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With Rouhani Back, Nuclear Deal Hope Strengthened, Says France

The deal prevents Iran from developing its nuclear program against removal of economic sanctions. He also said the Iranian election "conveyed to our neighbors that the way to securing the region is to enforce democracy and respect people's votes rather than rely on foreign powers". Read More »

Experts question North Korea role in WannaCry cyber attack

You may not have heard of the Lazarus Group, but you may be aware of its work. The WannaCry ransomware attack has been linked to the infamous Lazarus Group, which was behind the devastating hacks on Sony Pictures in 2014 and a Bangladeshi bank in 2016. Read More »

Jeb Bush: I Don't Think Trump Should Be Tweeting


For all his many faults, Jeb Bush was among the few candidates for the Republican candidates for President previous year who actually spoke out against Donald Trump early and often. Bush was onstage with former President Barack Obama's White House adviser Valerie Jarrett , who criticized the fact that the health care reform bill was being worked on by an all-male group in the Senate. Read More »

US sanctions 8 Venezuelan Supreme Court judges

Members of the country's Supreme Court of Justice have exacerbated the situation by consistently interfering with the legislative branch's authority. The action marked second time the Trump administration has stripped high-level Venezuelan officials of their US assets and banned Americans from any business dealings with them. Read More »

Beijing, ASEAN take step toward rules for South China Sea


China and four ASEAN member states - Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brunei - are claimants to disputed features in the South China Sea . Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said on Friday Southeast Asian nations and China should start with a "gentleman's agreement" on the South China Sea waterway because no mechanism exists to legally enforce any deal. Read More »

Chinese investor visas deserve extreme vetting

The joint venture between Kushner Companies and the KABR Group plans to fund about 15 percent of the almost $1 billion project through the EB-5 program. "They clearly imply that the Kushners are going to make sure you get your visa". Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said in a March 14 letter that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a real estate group were undercutting the reforms. Read More »

Turkey assails USA move to arm Syria Kurds against IS


The move also reinforces the idea that the entire Syrian Democratic Force, Syrian Kurds (YPG) and the Syrian Arab Coalition, has the backing of the US, NBC News reported. The U.S. decision to arm the YPG "will surely have consequences and will yield a negative result for the well", Yildirim said. Syrian Kurdish-led forces say they are carrying out mine-clearing operations at the country's largest dam and the nearby town of Tabqa a day after seizing them from Islamic State militants. Read More »

Hideo Itami Snaps After Takeover (Video), Johnny Gargano Ambulance Video, Superstars React


After that, their rivalry with The Revival over the NXT Tag Team Titles made them fan favorites and eventually, they became NXT Tag Team Champions until the feud with the Authors of Pain. They followed up with the Super Collider then grabbed the belts for the win. Tommaso Ciampa has taken to social media to reiterate what he apparently whispered into his now-former tag-team partner Johnny Gargano's ear after their ladder match at NXT Takeover: Chicago. Read More »

Good luck to Trump on moves involving Israel, Palestinians


Congress recognized Jerusalem as Israeli in 1995, but successive presidents have waived a provision in that law that requires the United States to move the embassy there from Tel Aviv. Historically, when the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations speaks, their comments are widely accepted to be that of the administration they represent. Read More »

Trump calls on Muslims to share burden in terror fight

Trump often used anti-Islamic rhetoric during his presidential campaign and repeatedly stressed the need to say the words "radical Islamic terrorism". Trump's "America first" philosophy helped him win the 2016 election and has rattled allies who depend on U.S. support for their defense. Pledges to isolate Iran are essentially returning to a "status quo" in relations between the USA and the Arab world, Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace told NPR's Morning ... Read More »

Quebecers bracing for more rain and flooding in days ahead


In Toronto, which sits on the north shore of Lake Ontario, city workers have worked on beaches and the city's harbor islands to prevent flooding. The federal government has closed all federal buildings in Gatineau, and told those employees who cross over into Ottawa to stay home today so as to reduce congestion which could hamper movement of emergency vehicles. Read More »

Firing 'nut job' Comey eased pressure, Trump told Russians

Rubio said White House officials had told him they had no transcripts nor notes of Trump's meeting with Russian officials but "apparently someone has discussed them, or leaked them". "The President has always emphasized the importance of making deals with Russian Federation as it relates to Syria, Ukraine, defeating ISIS and other key issues for the benefit and safety of the American people". Read More »

North Korea Confirms 'Successful' Launch Of Ballistic Missile: KCNA

Earlier on Sunday, the North's state-run media had said it would continue to launch more "weapons capable of striking" the US. On Monday, the UN Security Council demanded that Pyongyang conduct no such tests again, stating it was crucial that North Korea "immediately show honest commitment to denuclearization through concrete action". Read More »

Trump Ends First Foreign Speech: 'God Bless The USA'

Trump's address Sunday was the centerpiece of his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia, his first stop overseas as president. The president will also give the signature speech of his trip, an address that aides view as counter to Obama's 2009 speech in Egypt to the Muslim world. Read More »

Trump administration announces renegotiation of NAFTA

US President Donald Trump had previously threatened to withdraw completely from the agreement. In an effort to fulfill another campaign promise, the Trump administration moved to renegotiate a major trade agreement that candidate Donald Trump blamed for "massive" US job losses since it was instituted more than two decades ago. Read More »

