Thursday, 23 March 2017
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Witnesses describe panic at Paris Orly Airport


No one else was injured in the airport attack at 8.30am local time, which triggered a red alert sent locally via the French government's Saip terror warning system. A police source described the man as "a radicalised Muslim known to intelligence services and the justice system". Paris' anti-terrorism section is investigating, the prosecutors' office confirmed. Read More »

Former EPA Head: Trump's Budget an 'All Out Assault' on The Environment


The document released Thursday was just an outline; the full budget - which will include information on taxes, spending on entitlements such as Social Security, economic projections and other topics - probably won't come until May . The updated 2017 plan includes a $30 billion supplemental fund for "defense and primarily border" security, Mulvaney said . Trump's proposal also takes aim at the Job Corps program for disadvantage youth, calling for the closure of centers that do not ... Read More »

Martin Canning: Hamilton face trip into unknown against Pedro Caixinha's Rangers


Caixinha was vocal in the lead-up to the game that he wanted to change the players' mentalities and it looks as though the new manager will have his team playing attacking football. "We still have a lot of work in front of us". I do believe that players need to have this biological pattern. And Canning, whose side lost 6-0 at Ibrox in the William Hill Scottish Cup less than a fortnight ago, admits that makes preparations tricky. Read More »

Top economies yield to USA, drop no-protectionism pledge

The annual meeting of G20 finance ministers ended Saturday in Germany without a concrete agreement on free trade after the US blocked any language that encouraged past commitments on the open flow of goods and services. Please Wait while comments are loading. Schaeuble told public broadcaster SWR on Friday morning that Mnuchin had told him explicitly that "of course the Americans are for free trade and also for us setting that out in Baden-Baden". Read More »

Somalia region sends soldiers to free hijacked ship


They turned to fishing but now say they're the ones being targeted at sea. Lawellin argues that money is behind piracy. It left the country's coast line vulnerable and became a hot spot for illegal fishing and the dumping of toxic waste, the report says. Read More »

France urges Turkey and European Union states to cool down


Others are shocked by the efforts of German, Dutch and other authorities to prevent Turkish politicians rallying support on European soil for the referendum. Not all of them are Erdogan supporters. Analysts believe cancelling poll rallies have given Erdogan a boost by provoking anti-EU sentiments among Turks both inside and outside the country and to mobilize nationalist voters. Read More »

Despite budget cuts, Tillerson works to win long-term influence


The U.S. says the system is meant to be used only against North Korea. "If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action, then, that option's on the table". President Park Geun-Hye, the once popular but tough president has been forced from office after a bitter drawn out impeachment scandal. That election has raised questions over the future of the THAAD system, with some candidates calling for its deployment to be reviewed by the National ... Read More »

Donald Trump's favourite Irish proverb is actually a Nigerian poem


Last summer he said Trump made "racist and dangerous" comments during his campaign, and would have no problem meeting with him to tell him just that. "The language that was used on that occasion was not language I would use and not in relation to his personality". Kenny has been expected to step down as taoiseach and leader of the Fine Gael party after he returns from Washington. Read More »

White House promises not to repeat claim that United Kingdom spied on Trump

Trump is expected to nominate NY lawyer George T. Conway III, husband of senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, to lead the Justice Department's civil division, a source says. Trump said there would be "some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks". "The Department of Justice has complied with the request from leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and Judiciary Committees seeking information related to surveillance during the 2016 ... Read More »

Former Lok Sabha Speaker Rabi Ray passes away at 91


In 1960, he became the first general secretary of Socialist Party founded by Ram Manohar Lohia. President Pranab Mukherjee today condoled the death of former Lok Sabha Speaker Rabi Ray. He was a Gandhian and a great socialist leader. He also served in the Morarji Deasi Cabinet as the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare in January 1979. Read More »

Trump blows up G20 trade consensus

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, however, downplayed the content of the statement. The group does not want to mention (rejection of protectionism) in the final statement, which has been the case for years for every G20 conclusive statement. Read More »

NYC Medical Examiner: Churkin Autopsy Results Not To Be Released


Most of the deaths investigated by the office are not suspicious. The office, which typically makes public the results of autopsies, will keep quiet on Churkin's cause of death after a request from the U.S. office. "I have just returned to NY and have learned with shock and sadness of the news on the sudden passing of Ambassador Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, who was an outstanding diplomat". Read More »

G20 Economies Struggle with US 'Protectionism'

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin represented the the meeting and declined to include language in the group's joint statement that stressed the importance of free trade and that trade should be conducted in a "rules based" manner. German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who chaired the two-day summit, played down the significance at a press conference afterwards, saying the issue was more about wording than substance. Read More »

