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Australia unveils tougher citizenship laws

Just days after Australian Prime Minister Marcolm Turnbull returned home from his visit to India, the Australian government has passed a decision to abolish 457 visa programme that allowed foreign temporary workers to work in Australia. and adopt Australian values ". "Any conduct that is inconsistent with Australian values will be considered as part of this process", Turnbull will say. Read More »

USA, Mexico and Canada officially announce 2026 World Cup bid


Monday's announcement confirmed what has always been regarded as an open secret amongst FIFA-watchers: that a bid from the North America region for 2026 was inevitable. At the minute, the plan is the United States of America will host 60 games and 10 games each will be played in Mexico and Canada. "We have the full support of the USA government", Gulati said . Read More »

China calls for restraint as United States carrier group nears Korean waters


In the second call between Trump and Xi in less than two weeks, Xi urged all sides to temper their actions. China's foreign ministry said Trump had initiated the call urging everyone to lower the tension and hoped that the relevant parties do not adopt irresponsible actions which could be very unsafe under the current circumstances. Read More »

N Korea detains three US citizens, Canadian pastor


Kim taught accounting at the university for about a month and was detained by officials as he was trying to leave the country from Pyongyang's worldwide airport. "Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment", the State Department said. "I don't understand why he was suddenly arrested", the source was quoted as saying. Read More »

Four-year-old falls out of moving bus


Ryan Ciampoli was driving down a highway in Arkansas when he saw the back doors of a bus suddenly open and the tiny child fall out. "Obviously you want to leave her laying there, if she's not in danger, but we're in the middle of a state highway". Read More »

Nationalist leader Petry won't head German election campaign

Two police officers were injured. Two police officers were injured and a auto was set ablaze when violent protests broke out in Cologne , where the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party (AfD) is holding a convention. Last night, Frauke Petry , the AfD leader, was under pressure to resign after her attempt to eject an official accused of neo-Nazi links was rebuffed. Read More »

Taliban attack leaves 140 soldiers dead in Afghanistan

In a statement online, he condemned the attack as "cowardly" and the work of "infidels". The militants were able to penetrate inside northern Afghanistan's largest military installation dressed like the Afghan Army soldiers returning from the front lines, carrying the bodies of wounded comrades. Read More »

North Korea 'detains American citizen'

Park said Kim taught accounting at the university for about a month. The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology is the only privately funded university in North Korea. citizen to have been detained in the recent past. South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-gyun gave no further details about the South's plans, other than saying Seoul was holding discussions with the U.S. Read More »

USS Carl Vinson begins drills with Japanese destroyers


South Korean and U.S. officials have feared for some time that North Korea could soon carry out its sixth nuclear test. The US government has not specified where the carrier strike group is as it approaches the area. The carrier group was sent by Trump for exercises in waters off the Korean peninsula as a warning, amid growing fears, North Korea could conduct another nuclear test soon in defiance of United Nations sanctions. Read More »

Euro jumps as Macron emerges as favorite to lead France


Riots erupted in different cities of France including Paris and Nantes against results of first round of Presidential election as Far-right National Front managed to qualify for run-off elections of May 7, 2017. The second round, it said, is "set to oppose two visions of France - one inclusive and open to the world and its concerns, and the other cut off behind its borders and its old myths". Read More »

WH officials: Busy week, but no health care vote or shutdown

Trump tweeted several times Sunday about the issue, saying Democrats don't want budget money paying for the wall "despite the fact it will stop drugs and very bad MS-13 gang members". But in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday, Trump stopped short of demanding that money for the project be included in the must-pass spending bill. Read More »

Xi urges restraint on North Korea in phone call with Trump


Kim's regime conducted a failed ballistic missile test on 16 April as it seeks to develop a device that can carry a nuclear warhead as far as North America. North Korea celebrates the 85th anniversary of the foundation of its Korean People's Army on Tuesday, and has marked similar events in the past with nuclear tests or missile launches. Read More »

Jones hit in face by pitch, Tigers and Twins scrap on field

There was plenty of pushing and shoving near home plate as both benches and bullpens emptied, but there did not appear to be any other punches thrown. Jacob deGrom (0-1) struck out 10 and walked six in 5 2-3 innings. During the same game, Matt Boyd was sent off for throwing a ball to Miguel Sanó's back, who got sent off as well. Read More »

France's far-right reaches across spectrum as runoff looms


What is already clear is that the traditional French political party system, in place since the Fifth Republic's founding in 1958, has been destroyed. For the European Union, the French vote is not only consequential but perhaps even existential. "That's also what it's about, to be close to the people rather than the elite". Read More »

North Korea army vows 'merciless' response to U.S. provocation

Aside from improving the technology, North Korean missile and nuclear tests are seen by outside analysts partly as efforts to bolster the domestic image of leader Kim Jong Un and apply political pressure on Seoul and Washington. North Korea's Pukkuksong submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) were also on parade. After inspecting an honour guard, Kim, in a black suit, watched the parade pour into Kim Il-Sung Square, accompanied by top military and party leaders, state television showed ... Read More »

North Korea threatens nuclear strike on Australia for backing US


This statement from North Korea comes about a week after it performed a failed missile test on the anniversary of the birth of King Il Sung, the country's late founder. Cha said the USA could also impose secondary sanctions, meaning Chinese companies doing business with North Korea would be penalized and Pyongyang's access to the world's financial system would be even further restricted. Read More »