Video shows Erdogan watched bodyguards' violent attack on protesters in DC

He says there must be a diplomatic response to the incident from the Trump administration. Police have described a massive brawl Tuesday outside the Turkish embassy in Washington, D.C., as "pretty dicey" after footage emerged showing men believed to be the Turkish president's bodyguards beating up peaceful protesters. Read More »

Ian Brady, Moors murderer, dies aged 79

The Moors Murderer had ignored repeated requests from Keith's late mother, Winnie Johnson, over several decades to identify the location of his makeshift grave on Saddleworth Moor so she could give the 12-year-old a proper Christian burial. Read More »

Calls for Brazil's president to resign or be impeached grow


Today, Brazilian President Michel Temer is buying up representatives in the Federal Chamber to approve their reforms, Alagoas lawmaker Givaldo Carimbao of the Humanist Solidarity Party (PHS) denounced. Even if the audio was edited, Mr Temer's words to Mr Batista to keep up the payments to Cunha seem clear. And Temer did not mention the long list of other allegations against him, nor acknowledge that allies have started to bolt. Read More »

Jason Chaffetz leaving Congress on June 30

Other Republicans have also faced heat from constituents, but Chaffetz's prominent role and frequent media appearances have made him a lightning rod for critics who say he has not pursued oversight of the Trump administration with the same fervor he did President Barack Obama's. Read More »

Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hanks tease 2020 presidential run on SNL

They explained that, together, they would have a lock on almost every demographic. "I'm in", said Johnson , who has often teased a desire to run for the highest office in the land . It also relates the matter to an incident and told that he was especially surprised by one national poll that said he would beat Donald Trump in an election held today, after that "I've really been blown away". Read More »

Hunter crushed to death under shot elephant


A fourth cow was said to have lifted Botha with her trunk. Theunis Botha enjoyed nothing more than heading into the wild with a big old gun and shooting animals to death . to recruit wealthy Americans for trophy hunting in Southern Africa. DNA samples taken from the contents of two crocodiles that were shot during the search matched that of Mr van Zyl. Read More »

Iran presidential election: Conservative candidate Ghalibaf withdraws

But it has struggled to attract the large-scale foreign investments Mr Rouhani promised when the deal came into force, and which he said were necessary to reduce unemployment and kick-start the economy. Raisi, a former attorney general, serves as the head of the Imam Reza charity foundation, which manages a vast conglomerate of businesses and endowments in Iran. Read More »

Reports emerge about Cassie Sainsbury's life


Her defence team claimed she was going to back out at the last minute, but was threatened by a mystery man who showed her photos of her fiance and family and made demands that she had no choice but to comply with. Cassie Sainsbury (right) with sister Khala and mother Lisa Evans in happier times. I believe she was aware of what she was doing, ' he said. "I believe she's a 100 per cent innocent and I always will". Read More »

Donor angry at failure to move Israel embassy


One US official said the Western Wall was part of the West Bank, Channel Two reported . "It's part of the West Bank", Israeli TV reported today. Tillerson's harmful comments not only infuriated supporters of Israel, but they garnered a direct response from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Read More »

Palace: PHL, China want peaceful resolution of territorial dispute

Mr Duterte has been criticised for not pushing China on an global court decision that ruled largely in favour of the Philippines' claims in the South China Sea . "There's definitely an economic pivot toward China ", said Richard Heydarian, a foreign policy analyst. He said China is the only country that "has threatened the Philippines with war over Philippine EEZ in the West Philippine Sea". Read More »

Saudi king slams Iran as 'spearhead of global terrorism'

The announcement is set to take place at Ivanka Trump's event, where she will be meeting with Saudi women "to hear their experiences and discuss opportunities for women's economic empowerment", according to the White House. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said the Saudi kingdom, which agreed to host Trump's attempt at a reset with the Muslim world, praised Trump for his plans to deliver the speech and expressed optimism at the content. Read More »

Russian officials 'boasted of their ability to influence Trump through Flynn'

The investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election has reportedly identified a current White House official as a significant person of interest. Critics also alleged that Trump may have also obstructed justice by requesting Comey to stop the FBI investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Read More »

Macron says France uncompromising in fight against jihadists in Mali

No president had ever dictated who would travel with him, they said. Mr Macron said he hoped to strengthen ties with Germany to boost security in the area, according to Reuters. At a news conference during his visit Friday to a military base in Mali, Macron said he spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this week about getting more logistical support for the French-led military mission in West Africa. Read More »

ICJ has given no order on 'consular access' for Jadhav: Aziz


A Muslim cleric has offered a reward of Rs 20 lakhs for anyone who puts a garland of Kulbhushan Jadhav's shoes around the neck of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif, saying that the Indian citizen has been sentenced to death in a frivolous case. A military court awarded death sentence to Jadhav on 10 April on spying and terrorism charges. Khan claimed Jadhav's arrest prevented more acts of terror which his network had planned. Read More »

Twitter leader laments social media role in Trump's election


And Trump still uses Twitter to criticize so-called "fake news" stories and blast his critics in 140 characters or less. Since entering the White House and taking control of the @POTUS (President of the United States) Twitter handle, he has 17 million followers of that account. Read More »

USA air strike hits pro-regime convoy in Syria

The official cited by Syrian state TV only mentioned "one of our military points" being targeted, without providing further detail. The US-led coalition said Thursday that a US airstrike hit pro-Syrian government forces it said posed a threat to American troops and allied rebels operating near the border with Jordan. Read More »