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United Kingdom elections: Theresa May refuses to quit despite hung parliament

With 643 out of 650 seats declared, the Conservatives had won 315 seats. She was planning to seek Queen Elizabeth II's approval - a largely symbolic step - to form a government later Friday. Theresa May has been warned by eurosceptic ministers that she will face a leadership challenge if she attempts to water down Brexit . But her campaign unravelled after a major policy U-turn on care for the elderly, while Corbyn's old-school socialist platform and more impassioned campaigning style won ... Read More »

Olbermann: Comey Testimony Most Damning Of Any President Ever

The White House announced late Thursday that Trump would be holding a press conference with Iohannis. " Lordy , I hope there are tapes", Mr. Comey said , referring to Mr. Kasowitz also drew attention to Comey's admission about giving a memo to a friend to leak to the press. "I was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting so I thought it really important to document". Read More »

Police seeking London attack victim find body in Thames


Abedi killed 22 people and wounded more than 100 when he detonated a bomb at the crowded Manchester Arena, where United States pop star Ariana Grande had been performing. Khuram Shazad Butt was a British citizen born in Pakistan and Rachid Redouane had claimed both Libyan and Moroccan nationality. British police on Tuesday named the third London Bridge attacker as an Italian national of Moroccan descent, and Itali. Read More »

Twitter latches on to Comey's 'lordy' quote during hearing

US President Donald Trump is yet to publicly respond to James Comey's testimony , leaving it up to his lawyer and sons. He complimented Comey on his clear, concise, written testimony , including quotations. (Considering that FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt was revealed to be Deep Throat during Watergate, Comey was following a venerable Bureau tradition.) Asked why he had used an intermediary, Comey said, "I was anxious it was like feeding seagulls at the beach". Read More »

Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos target of bomb attack


Police haven't officially confirmed reports that the blast was caused by a parcel bomb containing a small amount of explosives. Papademos served as head of Greece's caretaker government from November 2011 to May 2012, following an eight-year tenure as vice president of the European Central Bank. Read More »

Iran identifies terrorists involved in Tehran attacks

The IS, a hardline Sunni jihadi group, claimed the attacks and threatened further assaults on Iranian Shia Muslims. Middle East analyst Dina Esfandiary says one possible effect will be increased calls by hardliners for tougher action against IS in Iraq and Syria. Read More »

Iran sends first food cargo to Qatar

The United Arab Emirates had already said Qatari nationals would not be allowed to enter the country or cross its points of entry, although the practical effects on airline passengers had been unclear until now. "In the global fight against extremism, the Qatari government's next step is critical". Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had been Qatar Airways' largest markets by the number of available seats and the loss of the four Arab markets could lead to a double-digit revenue ... Read More »

Comey says he was sacked because of Russian Federation investigation

Just minutes into his testimony , Comey said the president and his aides had chosen to defame him by spreading lies about his job performance, attempting to shred a reputation carefully built during 20 years of government service. A special counsel was appointed last month to look into the extent of Russia's involvement in the 2016 election, including contacts between the Russians and top members of the campaign. Read More »

Karen Handel: 'I do not support a livable wage'


Tom Price vacated the seat when he became secretary of health and human services for the Trump administration. Ossoff counters that he's an "independent voice" and will "work with anyone" in Washington. Komen. The allegations Handel used for her guidelines were baseless, and she was soon forced to resign from the organization - which quickly reversed her awful decision and tried fix the damage she wrought. Read More »

Weakened Government could undermine Brexit process, Budget Commissioner warns


The UK's exit talks with the European Union are slated to start on June 19, but with uncertainty over who will form a government after the Conservatives lost their majority in the general election , they could be pushed back. "Let's put our minds together on striking a deal", Barnier wrote. "Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May, will make already complex negotiations even more complicated", said the European Parliament's lead Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt. Read More »

Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland may be election key

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced she will form a Conservative government and "work together" with the support of the DUP , the largest unionist party in Northern Ireland. The DUP recorded its best ever election result and I want to take this opportunity to thank our director of elections Simon Hamilton for the marvellous job he did and I do want to thank each and every one of the 292,316 people who returned 10 DU members of parliament to the house of commons to stand up ... Read More »