Japan holds first missile evacuation drill


The exercise in the city of Oga came less than two weeks after three North Korean missiles landed in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) off the northern municipality. The comments were an escalation in language used by the USA, which has always been reticent to use military force against North Korea for fear that the country will attack its peaceful neighbor to the south in retribution. Read More »

German Kurds stage anti-Erdogan protest in Frankfurt


Some of the participants carried flags and banners of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), as well as portraits of Kurdish nationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan. He said Germany was treating terrorists as legitimate actors while calling meetings between Turkish politicians and citizens in Germany "dangerous", a reference to the recent ban in German cities on referendum rallies by Turkish politicians. Read More »

North Korea threatens USA with 'merciless' attacks

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in Tokyo on Thursday that China had a major role to play in reining in North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes, carried out in defiance of United Nations resolutions and sanctions. "So, we hope China will alter its position on punishing South Korea". Tillerson also visited the volatile Demilitarized Zone that divides the two rival Koreas on Friday, with his entourage standing on the South side just three feet away from North Korean soldiers on ... Read More »

Dont'a Hightower reportedly choosing between Jets, Patriots, Steelers


He was New England's first-round pick back in 2012 and has been a starter his entire career. He started all three of the team's playoff games and recorded a sack in the team's Super Bowl victory. Hightower was reportedly seeking around $12 million per year. According to the NFL Network's Aditi Kinkhabwala, the Steelers are likely out after "intense and pricey" negotiations with Hightower's agents. Read More »

Opposition wants special briefing for MPs on North Korea situation


Rajaratnam School of global Studies in the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Still, North Korea has slammed the investigation as biased and demanded Malaysia hand over the body. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday the government has been given an assurance that the stranded Malaysians are not in custody and can move about Pyongyang freely, with the exception that they cannot leave North Korea. Read More »

European Union leaders bash Turkey over the Netherlands


The Turkish government has also hinted that it would scrap an agreement reached with Europe previous year to curb the passage of migrants through Turkey in return for financial help from the EU. The standoff is the latest move by Erdogan, who has cracked down on opposition - particularly journalists, academics and the public-service sector - since a July coup attempt in hopes of pushing through an April referendum that would expand his powers. Read More »

Tillerson Urges China to Cooperate on NKorea

Mr Tillerson heads for Beijing next, hoping China will help - but in the past Mr Trump has called China an "enemy". He said the USA does not want a military conflict, but if North Korea takes actions that threaten South Korean or US forces it would be met with an "appropriate response". Read More »

Tillerson begins South Korea trip


Last week, it launched four more ballistic missiles and is working to develop nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the United States. Tillerson, a former oil executive with no prior diplomatic experience, said he expected a new government would "continue to be supportive" of the deployment, adding it was also meant to protect US troops in South Korea. Read More »

Awkward: Merkel asks for a handshake, Trump doesn't respond


President Donald Trump has welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House. He sought to turn the explosive charge into a light joke when he said to Merkel, "At least we have something in common, perhaps", referring to 2013 reports that the USA was monitoring Merkel's cellphone conversations. Read More »

G-20 finance chiefs warn of FX rate volatility

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin agreed Friday to maintain existing global agreements on currencies, including a pledge to avoid competitive devaluations. Both China and Germany have found themselves in the crosshairs of United States criticism over their massive trade surpluses. That wording stops short of rejecting protectionism, as the group has done in the past. Read More »

The feud between Britain and Sean Spicer just stepped up a notch


And on Friday Fox News anchor Shepard Smith said Fox News "no evidence" that the president was surveilled and can not confirm Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano's "commentary" about the British spy agency. They included House Speaker Paul Ryan, who said "w e've cleared that up", adding that he had received a briefing and seen no evidence of Mr Trump's wiretap claims. Read More »

White House apologises to Britain over spying claims


And Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pennsylvania, warned that Trump's comments and the White House's decision to dig in on the claims are undercutting the President's credibility and sapping his political capital at a time when he's trying to push a budget and health care overhaul through Congress. Read More »

Nitin Gadkari; A Sleepless Night and BJP Government In Goa


Letter to Governor goes after the leader is chosen, which we did but the Governor took the decision before that, he said. He also claimed that the Goa Forward Party had shown inclination to forge an alliance with the Congress if Digambar Kamat was chosen as the CLP leader. Read More »

Trump stands by his unproven claim that Obama tapped his phones


James Slack, spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said, "We've made clear to the (Trump) administration that these claims are ridiculous and they should be ignored and we've received assurances they won't be repeated". British politicians expressed outrage and demanded apologies and retractions from the USA government. But the White House's refusal to back down has created more problems for the new administration. Read More »

Tillerson's first Asia trip as secretary of state has been rocky

The State Department had previously told reporters covering Tillerson's trip to South Korea, Japan, and China that he would not be taking reporters on his plane and that they would have to fly commercially, breaking with decades of precedent stretching back to Henry Kissinger. Read More »