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Trump says he has 'absolute right' to share info with Russian Federation


The disclosure is said to have occurred when the USA president met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the country's ambassador Sergey Kislyak last week in Washington . Comey, the White House originally claimed that the president was acting in response to a memo provided by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein. Mark Hertling, a national security, intelligence and terrorism analyst for CNN , said giving Russian Federation information has not historically led to them being ... Read More »

Trump claims 'absolute right' to share info with Russian Federation


McMaster, however, did not deny reports that the information Trump gave Russia's foreign minister and US ambassador about ISIS activities at a White House meeting was "highly classified" material that had been shared with the a Middle Eastern government which had not authorized its release. Read More »

Protesting AAP places 3 demands before EC over EVM row


The resolution also exhorts the EC to give access to tech-enthusiasts from time to time so that the vulnerability of EVMs is tested by experts. "The petition is challenging the use of EVMs in elections without a voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT)", the senior counsel said. Read More »

Germans head to polls in crucial state vote

The party had surged ahead of the CDU in the polls in January after former European Parliament President Martin Schulz announced his intention to be party leader. Her party's election victory in Germany's most populous state on Sunday (May 14) highlights her backing among voters as Merkel stands up for free trade, vows to hold the European Union together and fends off Trump's attacks in a conflict over defence spending. Read More »

U.S. accuses Syria of mass killings in Sednaya military prison


WASHINGTON-The Syrian regime has built a crematorium 45 minutes outside of Damascus where the US government believes they are burning the bodies of the thousands of prisoners executed inside the walls of the Saydnaya military prison, an institution nicknamed "the slaughterhouse". Read More »

Iraq forces say recaptured almost 90% of west Mosul


The leaflet dropped over Mosul also ordered civilians to immediately stop using any vehicle to avoid being mistaken for militants who have fought back against Iraqi forces with suicide auto bombs and motorcycle bombs. The large civilian population, which either chose not to leave the city or was prevented from doing so by IS also complicates the final assault in Mosul . Read More »

Merkel says she won't tell France what to do

He is now mayor of Le Havre , a port in Normandy in the north of France. Macron's presidency began with a visit to troops wounded in overseas combat-a reminder of France's large global military presence and role in fighting extremists from Syria to Africa. Read More »

Trump, in tweets, defends his sharing of information with Russians


President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed the authority to share "facts pertaining to terrorism" and airline safety with Russian Federation, saying in a pair of tweets he has "an absolute right" as president to do so. Several senators said they did not know the details of the Post report , but called the news troubling nonetheless. He did not provide details of what was said. Read More »

Iran's Rouhani says upcoming election 'historical decision'

Presidents also have tremendous influence over the economy. Some experts say Iranian establishment figures may want to keep Rouhani in power to avoid being cast back into isolation. "Who finances them?" said Mr Rouhani at another point. In the last election four years ago, Qalibaf finished second but with just 16.5 percent of the vote. Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation boss James Comey defends pre-election Clinton email announcement


Not long after their meeting, Comey publicly chastised Hillary Clinton for using a private email in a news conference that laid the groundwork for the October surprise revelation by Comey that he was looking again at her emails. Her campaign analysts suggested that the letter helped tip the scales with populations that liked Trump's promises of draining the swamp, as he kept calling the electoral system "rigged". Read More »

Massive protests erupt against relocation of 'Dharna Chowk'


CPM leader Tammineni Veerabhadram said that the police and government had at the last minute permitted protesters at the Dharna Chowk but played foul by encouraging locals in order to incite trouble. Many say it is a shame that a party which came to power with agitations is fearing such agitations and is trying to suppress them with cheap tactics like this. Read More »

Election success would give SNP mandate on Brexit talks - Nicola Sturgeon

Highlighting the section on Efta, it said: "The only real mention of other European organisations and non-EU states is in the section discussing (and dismissing) alternatives to EU membership". Meanwhile, she said the Tories "who for years have mounted ideological attacks on policies as diverse as free prescriptions and council house building have now - albeit belatedly and with little credibility - decided that they are both a good thing". Read More »

Rona Ambrose to retire from politics this summer


As first reported by iPolitics , Ambrose is expected to announce she won't stand for the Conservatives in 2019. Addressing the room at the end of her presentation, which focused on the state of the Conservative Party set to elect a new leader on May 28, Ambrose said she plans to "seek a new chapter" in her life. Read More »

Zardari says will not let Pakistan war against neighbours


He told his party workers: "Don't think how many seats we will win, just be sure, we will make the next government". He said that the PPP's efforts in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas has enabled everyone to carry out political activities in the region. Read More »

West Bengal makes Bengal mandatory in schools


Students can either choose to study English and Hindi along with options of Urdu, Gurumukhi , Nepali and Ol-chiki but Bengali will be compulsory. But now the learning of all three will have to start from Class 1. The announcement made by the Education minister clearly stated that the English medium schools must make provisions to teach Bengali as a second or third language. Read More »

