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Putin: US election hackers could have been from anywhere


Petersburg International Economic Forum, which she moderated. He added that IP addresses allegedly belonging to Russian hackers could have been easily rigged and couldn't stand as evidence. Pence insisted the USA has already shown "real leadership" and "real progress" by somewhat reducing carbon emissions over the last decade. Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed a deadly chemical attack in Syria was a provocation against Bashar Assad . Read More »

Labour opens 17-point lead over Conservatives in London

The Prime Minister rejected the suggestion her decision to go to the polls , having previously insisted there would not be an early election, was exclusively in the interests of the Conservative Party. there is a 9% difference between what the Conservatives are proposing for corporation tax on larger businesses and what Labour is proposing", said accountant Mr Rudd. Read More »

Sanders Slams Trump For Insulting Germany

President Donald Trump says he will make a long-awaited decision this week on whether the US stands by the 2015 Paris deal that aims to slow down global warming. On Tuesday, Merkel repeatedly stressed the importance of trans-Atlantic ties. Merkel said she and Modi had discussed open markets and free and fair trade during their meeting in Berlin . Read More »

Egypt says air strikes destroy militant camps after attack on Christians


Two suicide bombings at Palm Sunday services at churches in the northern cities of Alexandria and Tanta on 9 April left 46 people dead. However, earlier this month, the terror group Islamic State's local leader in Egypt issued a warning to Muslims, asking them to stay away from Christian gatherings and suggesting that it would launch new attacks on "legitimate targets". Read More »

Greek ex-premier Lucas Papademos wounded in Athens bombing


A government spokesman claimed that the explosion was an attack and said all three who had been hurt - including Mr Papademos - were in a "stable condition, conscious and are undergoing all the necessary medical tests". As of early Friday, no one had claimed responsibility for the attack against Papademos. He has also served as vice-president of the European Central Bank. Read More »

Putin Dismisses Intelligence About Russian Interference in Election as 'Assumptions'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed a deadly chemical attack in Syria was a provocation against Bashar Assad . Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at a meeting with heads of worldwide news agencies at the St. Putin said. "He's paid for holding meetings, discussing current affairs". Later, when the moderator asked which side of the climate change debate he stood, and whether he disagreed with ( Donald) Trump's stand, Modi remained diplomatically neutral. Read More »

Trump breaks campaign promise by not moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

During his campaign for office, Trump expressed support for moving the embassy and has appointed a strong supporter of such a move as his ambassador to Israel. USA officials say the process of moving the embassy would take at least six months and involve major adjustments in security, office and housing space and staffing at both the existing facility in Tel Aviv and the consulate general in Jerusalem. Read More »

China 'fully committed' to stopping NKorean missile programme


The United States has a small number of rotational troops in the country. "The Department of Defence is focused on strengthening alliances, empowering countries to be able to sustain their own security, and strengthening USA military capabilities to deter war", Mattis said . Read More »

Leaders say world will abide by Paris Accord, with or without US


Enacted in 2015 during then-President Obama's administration, the Paris climate accord was a landmark, worldwide agreement to combat global warming and cut carbon emissions. "This is more about the diminishing of American leadership and credibility than about the rise of others - yet". But he resigned in February, in the wake of Trump's initial executive order restricting travel from a number of Muslim-majority countries. Read More »

Bloomberg says USA does not need Washington to fulfil Paris agreement


Trump announced America is "getting out" of a deal he said imposed "draconian" burdens that would cost the USA millions of jobs and billions in cold hard cash. Contending that the president's decision to leave the pact passes the responsibility of protecting the environment on to the states, Lesser called on Baker to become a leader on the issue and join governors from across the country in the newly formed United States Climate Alliance . Read More »

Hassan Rouhani Wins Second Term as Iranian President


Iran's state television has declared incumbent President Hassan Rouhani the victor of the country's presidential election, giving him a second four-year term to see out his agenda calling for greater freedoms and outreach to the wider world. Read More »

Putin ridicules claims of meddling in U.S

He made the comments to NBC News' Megyn Kelly' who moderated a panel at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday. Putin turned even more combative when Kelly touched on the subject of Russian foreign news coverage spreading "disinformation". Read More »

China, EU seek to deepen relations


Chinese and European Union leaders are to agree a joint statement on the Paris climate agreement saying it is "an imperative more important than ever". China needs to ensure "reciprocity" for European businesses in the Chinese market, she said. A senior Chinese official said China is determined to open up and reach a deal, which seen as a forerunner to a possible future free-trade accord. Read More »

Woakes ruled out of Champions Trophy

While England were rarely troubled in their chase, there was more disappointment for Jason Roy . Bangladesh threatened the same punishment in its first one-day worldwide on English soil in seven years by producing its highest score against England , and the eighth-best total in trophy history, 40 runs more than its previous best. Read More »

