Pingleena area of South Kashmir's Pulwama district. A leader of Jammu and Kashmir's ruling PDP was killed by unknown attackers when he was travelling in his vehicle in Srinagar on Monday. Read More »

Haley won't rule out strike vs North Korea for nuke testing


China is increasingly anxious the situation could spin out of control, leading to war and a chaotic collapse of its isolated and poverty-struck neighbour. China's official Xinhua news agency reported the call between Trump and Xi, without providing specifics. The US vice-president, Mike Pence, who recently visited South Korea, said on Saturday the carrier group would arrive within days. Read More »

Kashmir students, Indian forces clash as protests continue


As soon as colleges reopened on Monday, students of Sri Pratap Higher Secondary School and College came out on roads adjacent to the institutions and pelted stones on security forces who retaliated with tear gas and water cannons. In a separate incident an official with the ruling People's Democratic Party was shot by unknown attackers, later dying of his injuries, a police officer told AFP on condition of anonymity. Read More »

North Korea detains USA citizen; 3rd American being held

Kim is the third United States citizen in North Korean custody. The US has an aircraft carrier, the Carl Vinson, in the region, carrying out drills with Japanese defence forces, while North Korea is threatening another nuclear test. In 2014, a US citizen, Jeffrey Fowle, was arrested and accused of leaving a Bible in a hotel. Last year, North Korea sentenced a US college student, Otto Warmbier, to 15 years' hard labor after accusing him of trying to steal a political banner from his hotel ... Read More »

French vote for Macron, Le Pen shuts out mainstream politics


Macron came in first in Sunday's vote, with just over 23 per cent; Marine Le Pen had 21 per cent; Melenchon and Fillon each had 19 per cent. Fillon, a former prime minister, bested the former Trotskyist Melenchon by just 94,998 votes. "Extremism can only bring unhappiness and division to France. As such, there is no other choice than to vote against the extreme right", he said. The BBC said France was "entering unchartered political water" and noted that, whoever came out tops in the next ... Read More »

The war of words over the DPRK, China urges calm


But during his phone call with Mr Trump, Mr Xi said he hoped all relevant sides would exercise restraint and "avoid doing anything to worsen the tense situation on the peninsula", a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry said. to maintain a high level of vigilance against possible North Korean actions. North Korea conducted two nuclear tests past year alone, which would have improved its knowledge on making nuclear weapons small enough to fit on long-range missiles. Read More »

Trump nuclear war North Korea: Kim Jong-un threatens to ANNIHILATE US

This image captured from footage by North Korea's state TV broadcaster on April 15, 2017, shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un presiding over a military parade held in Pyongyang to mark the 105th birthday of late founder Kim Il-sung. Friday media reports pointed to satellite observations suggesting that North Korea could be preparing for yet another nuclear test in the coming days. Read More »

Trump orders review of H-1B visa programme to encourage hiring Americans


Trump called the order "a powerful signal to the world" that "finally puts America first". "The department fully supports the U.S. Department of Justice in cautioning employers who petition for H-1B visas not to discriminate against U.S. "It's America first . You better believe it". In recent years, the government has held a computer lottery to award the non-immigrant visas. The language in the order is vague regarding its effect on foreign workers; the action may modify the visa ... Read More »

China urges restraint on N. Korea in call with trump


Trump has long called on China to rein in its unruly neighbor. According to a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry, Xi told Trump that China opposes any actions that run counter to UN Security Council resolutions. Tony Kim, also known by his Korean name Kim Sang-duk, was detained on Saturday, the Associated Press reported, citing Park Chan-mo, the chancellor of the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. Read More »

Page: Reports on Trump campaign, Russia are 'false'

The officials would not say what or how much was corroborated. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone are also under FBI investigation for alleged ties to the Kremlin. The Washington Post was first to report the FISA court warrant targeting Page. The FBI obtained a FISA court warrant to monitor Page during the election. Read More »

Prime Minister's popularity rises after 'Australia first' immigration policy

Prime Minister John Key and Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull announced a special pathway to citizenship for long-term Kiwi expats a year ago. "Migrants want to learn English". They must be skilled and fluent in English and willing to work on school P&Cs and other volunteer positions to prove their commitment to their new country. Read More »

Expect warmest weather of the year later this week


New rainfall amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible. Saturday: Showers will be likely with breezy , cool conditions. Temperatures will be near 77 degrees in central Oklahoma Monday with south winds in the afternoon gusting as high as 32 miles per hour, the National Weather Service reports. Read More »

