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Kathy Griffin's acerbic comedy turns vicious

Anderson Cooper , who has co-hosted the New Year's Eve telecasts with Griffin for the past decade, said that he was "appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in". "I am a true supporter of free speech, but feel Kathy crossed the line", Edwards added. It wasn't amusing, I get it. Apart from CNN, Squatty Potty, a Utah-based bathroom products company, suspended an advertising campaign featuring Griffin, calling the picture "deeply inappropriate". Read More »

Christian Zionists Urge Trump to Keep Promise to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

In short, Trump visit came as a reiteration to the Arab-Israeli diplomatic normalization attempts. In late morning, Netanyahu attended the annual state ceremony at Mt. "The raising of Israeli flags and removal of dozens of Palestinian flags will not change reality", the ministry said in a statement. Moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem will not harm the peace process. Read More »

Sturgeon: SNP majority will reinforce case for second referendum


SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will set out her party's manifesto tomorrow, which she argues will free up £118 billion of public investment and pose a "credible alternative" to the Tories and Labour . It would hit those on more than £150,000 a year and the money would be used to fund an extra £118billion of public spending and a "plan to end Tory cuts" by ditching austerity completely. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn to attend NHS rally in Bristol

The Labour leader will join the leaders of the Liberal Democrats, Ukip, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru, and the SNP's leader at Westminster, in the BBC Election Debate. But on Wednesday he said there was "no hiding place" in the election and that people should have "the chance to hear and engage with the leaders of the main parties before they vote". Read More »

Canadian official blames parents' 'reckless behavior' in girl's sea lion attack

Andrew Trites , director of UBC's Marine Mammal Research Unit, told CBC News that the sea lion in the video seemed used to being fed by people and probably mistook the girl's dress for food. "If her family wants to get in touch with the Vancouver Aquarium we can pass on more information". Fujiwara says in his description of the video that no one was injured in the incident. Read More »

British Pound Falls Ahead Of Next Week's Election

It's a similar story for the Pound against the New Zealand, which threatens a move below 1.80 from highs closer to 1.90. The pound fell to a one-month low against the US dollar Wednesday after a one of the countries biggest pollsters forecast a hung parliament in next week's United Kingdom elections. Read More »

Goldman under fire for buying Venezuela "hunger bonds"

Venezuela may suffering an epochal political cataclysm, marked by daily street protests and widespread immiseration, but yields are fat and profits would be huge should opposition forces manage to oust president Nicolás Maduro and restore stability. Read More »

Fake media prevent Americans from hearing real story


President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk from Marine One across the South Lawn to the White House in Washington , Saturday, May 27, 2017 , as they return from Sigonella, Italy. These words come days after reports that Kushner allegedly tried to set up a secret communications channel with the Russians . Just back from visiting the Middle East and Europe , Trump on Sunday dismissed recent reports as " fake news ". Read More »

Modi becomes 1st Indian PM to visit Spain in 30 years


The Prime Minister Modi had said he would discuss ways to improve bilateral ties in the economic sector as well as ways to collaborate on common worldwide matters including tackling terrorism with his Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy. "There are 600 Indo-German joint ventures operating in India, employing 200,000 people". The two Prime Ministers reaffirmed their determination to cooperate in the relevant fora against proliferation activities posing a regional and global threat. Read More »

Montenegro PM Makes Light of Trump's Brusque Shove

And many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years. "We're happy that in the future the sole question will no longer be how much we spend on defense but also what contributions are being made to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in terms of capabilities and contributions we're offering", Ms Merkel told reporters as she arrived for the meeting. Read More »

Presidency unhappy the ANC isn't making Zuma trend on Twitter

Mantashe said that the meeting had not backed the resignation demands, and had instead discussed "the need to reconnect with sectors of society that are drifting away from the movement". "People tend to serve the person, rather than the organisation, with no care for party values or principle". The party leadership was expected to wrap up its talks during the evening. Read More »

Information leaked in USA affects Manchester bomb probe


Hopkins said that families of those who died had been informed about the leaking of information about the bombing to the New York Times newspaper. Mr Hopkins also hit out at the leaks of intelligence by USA agencies, saying they had caused "distress and upset" to the families of victims of the atrocity. Read More »

Outgoing WHO chief defends her legacy in final address


Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will be the next Director-General of the World Health organization . He was the chief architect of that country's very successful health extension programme, which Namibia has been privileged to learn and draw lessons from. Read More »

What's behind the German trade surplus angering Trump?