USA rejects Exxon Mobil bid for Russian Federation waiver

The refusal of that waiver came Friday in the form of a one-sentence press release from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who added that no U.S. companies will be given a waiver from Russian sanctions. Mr Mnuchin's announcement, in a one-sentence news release, said the decision had been reached "in consultation with President Donald J Trump ". The Wall Street Journal , which first reported that Exxon was seeking a waiver, said the company was concerned that its worldwide oil rivals were ... Read More »

Le Pen and Macron set for French run-off on May 7

Investors hope that Macron, a centrist and a staunch supporter of the European project and deeper integration, will emerge victorious in the second round of voting on May 7. Even under a constitution that concentrates power in the president's hands, both Macron and Le Pen will need legislators in parliament to pass laws and implement much of their programs. Read More »

New Orleans to take down Confederate statues

Just before 1:30 a.m., and after a small group of protestors has departed, a wave of officers with the New Orleans Police Department barricaded the entry points to the monument, located outside the parking garage for Canal Place. Efforts to remove four Confederate monuments commenced early Monday morning (April 24), as crews and police gathered around the Liberty Place monument downtown around 2 a.m. Read More »

Afghanistan: Taliban Killed 140 Soldiers In Attack At Army Base

The death toll is thought to be even higher than the estimated 140. Two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. It said that the attack was retribution for the recent killing of several senior Taliban leaders in northern Afghanistan. "When I came out of the mosque, three people with army uniforms and an army vehicle started shooting at us", an injured soldier named Mohammed Hussain told an Afghan news outlet. Read More »

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says could suspend Syria air strikes if elected


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism for perceived lacklustre campaigning for Remain during the European Union referendum, and not showing enough opposition to hard Brexit as legislation made its way through parliament. Jokingly told Labour may still be in search of candidates for the forthcoming general election, Mr Blair replied: "Well, I tell you what I fancy, I fancy doing whatever I can to at least make this debate in the election into a proper debate". Read More »

N.Korea 'ready to strike' United States aircraft carrier

The carrier group was sent by Trump for exercises in waters off the Korean peninsula as a warning, amid growing fears, North Korea could conduct another nuclear test soon in defiance of United Nations sanctions. "Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a single strike", read an editorial on North Korea's official newspaper Rodong Sinmun on Sunday. Read More »

Trump discusses N.Korea with Xi, Abe

President Donald Trump, right, shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a dinner at Mar-a-Lago. However, U.S. officials have told The Associated Press that a military response isn't likely. The last several administrations have been unable to contain the North Koreans from pursuing their development of a nuclear arsenal: Diplomacy fell flat. Read More »

Trump, Abe reaffirm united front against Pyongyang

Trump also spoke with Xi over the phone, Xinhua news agency said later in the day. "The North Korean nuclear and missile problem is an extremely serious security threat to not only the worldwide community but also our country", the Japanese leader told reporters in Tokyo afterward. Read More »

There has been a 'major breakthrough' in the Madeleine McCann case


Amaral had claimed in a 2008 book that Maddie had died in the family's holiday flat in Praia Da Luz and her parents faked her abduction to cover up the tragedy. Gerry added "Kate would howl like a wolf", while he was "just paddling below the surface". Featuring a top criminologist, a forensic scientist and the former lead Portuguese investigator, it claims to deliver a "landmark TV event". Read More »

Passenger says flight attendant almost hit baby

The back story, according to Fox affiliate Q13 , is that the woman, an worldwide traveler from Argentina, boarded with the stroller and then resisted the attendant's efforts to remove her stroller. British Airways's website says that if a passenger is denied boarding for a flight for which they have a valid ticket and a confirmed reservation, it would "pay compensation and provide refreshments and other care as required by any law which may apply". Read More »

Bishop stands firm against NKorea threat

US President Donald Trump said recently Washington was sending an "armada" to the Korean Peninsula to check attempts by North Korea to conduct more nuclear and missile tests. "Those resources could contribute to the DPRK's nuclear-related, ballistic missile-related or other weapons of mass destruction-related programs", the European Union warned. Read More »

France's Macron bills himself the 'patriots' candidate' vs Le Pen


Among the first of the 11 candidates to step out was the far right leader of the Front National, Marine le Pen, who cast her vote at the Jacques Rousseau primary school in Hénin-Beaumont, a small town of around 26,500. President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday "very interesting election now taking place in France". The top two in Sunday's vote will face off on May 7 for the second and final round of voting. Read More »

Afghan Defence Minister, army chief resign

As many 140 Afghan soldiers were killed on Friday by Taliban attackers apparently disguised in military uniforms in what would be the deadliest attack ever on an Afghan military base, officials said. When security guards stopped them at a third gate, the attackers opened fire and two suicide bombers blew themselves up. Almost 9,000 United States troops remain in Afghanistan, in addition to thousands of worldwide coalition forces. Read More »

Elon Musk Reveals New Project: Amber Heard


Late on Sunday, she posted a picture of herself and Mr Musk in what appears to be a bar, captioned "cheeky" - Mr Musk has a lipsticked imprint on his cheek. most unusual". They married in 2015 and split up in 2016 amid allegations by Amber that she had been physically assaulted by Johnny, which he denied. Read More »