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United Kingdom election upset leaves prime minister's Brexit strategy in disarray


They're hardly going to make any major concessions, and she's going to have to go back to her Parliament with her divided party and try and get some obvious compromises through. That is what we fought the election for. Bohuslav Sobotka said that too much time had already been wasted. It is pertinent to note that Mrs May has not cobbled together a coalition government with the DUP; instead, she will govern Britain through a minority government. Read More »

Focus Brexit on economy, Scottish Conservatives urge British PM

And that's exactly what the cabinet feel was: "that we will go forward together", Davidson said, after the meeting ended. The ebullient Davidson has turned a party once consigned to the scrapheap into a fighting force with her jovial media persona and forceful opposition to Sturgeon's hopes for independence. Read More »

The Trump-Comey He Said-He Said Is Now Officially On

Trump declined to answer questions from reporters about whether recordings existed. "Nobody would ask a man he hardly knew to pledge loyalty to him", he said. Mr Comey accused Mr Trump of firing him to try to undermine the bureau's investigation into possible collusion between his 2016 presidential campaign team and Russian Federation. Read More »

Corey Lewandowski: James Comey is part of the 'deep state'

Asked if he would make that denial under oath, he said: "100 percent". Comey during his testimony refused to say Trump ordered him to halt the probe, but said he felt Trump "directed" him to do so. "Although the law requires no reason at all to fire an Federal Bureau of Investigation director , the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the Federal Bureau of Investigation by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the work force ... Read More »

Did Russia Interfere in the Election, Collect Info on Trump — Putin Interview

In an interview set to air Sunday, Russia President Vladimir Putin told NBC's Megyn Kelly that hackers that could have influenced the USA presidential election might not have come from his home country. "But when he and I talked I saw that he, too, started having doubts", he said. "There weren't even any reports". "There's nothing to even talk about", he told Kelly via an incredulous sounding interpreter. Read More »

Uber culls 20 of its staff after 215 claims of sexual harassment


News of the terminations was first reported by Bloomberg . Uber retained ex-US Attorney General Eric Holder and his colleague Tammy Albarran to investigate its workplace culture. Uber has made a big move in its efforts to improve its workplace culture. Levandowski, a former Google engineer, let the company to set up his own autonomous trucking company, Otto, that was quickly bought by Uber for $680m in 2016. Read More »

Under-fire Hart to miss friendly against France

Southgate said he had always meant to share game time between Heaton and Butland against France . Obviously they're different managers, Gareth's a lot younger - that's something that is the main, most obvious difference. They were good free-kicks but they weren't right inside the post, they were at least a foot inside the post. Beyond that, coaching conversations I have with players stay private. Read More »

Boris Johnson calling for end to blockade of Qatar

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said the move by Saudi Arabia and its allies was an " illegal blockade ". Qatar can import goods from Turkey, the Far East or Europe and it will respond to the crisis by diversifying its economy even more , he told CNBC. Read More »

Crude continues Friday's upward trek early Monday in Asia - Vandana Hari

Any additional rise in oil prices will bring back additional USA competition to the game and Opec members and their allies will have no choice but to reduce their market share or to observe a new price drop. One thing to keep an eye on is the brawl between Qatar (the world's biggest gas producer), the Saudis, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain. When Opec announced the curbs a year ago, Saudi Arabia told its customers in Europe and the United States that they would receive lower volumes but ... Read More »

Jeff Sessions: Everything you need to know about the attorney general

There is no doubt senators on the committee have been preparing for his testimony, but here are the questions to Sessions that will be critical in determining his fate. That remark came after revelations that Sessions had met with Russia's ambassador to the US last year, despite testifying under oath during a confirmation hearing that he "did not have communications with the Russians". Read More »

Sen. Schumer Invites Trump To Do Something Few Presidents Have Done

In his claim to absolution, Donald Trump took to twitter and said that Comey was a "leaker'". Fellow Democrat Sen. Jack Reed (D., R.I.) said on " Fox News Sunday ", however, that it would be inappropriate for Trump to testify in Congress and Mueller should lead the way on the investigation. Read More »

MP farmer agitation: We are not instigating protests, says Congress

With mounting demands from farmers for loan waiver, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday said states will have to find funds for it from their own resources - virtually ruling out any funding from the Centre. The seventh Pay Commission has already increased the burden on the government, and The Hindu had reported earlier that the Maharashtra government is likely to delay implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission recommendations if the loan waiver harmed its finances. Read More »

'Police officer injured' after shots fired in Munich train station


The incident occurred this morning at Unterföhring station and German police said they had secured the area. Media reports said a man pulled a handgun on the female officer during a routine control of identity cards. It was not immediately clear whether it was a police officer or an assailant who had fired. Passengers have been evacuated, and the area around the station blocked off by police. Read More »