President Donald Trump's eight-day, five-country tour of the Middle East and Europe last week allowed him the opportunity to meet with a number of the world's pre-eminent leaders. "I experienced that in the last a few days, and therefore I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands, of course in friendship with the United States and in friendship with Great Britain and as good neighbors wherever it is possible, also with Russian Federation and also with all ... Read More »

Govt Receives Report of an Indonesian Died in Marawi


Philippine Marines backed by Armoured Personnel Carrier sweep down the streets in Marawi City as the military ground operations against the Maute group entered on its ffifth day on Sunday, May 28. On Monday, the AFP spokesperson also belied the reports that Maute group was in control half of Marawi City. "We want to live another day, we want to live another month, we want to live a few years". Read More »

Trump expected to withdraw from global climate agreement

The Associated Press meanwhile, reports Trump's announcement, which he has promised to make this week, may include "caveats" suggesting his decision is not final, so there's that. "Despite this possible rollback of the U.S. administration, Europe is ready for the leadership (on climate change) and we will definitely provide it", he added. Read More »

UK Labour's Corbyn to join TV debate as gap with Conservatives narrows

I am shocked that Jeremy Corbyn just in 2011 boasted that he had opposed every piece of anti-terror legislation in his 30 years in office. Britain votes in a parliamentary election on Th. "I have never been afraid of a debate in my life". A seat-by-seat estimate for The Times suggested that the Conservatives could lose 20 seats and see Mrs May's majority wiped out, while Labour may gain 28 seats. Read More »

Activist probing factories making Ivanka Trump shoes in China arrested - Group

Mr Hua was arrested in Jiangxi province on suspicion of illegally using eavesdropping equipment, said Li Qiang, executive director of China Labour Watch. The Ivanka Trump brand declined to comment to the Associated Press . The New York-based China Labour Watch said Hua Haifeng was detained by mainland police after he attempted to travel to Hong Kong last week to release the findings of the group's undercover probe. Read More »

Dozens Killed, Hundreds Injured In Kabul Bombing

Refugee rights group Pro Asyl greeted the cancellation of Wednesday's flight but demanded that such deportations be scrapped for good, arguing that Afghans must not be sent back to "a country that can not protect civilians". The Taliban - now in the midst of their annual "spring offensive" - tweeted that they were not involved and "strongly condemn" the attack. The Ghani government, weakened by internal tensions, has faced an uphill battle to fend off an aggressive push by Taliban insurgents ... Read More »

Wilbur Ross heartened by lack of protestors in Saudi Arabia

The U.S. President admonished them that rather than allow themselves to become terrorists, they should build a new era of prosperity for themselves and their people. Unlike Obama, Trump and el-Sissi have formed a warm relationship. Israel captured east Jerusalem 50 years ago and claims the area - home to sensitive Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy sites - as part of its capital. Read More »

Donald Trump lashes out at leaks, considers staff upheaval

What Jared Kushner did after the election is not in dispute. In recent weeks, the president's relationship with his son-in-law , the most stable partnership in an often unstable White House, is showing obvious signs of strain. 1. But numerous people close to the president and his team are expecting further changes this time . And former campaign aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie are back in the president's orbit, sources confirmed to NBC News , with their prospects of ... Read More »

Kenyan police officers killed in bombing, report says


The report says seven police officers were in the vehicle and two officers can not be traced. According to local media, a reinforcement security forces sent to the area were under attack again at the same area by suspected militant fighters. Read More »

