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Trump and Hillary trade jabs in Twitter skirmish

Trump tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that "crooked" Hillary Clinton "blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a bad candidate". Hillary Clinton has found plenty of non-Hillary Clinton things to blame for her 2016 loss, including Russia, James B. Read More »

States, cities pledge action on climate even without Trump

So who is pushing for Trump to have the USA pull out of the deal? An EU official said Trump had not appeared persuaded of the merits of the Paris accord, deeming it unlikely that he would change course. And the corporate world has by-and-large come out in favour of the U.S. keeping its seat at the table. "Don't know which way Paris will go, but I've done all I can to advise directly to POTUS, through others in WH & via councils, that we remain", Musk said. Read More »

Delhi: BJP leader Vijay Jolly robbed of laptop, digi cam


While BJP leader Vijay Jolly steeped out of his vehicle to have " golgappas " (local snack) at south Delhi's Saket, unidentified men allegedly broke the rear side of his auto window and disappeared with laptop, digital camera and a few documents, police said. Read More »

Tories could lose United Kingdom parliamentary majority


The latest poll has revealed further signs of trouble for Theresa May's General Election campaign . "I have the plan for the Brexit negotiations but I've also got a plan to build a stronger and more prosperous Britain and I'm confident we can do that because I believe in Britain and I believe in the British people ". Read More »

Trump returns with plan to wage war on 'fake media'

Mr Kushner boasts an enormous portfolio of domestic and global responsibilities underscoring his importance as Mr Trump's chief aide-de-camp, despite having no experience in politics before the 2016 White House race. National security adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters on Saturday that so-called back-channeling was not unusual. "It's both normal in my opinion and acceptable", he told ABC News on Sunday. Read More »

Business is worried about the UK election, whoever wins


A Reuters poll showed Wall Street economists forecasting 185,000 new jobs in May. The model was based on 50,000 interviews over one week. However, a series of political blunders, alongside a populist Labour campaign have put the Prime Minister firmly on the defensive and investors have awoken to the fact that her promise of a strong and stable government could be in real jeopardy. Read More »

Comey set to testify June 8 on Russia

Comey's appearance before the committee has been in the works for some time, but an exact date and time had not previously been set. The committee's Republican chairman and Democratic Vice Chair have scheduled a public session and classified session with Comey next Thursday, June 8 . Read More »

Today's decision day for moving Israeli Embassy

It says that despite the disappointment, Israel appreciates Trump's friendship and his commitment to moving the embassy to Jerusalem in the future. The Palestinian Authority's ambassador to the U.S., Husam Zomlot, said Trump's decision "gives peace a chance" and that the Palestinians "are ready to start the consultation process with the U.S. Read More »

3 ways Trump could dump Paris climate agreement

Barack Obama used his authority as president to join the Paris Accord, without a vote in the Legislature. USA supporters of the pact said any pullout by Trump would represent an abdication of American leadership on a leading issue of our time and would show that the United States can not be trusted to follow through on global commitments. Read More »

Nighttime, early morning bombings in Baghdad kill 31


Iraqis gather at the site of a auto bomb explosion near Baghdad's Al-Shuhada Bridge on May 30, 2017 which killed at least five people and wounded 17, security and medical officials said. Eleven people died, another 43 were wounded. The statement said they targeted a gathering of Shiites breaking their daily fast as part of Islam's holy month of Ramadan. Read More »

Islamic State fighters seal off Mosul mosque preparing for last stand

At the height of the group's power IS controlled almost a third of Iraq, but with aid, training and weapons from Iran and then the USA -led coalition, Iraqi forces have retaken more than half of the land the extremists once held. Up to 200,000 people still live in harrowing conditions behind ISIL lines in Mosul , running low on food, water and medicine. A spokesman for the Iraqi government-sanctioned paramilitary force says the troops are moving to capture a key town beyond the city of ... Read More »

Pakistan batsman Azhar Ali says India clash just another game

Previous England setups may have been swayed by the ebullient form of Jonny Bairstow , but the gimlet-eyed Morgan is in no mood to twist. Though it is too early to say how the injury will impact on Woakes' involvement either in the remainder of this match, or England's subsequent group games against New Zealand on June 6 and Australia on June 10, side strains are notoriously hard injuries for fast bowlers to shake off. Read More »

Top Gun 2 Is Definitely Happening, Tom Cruise Confirms


Or do y'all even care about a Top Gun follow-up at all? At the time, when host Norton asked, Cruise said "no". A year ago we we were treated to this lovely photo of Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer together sharing that they were chatting about the film. Read More »

White House Now Referring Trump/Russia Questions to Outside Counsel


The latest candidates were Mr John Pistole, a former deputy Federal Bureau of Investigation director who was administrator of the Transportation Security Administration under President Barack Obama, and Mr Christopher Wray, who was assistant attorney-general overseeing the criminal division under President George W. Read More »

Trump 'to do everything' for Middle East peace


Before Trump departed for his first foreign trip as president, H.R. McMaster, his national security adviser, said the American leader would express support for Palestinian "self-determination". Tens of thousands of Israelis marched Wednesday through East Jerusalem's predominantly Palestinian Old City to mark 50 years of Israel's annexation of it. Read More »