ITV: Boris Johnson stresses loyalty to UK PM May in leaked text


The prime minister's most prominent potential rival, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson , sought to quash any suggestion that she would be ousted imminently. Entrenched May critic, sacked former Chancellor George Osborne, said: "Hard Brexit went in the rubbish bin". May moved to demonstrate that she understands the frustration of voters by moving up a meeting with rank-and-file Conservative Party lawmakers, some of whom have called for her to step aside sooner rather than later. Read More »

Four MPs in running for SNP Westminster leader


After Theresa May saw her majority wiped out in last week's vote, the Scottish First Minister said a UK-wide consensus should be adopted for the Brexit talks to allow the devolved governments a greater say. "The strongest possible position in the Brexit negotiations will be one that is backed by all parties and all governments across the United Kingdom". Read More »

Trump heading to OH to talk infrastructure

June 7, 2017. Although infrastructure was initially seen as a policy priority on which Republican and Democrats could work together, Democrats have balked at Trump's plans for financing improvements, arguing they would result in taxpayer-funded corporate profits and cause costs to be offloaded onto consumers. Read More »

Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh coast


On the other hand, at least six persons were killed in Bangladesh after cyclone Mora wreaked havoc in the country's south-eastern coast today leaving behind a trail of damaged houses and trees. "They have been evacuated to at least 400 cyclone shelters, schools, and government offices in the coastal areas", said Golam Mostofa, the senior official coordinating the evacuation. Read More »

Theresa May says she'll stick to Brexit timetable

In a turnaround, her own position may now be on the line after her rival, Jeremy Corbyn , put in a stronger performance than expected. The "bloody hard woman" who promised to be "strong and stable" looks anything but. How he would steer Britain through Brexit negotiations has not been explained in detail. But despite May's dire result, her message did resonate with some Brexiteers in Wakefield who wavered from the Labour party . Read More »

Chouhan sits on fast, reaches out to angry farmers


Sometimes these protests turn fatal, as witnessed last week in the state of Madhya Pradesh, where five farmers were killed in clashes when police fired on a group of protestors. As for farmers being forced by protesters to throw away milk and vegetables they had grown, he said, " We will find out who was behind the violence that took place during the agitation. Read More »

Sessions to testify as Republicans prod Trump on tapes


Former FBI Director James Comey hinted in his public hearing Thursday that Sessions, a former United States senator from Alabama, may have had additional contacts with Russians, and said in a closed hearing that investigators had received Russian intercepts detailing a possible third meeting between Sessions and Kislyak, sources familiar with the briefing told CNN on Thursday. Read More »

Suspected NKorea drone photographed US missile-defense site

The South's military took the drone in custody and analysed the content of the 64-gigabyte memory chip. The drone had apparently crashed close to the THAAD site. mainland. He was expected to arrive in North Korea later on Tuesday for a trip that the State Department said was not an official US visit, CNN reported on Monday. Read More »

Attorney General Sessions to talk publicly to US Senate panel

Senator Richard Burr tweeted that the hearing will begin at 2:30 pm in open session. That remark came after revelations that Sessions had met with Russia's ambassador to the USA last year, despite testifying under oath during a confirmation hearing that he "did not have communications with the Russians". Read More »

Social media rushes to define President Trump's 'covfefe' tweet


According to many media reports, this could be part of a larger shake up on Donald's Trump communications team, since the President came back from his trip overseas to find a political crisis in the White House . In a post on his Twitter account Wednesday morning, Trump said, "My children, especially my 11-year-old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this". Read More »

Bernie Sanders Slams 1 Percent in Praise for UK's Corbyn


However, the Conservatives, who were after a landslide victory for a stronger position in upcoming talks on Britain's exit from the European Union ( Brexit ), dropped from 330 to 318, short 8 seats from overall majority. May will apparently keep the prime minister's job for now, but her ability to effectively manage what was already an enormously hard economic and political transition has probably been crippled. Read More »

AG Jeff Sessions wants his testimony open to public

Sessions is now expected to be asked about topics raised by former FBI Director James Comey during his testimony Thursday, including Sessions' role in Comey's firing, as well as the circumstances of his recusal. Sessions recused himself in March from the federal investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. Trump initially blamed Comey's firing on the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director's handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Read More »

Theresa May's gamble fails in Britain's snap elections


She called a snap election in April, convinced she would receive an overwhelming mandate for her strategy and a strengthened hand in her negotiations with the European Union , which begin on June 19. Nicola Sturgeon , leader of the SNP, said the results were "a disaster for Theresa May ", the BBC reports . The result was bad news for the Scottish National Party, which lost about 20 of its 54 seats. Read More »

Trump Legal Team to File Complaint Over Comey Memos

In sworn testimony to the senate on Thursday, Comey painted Trump as untrustworthy and admitted he asked a "friend", identified as a columbia University law professor, to release a memo of his conversations with the president to the press. Read More »

The questions that could determine Sessions' fate


Why this is a big deal: Sessions is a Trump ally, and he appears to be caught between the president and his promise to run the Justice Department in an apolitical way. ET. Besides Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, Sessions is the highest-profile member of Trump's campaign and administration who we know met with Russians during the 2016 campaign and didn't disclose it. Read More »