Senate Republicans head home still searching for health care deal

That itself was laughable given how much Republicans had properly criticized congressional Democrats for rushing through their health care overhaul without having a full grasp on its effects. But one thing no one was talking about on the GOP side, was when a health care bill might get to the Senate floor for an actual debate, and vote. The Congressional Budget Office said that in states that take full advantage of the House plan's waivers to insurance requirements, healthy people might ... Read More »

China's Xi threatened war over South China Sea: Duterte

While military infrastructures development seems to be expanding in the South China Sea , the Philippines and China have agreed to regularly meet at least twice a year to discuss how to ease tensions in the South China Sea where the Hague court, last year, rejected China's vast claims in the South China Sea and said that those claims have no legal basis. Read More »

Jihadists behind Egypt convoy attack


The Coptic Christians were traveling to St Samuel the Confessor, around 62 miles (100 kilometres) northwest of the city of Minya, when they came under fire, the Interior Ministry said. " They asked them one by one to deny their Christian faith, but they all refused ", said Hedra, who spoke to survivors. The claim was carried by the Amaq News Agency, which is linked to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, a US -based group that tracks ... Read More »

Trump expected to leave climate deal _ but with 'caveats'

Trump was expected to make an announcement this week on whether the U.S. will remain a party to the climate accord that his predecessor, Barack Obama , strongly supported and signed. A formal withdrawal would take years, experts say, a situation that led the president of the European Commission to speak dismissively of Trump on Wednesday. Read More »

UK Labour chief challenges May to debate as race tightens


With just hours to go to the broadcast, Mr Corbyn cancelled planned visits in the south-west and announced he would attend the debate in Cambridge. Exactly as in the wider election campaign, the incumbent, the frontrunner has everything to lose, the insurgent opponent, everything to gain. Read More »

N.Korea missile detected by THAAD, programme progressing faster than expected


North Korea says Sunday's launch tested the capability to carry a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead" and its ambassador in Beijing said on Monday that Pyongyang would continue such test launches "any time, any place". "We don't have it done yet", she said. Haley answered Putin and others who have made similar comments about the United States: "What about North Korea intimidating us?" The allies agreed that dialogue with North Korea could happen under the "right conditions", Yoon said. Read More »

UK police search property in Manchester attack investigation

Abedi reportedly shopped for the bomb components as he returned to Manchester on May 18 from Libya, where he is understood to have been prior to the attack. A total of 28 police departments, in addition to the National Crime Agency, have assisted the Manchester police force with the investigation as well as the response to the disaster of the bombing itself. Read More »

'It'll cost, er...' Jeremy Corbyn's nightmare interview

How much will it cost to provide unmeans-tested childcare for 1.3 million children? "It will obviously cost a lot, we accept that". "It's un-means-tested, you don't have the figure". "We were brought up to think for ourselves, read for ourselves, do for ourselves and be ourselves". Ms Barnett said: "It's actually Angela Rayner, your shadow education secretary - £2.7 billion and then £4.8 billion plus that with half a billion to reverse the cuts to the Sure Start scheme". Read More »

PM Barzani condemns Egypt attacks, urges serious stance against 'terror'


A spokesman for the pro-Al-Qaeda Majlis Mujahedeen Derna, whi\ch controls the city, said the Egyptian air force carried out eight raids on the city without causing casualties. One survivor, a small boy who seemed to be about six, said his mother pushed him under her seat and covered him with a bag. Egypt's foreign minister Sameh Shoukry told the USA secretary of state Rex Tillerson that the extremists who attacked the Christian convoy had trained in Libyan militant camps. Read More »

Donald Trump lashes out at Germany over trade, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation; promises change


Merkel today repeated her call for Europe to take control of its own destiny, but also dismissed any talk that Germany is shifting away from its old ally and pivoting East. A German member of Parliament, Norbert Rottgen, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Trump's latest moves are viewed in Germany as a lack of skill and interest in leading the "Western world". Read More »