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India, Canada in diplomatic row over 'rights abuse'


T S Dhillon, a retired Inspector General of CRPF has been denied entry into Canada which said he has worked in an organisation that allegedly engaged in "terrorism" and "gross human rights violations" which prompted India to object to the accusations strongly. Read More »

Iran President Hopes Saudis Would See Ballot Boxes One Day

That's when Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite cleric and protesters in Iran attacked two of the kingdom's diplomatic posts. "The problem is that the Americans do not know our region and those who advise U.S. Shortly after his're-election', Rouhani praised the Iranian terror squad the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), despite criticising them whilst campaigning. Read More »

United Kingdom raises threat level to maximum, army deployed after attack


The Islamic State (ISIS) terror network has claimed responsibility for Monday night's attack by Abedi, a local Mancunian - as citizens of Manchester are known. The family have lived in Manchester for at least 10 years, the U.S. officials said. She found out later that 15-year-old Olivia was among the 22 killed in the terrorist attack. Read More »

President Trump delivers remarks at Israel Museum

The historic visit is part of Trump's efforts to highlight "the need for unity among three of the world's great religions" on his first foreign trip, senior administration officials said. "People have had enough. I think that creates a different dynamic". Much of Trump's first day in Jerusalem was spent in ceremonies both celebratory and somber. Read More »

Russian Federation foreign minister denies talking to Trump about Comey

The day after he was sacked, officials say Comey had just requested more resources to pursue his investigation into Russia's interference in the election, and whether there was any collusion between Donald Trump's campaign and the foreign power, which fueled concerns that Trump may have been trying to undermine an investigation that could threaten his presidency. Read More »

5 healthcare groups weigh in on Trump's $4.1 trillion budget plan

Trump's proposal foresees selling half of the USA emergency oil stockpile, created in 1975 after the Arab oil embargo caused fears of price spikes. Meanwhile, anti-poverty activists decried proposed cuts to rental subsidies, food assistance, student loan subsidies, and after school programs . Read More »

North Korean missile can carry 'heavy nuclear warhead'


The missile would have flown about 4,500 kilometers at maximum trajectory, he wrote . "It went up so high and that gives you a sense that maybe the North Koreans achieved re-entry into the atmosphere". But Moscow said its defense ministry had tracked the missile and said it landed 300 miles away from the coast in the Sea of Japan and never posed a threat to Russian territory. Read More »

Trump calls on Israelis, Palestinians to 'make a deal'


President Donald Trump: "As you know, Rex, our secretary of state, has done an incredible job". Trump has cast Middle East peace as the "ultimate deal" and has tasked his son-in-law Jared Kushner and former real estate lawyer Jason Greenblatt with charting a way forward . Read More »

Trump's Messy, Mostly Successful Israel Visit


Trump". In another instance, Melania appeared to avoid another public hand-holding with the president as the couple deplaned in Rome on Tuesday. President Donald Trump talked up the prospects of peace between Israelis and Palestinians yesterday, saying he believed both sides were committed to a historic deal. Read More »

Moors murderer Ian Brady dies at 79

Imprisoned since 1966, Brady was given three life sentences for the killings of Downey, Evans, and Kilbride and later went on to admit murdering Bennett and Reade, but was never tried in court for their deaths. Police and government officials are hoping the coded letters will help them find the body of 11-year-old Keith Bennett, from Manchester, who went missing in June 1964. Read More »

Hostages taken at church in southern Philippines

They're perfectly alright. [US President Donald] Trump is my friend. But my foreign policy has shifted. The phone call starts warmly, with Trump congratulating Duterte by saying he has done an " unbelievable job on the drug problem " in the Phillipenes. Read More »

James Comey reportedly rebuffed Trump's attempts to get chummy


During a dinner where Trump had allegedly asked Comey for his pledge of loyalty, Trump expressed his grievances with the investigation into Mike Flynn, his former national security adviser, and asked Comey to drop the investigation, according to The Times' sources that revealed a memo written by Comey shortly after the meeting. Read More »

US President Trump Lands in Israel


Trump also made history Monday in becoming the first sitting USA president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner , and his daughter Ivanka Trump. Israeli officials say they are largely in the dark about what ideas Trump might present for peace or what concessions he may demand. The Palestinians also claim east Jerusalem as their capital and previous United States administrations have said the area's fate must ... Read More »

Investigators hunt for accomplices of Manchester Arena bomber

He said some of the reported 59 wounded had been discharged, but that the number of patients being treated had increased due to "walking wounded" who came in hours after the attack. He said his other son, Ismail, was arrested in England on Tuesday morning. News concerning the victims of the attack continued to trickle through on Wednesday. Read More »

'Rare opportunity' to achieve peace in Middle East


On Monday, he became the first sitting US President to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem . "We have before us a rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace to this region and to its people", Trump said . The Palestinians want the eastern part of the city to be the capital of their future state, alongside the West Bank and Gaza. A subsequent New York Times report said that the intelligence was from Israel, but did not claim that Trump shared the origin of the ... Read More »

Manchester bombing: Three more arrested

The disclosure came as Home Secretary Amber Rudd confirmed the United Kingdom security services had been aware of the British-born 22-year-old. Investigators were trying to piece together the last movements of Abedi, a Manchester-born man of Libyan descent whose parents had reportedly fled the now fallen regime of Moamer Kadhafi. Read More »

Venezuela May Hold Constituent Assembly Elections in July - Electoral Council


Undeterred by opposition, Maduro on Tuesday presented the 540-member "constituent assembly" project as a cure to Venezuela's demonstrations, which he says are a US -backed attempt to overthrow "21st century socialism". It is not clear what triggered the attack, which is under investigation, although some eyewitnesses told local media that Mr Zaragoza was caught robbing demonstrators who had gathered by the tens of thousands to protest against Mr Maduro's rule. Read More »

Can Trump solve the Middle East conflict?


