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Blight of sectarianism to make Middle East insecure: Rouhani


Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump visited regional ally Saudi Arabia for his first overseas trip since taking office. Trump extended the sanctions relief on May 17, despite widespread speculation that he might opt not to do so, given his hardening stance on Iran and the action plan. Read More »

Philippine Army Launches New Air Raid Against Terrorists

He added: "Before it was just a local terrorist group". Rebels have torn through the streets of Marawi since Tuesday night, torching buildings, taking a priest and his worshippers hostage and sealing off much of the city. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr., WestMinCom chief said. But, MHA added that there is no information about whether he is involved in the armed insurgency in Marawi City on Mindanao island. Read More »

Ariana Grande to Host Benefit Concert in Manchester


But by late Thursday evening, police said they had resumed intelligence sharing after "fresh assurances". Trump said he's asking the DOJ and other agencies to "launch a complete review of this matter" and said that "if appropriate, the culprit should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law". Read More »

Trump's Handshake With Emmanuel Macron Was 'Aggressive Move,' Expert Says

Just days before the first round of the French presidential election, Trump frequently championed Le Pen as the "strongest on borders, and she's the strongest on what's been going on in France". Those watching President Trump mingle with leaders of the United States' crucial European allies know that it's been a rocky road. Forewarned, Araud said he would alert Macron. Read More »

KISS cancels concert in Manchester after terrorist attack

British authorities are angry that photos showing the bomb's detonator, battery, and some shrapnel from the bomb were published by the New York Times . Britain's terror threat level continues to be "critical", meaning authorities believe another attack could be imminent, and additional soldiers and armed police officers have been deployed at key sites in London and other cities. Read More »

Police identify suspect in double killing on Oregon train

Portland Police Department said that a man was arrested in connection with the murder while attempting to flee the train. A third passenger who tried to intervene was also stabbed but is expected to survive. Once an autopsy has been carried out on the two deceased men, all three victims will be named. At least two of the victims attempted to intervene with the suspect and calm him down. Read More »

Confederate Statues In New Orleans Are Gone... Now What?

The killer, Dylann Roof , was an avowed racist who brandished Confederate battle flags in photos. "Na na na na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye!" some in the crowd cheered as the statue commemorating the commander of the Confederacy during the Civil War was lowered Friday onto a flatbed trailer from Lee Circle. Read More »

British Airways cancels all flights from 2 London airports amid computer outage

Several hours after problems began cropping up Saturday morning, BA suspended flights up to 6 p.m. (1700GMT) because the two airports had become severely congested. At some point the app restarted and when I went to go through security I couldn't log in to my booking to get my QR code. "One person is telling us to get a hotel for the night because they will be booked out". Read More »

Eurogroup Aims For Greece Deal In June


In May 2016, the euro zone promised to extend the maturities and grace periods on Greek loans so that Greece's gross financing needs are below 15 percent of GDP after 2018 for the medium term, and below 20 percent of GDP later. "We are making progress, there is no doubt about that", he said. The Eurogroup, consisting of economy and finance ministers of the Eurozone, called the tone of the report very positive and emphasised that the fact that there are banks that need to expand their ... Read More »

Islamic State claims responsibility for Egypt attack

The Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Egypt's 1,000-year-old centre of Islamic learning, said the attack was meant to destabilise the country. The US secretary of state's call to the Egyptian foreign minister comes a few hours after President Donald Trump responded to a direct address by Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi on Friday. Read More »

British Police Decry Apparent US Leaks Of Manchester Attack Evidence


In a statement released after Trump arrived at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance, the president said he would seek an official review to stop leaks that he said posed a serious security threat. The New York Times published eight photographs of what appeared to be evidence taken by British forensic teams after a suicide bomber detonated a device in the foyer area of Manchester Arena. Read More »

Book on 'Mann Ki Baat' to mark Modi Govt's 3 years


Success often depends on the occasion, the nature of the audience, and the right mix of facts, logic and sentiments to exude a sense of authenticity". "Talking on a one hour radio show once a month while addressing challenging tasks as Prime Minister requires tremendous efforts, I can not but feel his strong passion for dialogue", writes Mr. Read More »

Qalibaf Quits Iran's Presidential Race, Backs Hard-Line Cleric Raisi

Iran's principalists hope that the support of Ghalibaf is likely to give him a real push in gaining votes and drawing closer to Rouhani in the polls . If the current field was reduced to the pair, 48 percent of respondents would vote for Rouhani and 39 percent for Raisi, according to the survey released on May 10. Read More »

Two more arrests in Manchester attack investigation


With Britain's terrorism threat level at " critical ", meaning a new attack may be imminent, police are racing to uncover the network around bomber Salman Abedi . The bombing, which took place at the Manchester Arena indoor venue just after the end of a concert by USA pop singer Ariana Grande , was the deadliest in Britain since July 2005, when 52 people were killed in attacks on London's transport network. Read More »

