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Siding against ally Qatar, Trump injects USA into Arab crisis

During his Saudi trip, Trump announced $110 billion in deals to sell weapons to the kingdom. The decision has sent Qataris into a panic with shoppers stockpiling supplies as the country imports most its food from Saudi Arabia. DONALD Trump has taken credit for the isolation of Qatar by other Arab countries over its alleged support of terrorism in the region. "It is expected that there will be severe disruption of movement and partial or full closure of air, naval and border crossings from ... Read More »

RNC says Trump knew firing Comey was risky


The committee released Comey's testimony earlier Wednesday. In his statement , Comey does not say precisely why he so quickly started documenting the Trump conversations. Comey also said Trump asked him to "get out" information that the president was not being investigated, saying the Russian Federation probe was creating "a cloud" that prevented the president from doing his job. Read More »

Trump reaction to Tehran ISIS attacks 'repugnant', Zarif says

In a statement yesterday, Guterres spokesperson said that "the Secretary-General strongly condemns the terrorist attacks". Dozens were injured in the attacks, which targeted two of Iran's most potent symbols: its parliament complex in central Tehran and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini , who led the 1979 Islamic revolution. Read More »

Qatar crisis: UAE threatens sympathisers with prison

Qatar says it intends to take legal action against those responsible. "This is not about regime change - this is about change of policy, change of approach", Gargash said . In a statement released by its London embassy, the UAE accused Qatar of supporting, funding and hosting terrorist organisations including Isis (widely known in the Gulf states as Daesh), Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood . Read More »

Iran minister rejects Trump's condolences for attacks as 'repugnant'

Islamic State has regularly threatened Iran, one of the powers leading the fight against the militants' forces in neighboring Iraq and, beyond that, Syria. The Intelligence Ministry called on people to be vigilant and report any suspicious movement. Iranian state media said police helicopters were circling over the parliament building and that all mobile phone lines from inside were disconnected. Read More »

British media avoid naming London attackers, but publish descriptions


Officers arrested a dozen people in raids on flats in Barking, east London , on Monday morning where residents said they believed one of the terrorists may have lived. Salahudeen said the man had two children - a boy and a baby girl. Too many others in London , Manchester, Kabul, Baghdad and other cities around the world are burying their loved ones in just the latest series of terrorist attacks. Read More »

Foreign Minister: Measures taken against Qatar were surprising

Separately, UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash denied that Gulf Arab states were seeking "regime change" and accused Qatar of being "the main champion of extremism and terrorism in the region". Analysts say the rift between Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries is also driven by the belief that Qatar is too closely aligned with Iran, a country with which it shares the largest underwater natural gas field in the world. Read More »

Kuwait Emir visits Qatar after UAE, Saudi talks

The two UAE leaders reiterated the importance of stepping up regional and global coordination to combat extremism and terrorism and to block their financing sources. Qatar long has denied funding extremists, although Western officials have accused it of allowing or even encouraging funding of Sunni extremists like al-Qaida's branch in Syria, once known as the Nusra Front. Read More »

James Comey: Donald Trump told me 'I expect loyalty'


And when Trump returned to the White House just before 4 p.m., he ignored shouted questions from reporters about whether he was concerned about Comey's testimony. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he hopes Comey will tell the public everything that he can. Nine one-on-ones. Comey and Trump had at least nine one-on-one conversations. Read More »

Goldman Sachs attacked for "strengthening the brutal repression" in Venezuela

In that time , the list of protesters' demands - from the resumption of local elections to an end to the nationwide food shortage, to even the ouster of Maduro himself - has grown. The opposition-controlled Congress also voted on Tuesday to ask its U.S. counterpart to investigate the deal. The Venezuelan central bank in April also struck a deal with Fintech Advisory Inc. Read More »

London Terrorist Featured in BBC Documentary 'The Jihadis Next Door'


He told reporters: "We have been in touch with their families" as Australian authorities try to confirm the status of the two people. Archibald was one of seven victims of Saturday's terrorist attack in London . He also caused some resentment by parking his vehicle illegally along the street and he hadn't been seen in the local mosque for months after clashing over his views with the imam. Read More »

Thiruvananthapuram shuts down as BJP calls for Hartal, exams postponed


CPI (M) workers also destroyed the flex boards and flags of BJP and BMS during the protest march. A few chairs kept in the portico and a few windowpanes were damaged. "This shows that the police under the instruction of the government might have created circumstances for CPM activists to go on rampage against the BJP", BJP State secretary V V Rajesh said. Read More »

South Korea: North Korea fires several short-range missiles

Washington also has begun positioning an advanced missile defense system known as THAAD in South Korea, although Moon said Wednesday that its further deployment should be suspended until a full environmental impact review is conducted. China - South Korea's biggest trading partner - has in recent months taken a series of measures against South Korean businesses, moves which have been seen as economic retaliation for Thaad. Read More »

Qatar says state news agency first hacked in April


U.S. President Donald Trump took sides in the deep rift in the Arab world on Tuesday, praising Middle East countries´ actions against Qatar , but later spoke by phone with Saudi King Salman and stressed the need for Gulf unity. recognises that Qatar has made some great efforts to try to stop financing of terror groups, including prosecuting suspected financiers, freezing assets, and introducing stringent controls on its banking system there. Read More »

Voters Head To The Polls In New Jersey Gubernatorial Primary

At Guadagno's election night event, Beck said she was confident in the strength Guadagno will bring to the top of the ticket in November. The Republican candidate, Kim Guadagno , was Chris Christie's running mate during his gubernatorial election, but she has attempted to distance herself from the unpopular governor. Read More »

