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Mueller briefed on secret Comey memos, source says

Comey was invited to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a session closed off from the public on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr told The Hill. The White House has repeatedly insisted that a "thorough investigation will confirm that there was no collusion between the campaign and any foreign entity". Read More »

We Want Israel To Have Peace


Trump. Israel considers Jerusalem as its capital, although the worldwide community does not recognize it as such and foreign embassies are located in Tel Aviv . President Trump believes he is the world's greatest dealmaker and making peace between Israelis and Palestinians after a century of conflict would be the world's biggest deal, writes Jeremy Bowen, the BBC Middle East editor. Read More »

Why Melania refuses to hold Donald Trump's hand in Tel Aviv


The first couple later held hands at the church of the Holy Sepulchre as she walked down the stone steps. As they descend the stairs together, Trump instead places his hand near Melania's lower posterior (i.e. We learn nothing about the Trump's marriage by seeing them not hold hands. Netanyahu was flanked by his wife, who was holding his hand. At the annual Easter Egg hunt she had to remind her husband to raise his hand to his heart while the national anthem was being sung. Read More »

Chinese rappers warn S. Korea on US missile defense system


In the song, group members chant that "about THAAD we say no, no, no ", a reference to the U.S. Army's missile defense system formally known as Terminal High Altitude Area Defense. China's travel ban is widely expected to weigh on domestic airlines, travel agencies and hotels for the time being as the THAAD installation is already in the final stages. Read More »

Police Identify Manchester Bomber As 22-Year-Old Salman Abedi

Robinson said she took dozens of teenage girls to the nearby Holiday Inn Express hotel and tweeted out her phone number to anxious parents telling them to meet her there. An 8-year-old girl was among the dead - the youngest known victim - and her mother and sister were among the wounded in what May called "a callous terrorist attack". Read More »

South Korea Defense Ministry says North fired 'unidentified projectile'


China is North Korea's biggest economic partner and source of diplomatic support and has come under heavy pressure to use its influence to rein in the North's missile and nuclear activities. South Korean businesses have faced boycotts, especially the retail group Lotte which provided the land on which the system is being constructed. But a senior North Korean diplomat has said Pyongyang was open to having talks with Washington under the right conditions. Read More »

Impeached South Korean President Makes First Appearance In Trial


After the end of Tuesday's hearing, Park, again in handcuffs, didn't speak to reporters as police put her back on the bus to return to the detention center near Seoul where she is being held. She sat down and fixed her hard gaze on a spot in front of her. Park's face betrayed no hint of whatever emotions roiled within, even as flashes exploded and a horde of cameras zoomed in for extreme close-ups that were piped to millions of curious South Koreans. Read More »

Theresa May Under-pressure British PM amends key campaign pledge


However, in confirming the U-turn, May vowed that the Tory plan will " include an absolute limit on the amount people have to pay for their care costs ". It's more don't panic Captain Mainwaring than strong and stable . When Mrs May called the snap election for June 8, surveys indicated she would win a landslide comparable with Mrs Margaret Thatcher's 1983 majority of 144 seats in the 650-seat parliament. Read More »

Senate Intel Chair Won't Rule Out Holding Flynn In Contempt Of Congress

Mr Brennan's evidence came the day after Mr Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn , invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination in response to a subpoena from the Senate intelligence committee, which is conducting a separate investigation into Russian meddling and possible co-ordination with the Trump campaign. Read More »

Manchester bomber was local man of Libyan descent

Following his arrest, police carried out two separate raids on homes in the suburban areas of Manchester. (Grande later acknowledged and laughed off the report.) Some of the comments took aim at not just Grande, but also the victims of comments, many blaming the victims . Read More »

Flynn's lies to investigators could land him in prison for five years

If Mr Flynn continues to refuse to comply with Senate investigators, it is thought they could vote to hold him in contempt of Congress, or even refer his case for possible criminal charges. Flynn's attorney said on Monday he declined to comply. "I don't feel that it's appropriate to characterize my discussions with the president", he said after being asked about it by Sen. Read More »