Timing may thwart Trump's decision to quit Paris pact

The US president, who had pledged to quit the deal during last year's election campaign, said he will be seeking a better deal for US workers. That means the USA would remain in the agreement, at least formally, for another three-and-a-half years, ensuring the issue remains alive in the next presidential election. Read More »

Notley doubles down on BC pipeline message

Horgan and B.C. Green leader Andrew Weaver announced their agreement Monday, a "four-year framework" in which the Greens pledge to support an NDP government on confidence votes such as passing a budget and a bill to supply money to the government. Read More »

Putin: Claim we meddled in US election 'reminds me of anti-Semitism'

Putin accusing the Democrats of trying to shift blame for Hillary Clinton's defeat. "Help us to set up a normal political dialogues", Putin said . Snowden, 33, was given asylum in Russian Federation in 2013 after leaking classified information about USA spy operations. One area where Putin was critical of Trump's policy was regarding the United States president's demand that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members raise their military spending to 2% of GDP. Read More »

Trump Pulls US From Global Warming Accord, To Allies' Dismay


The New York Times reported that European Union and Chinese officials will meet in Brussels on Friday to discuss a joint strategy for addressing emissions reductions and a move toward clean energy. Germany's environment minister, Barbara Hendricks, told reporters in Berlin that other countries will fill the leadership vacuum but none will be expected to make up the shortfall in emissions reductions caused by Washington's exit. Read More »

MIT says Donald Trump totally misunderstood its climate science

The school noted yesterday that the number cited by Trump is "misleading" because it measures the Paris agreement's incremental impact over a previous Copenhagen agreement, and that it assumes the countries will not strengthen their commitments to fighting climate change after 2030. Read More »

Grande to return for Manchester benefit concert


The number of arrests in the United Kingdom ticked up to eight as British Transport Police said armed officers would begin patrols on some trains because of an increased threat of terrorism. "Abedi stood up and shouted at the imam, "'You are talking bollocks.' And he gave a good stare, a threatening stare into the imam's eyes". Mohammed Fadl, a community leader, rejected that account. Read More »

Merkel vows 'more decisive action than ever' on climate


The German leader reiterated the main thrust of her remarks on Tuesday, saying the "current situation" gives Europe more reasons " to take our destiny into our own hands ". Germany is the first stop for Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on a European tour that comes amid growing concern in Germany over some of Trump's policies, especially on climate change and protectionism. Read More »

Goldman Sachs underwrites Venezuelan tyranny

For its part the bank has stressed it never transacted directly with the Maduro government when it bought $2.8 billion of bonds for pennies on the dollar. In April, Maduro's administration announced the country would withdraw from the OAS, accusing its chief, Luis Almagro, of joining in a US -led a campaign to undermine Venezuelan sovereignty. Read More »

Could Trump use executive privilege to block Comey testimony?

The White House on Wednesday took its first public steps to cordon off response efforts to the Russian Federation probe from the day-to-day work of the administration, acknowledging openly that President Donald Trump had hired an outside attorney to handle the swirling controversy. Read More »

Supreme Court Upholds Rejection Of North Carolina Congressional Districts


The overtures are also bad harbingers for an upcoming Wisconsin case that challenges partisan gerrymandering. The ruling upholds one issued in 2016 by a lower court. Racial gerrymandering complaints have arisen previously out of the two districts in question, which are both held by Democrats. With Republicans controlling state legislatures throughout the South, experts say the Supreme Court has handed Democrats and civil rights advocates a powerful tool, reviving racial ... Read More »

United Kingdom police arrest another man in Manchester concert bombing probe

Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old British-born national of Libyan descent, was named by police as the suicide bomber in Monday's attack, and investigations are underway to uncover his associates. British Prime Minister Theresa May , who spoke about the matter with U.S. President Donald Trump at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, said the countries' partnership on defense and security was built on trust. Read More »

Moscow Says Won't Vveto UN Resolution on N. Korea Sanctions


Taking his cue from McCain, Turnbull warned China over North Korea and called on the assembled government representatives to stand by USA imperialism as the guarantor of regional stability. " North Korea's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them is not new, but the regime has increased the pace and scope of its efforts", he said. Read More »

Bill Maher uses racial epithet during HBO show


Sasse was on Maher's HBO program, Real Time , to promote his new book, and engaged in a bit in which he encouraged Maher to come visit his state and work in its fields. Senator, I'm a house nigger. DeRay Mckesson, activist for the Black Lives Matter movement, wrote on his Twitter account: "But really, @ BillMaher has got to go". Read More »

UN votes to add 15 North Koreans, 4 entities to UN blacklist

If adopted, they would be subjected to a global asset freeze and travel ban. Analysts do not believe North Korea will be able to produce a viable nuclear-capable intercontinental missile until at least 2020, but the militarized, authoritarian state is thought to be capable of launching nuclear attacks against neighboring nations, including South Korea and Japan, both of which host US military installations and personnel. Read More »