Consider Trump's Tweets 'Official Statements,' Spicer Says

Sessions was among Trump's earliest and most ardent supporters during the presidential campaign - a loyalty that Trump rewarded by nominating the long-time Alabama senator to be his chief law enforcement officer. See what I'm getting at here? President Donald Trump pauses as the audience stands and applauds as he speaks in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Monday, June 5, 2017 , to announce plans to privatize the nation's air traffic control system. Read More »

London terror: Ire over Pak-origin attacker, third terrorist is named

Italy's main newspapers named the suspect as Youssef Zaghba, 22, the son of an Italian mother, from Bologna, and a Moroccan father, who had passports from both countries. Zaghba, 22, was not a subject of interest for the police or the MI5 intelligence agency, officials said. It is thought that Choudary played a key role in Butt's radicalization, according to a British government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about the ongoing investigation. Read More »

London Bridge: Third attacker named as Youssef Zaghba

An eyewitness said it was not long before they had completed a loop of the market and came back to Cafe Brood before continuing onto the Black and Blue restaurant where they were finally gunned down by police. Christine Archibald, 30, a Canadian social worker who moved to Europe to be with her fiancé, was the first victim to be named. The status of one of the other assailants, Youssef Zaghba, 22, as a potential militant was passed on to the British and Moroccan secret services, according to ... Read More »

Thousands Still Trapped in Philippines' City Overrun by Daesh Affiliates

According to government figures Monday, the death toll was 105 people - 61 militants, 20 government forces and 24 civilians. The government believes the Maute group carried out the assault on Marawi before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to capture the attention of IS and earn recognition as the Mideastern terror network's Southeast Asian affiliate. Read More »

More bodies found in search for Myanmar military plane


The military had begun a massive search for the plane and its boarders soon after it went missing on Wednesday. The aircraft was said to be a Chinese made Y8 transporter, which was carrying 14 crew members as well as 106 military personnel and their family members, including children. Read More »

UAE seeking 'change of policy, not regime' in Qatar: Minister


Arab countries at odds with Qatar accuse it of supporting militant groups and advancing their arch-rival Iran's agenda in the region - charges Doha calls baseless. Qatar's Foreign Minister said: "Qatar is ready for dialogue to resolve the diplomatic crisis ". The gas-rich emirate still hosts the USA airbase of Al-Udeid, which is home to some 10,000 U.S. Read More »

Comey's opening statement released ahead of testimony

Comey had been leading an FBI investigationinto allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and possible collusion with Trump's campaign. Not until after he was sacked did Comey suddenly decide to inform the public of all these interactions that he said made him so uncomfortable. Before delivering the information to Trump, other officials left the room so Comey could "minimize potential embarrassment to the president-elect". Read More »

UK Police Release All Detained Over London Terror Act Without Charges


Khuram Shazad Butt , one the London Bridge attackers recently identified by police, appeared in a Channel 4 documentary called "The Jihadist Next Door" past year. London police say they can not confirm the names of people caught up in the attack . They said inquiries into the identity of the third attacker were ongoing. Read More »

Comey Opening Statement For Senate Intelligence Hearing, Annotated


As Democrats and some Republicans criticize President Donald Trump after the release of fired FBI Director James Comey's testimony , which alleges that Trump said over dinner, "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty", one of the men Trump considered to replace Comey is revealing that no such request was made to him. Read More »

Rahul Gandhi Heads To Violence-Hit Mandsaur: Farmers' Crisis In 10 Points

The delegation will visit Mandsaur on June 9. The Minister accused the Congress of trying to gain political mileage out of the incident. " Madhya Pradesh is a very peaceful place and will continue to be so". The anger, the sources has escalated, and the police firing on the demonstrators now has opened the doors for mass unrest. At least five persons have been killed in the violence during the protest. Read More »

Judge will decide fate in Michelle Carter trial


Boardman also testified about another text message where Carter wrote "It's my fault", blaming herself for Roy's death because she told him to get back in the truck where he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. But a juvenile court judge ruled that encouraging suicide was not protected under the USA constitution. Eithier was followed to the stand by Olivia Mosolgo, who was familiar with Carter , having met her when they were in seventh grade. Read More »

US condemns attacks in Iran; Senate moves ahead on sanctions


Iran denounced Donald Trump's reaction to deadly Islamic State group attacks in Tehran as "repugnant" on Thursday after the USA president warned the nation is reaping what it sows. Security personnel take position in front of Iran's parliament building after an assault by several attackers, in Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, June 7, 2017. Read More »

South Korea suspends THAAD missile system


The three most recent previous tests were of ballistic missiles. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that North Korea fired several projectiles off its east coast on Thursday. The North in following weeks launched a solid-fuel midrange missile that can be fired on shorter notice than liquid fuel missiles, and also what it descried a new "precision-guided" missile, which experts say is designed with a maneuverable terminal stage meant to frustrate missile defense systems ... Read More »

Trump not planning to invoke executive privilege to block James Comey testimony

Executive privilege can not be used to "cover up government misconduct", said Andrew Wright, a professor at Savannah Law School. Bill Clinton tried, and he lost, too. Does Mr. Comey agree that that is what was said? Was it because Trump must have known his version was not the truth and wanted to launch a pre-emptive strike against Comey before Comey could respond. Read More »

Hawaii enacts laws adopting Paris climate deal pledges

Kamenetz also urged Governor Hogan to commit Maryland to the climate accord standards, by joining the U.S. Climate Alliance , a bipartisan climate advocacy coalition of state governors throughout the country. "The President's decision to turn our back on an global solutions-oriented agreement to address a changing climate is deeply disappointing", Dunn said. Read More »