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Bill Cosby judge to rule Wednesday on releasing juror names

On the third count, that the alleged assault occurred after Cosby gave Constand drugs or intoxicants without her knowledge, substantially impairing her for the goal of preventing her resistance, the jury was deadlocked at 10 to two, in favor of a guilty verdict, according to the juror. Read More »

I'm Inspired By This Mom Taunting Her Daughter With Shirtless Dude Pics


Twitter was here for this party. Some have been sharing pics of their mom stealing their college drop-off thunder, while others are trying to track down the guys in the pics. After seeing the post, incoming student Brittney Ganung posted a picture in response of her mother hanging out with the football players. Turns out, the school invited parents to have dinner on the football field, and announced a photo contest asking people to take silly selfies. Read More »

What The Democratic Loss in Georgia Means For The Midterms

In the well-to-do Atlanta suburbs, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California was the focus of torrents of negative advertising in a House race that cost more than $50 million, the most expensive in history. Republicans won these races in Kansas, Montana and SC, but Georgia had been widely touted as a referendum on Trump's impact on the GOP leading up to the 2018 midterms. Read More »

Trump's job approval rating drops to 36%


The decline comes as 72% of Republicans approve of Trump compared to the 83% seen at the 100-day mark of his presidency. The poll has a margin of error of four percentage points. He is also reportedly being investigated for obstruction of justice over the firing of FBI Director James Comey, who oversaw the probe until his ouster in May. Read More »

U.S. naval warships arrive in Qatar

The $12 billion sales will give Qatar a state of the art capability and increase security cooperation and interoperability between the United States and Qatar . Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar is home to more than 11,000 U.S. and coalition troops. Two US warships arrived at Hamad port in Qatar on Wednesday as part of a planned joint military exercise involving marine forces, Qatar's state news agency said. Read More »

A victory for Donald Trump and Brian Mast in Georgia

House race in history. In the previous three elections in the South Carolina Fifth District, Republicans won by an average of 19 points - the same margin by which Trump won last fall. As the president sent out tweet , his son Donald Trump Jr . made a decision to do the same on June 21. "It won't if Jon Ossoff wins on Tuesday because the same unhinged leftists cheering last week's shooting are all backing Jon Ossoff and if he wins, they win". Read More »

9.8 billion in 2050? The countries most-densely populated


Currently, China and India, the two most populous countries of the world, have populations of 1.4 billion and 1.3 billion. The U.N. agency forecasts that from now through 2050 half the world's population growth will be concentrated in just nine countries - India, Nigeria, Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, United States, Uganda and Indonesia. Read More »

Islamic State blows up iconic al-Nuri mosque in Mosul

But Hassan said it was puzzling that the group would destroy the mosque itself now, rather than hunkering down to fight inside it and forcing the Iraqis or the USA -led coalition to destroy it. Iraqi forces launched the operation on Sunday to retake the Old City, after a months-long offensive to drive the Daesh extremists from Mosul, Iraq's second city. Read More »

New details on first United States jet shoot down in 15 years


Moscow also halted a military hotline with Washington over the incident, meant to prevent confrontations in Syria's crowded air space. In Syria's complex civil war, the U.S. Whereas earlier in its report ABC had said it was on them. He also confirmed that there have been recent instances in which ground-based air defenses have been directed at coalition planes . Read More »

No change on 'Dreamers' program


Even before she signed up for former President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), Ibarra never shied away from speaking her mind. Taking aim at another Obama initiative, Trump was in Miami on Friday to announce that he was rolling back much of the prior administration's overtures to the Communist nation of Cuba. Read More »

Federation Internationale de Football Association warns Mexico over 'insulting' chants at Confederations Cup in Russia


Pepe says his Portugal and Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo can handle the pressure of the tax-evasion scandal clouding his club future, ahead of Wednesday's Confederations Cup clash against hosts Russian Federation. "Let's see. The exam results will tell us". "I think the first game helped because numerous Mexican fans actually stopped some of them who actually chanted and that's a good thing because now consciousness is more of a powerful weapon on this matter specifically". Read More »

Iran's Khamenei ordered missile strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria: Guards

Those forces, which are aligned with the the campaign against the Islamic State group, warned Syrian government troops to stop their attacks or face retaliation. But Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said the " Islamic Republic will respond more decisively to any future terrorist attack on Iran's soil". The attack was the punishment for the "criminal terrorists" and the revenge for the victims of a June 7 attack in Tehran . Read More »

