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S. Korea says it fired warning shots at 'balloon' from North


About 90 machine gun rounds were fired at the object, which has not been identified. North Korea has flown drones over the border in the past and the incident came at a time of high tension around the heavily guarded border. UNITED NATIONS-United Nations experts investigating violations of sanctions on North Korea have suffered a "sustained" cyber attack by unknown hackers with "very detailed insight" into their work, according to an email warning seen by Reuters on Monday. Read More »

Justice finally served to Kulbhushan Jadhav: BJP on ICJ's verdict


He said the ICJ has rightly held that India should have been granted consular access as per the Vienna Convention to which both the countries have been signatories. Pakistani experts and opposition parties slammed the Nawaz Sharif government for "mishandling" the case. Former Pakistan attorney, General Irfan Qadir told Dawn that the country's lawyers, who argued the case at ICJ, were "inexperienced". Read More »

Amber Rudd: Manchester bomber likely did not act alone

Speaking at Number 10, Mrs May said: "The spirit of Manchester and the spirit of Britain is far mightier than the sick plots of depraved terrorists". Jon Rouse of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership said 64 people were still hospitalized, many with serious wounds that will require "very long term care and support". Read More »

Russian intelligence 'recorded discussing influencing Donald Trump'


According to the Times, some Russians boasted about how well they knew Flynn, who was subsequently named Trump's national security adviser before being dismissed less than a month after the Republican took office. Tuesday's hearing of the House Intelligence Services Committee with former CIA Director John Brennan was no different. "And that's why my radar goes up early when I see certain things that I know what the Russians are trying to do, and I don't know whether or not the targets of ... Read More »

Trump Receives Standing Ovations During Speech at Israel Museum

Trump asserted that both Israel and the Palestinians are ready to pursue a peace agreement and reiterated his "personal commitment" to helping them achieve that goal. Trump added that "peace can never take root in a place where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded". Mr Abbas, for his part, told Mr Trump in Bethlehem that Palestinians are "committed to working with you to reach a historic peace deal", and detailed Palestinian aspirations to build an independent state on the 1967 ... Read More »

Trump Did Not Once Mention a Palestinian State

If Israel and the Palestinians can forge an agreement, it can "begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East ", Trump said . "It must also be counted in generations of vanished dreams", Trump said, in his first speech delivered overseas since taking office. Read More »

Trump condemns 'evil losers' who carried out concert attack

He stressed that his administration is committed to help both nations to build peace. Trump spoke Tuesday after a meeting in Bethlehem with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (mahk-MOOD' ah-BAHS'). The First Lady didn't seem to be interested in walking hand-in-hand with her husband, alongside the Israeli prime minister and his wife. Abbas is an unpopular leader, according to polls, and the Palestinian political landscape is split between his Fatah party and Hamas, the ... Read More »

Christian leaders urge Trump to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital


A Palestinian was killed by an Israeli settler on Thursday during a clash near the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank , the Palestinian health ministry and security sources said. The area is home to sensitive religious sites, including the Western Wall, the holiest place where Jews can pray. Trump is still planning to visit the Western Wall, and will be accompanied by the on-site rabbi, not Netanyahu. Read More »

House Intel panel likely to also subpoena Flynn businesses, Dem says


Flynn was sacked by the White House in February after revelations he lied to administration officials about his contacts with Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak , before President Trump's inauguration. Brennan also recalled an August 4, 2016, conversation with Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia's FSB security agency, about reports of possible active measures against the US elections. Read More »

Defiant Iran to continue with missile programme

Rouhani won another four-year term Friday in a vote that many saw as a referendum on his push for global outreach that led to the nuclear deal, as well as a vote of confidence that his government will be able to help the country's sputtering economy. Read More »

Did the first lady just swat away the president's hand?

