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Paris attack: Police detains family members of gunmen

Police searched a home in Chelles, a neighborhood in eastern Paris, following the attack. The man who shot dead a French policeman in an Islamist militant attack had served time for armed assaults on law enforcement officers, police sources said on Friday, as authorities sought a second suspect flagged by Belgian security services. Read More »

White House defends portrayal of naval 'armada' sent to Korean peninsula


A news release about the incident from the 7th Fleet did not say whether the plane crashed into the sea. The pilot was forced to eject as the airplane made its final approach to the aircraft carrier now en route to the Korean peninsula amid increasing tensions surrounding North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Read More »

Policeman killed, two others wounded as terror revisits Paris

He has called a defence council meeting for 8am on Friday, The Guardian reports. Polls suggest that voters have been influenced more by France's sluggish economy and sky-high unemployment than terror fears but analysts have always stressed that this would change in the event of bloodshed. Read More »

Take Action: Palestinian Political Prisoners Launch Mass Hunger Strike

The strike was called by imprisoned Fatah party leader Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life terms for his involvement in the killing of Israelis earlier this century. About 700 prisoners joined the protest, which was announced overnight between Sunday and Monday, to coincide with the Palestinian Prisoners' Day. About 6,500 Palestinians are now detained by Israel on a wide range of offenses and alleged crimes. Read More »

'We may be at an all time low' with Russia

Throughout his campaigning, Trump had said the paying more funds to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation than many other rich countries and that the arrangement was unfair. "It's extremely expensive to the United States, disproportionately so". In fact, Russian Federation yesterday vetoed a United Nations resolution condemning the civilian murders and requiring Syria to cooperate with investigators looking into the chemical attack. Read More »

Trump tells Kim Jong-Un: Behave


President Donald Trump says North Korea is a "menace" - but he didn't want to cast the country's dictator as "mentally unstable" as he talked about him Thursday. Another official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss an intelligence matter, said the missile was a Scud variant that the USA calls a KN-17. Read More »

Theresa May's June 8 snap election approved by Parliament

There was a short debate on the motion in the House of Commons to over-ride the Fixed Terms Parliaments Act, which would have seen an election being held only in 2020. And would-be Scottish National Party voters are the least impressed, with just 48% supporting the call to the polls. "A second referendum is not our policy and it won't be in our manifesto", Corbyn's spokesperson said. Read More »

Queen Elizabeth celebrates 91st birthday

She then went on to become the longest reigning queen regnant in history, longest-serving current head of state, and world's longest reigning monarch. The Duke and Duchess of York became King George and Queen Elizabeth (her mother's name as well) after George's brother Edward VIII shirked his responsibilities to pursue a romantic path with American, Wallis Simpson. Read More »

Le Pen loses ground to Macron in French election race


A French policeman was shot dead and two others were wounded in central Paris on Thursday night in an attack carried out days before presidential elections and quickly claimed by the Islamic State militant group. On Twitter , where automated accounts are allowed, numerous same accounts that promoted Republican Donald Trump in the USA campaign a year ago have turned their attention to pushing conspiracy theories and far-right viewpoints, according to Mr Limonier and Clinton Watts, a former ... Read More »

North Korean propaganda video threatens U.S. with missiles


US officials say tougher sanctions could include an oil embargo, a global ban on North Korea's airline, intercepting cargo ships and punishing Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang. On a recent visit to South Korea, Vice President Mike Pence said: "The era of strategic patience is over". President Donald Trump has already dispatched the USS Carl Vinson , powered by nuclear reactors, carrying nearly 100 aircraft and accompanied by destroyers, a cruiser, and a submarine to the ... Read More »

VP Pence praises Indonesia's democratic, tolerant values

Mr Pence, the first senior United States administration official to visit Australia since the Republicans' shock election wins a year ago, will meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney to discuss regional security and the North Korean nuclear threat, as part of efforts to reassure America's allies in Asia and smooth over relations with the federal government. Read More »

Russia Objects UN Statement That Condemns North Korea

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said today that the Trump Administration is trying to force North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table. The state's mouth-piece added the hermit kingdom was fully prepared for any attacks by the US. "It is our belief by bringing together the family of nations with diplomatic and economic pressure we have a chance of achieving a freeze on the Korean Peninsula", Mr Pence said. Read More »

Russian Federation vetoes UN SC resolution on alleged chemical attack in Syria


United States strikes in Syria: Game changer or deterrent? Damascus values highly Russia's position regarding the United States aggression against Syria, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Thursday. Russian Federation has never publicly acknowledged any such attacks by Assad's forces and has tried for the past 18 months to help him expand his authority in Syria. Read More »

Stephen Hendry writes off Ronnie O'Sullivan's Worlds bid

And though they have been withdrawn O'Sullivan claims he was " bullied " and "intimidated" by snooker chiefs and made a decision to get the lawyers involved. This time O'Sullivan is setting low expectations, having failed to win back-to-back matches since landing the Masters title in January. "No disrespect to Fergal who's a great guy, but at 8-1 I was devastated when he won that frame". Read More »

Fresno gunman gave blow-by-blow account of triple killing

Police suspect that the man responsible for three shooting. "Kori Muhammad is not a terrorist, but he is a racist, and he is filled with hate, and he set out this week to kill as many people as he could", Dyer told a news conference on Wednesday. Read More »

ISIS Members Killed in Mosul in 4 Days: Iraqi Army

Military officers state that this it is predicted as Iraqi forces attempt to reclaim Mosul in what is known as the last major urban hurdle towards defeating extremist Sunni militant groups in Iraq. Some 400,000 people are trapped in the Old City while more than 300,000 have fled fighting since the operation started in October, officials have said. Read More »

