Thursday, 21 November 2019
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North Korea Tests Missile That Comes Dangerously Close to Russian Federation


North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency called the missile a "new ground-to-ground medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket", and said the "Hwasong-12" was "capable of carrying a large, heavy nuclear warhead."... At a military parade to mark the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korea's founder, Kim Il-sung, grandfather of Kim Jong-un, mysterious new weapons were proudly on show, causing speculation that the country may have developed already an ICBM. Read More »

Nikki Haley Tells Countries to Choose Between U.S., North Korea


He also said the North's nuclear and missile capabilities seem to have advanced rapidly recently but that the South was ready and capable of striking back should the North attack. Beijing vehemently opposes the missile shield, saying it will allow monitoring of activities in northeastern China. There is "ample possibility" for the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in response to its missile launch, said council President Elbio ... Read More »

Solange pens letter to her teenage self


But that creative process didn't always come easily, as Solange reveals in her Teen Vogue cover story for the music issue. You will learn how to love yourself and how to empathize with and forgive those who may have taken a bit of that pure love away from you. Read More »

Trump threatens to cancel all press briefings in 'fake media' tweet tirade


According to CNN's report, Comey was not the one to ask for a dinner meeting with Trump earlier this year, as the president had suggested in a Thursday interview with NBC's Lester Holt. The U.S. Senate's No. 2 Democrat, Richard Durbin, slammed the president after Friday's tweet about Comey. Meanwhile, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, Dick Durbin of IL, said Friday that Trump was "dangerous" and that "his credibility has been destroyed ". Read More »

Trumpet star Blanchard: Confederate statue removal historic

City council members approved the removal plan in December 2015, and after more than a year of court battles, removal began last month as workers removed the Liberty Place monument. An inscription extolling white supremacy was added in 1932. The PGT Beauregard monument was removed less than 24 hours after black state lawmakers walked out in protest over proposed legislation that would put the removal of military monuments to a vote. Read More »

How will Iran's presidential election impact the US?

Rouhani's strongest challenger, hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi, 56, has agreed to stick by the nuclear accord but says Rouhani put too much trust in the West. He arrested Iranian intellectuals and enforced moral policing, often by brutal means. He struck a deal with world powers in 2015 that lifted most worldwide sanctions on Iran, reconnecting it with the global financial system and opening new avenues for foreign investment, in return for curbs to Iran's disputed nuclear programme. Read More »

Sen. John Cornyn removes self from consideration for Federal Bureau of Investigation director role

Cornyn is a Texas republican and a member of the Senate Finance, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees. Cornyn told reporters that the revelation had no bearing on his decision. "Senators generally do better in confirmation hearings and you add that to the fact that Cornyn has been vetted in every way you possibly can". Comey had been leading an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election, including possible ties between Trump associates and Russian officials. Read More »

Jadhav case verdict at 3.30 pm today

Athar Khan discusses the issue with Pramit Pal Chaudhari, Madhav Nalapat, Vivek Katju, Arsalan Bhatti, GVL Narasimha Rao, Ashis Singh. Jadhav is the fourth instance of an India-Pakistan dispute being heard by the International Court, but is the first time that a hearing has taken place under the glare of the press and social media and ensuing public scrutiny. Read More »

On Jerusalem, as on Much Else, It's Trump vs. 'Deep State'

Trump has already promised Netanyahu that he would recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel's "eternal" capital. "The President is being very careful to understand how such a decision would impact a peace process", he said . President Trump faces pressure from one of his largest donors to deliver on his promise to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at the same time as he seeks to broker peace between the state and the Palestinians. Read More »

US would talk to N. Korea if missile, nuclear tests stop: Haley

In Washington, A U.S. defense official told AFP the missile fired on Sunday appeared to be a liquid-fueled KN-17, marking what appeared to be the most successful launch of such a device. South Korean officials recently said that North Korea's nuclear program is progressing at a quicker pace than expected. North Korea said the missile it had tested on Sunday was a "newly developed ballistic rocket" capable of carrying a large nuclear warhead. Read More »

Macron wins Merkel backing for bid to shake up Europe

Macron's defeat of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in a run-off vote this month was greeted with relief by pro-EU political forces rattled by a surge in populist, Euroskeptic sentiment across the continent, including last year's Brexit referendum vote approving Britain's departure from the bloc. Read More »

Achieving Mideast Peace 'Maybe Not As Difficult As People Have Thought'

Abbas reasserted the overarching goal of a Palestinian state, saying it must have its capital in East Jerusalem with borders based on pre-1967 lines. U.S. officials had said Mr Trump would press Mr Abbas to end payments to families of Palestinians in Israeli jails. He told reporters that "so far we didn't talk about a mechanism, but the contacts between us and the Americans began and will continue". Read More »

'Reform to transform' approach to build new India: Modi


However, a positive finding for the Narendra Modi government is that around 59 per cent of the citizens polled believe that the government would fulfill the promises made in the election manifesto. He said the Swachh Bharat Mission had provided opportunities for a large number of social entrepreneurs to emerge. While announcing the demonetisation exercise, Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed the note ban move a historic economic reform. Read More »

US Senator Mazie Hirono recovering after kidney surgery


In addition to having her kidney removed, she is also scheduled to have the lesion on her rib removed in June through a noninvasive, outpatient procedure that involves intensive radiation. She concluded saying, "I appreciate your support and good wishes, and look forward to getting back to the Senate to continue fighting for Hawaii as soon as possible". Read More »

