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Why US launched a missile interceptor from California

The Pentagon however, in the aftermath of Tuesday's successful intercept, says the US now has a credible and capable means of defending itself from North Korea's missile threat. "We improve and learn from each test, regardless of the outcome". The test conducted by troops of the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg Air Force Base cost $244 million. Read More »

Iraq Forces Launch Broad Attack on ISIL Holdouts in Mosul

Rudaw's cameras captured an absolute mayhem as some fleeing civilians were shot at by the ISIS militants in the city's western district of Saha, north of the well-protected ISIS-held Old Mosul . "Our condolences go out to all those that were affected", said US Major General Joe Martin, the commanding general of coalition forces. The fall of the city would, in effect, mark the end of the Iraqi half of the "caliphate" declared almost three years ago by IS. Read More »

Trump On Verge Of Making Big Changes To Communications Team

And while no one knows exactly what Kushner does, we do know that his sister is out here pushing them visas and his Russian-sauced ass is going to have to explain whatever happened at those meetings in December, even if we already know. "We have to see where the facts lead us, of course", said Franken, who agreed when the host said, "But we don't know yet?" During the meeting the Russians broached the idea of using a secure line between the Trump administration and Russia, not Kushner , ... Read More »

President's Son-in-law Scrutinized in Russian Meddling Investigation

Yesterday, Mr Trump said: "Jared is doing a great job for the country". "It's both normal, in my opinion, and acceptable", he said on ABC's This Week program. As the pressure on Kushner unprecedented levels, Donald Trump is standing firmly behind him -lashing out at the "fake news media" for carrying reports of the Kislyak meeting. Read More »

Caroline Kennedy says she's missed JFK every day of her life

The museum will hold a birthday celebration that includes a performance by the U.S. Navy band, a Navy flyover, and a cake that was made by the family of the baker who made the engagement cake for then-Sen. The Army Old Guard color guard stands watch during a wreath laying ceremony, at the grave of former President John F. Kennedy, to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., Monday, May 29, 2017. Read More »

Mass hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners ends

Neither the Prison Service nor the Palestinian Authority divulged the full details of the agreement. A number of activities in the Palestinian terriritories were held in support of the prisoners, such as popular rallies and general strikes. Read More »

Macron does not cede an inch to Putin

Macron said he wanted Paris and Moscow to bolster intelligence-sharing on Syria and to work together on finding a political solution to the conflict, but gave no details on what a political deal might look like. " Any use of chemical weapons would result in reprisals and an immediate riposte, at least where France is concerned", Macron said, standing next to Putin in the Versailles palace outside of Paris. Read More »

Sea lion pulls young girl off dock into harbor

In the video , which has now garnered more than 2.2 million views, the sea lion can be seen swimming near the Steveston Fisherman's Wharf as spectators throw bits of food into the water . Indeed, as adorable as sea lions may be, they are still wild animals with the ability to cause harm. Professor Andrew Trites , the director of the marine mammal research unit at the University of British Columbia, said the sea lion was not at fault in this incident. Read More »

Election day ahead: Labour pains by Corbyn to net mums' vote

Mr Corbyn's intervention comes as a seat projection by pollster YouGov suggested that the United Kingdom could be heading for a hung parliament, with Labour making gains and Mrs May's Tories suffering losses. Mrs May will attempt to use the opportunity to relaunch her flagging campaign, while Mr Corbyn will be keen to continue his ascent in the polls. The Scottish Tory deputy leader said it would be "great" if his party could win between six and 12 Scottish seats in the General Election . Read More »

North Korea fires ballistic missile, South Korea says

US Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis has expressed strong caution about the capabilities of North Korean missiles. The JCS said that the projectile appeared to be a variation of short-range Scud missile. South Korea's Yonhap news agency , without citing a source, said the projectile is believed to be a ballistic missile, but the South Korean military said it was still analysing what exactly the North launched . Read More »

Trudeau invites pope to Canada for Church apology to indigenous peoples


The Canadian Press said Pope Francis expressed enthusiasm in working with the prime minister and Canadian bishops on finding a way forward on issuing of an apology. The official Vatican statement on the meeting between Trudeau and the pope did not include information on the apology. We can only say that if this mug couldn't make the Pope smile, there's no hope for the rest of 'em. Read More »

Franken backs review of Kushner security clearance

Government. "Any way that you can communicate with people, particularly organizations that are not particularly friendly to us, is a good thing ". Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, the lone administration official to speak out publicly about reports that Jared Kushner sought a back channel to communicate with the Russian government, has defended the move, saying Sunday it was a "good thing" for the USA government. Read More »

Trump says Germany is 'very bad' on trade


As the leaders of seven wealthy democracies gathered for hard talks on trade and climate change, Germany's Der Spiegel reported that Trump had told European Union leaders the day before that the Germans were "bad, very bad" when it came to trade. Read More »

Prepared to leave EU without a Brexit deal, says Theresa May

I'm ready to go". But Jeremy Corbyn stumbled on Tuesday morning as he appeared on the BBC's Woman's Hour radio programme to launch Labour's plans for childcare. "The European commission's negotiating stance has hardened". Instead she insisted she sound deliver the Brexit the majority of British people voted for. Read More »

'All roads should lead to universal healthcare,' says new World Health Organization chief


The two others were David Nabarro from the United Kingdom, and Sania Nishtar from Pakistan, in a process that began before September 2016. Tedros received 133 votes to Nabarro's 50, with two abstentions. "The United States looks forward to working with the new Director-General and our public health partners at the WHO to reform and strengthen the organization and enhance the ability of all nations to protect the health of their people", he said. Read More »

