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Pence Reaffirms US-Japan Alliance Amid North Korea Provocations


A militarily strong South Korea and Japan could do what they should have been doing since the end of World War II and the Korean Wars, respectively - provide for their own defense. He described the U.S. -Japan alliance as the "cornerstone" of regional security. But the meetings could indicate how forcefully the US will pressure Japan to further open its farm and automotive sectors. Read More »

What North Korea is trying to accomplish with its provocations

Despite speculation that the country would launch a nuclear test in celebration of its founder's birth on Saturday, North Korea declined to do so. North Korea, still technically at war with the South after their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce but not a treaty, has on occasion conducted missile or nuclear tests to coincide with big political events and often threatens the United States, South Korea and Japan. Read More »

Attractive day for egg hunt

Egg hunts have become a part of Easter tradition, but not many in Kern County get their eggs from the sky. Children with special needs (12 and under) and their siblings can enjoy this special Easter Egg Hunt hosted by.the Wichita East/Southeast Lions Club and The Arc of Sedgwick County on Saturday. Read More »

Pence says USA stands by ally Japan on North Korea problem


Noting Trump's recent military actions in Syria and Afghanistan, Pence said, "North Korea would do well not to test his resolve", or the USA armed forces in the region. Trump's decision to scrap the ambitious 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal championed by former president Barack Obama was a blow to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who expended substantial political capital to get the accord passed at home. Read More »

China 'seriously concerned' over North Korea missile warnings


Pence (C) delivers a speech on board the USS Ronald Reagan on April 19, 2017. The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is undergoing scheduled maintenance at its home port. Both sides said they do not expect the talks in Tokyo this week to delve into sector-by-sector talks on trade. But Trump has taken a more conciliatory tone since meeting with Abe in February at the president's Florida resort. Read More »

Tom Brady News, Pictures, and Videos

Hopefully, if we accomplish the goal of winning a championship in future years, we will be back on the South Lawn again soon. But Brady also declined to attend 2015 . Patriots owner Robert K. Kraft contributed $1 million to Trump's inauguration, according to Federal Election Commission filings. No team has been this good for this long. Read More »

As Trump warned North Korea, his 'armada' was headed toward Australia

Both U.S. and South Korean media have reported that the Vinson is now expected to arrive in waters off the Korean peninsula by April 25, just as North Korea marks the anniversary of its army's founding. "The statement that was put out was that the Carl Vinson Group was headed to the Korean Peninsula". The official added that the strike group would not be in the region before next week at the earliest as it is thousands of nautical miles from the Java Sea to the Sea of Japan. Read More »

Barcelona hosts Juventus, eyes second miraculous Champions League comeback


The semi-final line-up is now complete with holders Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Monaco and Juventus going into Friday's draw. However, Juventus is a more experienced team than PSG, especially since Juve already has something to compare, and therefore the possible influx of Barcelona players from the first minutes, should not come as a surprise. Read More »

Not another one! 'Brenda from Bristol' speaks for Britons sick of elections

Exasperated by news of yet another major vote, Britons have found an unlikely champion in " Brenda from Bristol", a member of the public whose incredulous reaction to the prospect of another vote became a viral hit. Suffice it to say, Brenda is as exhausted of all these political happenings as much as the next person. " Brenda ", tweeted some, "is all of us". Read More »

Second person killed in day of Venezuela protests: prosecutors

The president also signed orders on TV late Tuesday activating the "green phase" of enigmatic military plans to defend Venezuela against what he describes as US -backed attempts to sow chaos and overthrow him. "We have to protest because this country is dying of hunger said Alexis Mendoza, a 53-year-old administrator marching in the Caracas neighborhood of El Paraiso". Read More »

Unilateral US action in North Korea 'highly risky': Lavrov


The USS Nimitz will be joining the Ronald Reagan near the Korean peninsula, in yet another display of Washington's commitment to maintain peace and security in the region. Pence's first stop on his scheduled 10-day Asia tour was South Korea, where he spoke with leaders and visited the Korean Demilitarized zone. We condemn Pyongyang's opportunistic nuclear missile plans, which violate the numerous UN Security Council resolutions. Read More »

Australia to raise English language standard for citizenship


Of course, people can lie on the test, including about whether they have a criminal record, but Immigration Minister Peter Dutton thinks that's irrelevant. And any cheating will result in an automatic failure. Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong doesn't understand why changes were needed and suspects they were designed for political purposes. Read More »

Suspect in Facebook video killing takes his own life


The shooting video was visible on Facebook for almost two hours before it was reported, the company said. The manhunt for the suspect accused of killing a person and airing it on Facebook Live is over, thanks in part to a McDonald's drive thru team in Harborcreek, Pennsylvania. Read More »

Pence to visit mosque in Indonesian capital


Economic Dialogue at the prime minister's office in Tokyo, Tuesday, April. The Trump team has signaled it intends to chart a new path when it comes to dealing with North Korea , though analysts say there aren't too many new options to try. Read More »

Mattis Says North Korea Missile Test Meant To 'Provoke'

The official pointed out the recent engagement with the Chinese, and the stronger language calling for more Chinese pressure on North Korea, is the most immediate impact of that review. The United States and Russian Federation clashed at the United Nations on Wednesday over a US-drafted Security Council statement to condemn North Korea's latest failed ballistic missile test. Read More »

British PM May says no to general election TV debates

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set the tone for his campaign by criticising May for her "broken promises" on healthcare and education, and jabbed at her for not agreeing to take part in television debates before the election. "That's what I have always believed in, it's what I still believe and I still do it - as Prime Minister, as a constituency MP, I still go out and knock on doors in my constituency". Read More »