In an interview with NBC News before Trump's remarks, Huckabee said Trump's "fresh and different" approach to peace might help him succeed in brokering an elusive peace in the Middle East . His wife and daughter Ivanka , who converted to Judaism, visited the women's section of the wall. During his visit, Trump notably avoided all of the thorny issues that have stymied peace efforts for decades. Read More »

Trump denounces United Kingdom terror; says Middle East can 'make a deal'

President Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed the perpetrators behind Monday night's suicide bomb attack in Manchester , England, that claimed 22 lives and injured almost 60 other people. Abbas said the Palestinians "are committed to working with you to reach a historic peace deal between us and Israel". Such a coalition, he said , "requires the world to recognize the vital role of the state of Israel". Read More »

Syrian forces expect Raqqa assault soon


Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced it would arm the Kurdish elements of the SDF. This week the President selected one of the less bad ones by approving a plan to arm Syrian Kurds combating Islamic State . What kind of civilian governing structure will take over from these military liberators and keep out al-Qaeda, ISIS, or any future terrorist organization? The taking of Raqqa, should it happen, would mark a significant victory for the US -backed coalition, greatly ... Read More »

Trump, Abbas Discuss Ways to Make Progress in Israeli-Palestinian Talks

The official, quoted by Haaretz, did not provide details on the principles other than saying "The first step (in the renewed diplomatic initiative) there is to bring relationships that are warm and strong privately and bring them more public and also set forth a common set of principles that everyone wants to abide by". Read More »

Manchester Police Arrest 3 More Men In Connection To Arena Bombing

Britain raised its threat level from terrorism to "critical" after an emergency government meeting late Tuesday amid concerns that the 22-year-old Abedi may have accomplices who are planning another attack. "When he passed by me, we Muslims greet each other and you know he is not happy with me if he doesn't greet you". Authorities in Manchester made three more arrests in connection with Monday's explosion . Read More »

Trump holds first face-to-face talks with Pope Francis

Asked how Trump responded to Cardinal Parolin's encouragement to stick with the Paris climate agreement, Tillerson said: "The president indicated we're still thinking about that, that he hasn't made a final decision". And even the pontiff's congratulatory message sent to mark Trump's inauguration contained a sly reference to their disagreement, as the pope wrote that he hoped the United States' global stature would "continue to be measured above all by its concern for the poor, the outcast ... Read More »

For 2nd time, Melania appears to avoid Trump's hand

Earlier in the trip, he traveled to Saudi Arabia, where he delivered a speech to dozens of leaders from Muslim-majority nations. "It is between us and occupation". Indeed, Israeli leaders are already anxious that they might lose their edge in the region. Ahead of the trip, a Trump official got in a heated argument with Israelis after claiming the Kotel was "part of the West Bank". Read More »

North Korea Threatens Russia, China with Launch of New Missile


The UN Security Council has strongly condemned North Korea's latest ballistic missile test and vowed strong measures, including sanctions, to derail Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme. The high altitude and long flight time , (30 minutes) the U.S. said indicate a missile with an extended range, according to David Wright, co-director of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Read More »

Getting 'Round the 5th: US Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Flynn's Businesses

In a letter to the Senate committee on Monday, Flynn invoked his Fifth Amendment protection from self-incrimination in deflecting the panel's subpoena for a wide array of documents and information related to his contacts with Russians. Among the possibilities, the senators acknowledged, was to hold Flynn in contempt of Congress, a criminal charge, if he continued down the path of refusing compliance. Read More »

Iran says dialogue, peaceful means key to solving Syria issue


In a telephone call, Rouhani told France's new president Emmanuel Macron he was hopeful that Europe would not copy Trump's stance against the Islamic Republic. Already fragile diplomatic and trade ties between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi'ite-dominated Iran were severed past year after Saudi Arabia executed a Shi'ite cleric and as a result, protesters ransacked the Saudi embassy in Iran. Read More »