Daughter of Park friend back in SKorea to face investigation


Choi is now jailed on suspicion of bribery and receiving favors from companies in return for manipulating government affairs. Additionally, the prosecutors are hoping Chung will provide the evidence needed to expand the scope of their case against impeached former President Park, who is now on trial for bribery, extortion and abuse of power. Read More »

Trump's relationship with Merkel 'fairly unbelievable,' Spicer says

In his first briefing since President Trump returned from his nine-day worldwide trip, White House press secretary Sean Spicer was looking to highlight the trip's successes. Bossie told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" that the Trump administration has reached out to him but hasn't offered him a job yet. In an early morning round of tweets, the President revealed frustration that his legislative agenda is proceeding slowly, though demonstrated a lack of clarity on Senate rules. Read More »

Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes IS villages on Syria border

The Iraq government's army has been focusing its efforts on dislodging the militants from Mosul , while the Iranian-backed forces have battled to reclaim the vast desert territory between Mosul and the Syrian border. Iraqi forces pressed forward with an offensive against jihadist-held areas of Mosul as the United Nations warned of the grave danger to civilians in the final stages of the battle. Read More »

CONFIRMED: Enda Kenny will step down as Fine Gael Leader tonight


Minister and Donegal TD Joe McHugh has announced he is backing Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar to be the next Taoiseach. Other outsiders include Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald, Education Minister Richard Bruton, who launched a failed bid to oust Mr Kenny back in 2010. Read More »

Pentagon missile defense program scores a win

A simulated attack intercontinental ballistic missile was sacked from a tiny island in the Pacific. "The intercept of a complex, threat-representative ICBM target is an incredible accomplishment for the GMD system and a critical milestone for this programme", said Missile Defence Agency Director Vice Adm Jim Syring. Read More »

Trump in the Middle East: Going back to the old days


In a statement following the meeting, Trump addressed his meetings the previous day with Arab and Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia , and said that there is growing realization that they share a goal with Israel in their determination to defeat extremism and deter "the threat posed by Iran". Read More »

UK PM Theresa May's Conservatives see poll lead narrow again

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for a second vote on Scotland's constitutional future between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. But Mr Corbyn said it was important for the scheme to be universal because means testing and rationing means "drawing a line somewhere", which promotes inequality. Read More »

Deadly Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh with high winds and rain

Authorities have been moving more than one million people to shelters. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated to shelters to escape Cyclone Mora in Bangladesh . People have been evacuated to shelters, schools and government offices. No government officials or anybody else. Cyclone Mora has battered Bangladesh, killing at least three people and wreaking havoc in camps housing Rohingya refugees . Read More »

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Thinking of Moving Back to NYC


The latest reports hit close to the Oval Office, alleging that Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner proposed secret back-channel communications with Russian Federation during the presidential transition. The person and others discussing private conversations spoke on condition of anonymity. Second, the idea of using only Russian communications equipment for the proposed dialogue suggests the Trump administration had something to hide from USA intelligence agencies. Read More »

South Korea says communication link with Pyongyang must reopen


North Korea was also under scrutiny by investigators looking for the source of a major cyberattack affecting more than 150 countries, but the European police agency said it was still too early to determine who caused the chaos. The top USA commander in the Pacific, meanwhile, warned that North Korea's nuclear weapons program is "a recipe for disaster", three days after the communist state test-fired what some said was its most successful missile. Read More »

US Democrats Demand To Hear From Kushner On Russia Ties

Jared Kushner and Russia's ambassador to Washington discussed the possibility of setting up a secret and secure communications channel between Trump's transition team and the Kremlin, using Russian diplomatic facilities in an apparent move to shield their pre-inauguration discussions from monitoring, according to US officials briefed on intelligence reports . Read More »

Foreign Security Officials Launch 'Brutal Attack' on Peaceful Protestors in Washington, DC


The State Department confirmed that Turkish security personnel were involved in the altercation, which erupted after Erdogan met with President Trump at the White House. Erdogan's visit to Washington March 2016 was also marred by fights between his supporters and protesters, and members of his security detail were caught on video trying to eject journalists critical of his administration prior to a planned speech at the Brookings Institution. Read More »

Russia fires cruise missiles, targets IS positions in Syria


The last time Russian Federation fired Kalibr cruise missiles from its ships at militant targets in Syria was in November a year ago, the RIA news agency said. Admiral Essen and Krasnodar have both been in the Mediterranean since early May. Syrian troops backed by Russian airstrikes captured Palmyra in March past year and Moscow even flew in one of its best classical musicians to play a triumphant concert at Palmyra's ancient theater. Read More »

Trump hits out at fake news following Kushner reports


But so far Sunday, Trump has not mentioned another high-profile leak - his own leak of an ally's classified intelligence to Russian diplomats. Shortly after the tweets, Trump's Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly , made the rounds of Sunday television news shows to praise any so-called back channel communications, especially with Russian Federation, as " a good thing ". Read More »

Embassy should be moved to Jerusalem

But with mounting obstacles at home and overseas, he faces long odds of succeeding where more experienced predecessors have failed. Moving the American embassy there would be a de facto recognition of Israel's sovereignty in the area and would rebuff Palestinian claims. Read More »

Delhi HC to Tharoor


The court told Goswami's lawyer that the TV anchor is free to report on the facts of the murder case involving the death of Tharoor's wife, Sunanda Pushkar, but can not call him names. Tharoor said Goswami had earlier aired similar news when he was the editor-in-chief with another TV news channel ( Times Now ), which was restrained by the National Broadcasting Standards Authority. Read More »