Putin offers transcript of Trump meeting with Lavrov

Putin told a news conference that he would be willing to turn over notes of Trump's meeting with the Russian diplomats if the White House agreed. But make no mistake about it: Because Putin is full of games and treachery, he added that the request for said documents, which he's probably having some lackey doctor, will be released only if the Trump administration asks for them. Read More »

Putin to France's Macron: Let's 'overcome mutual mistrust'

Trump emphasized his desire to work closely with Macron in confronting shared challenges, and noted the long and robust history of cooperation between the United States and France, the White House said in a statement. "Yesterday a new French president was elected". On Monday, the chief of Macron's movement, Richard Ferrand , said it would modify its name to "Republic on the Move" so as to structure itself more like a traditional party. Read More »

Fallout over Comey memo, Trump's intel disclosures persists

Sen. Angus King (I-ME), who caucuses with Democrats, was asked by Wolf Blitzer on CNN whether we're moving closer to an impeachment. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, said simply, "It would be helpful to have less drama emanating from the White House". Read More »

UK's May Says Will Continue to Share Intel With US

But there's a catch - the transcript request has to come directly from the Trump administration. The FBI has confirmed it is investigating these links. "Until you have a charge of criminal activity - and I would certainly consider a charge by the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation a credible charge - but until that's made, you don't really have anything to justify a special prosecutor, ' Cole said". Read More »

Dem Lawmaker To Call For Trump's Impeachment This Morning On House Floor

Impeachment, or as Alexander Hamilton called it in the Federalist #65, "a method of national inquest into the conduct of public men", would be a nasty and partisan affair in the current climate. That seems unlikely in the heavily Republican-controlled chamber where the president's party holds 238 seats. He was acquitted too. On, YES shares in "Will Donald Trump be impeached in 2017?" leapt Tuesday night from 24 cents per share, and as of Wednesday morning are now hovering ... Read More »

Australia jobless rate dips to four-month low as full-time work falters


SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian wages were rising at their slowest pace on record, official data released on Wednesday showed, subduing both inflation and spending at a point when household debt has climbed to an all-time peak. "We attribute this divergence to the persistent rise in the underemployment rate, which is now tracking at all-time highs". "Ongoing record low wages growth also underlines the risk that the government won't see the doubling in wages growth it assumed in the budget over ... Read More »

Charlie Taylor to West Brom OFF


Yet the move has been thrown into doubt with Pulis claiming West Brom will pull out unless they secure a financial agreement with Leeds before the defender becomes a free agent in July. Pulis said: 'You could go to tribunal and they could put an extraordinary amount of money on it and you're stuck with it. "Charlie refused to play the game and I think he's been terribly advised in this instance". Read More »

Corbyn's security stance a headache for Labour's defence team

Corbyn said he would take a different direction, calling the US -led "war on terror" a failure. "And pandering to an erratic administration will not deliver stability". He shied away from calling himself a "pacifist", although he stated he would seek economic and diplomatic solutions to problems, with military action being the "genuine last resort". Read More »

Iran's VP withdraws from presidential race, backs Rouhani


Rouhani's agenda, dismissing his economic and political outreach to the West as being naive and risky for the ideological future of the Iranian system. Find us on Facebook too! Khamenei, Iran's final arbiter on all matters of state, intervened last week as the campaigns became more confrontational, calling on candidates to avoid "immoral" outbursts that could damage the nation. Read More »

NH pilot, mom, 2 toddlers vanish near Bermuda Triangle


The twin-engine MU-2B plane was only 37 miles east of the island of Eleuthera when it lost radio contact on Monday. But it hasn't yet been confirmed that it belongs to the missing plane, Coast Guard officials told The Post Wednesday. Aboard the flight was Jennifer Blumin , 40, and her two sons, Phineas , 4, and Theodore , 2, according to Daily Mail . Ulrich served as a Coast Guard Auxiliary pilot out of Air Station Cape Cod from 2005 to 2014. Read More »

Kapil Mishra's attacker member of BJYM, claims AAP

In a letter, Kapil told Kejriwal, "Someone told me if these details are revealed, the public won't let you stay in power for another moment". The Congress's city unit chief Ajay Maken today said the panel has unearthed many serious cases of corruption and irregularities against the Kejriwal government. Read More »

Mexico's president pledges to help protect journalists


On Monday, respected drug war chronicler Javier Valdez was killed when assailants opened fire on his auto in the Sinaloa state capital, Culiacan. Valdez Cardenas was last seen carrying his cell-phone and laptop, said fellow reporters, neither of which were found in his vehicle. Read More »

Nigeria identifies 82 freed Chibok girls; parents await word


According to Mogherini, all must be done to ensure that those responsible of their ordeal are brought to justice. Buhari said last month that the government was in talks to secure the release of the remaining captives. The president's departure followed a significant breakthrough in the long-running saga of the Chibok girls. Security sources in the town of Banki, in Borno state, said that the girls had been brought there for medical checks before being airlifted on Sunday to Maiduguri. Read More »

Billionaire Trump Donor Furious With Tillerson Over U.S. Israel Embassy

President Donald Trump is assessing whether moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would help or hurt prospects for clinching an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said , revealing Trump's criteria for a decision that could reverberate throughout the volatile Middle East. Read More »