British Columbia election results unclear after 2 days of recount


Preliminary election results show the B.C. Liberals forming a minority government with 43 legislative seats, though the possibility of a Liberal Majority still exists when factoring in absentee ballots and recounts. The groups presented NDP MLA Carole James of Victoria-Beacon Hill and Cowichan Valley Green MLA Sonia Furstenau with a 25,000-name petition calling for the two parties to cooperate. Read More »

Rouhani: 'Trump Anti Terrorism Summit 'Only A Show'

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani attends a news conference in Tehran, Iran, May 22, 2017. The Iranian president highlighted the significance of national power, and stressed that such power is not realized by purchasing weapons, but rather through the nation's high turnout in national elections. Read More »

Palestinians, Israel police clash at Jerusalem Old City gate

President Donald Trump used his centrepiece Holy Land speech on Tuesday to reaffirm his commitment to peace between Israelis and Palestinians , but he offered no new details on how to achieve a goal that has eluded USA leaders for decades.Rounding out a 28-hour stay in Jerusalem , Trump praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas alike, saying both were ready for peace. Read More »

Donald Trump's Middle East Comment in Israel


I even met a Palestinian woman yesterday who said she read Trump's book "How to Get Rich". Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told US President Donald Trump that he is ready to "begin negotiating immediately" on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, a White House statement published on Wednesday said. Read More »

Trump Sparks War Of Words With Iran In Fiery Middle East Speeches


Iran needs a permanent 8-percent GDP growth to create one million new jobs annually. Rouhani's efforts to open up Iran to less hostile relations with the West still have to be couched in the rhetoric of anti-Americanism that has been a pillar of Iranian rule since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Read More »

Manchester attack: Who was the suspect Salman Abedi?

She said the request was part of an established plan known as Operation Temperer. Abedi had seemed like a lonely child, who kept himself to himself, according to long-time family friend Akram Ben Ramadan, a British Libyan who had known Abedi and his brother, Ismael, since the Abedis were children. Read More »

[Newsmaker] Troops deploy as Britain goes on top terror alert

As soldiers replaced armed police at Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and Parliament, London Police Commander Jane Connors said the goal is to "make our city as hostile an environment as possible for terrorists to plan and operate". France's interior minister said Abedi is believed to have traveled to Syria and had "proven" links with the Islamic State group. Speaking on BFM television tonight, Gerard Collomb did not provide details and said it is unclear whether Abedi was part of a ... Read More »

Trump meets Pope Francis in Vatican visit

On being introduced to Melania Trump, the Pope asked: "What do you give him [the president] to eat, potizza? ". It seemed the pope then guessed " potica? " - a Slovenian cake. The president and pope have a contentious history, but appeared on good terms after their conversation. "I'm sure that behind closed doors the both men spoke very frankly", said Giampaolo Malgeri, a professor of political science and global relations at Rome's LUMSA Catholic University. Read More »

Trump Denies Israel Was Source Of Intelligence

President Trump said on Tuesday that if peace can be reached between the Israelis and the Palestinians, it would spread throughout the Middle East. Donald Trump said both Palestinians and Israelis have assured their support to his efforts for lasting peace in the region. Read More »

Mulvaney defends Trump budget's social safety net cuts


House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin dismissed such criticism as typical rhetoric and praised the budget because it balances over 10 years. More than half the states now cover children above the administration's proposed cutoff, Riley said . Read More »

Trump meets with Pope Francis gifts


Dolan said the religious leader and Trump have the potential to collaborate in a way that advances world peace. Smiling for the staff, Francis had a light moment with the first lady, asking via translator, "What do you give him to eat, potica? " referring to a favorite papal dessert from her native Slovenia. Read More »

'RIP my darling': Parents confirm daughter's death in Manchester attack


Police on Tuesday staged an armed raid on a Manchester address believed to be where Abedi lived, carrying out a controlled explosion to gain entry after arresting a 23-year-old man as part of the investigation. Counter-terrorism agencies have mounted a massive inquiry into the outrage, which was the worst terrorist attack since 52 innocent people were killed in the 7 July bombings in London in 2005. Read More »