But Kenneth Jacobson, deputy national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said it was "not realistic" to have expected much progress on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Other presidents have stayed away because the United States does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem's disputed Old City, which the Palestinians claim as the capital of their future state. Read More »

Australian Man Kidnapped In Yemen Released 'Safe And Well'


I deeply appreciate the efforts of officials from across government - who continue to provide the family assistance - and of many other parties in Australia and overseas. At the moment I am kidnapped by a group here, ' Mr McAllister said. - Oman's state news agency says the country has helped free an Australian citizen who went missing in Yemen. Read More »

Chelsea's Antonio Conte named Premier League and LMA Manager of the Year


It felt like only yesterday that Man City and Liverpool were contesting the title, Paul Pogba was quietly introducing himself as the world's most expensive player and Arsenal were languishing outside the top 4... Paddy Power said: "We replied to a novelty request for odds on John Terry's substitution - and fair play to the three punters who were on at odds of 100-1". Read More »

Korean officials seek to mend rift with meetings


Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday said he was willing to normalise ties with South Korea following tensions over the installation of a U.S. "President Moon said he hopes I'd also pass on his gratitude to you for your message of congratulation and the telephone call after he was elected", Lee said, before reporters were asked to leave the room. Read More »

'Unexpectable' Trump makes Netanyahu, and Adelson, very happy

He added that in his meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas it was clear that "the Palestinians are ready to reach for peace", and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "wants peace". "We can have here an oasis", Rivlin said. He drew more applause when he said: "Iran's leaders routinely call for Israel's destruction". At the same time, the White House sent mixed signals regarding the Trump administration's official policy on the conflict, seemingly acknowledging the ... Read More »

British Police Search For Bomber's Accomplices, Warn Of 'Imminent' Attack

The attack on a Manchester pop concert that killed 22 people was "likely" the work of more than one person, British interior minister Amber Rudd said on Wednesday (May 24). So heartbreaking! The family of 15-year-old Olivia Campbell had been all over social media and British TV in hopes of finding her alive after she went missing following the suicide bombing at Ariana Grande's concert . Read More »

Trump Meets With Israel's PM Netanyahu


The ally was later reported to have been Israel . The walled Old City lies in East Jerusalem , which was captured by Israel from Jordan in the Six-Day War 50 years ago. The first was the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built at the site where Christians believe Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. "Mr. President, I appreciate the fact that you went to the Western Wall and you're the first acting President who's done that". Read More »

Manchester attack: Who is Salman Abedi?


Social media footage obtained by ITV News showed heavily armed police blowing the door off a red brick building on Elsmore Road. The area in south Manchester , home to a number of tidy-looking buildings, is less than a mile from the supermarket where police reportedly arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the attack. Read More »

Manchester bomber 'likely' had accomplices, United Kingdom minister says

A further 59 people were injured when Abedi, 22, detonated a homemade device packed with nuts and bolts in the Arena's foyer as thousands of young people left a concert by U.S. Abedi was reportedly the son of Libyans who fled the late Muammar Gadaffi regime but who have since returned to their home country, leaving Salman and Ismael in the United Kingdom, although they traveled to Libya several times. Read More »

Trump to test waters for achieving Middle East peace

On Tuesday, he is set to meet with Palestinian lead Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank and deliver a speech at the Israeli Museum. "In his address at the Arab-Islamic-US summit, the US president said: We are not here to lecture - we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be, or how to worship". Read More »

Trump Arrives In Israel In Search Of Revived Peace Process

Diana Buttu, a former Palestinian negotiator and analyst, said Palestinians have good reason to be sceptical of Mr Trump, given that the USA president appointed David Friedman, a supporter of Jewish settlements on occupied land, as United States ambassador to Israel. Read More »

Ariana Grande returns to U.S. following Manchester bombing


Witnesses related the horror of the Manchester blast, which unleashed a stampede just as the concert ended at Europe's largest indoor arena, full to its capacity of 21,000. The Chinese President Xi Jinping has also reportedly expressed his "sincere condolences" to the Queen for those killed and injured in Manchester and their families. Read More »

Trump pushes for Mideast peace, but avoids thorny details


Many have noted the irony that Trump delivered this speech to an audience of monarchs on the same day that thousands of Iranian men and women took to the streets to celebrate their re-election-by a wide margin and with a high turnout-of a president, Hassan Rouhani , who campaigned on a record of reintegrating their country with the world. Read More »