Lookout notice against him, Dinakaran calls meeting of party MLAs

IN what could be construed as a decision to keep the party and the Government intact, the ruling AIADMK in a stunning late night decision chose to suspend V K Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dhinakaran from the party affairs, virtually paving way for a patch up with the warring faction led by OPS. Read More »

United States looking at 'military options'


North Korea displayed what appeared to be new long-range and submarine-based missiles on the 105th birth anniversary of its founding father, Kim Il Sung, on Saturday, as a nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier group steamed towards the region. Read More »

Fresno Shooter Kills 3 In Suspected Hate Crime


All three shooting locations were situated near other in Fresno's downtown area. One of the shooting scenes happened outside a Catholic Charities building, but officials don't believe the suspect was tied to the nonprofit organization. At some point he is said to have uttered the Arabic phrase "Allahu Ackbar" (God is great). Dyer said Tuesday night that he did not believe the murders were related to terrorism and that the shootings were "solely based on race". Read More »

Lavrov tells Tillerson attack on Syria plays in extremists' hands

Gabbard's remarks came after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, "We have a very high level of confidence that the attacks were carried out by aircraft under the direction of the Bashar al-Assad regime", and President Donald Trump said: "There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons". Read More »

President Trump, First Lady Kick Off White House's Easter Egg Roll


Begun by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878, the Easter Egg Roll is viewed as a light-hearted tradition for politicos to mix with those that attend the springtime event. The President appeared to forget White House protocol yesterday at the annual Easter egg roll, and it was down to Melania to remind him. First Lady Melania Trump hosting an Easter Egg Roll. Read More »

Patriots' turnout for Obama in 2015 vs. for Trump


Trump did mention Amendola's fourth-down conversion in the Super Bowl, but the president did not appear to know Amendola was missing. At the time , Brady said that he has known Trump since 2002 when Brady judged one of Trump's beauty pageants. Read More »

Pence sends warning to N. Korea aboard USS Ronald Reagan in Japan

Addressing some 25-hundred sailors on board the carrier at the U.S. Yokosuka naval base in Tokyo bay, Pence noted the Trump administration will work with allies like Japan and China, . "China is committed to denuclearising the Korean Peninsula, maintaining peace and stability there, and resolving problems through dialogue and consultation". Read More »

Pence warns North Korea the U.S. "sword stands ready"

Addressing some 25-hundred sailors on board the carrier at the U.S. Yokosuka naval base in Tokyo bay, Pence noted the Trump administration will work with allies like Japan and China, . But it remains unclear what might come next. North Korea said in February that it had successfully tested a new type of medium-to-long-range ballistic missile, the Pukguksong-2, propelled by a solid-fuel engine. Read More »

Prime Minister to announce details of tough new citizenship test today

From 1901 to around 1973, Australia restricted non-white immigration under a White Australia policy, which required an English language test. The prime minister stressed that the country must continue to attract people who are willing to embrace Australian values regardless of their nationality or religion, and that the test puts Australian values at the very heart of Australian citizenship and pushes the country to become an even stronger and more successful multicultural country. Read More »

O'Reilly out at Fox News Channel, still denies allegations

O'Reilly was a ratings magnet at Fox - but it's hard to know how much of his audience would follow him to another network. In addition to those women, former Fox News contributor Wendy Walsh and an unnamed African-American woman also phoned in claims of sexual harassment to the Fox News hotline. Read More »

Indonesia prosecutors seek 2 years probation for Jakarta gov

These quick counts, which project results based on a sample of votes from various polling stations, have been largely accurate in previous elections and were analysed by Jakarta-based think-tanks Populi Centre, Charta Politika, Indo Barometer and Vox Pol Centre. Read More »

President Trump signs executive order targeting foreign work visas

It's unclear how the program may change, but India's huge tech industry says America still has a shortage of skilled workers that the H-1B system was created to ease. Trump announced the order during a trip to Wisconsin along with instructions to federal agencies to examine their purchasing systems to more effectively favor buying American goods. Read More »

Theresa May asks voters to trust her to deliver on Brexit

May, under the Fixed-Terms Parliaments Act, needed a two-thirds House of Commons' majority (434 MPs) in order for a snap election to take place. Until Tuesday, May had repeatedly ruled out holding an early election, saying there would be no national vote until 2020. Read More »

Israel refuses negotiation over mass Palestinian hunger strike

A Palestinian protester holds a picture of Marwan Barghouti during a rally to support the prisoners' strike in the West Bank town of Hebron, April 17 2017. Palestinians regard the detainees as political prisoners. He is a convicted murderer and a terrorist. "They were brought to justice and are treated properly under global law". Read More »

Lalu accuses PM of ''crafting'' Advani trial

Rejecting the contention by Advani and Joshi that the top court should not take recourse to Article 142 of the constitution for transferring trial from Rae Bareli to Lucknow as it would infringe on their fundamental rights under Article 14 and 21, the judgment said: "Almost 25 years have gone and yet we are solemnly reminded that Respondent Nos.4 and 5's (Advani and Joshi) fundamental rights should not be curtailed by any order passed under Article 142". Read More »

North Korea mock-up video shows missiles blowing up the United States

The White House faces mounting pressure to set conditions and limits for prospective intervention in North Korea. But what is to prevent Xi from pocketing Trump's concessions and continuing on the strategic course China has long pursued? Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence reiterated his country's commitment to guarantee the security of Japan in facing North Korea's threats. Read More »

US Vice President holds talks with Japan's PM about Pyongyang

He said the country should have been dealt with by President Obama and "previous presidents all the way back to Clinton". Japan had a $69 billion trade surplus with the United States a year ago, which Donald Trump criticized and is seeking to reduce America's trade deficit with countries like Japan. Read More »