India, Pakistan join China and Russia-led security bloc

Clandestine cells of IS combatants have been created and were operating in the SCO countries, according to Putin, who called for stronger cooperation among member countries' secret services. According to Modi, the SCO will also be a powerful partner in the global fight against terrorism. China has also been upset with India for hosting the Dalai Lama and allowing the Tibetan spiritual leader to visit Arunachal Pradesh, large parts of which Beijing considers as part of southern Tibet. Read More »

A look at what a hung Parliament means for Britain

The Financiele Dagblad says mildly that "May hoped to increase her small majority in parliament with early elections ". With a hung parliament , the so-called "hard Brexit" that May had been pushing for seems less and less likely to pass. Read More »

British election's outcome may postpone Brexit - senator

Having called an early election in hopes of getting an increased majority that could have strengthened her hand in Britain's exit talks with the EU, May instead saw her majority evaporate completely - leaving her fortunes hanging by a thread and dark clouds over the Brexit negotiations just 10 days before they are due to start. Read More »

UK PM Theresa May falls short of majority

Experts say the resulting hung parliament will lead to a period of political uncertainty and could throw Brexit negotiations - due to start 19 June - into disarray. After running an openly anti-Corbyn campaign, the MP responded to the question of why he had won by saying: " I have no idea ". Amber Rudd , Britain's interior minister, managed to hold onto her seat, but she saw her previous 4,796 majority slashed to 346 votes as her Conservative Party was predicted to lose its majority. Read More »

Trump claims 'total and complete vindication' from 'leaker' Comey

President Donald Trump fired back early Friday after the dramatic Senate testimony given by ousted FBI Director James Comey, tweeting that it was the Washington veteran who spun a tale of "lies". Former FBI Director James Comey has laid bare months of White House distrust in highly anticipated testimony before Congress . Only two people were in the room when Donald Trump allegedly asked James Comey for a pledge of loyalty, so no one else knows for sure what was said. Read More »

Most voters want President Donald Trump to stop tweeting

Sixty-nine percent of voters overall think Trump uses the social media site too often. More than half of respondents, meanwhile, said they believe Trump's tweets hurt national security - 51 percent; the United States' standing in the world - 53 percent; and his presidency - 57 percent. Read More »

Iran arrests 41 suspects over Tehran attacks - ministry

Wednesday's attacks on Tehran's parliament complex and the shrine of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, which also wounded more than 50 people, were the first claimed by IS in Iran. The attackers were armed with rifles and pistols and at least two blew themselves up with suicide vests, Iranian media reported . However, for one Iranian priest it is prayer that counts now. Read More »

Top Hamas commander reportedly in Malaysia following Qatar expulsion


Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council and a former head of the UN's humanitarian wing, warned Qatar might have to cut back some of its aid to Gaza. Miller pointed out that the jihadists have "demonstrated resilience against Egyptian forces, and so an explosion in Gaza poses serious consequences". Read More »

Vaiko denied entry into Malaysia for alleged LTTE links


The party said when Vaiko landed at the Kuala Lumpur airport this morning, immigration authorities told him that he had been banned from entering the country since his name figured "in the list of persons risky to Malaysia". "His (Vaiko) passport was also seized", the MDMK said. "They took away his passport and told him that he should not step out of that place", the release said. Read More »

N.Ireland's DUP not commenting on reports of deal with Britain's May

Prime Minister Theresa May plans to seek the permission of Queen Elizabeth II to form a government even though her Conservative Party lost its majority in the House of Commons. She said May she will form a government that will provide certainty and work to keep Britain safe and secure. An exit poll had previously suggested the Conservatives would remain the largest party but fall short of an absolute majority. Read More »

Bahrain says it too will jail Qatar sympathizers


The rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Qatar runs deep , with Saudi Arabia and two of its Gulf sidekicks cutting ties with Qatar in March 2014 for its relationship with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood , after the UAE jailed a Qatari citizen for leading what officials considered to be a wing of the "terrorist" organization. Read More »