PPP asks why one law for Nawaz Sharifs, one for Pak's poor


What are the Panama papers? He said the court clearly rejected the Sharif family's point of view, leaving the PM with no moral ground to continue in office. When asked about the significance of the demand, coming from the bar association in PM Sharif's hometown, Mr Mushahidullah said there must be certain "political motives" behind the LHCBA's announcement. Read More »

USA carrier group heads for Korean waters, China calls for restraint


The aircraft carrier strike group began joint drills with Japanese destroyers in the western Pacific Ocean this weekend and was expected to head north after that. North Korea Sunday responded defiantly to the renewed US military show of force, saying it is "combat-ready to sink a USA nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a single strike", in a commentary in the North's ruling Workers' Party Rodong Sinmun newspaper. Read More »

Afghan defence chiefs resign over deadly Taliban attack

Many called for the resignation of Defence Minister Abdullah Habibi and the commander of the 209th Corps stationed at the base. Some of the gunmen hit the base mosque, where thousands of troops were just finishing up with Friday prayers, while one gunman managed to get to the dining hall, where they were just beginning to serve lunch. Read More »

Death toll 'as high as 140' after Taliban attack on base

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said "Defence Minister Abdullah Habibi & Army Chief of Staff Qadam Shah Shahim stepped down with immediate effect". They also averred that the Afghan troops gathered outside the base near Mazar-e-Sharif when the insurgents carried out the attack, using bombers to breach defences. Read More »

Saudi Arabia cuts deficit by half in first quarter - deputy economy minister


Sisi and King Salman met on the sidelines of the recent 28th Ordinary Session of the Arab Summit in Jordan, during which they discussed various aspects of the strategic relations between the two countries and ways to strengthen them. Earlier this month, an Egyptian court ruled the decision to block the transfer of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia was invalid. Two days later, Sisi assured US President Donald Trump that the deal will take place, a US-based Egyptian diplomat told The New Arab . Read More »

North Korea: Trump approach tests China's political skill


Given these realities, the real challenge before the Trump administration is to treat the North Korean nuclear crisis as an opening to put the security of the world's most economically vital region on a sturdier foundation. Korean-American Tony Kim had spent a month teaching an accounting course at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST), its chancellor Park Chan Mo told Reuters yesterday. Read More »

USA to honour 'dumb' refugee deal with Australia


Inside as police armed with machine guns patrolled the Opera House's corridors, Mr Pence peaked inside the Concert Hall before wandering to a balcony at the rear of the building to take in a final glimpse of the harbour as the sun set behind the city's world famous bridge. Read More »

Is Emmanuel Macron The Man that Will Destroy France?


A montage of French national newspaper front pages reporting on the. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman, Steffan Seibert, tweeted: "It's good that Emmanuel Macron was successful with his course for a strong European Union and social market economy". Read More »

Protestors clash with police in France over election results

Closely watched around the world, the French campaign has been full of unpredictable twists and turns. It is the first time since the establishment of the fifth French Republic in 1958 that no candidate from the two main political parties of the left and right have failed to make it into the second round of the presidential vote. Read More »

North Korea detains US citizen, the 3rd American being held there


Like Kim, Warmbier was detained at the Pyongyang airport. The Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang, which deals with US-North Korean consular affairs, confirmed it was aware of the detention of a Korean-American citizen. He had been arrested the previous October. He was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor in prison over charges that include espionage. Since 2013, at least two other USA citizens and a British journalist have also been detained for shorter periods and then released. Read More »

President Trump Isn't Attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner

With the national media being treated as an anathema, Trump announced on Saturday that he would be holding a separate rally in Pennsylvania on April 29. Families being taken care of. "The businesses have moved to Mexico and other places". The Harrisburg, Pa., skyline and Susquehanna River in 2015. . Read More »

Protesters injure 1 officer at nationalist party convention

But a majority of delegates voted around mid-day on Saturday against discussing her motion. "We have information that several thousand left-wing extremists will be coming to Cologne...including several hundred violent people", police chief Juergen Mathias said. Read More »

Merkel spokesman wishes France's Macron 'all the best'


Protesters waved red flags and sung "No Marine and No Macron!" in anger at the results of today's first-round presidential election. Kalifat has called Le Pen, who will run against Macron in the final round on May 7, a "candidate of hate". Read More »

Macron, Le Pen gird for final French election duel

With a hard line on immigration in Europe, 48-year-old Le Pen promised to protect French citizens against "savage globalization", and "to defend the French nation its unity, its security, its culture, its prosperity and its independence". Guy Belkechout, a 79-year-old pensioner who was voting in the working-class Parisian suburb of Trappes, said he was concerned. "Candidates who want fewer security measures, who want to reduce the police's powers, have not got my vote", he said. Read More »