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Iran imposes sanctions on 15 U.S. companies for alleged HR violations


The decision, which is largely symbolic because the firms do not do business with Iran, comes two days after the USA announced new sanctions on a number of foreign firms accused of collaborating with Iran's weapons programme. Under the deal, limits were put on Iran's nuclear activities in exchange for, among other things, the removal of all nuclear-related bans against the Islamic Republic. Read More »

Iraqi forces pause Mosul push over civilian casualties


AP reporters saw at least 50 bodies being recovered from the wreckage of the buildings. USA -backed offensive to drive Islamic State out of Mosul , now in its sixth month, has recaptured most of the city. The UN said it was "profoundly concerned" by the reports emerging from al-Jadida, which it described as "densely populated". As many as 600,000 citizens are thought to still be in the Old City area of Mosul . Read More »

Court Holds Japanese Government And Tepco Liable


It ordered them to pay damages ranging from 70,000 yen (£500) to 3.5 million yen (£25,000) to 62 plaintiffs, for a total of 38 million yen (£272,000). But the court found that government experts had in fact concluded in a 2002 report that there was a 20% chance of a magnitude 8.0 or greater natural disaster striking the area over the next 30 years. Read More »

Turn lights off, help make a positive difference

Now, after ten years, the Earth Hour has become the largest movement for environment across the globe. Last year, scientists recorded the Earth's hottest temperatures in modern times for the third year in a row. However you choose to celebrate Earth Hour is completely up to you, but if you do choose to turn off the lights, please make it a conscious choice. Read More »

Voters Don't Want Their Reps To Support Health Bill, Poll Finds


A mere 19 percent said they would be more likely to vote for their lawmakers under that scenario. The poll was released Thursday, just hours before a scheduled vote on the embattled bill by the full House of Representatives. Just 29 percent of all voters polled approved of Trump's handling of health-care issues, with 61 percent disapproving it. And while Trump's approval ratings are bad, 45 percent of people say he is right to support some form of repeal. Read More »

Rep. Cartwright on Health Care Vote


Basketball fans were given a dose of alternative facts as a number of pre-bought ads praising Republicans for repealing Obamacare aired on local TV stations during Friday night games. And they didn't have a plan. They didn't recognize that less than 10 percent of those with coverage get it through that part of the market. Senior Policy Analyst Ray Castro of New Jersey Policy Perspective said, "We're concerned about block granting the entire Medicaid program". Read More »

New round of Syria peace talks starts in Geneva


It will be the first time both government and opposition representatives have been present at the talks, which are created to find a political solution to a civil war that has raged for six years and claimed around 400,000 lives. United Nations is still backing the peace talks in Geneva , where sides are trying to find a common ground and ways for settling the six-year war conflict. Read More »

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath promises development for all

He has said that he has given instructions to police officials that if couples are together at a public space with mutual consent, they should not be harassed. "The government would not differentiate on the basis of caste, religion or gender". Aditya Nath also laid stress on sense of responsibility and accountibility among his ministerial colleagues. Read More »

Health care reform bill is cruelty on a massive scale


K - The nearly 3,000 for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals in the U.S. Even insurers with many customers on ACA policies now will be better off financially in the GOP bill, Gupte said . Spicer said negotiations were ongoing and Trump would meet later Thursday with the Tuesday Group, a more moderate faction of House Republicans. “This is essentially an ideal group for an insurance company, ” he said. Read More »

Why would we want to repeal the ACA?


As I said before, no proposed solution to this puzzle contains all the pieces and every solution has stiff opposition . "Congress tried to rush this disastrous bill through Congress without regard for the health and safety of older Americans and their families, and such a bill can not and should not be revived", said a statement from Justice in Aging, a nonprofit legal advocacy organization. Read More »

Pa. boy accidentally choked by family dog pulling scarf


John Bruno, of Warrington, was found Wednesday afternoon by his mother in the backyard of his house lying unconscious on the snow-covered ground. He was at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where, police say, he was placed under "heavy sedation" following what the Warrington police chief called a "tragic accident", at the child's home on Palomino Drive. Read More »

Earth Hour: Turn off your lights for the planet

Across the world, many iconic structures, buildings and sky-scrapers participate in the event as well by dimming their lights. Boulder, the 2016 US Earth Hour Capital, is part of the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Earth Hour City Challenge, a year-long challenge to encourage and recognize cities working to reduce their carbon footprint and respond to the threats of climate change. Read More »

OH shooting: 1 killed, 13 injured at Cincinnati nightclub, says police


Police are now in the process of identifying and interviewing witnesses. Neudigate described it as a "chaotic crime scene", and said they are looking for witnesses, many of whom took off when the shooting started. "Saturday night, it is a very young crowd". A spokeswoman for the department would not confirm the shooting or provide any details. Eight of the victims were taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center; one victim was in critical condition, three were in serious ... Read More »

Epic collapse of GOP health care bill puts effort into limbo


It wasn't the first time Trump has appeared somewhat distanced from the health care debate. "And that's the vehicle for tax reform". The lack of bipartisan support made passing the legislation hard, Trump said, noting the lack of any Democratic support for the measure. Read More »

President Donald Trump pulls US healthcare bill vote


Then to top it all of, Republicans took a lot longer than the next or second day of the Trump administration coming into power to even get a bill ready to vote on. Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., told reporters at the Capitol that Mulvaney's message was: "The president needs this, the president has said he wants a vote tomorrow". Read More »

White House finding new ways to throw Manafort under the bus


At least 34 Republicans have said they will vote "no," or are leaning toward voting "no", on the legislation, enough to doom the plan's passage, according to an NBC News tally. "For a lot of these guys, it really comes down to premium increases", he said. This prompted one reporter to ask Spicer on Friday why, if the votes still weren't there, they would even bother to vote. Read More »