Trump arrives in Israel in search of 'the ultimate deal'


Israel seized East Jerusalem during the 1967 war, together with the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Jerusalem is also a major sticking point of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Mr Trump arrived in Israel from Saudi Arabia, where he sought to win Arab states' support for fighting extremism. Although Trump has declined to elaborate on how he will approach the conflict, he showed skepticism over years of global efforts to foster a two-state solution during a February meeting with Netanyahu at the ... Read More »

Trump calls for global coalition against terrorism, 'isolation' of Iran

In a departure from his predecessor's policy, Trump called for other Arab countries to isolate Iran . The president put much of the onus for combating extremists on Mideast leaders: "Drive them out of your places of worship. U.S. President Donald Trump , right, holds a bilateral meeting with Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Sunday, May 21, 2017 , in Riyadh. The Washington Post said the probe had reached into the White House to include a Trump adviser, who was not named. Read More »

Rouhani says Iran's ballistic missile programme will continue


Rouhani says that Iranians are "waiting for this government to become stable intellectually" and that "hopefully, things will settle we could pass more accurate judgments". Some are portraying Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's re-election as a threat to hard-liners. "In spite of Rouhani's claims that he had pushed away the shadow of war the weakness of his government has not only encouraged America for aggression against our country but also emboldened feeble Arabic states to ... Read More »

Trump to the Israelis and Palestinians: Let's Make a Deal


Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, Trump said the goodwill from that visit would spill over into peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. "Making peace will not be easy". Trump's speech on Tuesday, delivered at Israel's museum to the Jewish state's culture and history, also stood to reaffirm U.S. Read More »

Tom MacArthur resigns as co-chair of moderate GOP group


While the amendment specifies that insurers cannot refuse coverage to people based on pre-existing medical conditions, it does permit states to ask for a waiver of a rule restricting them from pricing consumers differently based on health status, provided they also create or participate in a "high-risk pool" meant to ensure sick people can still obtain affordable coverage. Read More »

Actor Sir Roger Moore dies of cancer aged 89

Sir Roger Moore helped build the James Bond brand into what is known as today with his 7 movies, Moore's Bond movies helped the James Bond series gross over $7 billion dollars . Moore's only other visit to India was in 2005 when he came in as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador to promote the use of iodized salt. "He said I think you should be trained". Read More »

Trump envisions Israeli-Palestinian peace after talks with Abbas, Netanyahu


Robert Danin, a former USA official with decades of experience in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, said that while both leaders are eager not to get on Trump's "bad side", the dynamics of reaching a deal remain largely unchanged. Earlier, the president delivered a joint statement with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas , during which he said, "The terrorists and extremists and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out from our society forever". Read More »

Guardiola to meet Man City bosses after family terror attack escape


He said at that stage they believed the attack was conducted by one man. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Manchester tonight, all of the staff at the Manchester Arena , all of the security teams, all of the emergency services, Ariana and her team and all of those families affected by tonight. Read More »

NDP leads as vote tally continues in Courtenay-Comox


According to the latest Elections BC update , Jim Benninger has pulled ahead in the Vancouver Island riding with 10,098 votes, just three more than his NDP rival, Ronna-Rae Leonard. The final count, which includes almost 180,000 absentee ballots, is taking place from today until Wednesday (May 24). Andrew Watson with Elections B.C. Read More »

US Senate panel says to subpoena Michael Flynn businesses

Richard Burr of North Carolina. His legal representative has previously demanded immunity from "unfair prosecution" before his client testifies. Former CIA Director John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington , Tuesday, May 23, 2017 , before the House Intelligence Committee Russia Investigation Task Force. Read More »

Trump's epiphany: Peace between Israel and Palestine is 'not easy'

US President Donald Trump said today during a visit to Jerusalem that Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons while also denouncing Tehran's support for "terrorists". U.S. President Donald Trump , right, and first lady Melania Trump wave as they board Air Force One for Israel, the next stop in Trump's worldwide tour, at King Khalid global Airport, Monday, May 22, 2017, in Riyadh . Read More »