North Korea claims USA 'biochemical' plot to kill Kim Jong Un


Chinese state media calls for North Korea to dismantle its nuclear program were "a wanton violation of the independent and legitimate rights, dignity and supreme interests" of North Korea and constituted 'an undisguised threat to an honest-minded neighboring country which has a long history and tradition of friendship, ' it said. Read More »

Venezuelans again shut down capital to protest government

The so-called Board of Democratic Unity (MUD, in Spanish) called a big protest on the main avenues of Caracas on Monday, despite the government's calls for dialogue. Maduro has vowed to resolve the crisis by convoking a special assembly to rewrite the nation's constitution, a proposition that has further infuriated the opposition. Read More »

Sally Yates: Russians had 'real leverage' over Michael Flynn


When asked by Cooper if she expected the administration to act quickly, Yates replied, "Yes". Yates spoke to the magazine this week, along with CNN, after testifying last week about her warning to White House officials about Flynn, who she believed had been compromised by Russian Federation and may have broken the law. Read More »

Comeys attend musical the weekend after firing

Mr Comey, who has faded from public sight in the days since his abrupt ouster, spent the afternoon at the National Theater in Washington, catching the penultimate performance there of "Fun Home". "They were wiping away the tears as they came backstage to meet the cast". "He said something to the effect of it was the best thing they could have picked for their first outing", she added. Read More »

Macron's election offers chance for more dynamism in EU - Merkel

And as Macron worked as an investment banker for Rothschild & Cie, Philippe also worked for the private sector in a law firm and as a lobbyist. Philippe will provide a counterweight to the Socialist Party legislators who have defected to REM and its "neither left nor right" cause. Read More »

Trump shared sensitive information with Russians


Trump 'revealed more information to the Russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies'. According to The Washington Post , he was doing this in an offhand, bragging way, saying, I get the best intelligence, I get great intelligence. Read More »

Pakistan army 'actively participated' in mutilation of Indian soldiers, says Arun Jaitley


The Pakistani Army denied committing any cease-fire violation along the Line of Control. Since May 1, India has called Pakistan's bluff at several levels. Even as India raised its concerns with Pakistan, the latter refused to acknowledge its involvement in the cowardly act. Using strongs words, Arun Jaitley said that Pakistani troops were complicit in the Monday brutality. Read More »

Trump revealed highly classified intel to Russians in recent meeting, officials say


Analysis of the denial by the Post said its report did not say Trump disclosed intelligence sources or methods or publicly known military operations. The Post reported after the meeting that although all visitors entering the White House were subjected to a security screening, some former intelligence officials suggested that such a screening could not detect a sophisticated device. Read More »

A ransomware attack is spreading worldwide, using alleged NSA exploit

In a blog post , the US tech giant recalled that it had published an update in March to address the weakness exploited in Friday's attacks, a security flaw exposed in documents leaked from the US National Security Agency. Earlier, Rudd said the government did not know who was behind the attack. "For so many organizations in the same day to be hit, this is unprecedented", he said. Read More »

Trump makes veiled threat against Comey, warns him not to 'leak' conversations


Furious with the news coverage of the White House's shifting explanations on Comey's sacking, Trump lashed out, suggesting the media was wrong to expect his spokespeople to be 100 percent accurate. In an interview with NBC on Thursday , Trump also revealed that he had asked Comey on three occasions whether he was personally under investigation. Read More »

Kashmir violence: two civilians killed in border clash


He said bullet-proof bunkers were inducted in forward villages which enabled shifting of 16-18 people in each ferry to base camp where buses were located for shifting to camps. This is high time that every citizen of this state irrespective of caste and religion should rise and speak in one voice against these barbaric incidences of firing by Pakistan, Vibodh added. Read More »

North Korea Sends a Message with a Medium Range Ballistic Missile Test


The U.N. Security Council late Monday expressed "utmost concern" at what it called North Korea's "highly destabilizing behavior and provocative defiance" of council resolutions demanding a halt to all nuclear-related tests. At a military parade to mark the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korea's founder, Kim Il-sung, grandfather of Kim Jong-un, mysterious new weapons were proudly on show, causing speculation that the country may have developed already an ICBM. Read More »

Dinghy carrying migrants robbed off Libyan coast


The post 200 People Die In Two Migrant Shipwrecks Off Libya Coast appeared first on Since the beginning of 2017 one person out of every 35 has died making the journey to Europe, with 75 dead in the last four days alone. "All the bodies are of female victims and there is a girl of less than one year old", said spokesman Mohanad Krima. According to the survivors, there were 120 people on board, including 30 women and nine children, ANSA said. Read More »

"Highly damaging": Former intel official weighs in on Trump report


It's worth noting that McMaster and Powell were in the room with Trump and the Russians (Tillerson had met with Russian Foreign Minster Lavrov, one of the Russians in the Oval Office, earlier in they day). And, of course, this meeting occurred just one day after the president fired the Federal Bureau of Investigation director because he didn't like the way he was looking into possible collusion with Russian Federation by his campaign. Read More »