Teens Arrested in Killing of Boy, 6


While Archie was inside, at least two of the suspects drove into the Kroger parking lot in a two-door 2014 Honda Civic Coupe and pulled alongside her Camry. Thursday, May 18 - 11:38 a.m. - Hinds County Sheriff's Office confirms a second person, 17-year-old DeAllen Washington , is a suspect in the kidnapping and shooting death of the child. Read More »

Gov. Brown to Visit China Seeking Climate Change Support

Carbon dioxide stays in the air for 100 years, and about one-fifth of what has accumulated in the atmosphere came from the USA, more than any other country. The Paris agreement is, after all, the first global accord on climate change action that has managed to unify both developed and developing nations behind a single framework to cut emissions. Read More »

Farmer says gay marriage views cost him market spot


ADF has filed a complaint, on Tennes behalf, with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of MI. Tennes' farm, 22 miles away from East Lansing in Eaton County, is a popular place to have weddings. Country Mill Farms declined to host a same-sex ceremony in 2014, before the Supreme Court imposed same-sex "marriage" on all 50 states. However, The Country Mill backtracked on its wedding policy as Tennes reopened the orchard to hosting marriages, though only for opposite-sex couples, ... Read More »

Trump To Announce If He's In Or Out Of Paris Accord

Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Corp, an Ohio-based coal company and major Trump campaign donor, urged Trump to withdraw from the deal. Trump is expected to announce his decision on Thursday afternoon U.S. Trump said he wanted to create more coal mining jobs, though industry analysts say demand is likely to decline as the price of solar, wind and other alternatives falls. Read More »

Schulz to Trump: Dropping Paris agreement means no trade talks


Citing senior United States officials familiar with Trump's plan, several USA mainstream media reported Wednesday morning that Trump is expected to withdraw from the Paris Accord adopted by 196 nations in 2015. After taking office, Trump faced pressure to stay in the deal from investors, worldwide powers and business leaders, including some in the coal industry. Read More »

What does 'covfefe' mean? Social media rushes to define Trump's typo


The two got into a Twitter battle with each other, each saying they were the ones " summoned " by Trump's tweet. "The president and a small group of people knew exactly what he meant ", Spicer said. With that, Trump's twitter feed went silent for the next five and half hours. Moments later, he asked: "Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"??? ". Read More »

Leaving Paris accord will harm U.S. global influence — United Nations leader


Skoog says a withdrawal would damage USA "ambitions in other multilateral negotiations and their work in the United Nations". Trump's top aides have been divided on the accord. "Yet, not everyone will move at the same pace or with equal vigor", he said. "I understand that if they decide to pull out it will be disappointing but I really don't think this will change the course of mankind", European Commission vice president for energy, Maros Sefcovic, said at a briefing. Read More »

Official Says Trump Expected to Pull US from Global Climate Agreement


U.S. President Donald Trump (C) and other leaders arrive for the group photo for the G7 Outreach Program on the second and last day of the G7 Taormina summit on the island of Sicily on May 27, 2017 in Taormina, Italy. So far, no other country, not even China or India has said they'd follow the United States in pulling out of Paris. UN Secretary-General: "Climate action is not just a necessity but an opportunity to forge a peaceful and sustainable future on a healthy planet". Read More »

Trump to announce decision on Paris deal on Thursday


He added: "Fighting climate change is a global consensus, it's not invented by China . and we realize that this is a global consensus agreement and that as a big developing nation we should shoulder our worldwide responsibility". He finished his speech to state his intention of convening a dedicated climate summit in 2019. The UN chief also said that he will work to with UN Member States mobilize national and global resources for adaptation, resilience, and the implementation of national ... Read More »

Led airstrikes in Syria kill 35 civilians

Thursday's toll brought the known deaths from two days of coalition bombing raids on Mayadeen to 50, the Observatory said , after 15 people were killed in US-led strikes on the town on Wednesday. The UN has stopped its official casualty count in Syria , citing its inability to verify the figures it receives from various sources. Airwars , a London-based collective of journalists and researchers that tracks non-combatant deaths in Iraq and Syria , estimated earlier this week that as ... Read More »

Trump returns to find the Russian investigation embroils his son-in-law

The two are only renting a mansion in the Kalorama area of D.C., leaving their options open to leave at any time they choose to return to private life in New York City. Trump , having returned from a nine-day overseas trip, immediately railed against administration leaks, calling them "fabricated lies", in a flurry of tweets. Read More »

European Union leader blasts Trump's reported plan to leave the Paris agreement

Gutteres never mentioned the American leader by name in his speech at New York University's Stern School of Business, his first major address on climate change since taking the reins of the United Nations on January 1. Withdrawing would leave the United States aligned only with Russian Federation among the world's industrialized economies in rejecting action to combat climate change. Read More »

UK Labour chief challenges Theresa May to debate as race tightens

We will ask those with the most to contribute a bit more so no one is held back from achieving their potential. "We will make sure that the defence budget is well funded". He said it was time to stop "punishing disabled people" and scrap the so-called bedroom tax. In the Labour manifesto, the party said it would reject "no deal" as a viable option, and stressing it will seek tariff-free trade with Europe. Read More »