North Korea ready to mass produce new missile

A White House official confirmed it to be a medium-range ballistic missile . The missile advances North Korea's weapons capabilities because solid-fuel missiles can be fired faster and more secretly than those using liquid fuel, which much be added separately and transported to a launch site using trucks that can be seen by satellites. Read More »

Rubio not optimistic on prospects of Middle East peace

Meetings between Trump and Netanyahu concluded on Monday with Trump promising to help broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, but gave little indication of how he could revive negotiations that collapsed in 2014. Rounding out a 28-hour stay in Jerusalem , Trump praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas alike, saying both were ready for peace. Read More »

Trump administration to launch NAFTA renegotiation


President Donald Trump said repeatedly on the campaign trail that the 23-year trade agreement has sent USA manufacturing jobs to Mexico and needs to be redone. "President ( Donald) Trump is going to change that". "Nine million American jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada". "NAFTA is a trilateral agreement, so the negotiations to modernize NAFTA need to be conducted in a trilateral fashion", she said. Read More »

Skirting own policy, White House puts 'Jerusalem, Israel' on website


But in preparations for the planned visit, a junior US official commented to Israelis that the Jewish holy site is "not your territory". "Iran will never have nuclear weapons, that I can tell you", Mr Trump told Mr Netanyahu. "It does not change the balance [of power] in the Middle East", Amidror said. "It won't be a complete deal first, but I think there will be steps along the way to bringing the Israelis and the Palestinians together". Read More »

Chelsea Manning Is Free From Prison and Posting On Instagram

Manning's immediate plans remained unclear. But Manning's sentence was commuted by outgoing President Obama, and as of today, she will return to private life. While in military prison, she reportedly received gender-supporting treatment. Manning's identity has been the cause of much of the media coverage of her , since her gender at times seemed to pose a threat to her overall wellbeing. Read More »

Senate Subpoenas Records from Mike Flynn's Companies

The former national security adviser will invoke his Fifth Amendment protection against se. Flynn decides to comply with our Intel Committee subpoena to produce business documents. administration through Flynn, had he remained within Trump's inner circle. Burr said Tuesday that "all options are on the table" if Flynn doesn't comply - including possibly holding him in contempt of Congress - but he added that was a long way off from where they are now. Read More »

Iran accuses U.S. of 'Iranophobia', arming 'dangerous terrorists'


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gives a press conference in Tehran. Rouhani said Iran was the vital force behind the fight against Isis (Islamic State) in Iraq and Syria and repeated Iran's official stance that the U.S. He met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem and said in a statement after the meeting that Israel and Muslim nations have a growing realization that they share a "common cause" of combating "the threat posed by Iran". Read More »

United Kingdom ruling Conservatives to unveil policy pledges on Thursday


In a candid interview, Mr McCluskey said: "The scale of the task is vast". "I believe that if Labour can hold on to 200 seats or so it will [have been] a successful campaign", McCluskey said. The Grime 4 Corbyn campaign follows a number of high-profile endorsements for the Labour leader from grime artists, which so far include Akala and JME , who have publicly supported him since the election was called. Read More »

Trump calls Manchester attack perpetrators 'losers'

But it was a awful, a bad thing for the United States to enter that deal, and believe me, Iran will never have a nuclear weapon, that I can tell you", Trump emphasised. The US president's words came as he visited Bethlehem during a trip to the Middle East. While Trump has spoken frequently in the months since taking office of his desire to achieve what he has dubbed the "ultimate deal" , he has not fleshed out any strategy that he or his administration might have towards achieving it. Read More »

'We know they will be tough'

Twelve teams of an eventual 20 learned their fate at a glitzy draw ceremony in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital, more than two years before the tournament starts. Joe Schmidt has spoken about his excitement at Ireland being drawn with Japan ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup . "There is still a long time to go - we are still a couple of years away - and I guess all teams are blooding some young players who are coming through, so it's going to be really exciting". Read More »