Karen Handel speaks to FOX 5 following 6th District win

House Democratic leaders are taking some comfort in coming in a close second for a seat that's always been firmly in GOP hands. " Karen Handel becomes 1st Woman Rep GA has sent to Congress", Donald Jr. The DCCC spent about $5 million in independent expenditures in support of Ossoff, while Planned Parenthood spent about $820,000. "When turnout starts going up that high, and people start coming out of the woodwork to vote, it moves back to the [natural] alignment of the district", Cahaly ... Read More »

China tried but failed to help on North Korea: Trumph

Warmbier had planned to study in China in his third year of college and heard about Chinese travel companies offering trips to North Korea . US President Donald Trump blamed the "brutality of the North Korean regime " for Warmbier's death . Read More »

Missing from the queen's speech: Trump, and Theresa May

The Queen began her speech in the House of Lords focusing on the European Union divorce. "We will do what is in the national interest and we will work with anyone in any party that is prepared to do the same". Although the tally of bills unveiled by the Queen was not particularly small, critics said that aside from Brexit it presented only a lightweight agenda to cover two years, rather than the usual one. Read More »

White House urged to act over death of Otto Warmbier

Fang Fenghui , chief of the People's Liberation Army's joint staff department. The U.S. has been pressing Pyongyang to halt its nuclear weapons development and urging China and other countries to starve the North of funding for the program. Read More »

Trump set to roll back Obama policy on Cuba

This policy is not only a betrayal of President Trump's "America First" agenda and of his campaign promise to remove job-killing regulations, but will be a huge blow to the Cuban people who will suffer as a result. Trump is planning to outline changes during a visit to Miami on Friday, where he'll appear at the Manuel Artime Theater. Senator Marco Rubio (R:FL) played a Key role in pushing for the changes, and will attend the event along with US Representative Mario Diaz-Balart and ... Read More »

U.S. and Qatar seal $12bn deal for F-15 fighter jets

And it appears that Russia, which does not take sides in this conflict, may become one of the mediators to help resolve this row between Qatar and other Arab states, according to Elena Suponina, advisor to the head of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. Read More »

Appreciate China but it's efforts on N. Korea "have not worked out"

In addition to the external exam, the coroner's office reviewed Warmbier's medical records from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and AeroMed Management Group, the air ambulance service that helped evacuate him from North Korea's capital where he had been detained for almost 17 months. Read More »

Al-Qaida-linked group says it staged Mali attack


A militant group linked to al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack on Monday. The attack struck a resort area that was considered safe enough that it was an approved rest-and-recreation location for soldiers with the European Union mission. Read More »

Trump Russia Investigation: Michael Flynn Now Singing To FBI, Senator Claims

Among those meetings that he omitted was a December meeting with Sergey Kislyak , Russia's ambassador to the US, and another with the head of a Russian bank. Investigators conducting government background checks for those applying for top-secret clearances understand that people make mistakes on their SF86 disclosures and sometimes have to submit supplemental information, but Moss said he's never heard of an interim clearance being given to anyone who had failed to disclose contacts with a ... Read More »

Taoiseach Holds Meeting With DUP Leader

Following a meeting, the party president, Gerry Adams, spoke alongside his colleagues outside No 10. Simon Coveney has said that the Irish government will "spare no effort" in the process to restore power-sharing in Northern Ireland. "I am very reassured by what the prime minister said to me today that that won't be the case". "It's not certain, it's under stress, it's fragile". Read More »

Palestinian Terrorists Reject ISIS Claim On Jerusalem Police Attack


The SITE intelligence monitoring group said it was the first time Islamic State had claimed responsibility for an attack inside Israeli-controlled territory. Israel blames the violence on incitement by the Palestinian leadership. Israeli soldiers stand guard as Palestinian women walk outside the Damascus Gate in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds' Old City on June 18, 2017. Read More »

A look at special counsel Robert Mueller's team of lawyers


President Donald Trump's personal lawyer said on Sunday that Trump is not under investigation in the probe into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. "There's a limitation on Twitter , as we all know", Mr. Sekulow said on CNN . The investigation has also reportedly expanded to include whether Trump tried to obstruct justice with the Comey firing. Read More »

Ex-Obama homeland security chief to face intelligence panel

In response to a later question, Johnson said he does not know how many state voter databases were targeted by cyberattacks ahead of the presidential election. Despite the threats, Jeanette Manfra , acting director of the undersecretary at DHS, said the agency still has confidence in voting processes that are "fundamentally resilient". Read More »