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Some musicians cancel concerts after Manchester blast


The attack is the deadliest terrorist strike in the United Kingdom since suicide bombings hit London's Underground train stations in July of 2005. Following the attack , Grande took to Twitter and wrote , "broken. from the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry". They're losers. And we'll have more of them. Read More »

Trump, Abbas affirm support to reach a peace deal with Israel


The families said in a letter to Trump, who is visiting Bethlehem , that the life of their children is in danger after 37 days of fast because they demand their basic rights. "We have all this protocol, but we never know what to do", the prime minister said to Mr Trump. Most recently the video captured during Donald Trump's visit to Israel with wife Melania Trump has taken the internet by storm. Read More »

Saudi king: Trump visit a 'turning point'

The mood was a genuinely good mood, and at the end of the trip, as I was getting back on the plane, the security guards from the Saudi side who'd been helping us over the weekend all wanted to pose for a big photo op, and then they gave me two huge bushels of dates as a present, a thank you for the trip that we had had. Read More »

24 dead as bus plunges into gorge in Uttarakhand


The bus, which was carrying pilgrims from Madhya Pradesh , was returning from the Gangotri shrine when the incident happened. With the hill being very steep, rescue was further delayed and went on till the morning. "My prayers & solidarity with those who lost their loved ones in the unfortunate bus accident in Uttarkashi". May the injured recover soon, the Prime Minister said. Read More »

1 killed, 24 arrested in fresh violence in Saharanpur after Mayawati's rally


Mayawati also told the people resisting against the violence in Saharanpur that if they wish to organise any meet or protest, they can do so under BSP's banner. Thousands of Dalits had gathered in the Shabbirpur village to get a glimpse of the BSP leader and listen to her. "When the rival parties saw that Dalits had also started believing in the BJP, they pit them against Thakurs", he alleges. Read More »

USA decries Washington brawl during Turkish president's visit

President Donald Trump earlier in the day. The diplomatic incident has sparked outrage in Washington and even prompted the State Department to summon the Turkish ambassador. While President Trump's invitation to Erdogan - and his lavish praise for Turkey during the visit - were widely seen as having enhanced Erdogan's stature at home, the administration did not appear to budge on any of Erdogan's most pressing requests, including the demand not to arm the YPG. Read More »

The Pentagon made a loud statement about the strikes on Assad troops


US warplanes conducted airstrikes on forces believed to be loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad in southern Syria on Thursday as a protection measure for USA forces based in the region, US officials said. We are not increasing our role in the Syrian civil war, he said. One of the USA officials said the strikes near the town of al-Tanf - close to Syria's border with Iraq and Jordan - destroyed at least one tank and a bulldozer, and another said it followed warning shots by USA ... Read More »

Former CIA chief confirms contacts between Russian Federation and Trump campaign

Brennan cautioned lawmakers that although he could not definitively say if those contacts amounted to " collusion ", he knew that Russians were actively cultivating U.S. The former FBI director was appointed last week to serve as special counsel overseeing a counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in last year's presidential election. Read More »

French Prime Minister Urges Vigilance Following Deadly Manchester Attack in UK


British Prime Minister Theresa May will suspend her general election campaign ahead of the United Kingdom's upcoming election in the wake of the Manchester attack, according to a new report. Mr Farron said "This is a shocking and horrific attack targeting children and young people who were simply enjoying a concert". The announcement comes just hours after police identified a suspect - 22-year-old Salman Abedi - and ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing. Read More »

Trump asked NSA director to knock down FBI's Russia investigation

Ex-FBI Director James Comey has shown his willingness to speak to the special counsel Mueller before testifying publicly. Our conservative columnist offers a weekly take on everything from politics to pet peeves. First, as is so often the case in criminal investigations, the devil is in the details. Had he not done so, the Watergate investigations would have continued even though Nixon had resigned as president. Read More »

Trump Asked 4 Top Officials to Bury Russia Probe

Soon after Trump unceremoniously kicked out FBI chief James Comey , former FBI director Robert Mueller has been brought in as special counsel to lead the Department of Justice's investigation into Russia's election-year meddling and links with the Trump campaign, setting off alarm bells in the Trump camp. Read More »

Trump to meet Palestinian leader Abbas in West Bank


While several small groups of Palestinians protests against the USA leaders visit demanding his intervention on the issue of hunger striking Palestinian prisoners, banners hailing the American President as "Man of Peace" were also seen around the city. Read More »

China calls for dialogue after North Korea missile test

This is the latest move in Pyongyan's quest to strengthen its nuclear and ballistic missile programme, in defiance of United Nations sanctions. The launch comes a week after the North successfully tested a new midrange missile that experts say may one day be capable of reaching Alaska or Hawaii. Read More »

Donald Trump heads for Bethlehem to see Palestinian leader

Expressing optimism that a peace deal could finally be brokered to end the almost 70-year-old conflict and suggested a resolution may not be hard to obtain it. PRESIDENT HASSAN ROUHANI , Iran (through interpreter): He has gone to a country where I think the word election has no meaning for them. They recited psalms. Read More »

Iran accuses U.S. of 'Iranophobia', arming 'dangerous terrorists'