UN Security Council fails to condemn North Korea's missile test

U.S. President Donald Trump praised Chinese efforts to rein in "the menace of North Korea" on Thursday, after North Korean state media warned the United States of a "super-mighty preemptive strike". Said Abe: "It goes without saying that it is a matter of paramount importance for us to seek diplomatic efforts as well as peaceable settlements of the issue". Read More »

UC Berkeley calls off Ann Coulter's speech; she vows to speak anyway

FILE - In this February 1, 2017 file photo, a fire set by demonstrators protesting a scheduled speaking appearance by Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos burns on Sproul Plaza on the University of California, Berkeley campu. " Berkeley impermissibly has allowed a "heckler's veto" to suppress the free-speech rights of speakers properly invited by recognized student groups", wrote Dhillon. Read More »

Tillerson to meet with ASEAN foreign ministers in May


Tillerson's reference to the phrase "reengage" clearly shows that the object of this pressure is to bring Pyongyang to the negotiating table. The end of North Korea's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism was the result of six-party talks among Russian Federation, the US, Japan, China and the two Koreas to end Pyongyang's military nuclear programs. Read More »

Labour Has (Eventually) Ruled Out A Second Referendum On Brexit

CGTN's Richard Bestic reports from London . Earlier, May hadcalled on the electorate to trust her on her decision to call an early general election on June 8 as it will strengthen her hand in the complex Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister, campaigning to win a Brexit mandate, has claimed anything other than a Tory victory would mean a "coalition of chaos". The prime minister, who will make her first campaign stop in the north-west of England later, is hoping to significantly boost ... Read More »

Democratic Party rides coattails of Bernie Sanders' popularity

A part of the opening act, local Congressman John Yarmuth, D-Kentucky, seemed liberated and encouraged by the space to stand with and openly agree with Sanders. In the primaries and caucuses he captured 70 percent of the 30-and-younger vote, and those 2 million votes far exceeded the combined totals for Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Read More »

Canadian minister looking forward to Trump trade talks

While the majority of Canadians (especially those in Quebec and Ontario) look for ways to calm their moral outrage over these recent statements made by Mr. Those remarks about dairy trade as well as softwood lumber have raised concerns about the future of trade between the two countries and the North American Free Trade Agreement . Read More »

May asks public to trust her decision on snap poll

And if you're one of the millions who never voted for any sort of Brexit, hard or otherwise, the timing of this election guarantees your voice will be safely ignored. "Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back", asserted the British PM. Some Conservative supporters might think this election is done and dusted - a blue victory in the bag. Read More »

Former South Korea president indicted


Park was forced out of office by massive, but peaceful, popular protests.She was impeached late past year, stripped of power in March and confined to a detention facility near Seoul since her arrest last month on chrges that she colluded with a confidante to extort from businesses, take bribes and commit other wrongdoing ( See: S Korea ex-president Park Geun-hye jailed as court denies bail). Read More »

Ousted South Korean president formally charged in corruption probe

In the indictment on Monday, the number of criminal charges against Park increased to 18, including bribery, coercion, abuse of office and illegal leaking of government secrets. He has also now been indicted , although the conglomerate got the money back last summer when the scandal started to unravel and Cheong Wa Dae became eager to erase the paper trail. Read More »

Turkish FM: Trump and Erdogan to meet in May

The European Commission has called on Turkey to launch an investigation into allegations of voting irregularities following a report stating its referendum was not genuinely democratic. He said that the death penalty is more than a red line. Italy's foreign minister called for Turkish opposition forces to be involved in reforms following the weekend's referendum. Read More »

Miami Republican lawmaker says Trump should push out Bannon

A lawyer for President Donald Trump's son-in-law says Jared Kushner's failure to disclose on his security clearance application some of his contacts with foreign governments was unintentional and an "administrative error". Priebus, after that meeting, told the president that they had a good talk, according to the official. Former Trump advisors telling Reuters that Kushner is trying to tug the president into a more mainstream position, while Bannon is trying to keep aflame the nationalist ... Read More »

VP Pence arrives in Australia, last stop in Asia

Pence emphasized that the deals "represent the tremendous excitement that American companies feel about opportunities in Indonesia". Lembong said Indonesia needs both investment and imports from the United States, "especially productivity-enhancing products and services". Read More »

United Nations condemns terrorist attack on Kefraya, al-Fouaa evacuees

The Syrian government said the vehicle had been supposedly carrying aid to the evacuees, while rebels claim the auto was stationary and had been parked near the stalled convoy. Only metres away, hundreds of evacuees from pro-rebel areas also loitered in a walled-off parking area, guarded by government troops. Syria's main Western-backed opposition, the Free Syrian Army, also condemned the bombing as a terrorist act. Read More »

Dortmund bus attack suspect bet against the team

Three letters had been left at the site of the attack to steer investigators toward inferring an Islamist motive, but prosecutors last week expressed doubts about their authenticity. Prosecutors said they traced the computer used to purchase the put options to the luxury hotel in Dortmund where the team had been staying. If the shares of Borussia Dortmund had fallen massively, the profit would have been several times the initial investment. Read More »

How The Champs-Élysées Attack Affects The French Presidential Election

Forensic experts investigate the crime scene after a fatal shooting in which a police officer was killed along with an attacker on the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris, France, Friday, April 21, 2017 . But it is claimed the "ISIS terrorist" was let out early following an appeal ruling, giving him the opportunity to carry out last night's deadly attack which has left one police officer dead. Read More »