Police reveal photos of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi on night of attack

U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd was reportedly irritated by information released about Salman Abedi and had warned Washington saying: "It should not happen again". British government is furious over leaks of details about investigation into blast. Britain's official threat level was raised to the highest level, or " critical " following the Manchester attack , with armed troops deployed to guard landmarks . Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn faces fresh Tory attack over nuclear weapons stance


Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said that Corbyn was trying to score a "political point" and that he disagreed with his timing. "We could not really sleep that night knowing that this happened in Manchester ". "I have been here with the G7, working with other worldwide leaders to fight terrorism", May told reporters. The Prime Minister has a 45 to 28 per cent advantage over the Labour leader on who makes the best prime minister. Read More »

Trump arrives in Sicily ahead of Group of Seven summit


A two-day summit of leaders from the Group of Seven (G7) industrialised nations started off on Friday in the Italian town of Taormina . "Today Italy is responding to the cliches with the superlative setting of Taormina , with the Theatre, with La Scala playing in a breathtaking setting, with Etna, with the beauty of the values of Sicily and the Sicilians", Renzi said on Facebook . Read More »

Islamic State Claim Kampung Melayu Bomb


There were two blasts in Kampung Melayu that went off five minutes apart late in the evening, police said in a statement. Police said an anti-terror squad immediately raided two houses believed to be owned by the perpetrators in neighboring provinces of Banten and West Java. Read More »

Patrick says Straus is causing a special session

Gov. Dan Patrick on the usage of public restrooms in school and government buildings in Texas. Abbott can sign or veto the bill, or allow it to become law automatically. "I think he is genuinely trying to find somewhere that each of those concerns can be met in the middle". I still believe that there is a chance that we come to agreement and pass bills which tackle all of the aforementioned items. Read More »

President Rouhani: Tehran determined to continue tripartite Iran-Russia-Syria cooperation


ISIS claimed credit for the Manchester attack , though it has yet to be definitively proven they were responsible. Significantly, however, hardliners are also eager to ensure that they are not blamed for those failures. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said France is convinced that Iran under Rouhani will have "an important role in the pacification" of the region. Read More »

Israel ties see major reset with Trump's visit to Jerusalem


In Saudi Arabia and Israel , leaders appeared wholly unconcerned by Trump's continuation of the nuclear deal, apparently confident that the president's tough talk will ultimately be backed up with action. Monday, President Trump signed a $110 bln weapons sale to Saudi Arabia that made them very happy. "Until the Iranian regime is willing to be a part for peace, all nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran, deny it funding for terrorism, and pray for the day when the Iranian ... Read More »

Iran will continue missile programme, says President Hassan Rouhani

So too could U.S. President Donald Trump's renewed push to isolate Iran - a policy likely to embolden hard-liners. Rouhani added: "Our missiles are for peace, not for attack". That's the problem. Those who are advising the Americans are unfortunately rulers who deviate America with unsound advice or buy some influence in the US with their money. Read More »

Russians Discussed Ways to Use Advisers to Influence Trump


Former President Barack Obama's Central Intelligence Agency chief John Brennan said he was the first official to notify the USA government of Moscow's alleged attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential race. The committee first sought the former national security adviser's voluntary cooperation, but he declined. Despite this new information, The Times said it still remains unclear whether the Russian officials had attempted to follow through on their implication and influenced Manafort ... Read More »

Trump makes G-7 deal on trade, takes rain check on climate

Trump has yet to act on his campaign threat to ditch the Paris accord, having said he would listen to what United States partners have to say before making a decision on how to proceed after the G7. The reaction came after Trump said that the final decision on the ratification of climate deal would be decided next week. "I won't forget what you said", Trump told Pope Francis at the end of their roughly 30-minute private meeting Wednesday, in the Vatican, in Rome, the second stop of the ... Read More »

U.K. Police Rebuke U.S. for Leaking Information on Terror Probe

About 1,000 armed police officers have been freed up by a decision to deploy the Army to protect key sites including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament under Operation Temperer, triggered as a result of Britain's terror threat level being raised to " critical " - meaning an attack is imminent. Read More »

Jared Kushner proposed secret back channel with Kremlin

Cohn said Trump and his team talked to G-7 leaders about how he was going to get tax reform, deregulation and an infrastructure plan passed in the U.S. "If it's been publicly reported that he met with Russians, and the investigation has to do with administration officials meeting with Russians, well, then, they'll probably want to talk to everybody". Read More »

Turkey, US demand investigations into protest brawl


Video from the USA government-funded Voice of America shows that water bottle was thrown after the fight already started. Then the Turkish Foreign Ministry "summoned" the USA ambassador so they could deliver protests over how US law enforcement officers treated Turkish personnel during the attack . Read More »