The West's nuclear agreement with Tehran signed during the Obama period - under which economic sanctions against Iran would be lifted in exchange for Tehran scaling back its nuclear capabilities - now looks as good as dead. At the Tehran press conference, Rouhani also defended Iran's ballistic missile program, something heavily criticized by the Trump administration . Read More »

North Korea has developed road-mobile launchers

That number is an estimate derived from a report, jointly prepared by USA and South Korea militaries, that states North Korea could have as many as 900 ballistic missiles in its arsenal, according to the report. The letters on top left, reading " North Korea fired a ballistic missile". Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada said the missile hit the water about 350 kilometers (217 miles) from the east coast of North Korea . Read More »

Bill to eliminate 'straight-party' voting heads to Abbott's desk


Critics call it discrimination. A more sweeping measure, nearly identical to North Carolina's transgender bathroom bill, which would have prevented Texas residents from using bathrooms that comported with their gender identity rather than their biological sex, stalled out in the Texas Senate . Read More »

China tells N Korea not to defy UNSC resolutions

The UN statement comes on the eve of a closed-door meeting scheduled to take place later on Tuesday, at the request of South Korea, the United States and Japan. North Korea's state news agency, KCNA , said the latest missile test was supervised by leader Kim Jong Un and verified the reliability of Pukguksong-2's solid-fuel engine, stage separation and late-stage guidance for a nuclear warhead. Read More »

Democrats criticize Trump budget plan


But he drew rebukes, even from some Republican allies, for the plan's jarring, politically unrealistic cuts to the social safety net for the poor and a broad swath of other domestic programs. Farm state lawmakers are already pushing back on proposals to curb agriculture assistance, for instance, and key Republicans are not interested in adding another round of cuts to Medicaid on top of those contained in the ongoing "Obamacare" repeal and replace effort. Read More »

Duterte declares martial rule in southern Philippines

Duterte said last week that Chinese President Xi Jinping had threatened to go to war with the Philippines over the territorial row. Speaking to Russian media ahead of the visit, Duterte said he will not leave Philippines national security dependent on Washington . Read More »

Trump Travels To Bethlehem For Meeting With Abbas

Trump met the leader in Bethlehem , where Palestinian activists had set up an effigy representing Palestinian prisoners in front of the Nativity Church, calling attention to the mass, historic hunger strike now being waged by more than 1,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Read More »

Three people still critical after Times Square vehicle incident


Rojas, a US citizen, has had prior run-ins with police, including drunken driving incidents. Harrison Ramos, who lives near him in the Bronx, said he had been "going through a real tough time ". News reports also drew a portrait of a troubled young man who seemed changed when he returned home in 2014 from a three-year stint in the US Navy. Thursday's incident sparked fear in the United States financial capital after deadly car-rammings in London, Berlin and the French city of Nice, but ... Read More »

Ariana Grande's drummer details moments following terror attack at Manchester Arena


It's attributed to Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir, one of the group's leaders, who was killed in Iraq in 2010. Yves Trotignon, a former agent in France's foreign intelligence service DGSE, drew parallels between the Manchester attack and two atrocities in France a year ago - the lorry attack that killed 86 people on the Nice seafront and the murder of elderly priest Jacques Hamel near Rouen. Read More »

Iran worries driving Arab states close to Israel


Shlomo Brom, the head researcher on Israeli-Palestinian relations at the Institute for National Security Studies, said if and when Trump presents a more concrete peace plan, Israel and the Palestinians would likely go along - each waiting for the other to play spoiler. Read More »

Trump Becomes First Sitting US President to Visit Western Wall


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not accompany the president to the Old City. I look forward to working with you in the years ahead, Mr. "Until the Iranian regime is willing to be a partner for peace, all nations of conscience must work together to isolate it". President Donald Trump placed a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday, becoming the first sitting US president to visit one of Judaism's holiest sites. Read More »

Iran's Rouhani slams Trump's Saudi summit


Just two days into President Donald Trump debut foreign trip, a member of his inner-circle has already reaped benefits to the tune of $100 million. But the desert kingdom has never threatened to use them against Israel. "It won't be simple", Netanyahu said. The president's first speech overseas provided an opportunity to show his strength and resolve, in contrast to his struggle to contain a mushrooming scandal at home after his firing of former FBI Director James Comey almost two weeks ago. Read More »

U.S. move to arm Syrian Kurds make Turkey fume


Mr Erdogan's remarks came a day after the United States announced it would arm the fighters as a necessary step to recapture Isil's Syrian stronghold of Raqqa . The city, the militants' operational command headquarters, is now largely surrounded - its main supply routes cut off by advancing forces. The move announced on May 9 has already provoked fury in Turkey, which considers the YPG an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and hence a terrorist group. Read More »

Manchester, U.K.: 22 Killed in Concert Arena Attack Claimed by ISIS

In a keynote address at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem , the last stop of his whirlwind trip before he departed for the Vatican, Mr Trump indicated that Washington was ready to support peace efforts. Abbas also called on the Israeli government to meet the demands of some 1,000 hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails. He condemned the "evil losers" he said were behind the attack. Read More »

UK PM says police believe they know ID of bomber


Later, British Prime Minister Teresa May said that the police identified the perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Manchester . May, who arrived at the scene of last nights attack which also left 59 injured, said that " this attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice? deliberately targeting innocent, defenceless children and young people who should have been enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives". Read More »