House Republicans Delay Vote On Bill To Repeal And Replace Obamacare


But ultimately, that tactic failed to persuade skeptical members of his party. However, Ryan, who had been leading the effort on behalf of Trump, could not muster the majority 215 votes. After seven years in which repealing the Affordable Care Act was the political raison d'etre for many Republicans, the House vote to finally do so will-at best-pass a bill that has deeply divided its members and has not even been fully evaluated by the Congressional Budget Office. Read More »

New anxieties as Trump says Obamacare will 'explode'


Q - I don't get it. Rebellion among members of his own party sealed the failure of Trump's effort to repeal and replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act - known as Obamacare - the signature domestic policy achievement of Democratic former President Barack Obama. Read More »

Northwest Lawmakers React To Health Care Bill Withdrawal


Cutting off federal Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood. On Friday, he spoke of pursuing tax reform, blamed Democrats for the majority Republicans being unable to garner enough support, and suggested returning to health care when Democrats "are ready". Read More »

Lights go out in Russia's Far East for Earth Hour

The statue of Christ the Redeemer is seen after being plunged into darkness for Earth Hour . Boulder, the 2016 US Earth Hour Capital, is part of the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Earth Hour City Challenge, a year-long challenge to encourage and recognize cities working to reduce their carbon footprint and respond to the threats of climate change. Read More »

Vishwajit Rane quits as Congress MLA, decides to support Parrikar


Members of the Congress party stormed the Well raising slogans. BJP yet to decide leader in UP and Uttarakhand. He blamed the governor and said that letter to the governor is sent after the leader of the legislative party is chosen, but in the case of Goa, the governor took a premature decision in favour of the BJP. Read More »

Coalition air strike in Mosul now thought to have killed near 200


U.S. officials said there have been so many strikes - and so many allegations of civilian casualties - that it will take them time to determine whether their strikes indeed killed civilians. Iraqi Brig. Gen. Mohammed Mahmoud, Mosul's civil defense chief, told the Washington Post that the building was clearly hit by an airstrike. US -backed government troops were fighting IS forces in that area of western Mosul, the statement said. Read More »

Merkel faces first 'Schulz effect' test in German state election


Even though Saarland is home to only about 1.5 percent of Germany's electorate, it's the first test of the "Schulz effect" that's energized the SPD and lifted it back into contention for the federal election on September 24. "Take my words seriously: Every vote really does count in this election", Merkel told a party rally in the town of St. Wendel, a CDU stronghold in Saarland, on Thursday. Read More »

Victory! Trumpcare Is Dead on Arrival -- No Vote Will Take Place!


Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Chris Stewart - declined to answer whether they felt it was time to strike again or move on. I'm here to govern. In February, Kuehl joined her colleague Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas in introducing a motion that asked county departments to find ways to protect provisions under the threatened Affordable Care Act and called for financial options to be considered to continue government-subsidized health care for tens of thousands of Los Angeles County residents. Read More »

Sayyed Houthi: Saudi Aggression on Yemen A Failure


The chaos in Yemen, fueled by the Saudi campaign, has given the Takfiri al-Qaeda and Daesh terror groups room to operate in the country, further complicating the situation on the ground there. To confront Riyadh's hostile policies. "This is not to say that the Houthis are Hezbollah, but they do not need to be to achieve Iran's goals, which is to encircle the Saudis, expand its influence and power projection in the region and develop levers of unconventional pressure". Read More »

3 dead, 1 injured in Mexico prison riot


Tamaulipas, which lies below the southernmost tip of the U.S. state of Texas, is a hotbed of organised crime because of its strategic location on drug-trafficking routes to the north. One terrified motorist had his auto stolen by some of the escapees as they emerged outside the jail. They were able to make their way out of a tunnel underneath the prison. Read More »

NSCN(IM) claims on 'Greater Nagaland' denied by Centre


Muivah allegedly said that the Framework Agreement signed with the Union government on August 3, 2015 has recognised the outfits demand for integration of all Naga inhabited areas in the north eastern region in the form of Greater Nagalim. Effigies of the prime minister and the chief minister were also burnt by the people. In his statement, Muivah allegedly said, NSCN embarks upon negotiation in accordance with the mandate of the people. Read More »

Senior advocacy groups quick to applaud repeal bill failure


Or else: "I'm gonna come after you", Trump told North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, one of his fiercest foes in the Freedom Caucus opposition. Republican divisions - there was never any core agreements within the party about why they were even pursuing a health care bill or the objective of their legislation - are deeper than GOP leaders understood, and there's been no meaningful effort to resolve them. Read More »

U.S. probes Mosul airstrikes which left Iraqi civilians dead


On Friday, officials said the rules had not changed but there has been an increased use of airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. The US has acknowledged that it conducted air strikes between March 17 and 23 around the area in western Mosul where a series of explosions reduced the residential block to rubble. Read More »

Thousands of anti-Brexit protesters to march on Westminster


Another simply said "Happy Birthday EU" in a reference to this weekend's 60th anniversary of the bloc's founding, now being commemorated in Rome. A sea of blue EU flags stretched down Piccadilly and past Trafalgar Square, interspersed by signs saying "I am European" and "I'm 15 - I want my future back!" The UK will have to pay a bill of about £50 billion ($62 billion) when it leaves the European Union , Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker warned as British Prime Minister Theresa May ... Read More »

A timeline of the health care bill collapse


Earlier today, Republicans chose to ditch a plan that would've removed the individual mandate along with several other provisions in the Affordable Care Act. "They will choose something better". Jaime Herrera Beutler came out against the Obamacare repeal bill saying it didn't do enough to protect children on Medicaid. Read More »