Spanish banker's family IDs him as London victim


O'Leary, who had a child with Redouane, said she was "deeply shocked, saddened and numbed" by what he had done before being shot dead by authorities in Borough Market, along with Butt and their accomplice, Youssef Zaghba. O'Leary condemned Redouane's role in the attacks that "killed and injured so many innocent people" and says she did not support his beliefs. Redouane, 30, had claimed to be Moroccan and Libyan . Read More »

Paris police shoot hammer attacker at Notre Dame

France's Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said the attacker was carrying the identification of an Algerian student and preliminary information indicated he had acted alone. A woman in the area at the time said she heard two shots. "We were trying to figure out what was going on", he said. Notre-Dame, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris , typically attracts long lines of visitors. Read More »

Theresa May to see Queen as Tories aim to govern without majority

Now lets get to work ", she said. May is hoping to ally with the small Democratic Unionist Party in an effort to keep her current position, United Kingdom media say. Now led by NI First Minister Arlene Foster, the DUP has maintained its core Christian values and right-wing policies in a power-sharing government at Stormont, although there has been gridlock in recent months as the parties could not reach an agreement following an inconclusive Assembly election . Read More »

Connecticut House debates but doesn't vote on recreational weed


A companion bill that helps the pari-mutuel industry by expanding the number of available off-track betting licenses from 18 to 24, passed on a closer vote of 77 to 72. The legislative piece now needs to be signed into law by Gov. Dannel Malloy. The Mashantucket Pequot and the Mohegan want to build the East Windsor facility to compete with a $950 million casino being built by MGM in nearby Springfield, Massachusetts. Read More »

Australia treating armed siege as 'terrorism incident'


The Seven Network television said it had received a phone call from a distressed woman who said she was involved in a hostage situation. The woman was rescued unhurt, but three police officers suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Three people were convicted of conspiracy for that plot, which police thwarted before it could be executed . "He has a long criminal history with us, but also from what we're piecing together comments he made related to Islamic State and Al-Qaeda certainly ... Read More »

Labour regain Glasgow seat as SNP majorities slashed

Ms Sturgeon said "Undoubtedly the issue of an independence referendum was a factor in this election result, but I think there were other factors in this election result as well". "But overall results show the SNP will win a majority of the seats in this country and a majority of the votes". Until Thursday's United Kingdom vote, the SNP held 56 out of 59 of Scotland's Westminster seats in parliament - a huge measure of support for the party following a narrow independence referendum defeat ... Read More »

May Condemns Trump's Attack on Khan as She Backs London Mayor

Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, made a similar call on Monday, saying Trump was insulting Britain's values "at a time of introspection and mourning". "I think it's time for the people there to probably act and do something a lot more proactive than what's been going on, and I do think that's something people have to do". Read More »

What we learned from Comey's testimony

Comey quoted Trump as saying, "He is a good guy". Given the pains to which Comey went to write down his version of the meeting with Trump , not to mention Comey's immediate conversations with colleagues and the utter plausibility of his account, Trump's denials seem thoroughly unconvincing to me. Read More »

Syria: Battle Launched To Liberate Raqqa From Islamic State

The US Department of Defense also announced the offensive on its website: "The offensive would deliver a decisive blow to the idea of ISIS as a physical caliphate". The YPG are close to the Kurdish PKK insurgent group in Turkey, which is designated as a terror organisation by Nato and the US. "From the historical resistance of Kobanê to the liberation of Girê Spî, Hawl and Shaddadi, to the villages of Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa, and to the dams in these regions, many historic steps have been ... Read More »

Mayors of Pittsburgh and Paris Say They Have Their Own Climate Deal


Trump's decision last week to yank the US from the global pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions prompted widespread rebuke from foreign heads of state, American lawmakers and environmental groups. Ige says Hawaii is the first state to enact legislation implementing parts of the Paris climate agreement. "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris ", Trump said in his statement on the Paris Agreement last week. Read More »