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China's President Pledged $124 Billion For A New Silk Road

South Korea's delegation head Park Byeong-seung of the ruling Democratic Party said he had a short conversation with Kim Yong-jae, Pyongyang's minister of external economic relations, at the Belt and Road forum. The meeting has agreed to fully implement the economic development program and identified 270 deliverables, Mr Xi said. In contrast, Xi said China's Belt and Road plan would be inclusive and open to all. Read More »

Syria will never be stable as long as Assad is in power

It said most of the victims had been civilians who opposed the government, and the mass killings had been created to "crush any form of dissent within the Syrian population". "We now believe that the Syrian regime has installed a crematorium in the Sednaya prison complex which could dispose of detainees' remains with little evidence". Read More »

Australian banks lick wounds after tax hit

When news of the levy leaked on Tuesday ahead of the budget, investors wiped $14 billion from the value of banks stocks. Labor has tried to stymie the federal government's push to slash the tax rate for Australia's biggest businesses, saying the country can not afford it. Read More »

Australia and New Zealand largely escape global cyber attack

Officials and experts on Sunday urged organizations and companies to update their operating systems immediately to ensure they aren't vulnerable to a second, more powerful version of the malicious software. The WannaCry ransomware attack was a massive attack that had hit the computer systems of private companies and public organisations around the world, it said. Read More »

Who Is Kara McCullough, The New Miss USA 2017?

District of Columbia. She said it is a privilege . Kara McCullough , a physical scientist at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, was asked Sunday during the Las Vegas pageant's question-and-answer section if "affordable health care for all U.S. Read More »

Families get drawn into Kejriwal-Mishra war


In another tweet, Mishra wrote 'Sunita ji is unaware of truth. "With corruption charges haunting him badly soon we may find Kejriwal's wife succeeding him in CM office like Rabri Devi succeeded Lalu Yadav", he added. "She is just doing her duty", Mr Mishra said. Kejriwal holds no portfolios in the Delhi government, which can have a maximum of seven ministers as per Constitutional provisions. Read More »

Syria ceasefire in 4 zones to start Saturday

Turkey's foreign ministry suggested the scope was wider and would include the whole of Idlib province; parts of Latakia, Aleppo and Hama provinces; parts of Homs province; parts of Damascus and the East Ghouta region; and also parts of the southern Daraa and Quneitra provinces. Read More »

Syrian government denies US claim of crematorium at prison

But Sednaya holds as many as 70 prisoners in cells that are designed for a 5-person capacity. Jones also noted that Syria enjoys "the continuing support of its allies, Russian Federation and Iran" and the regime's brutality stands in contrast with the interests of the United States. Read More »

White House: Cyberattack has not affected US government


The Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center is keeping the US government informed about classified information concerning the investigation, he said. Health officials in Britain, where surgeries and doctors' appointments in its national health care system had been severely impacted Friday, were still having problems Monday. Read More »

Comey rejected request for loyalty from Trump months before his firing

The White House later changed its story of how the firing came about, with the President saying in an NBC interview that he planned to fire Comey no matter what Rosenstein and Sessions said. The White House initially said Comey was sacked on the recommendation of the two top officials at the Justice Department. And at this point, FBI officials are confident that the investigation is moving ahead, despite Comey's abrupt firing earlier this week . Read More »

Syrian Regime Built Crematorium Outside Damascus

The Foreign Ministry in Damascus describes the U.S. State Department accusations as "a new Hollywood plot" and "lies" that are being used to justify U.S. When asked what the Trump administration plans to do with the information, Jones said, "At this point, we are talking about this evidence and bringing it forward to the worldwide community, which we hope will put pressure on the regime to change its behavior". Read More »

Sturgeon: SNP 'vital' to protect Scotland from dangers of Tory government


On Sunday, the First Minister also appeared on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, where she faced suggestions her neck was on the line ahead of the General Election. She said an SNP victory would give the party "a clear democratic mandate to demand a place for Scotland at the top table - with our continuing place in the single market a fundamental pillar of the UK's negotiating remit". Read More »

Ernst: arming Kurds in Syria 'an enormous milestone'


But the main subject on Turkey's mind is the People's Protection Units, the military arm of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, which is the primary US proxy in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria . There are also concerns about the Kurds taking over a largely Sunni Arab city. "Erdogan was nearly completely absent during the Muslim travel ban which was very surprising - Erdogan usually has something to say about everything", said Cagaptay, referring to Trump's early attempts to ... Read More »

UN Condemns North Korea Missile Test, Vows Sanctions

North Korea's launch of a longer-range missile shows advances in its technological capabilities and offers the sternest test yet of President Donald Trump's strategy to work with China to combat the threat. In a unanimously agreed statement, the 15-member UN Security Council said it was of vital importance that North Korea show "sincere commitment to denuclearization through concrete action and stressed the importance of working to reduce tensions". Read More »

Angela Merkel's party wins vote in rivals' German heartland

After Macron's victory in France, the decisive win by Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the German industrial heartland of North Rhine-Westphalia is another setback for the populists who propelled Britain out of the European Union and Trump into the White House. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn gatecrashes Theresa May on Facebook Live


Jeremy Corbyn has called for Theresa May to debate with him live on TV - by leaving a comment on a Facebook Live interview between the Prime Minister and ITV's Robert Peston . "Do you not think the British people deserve to see me and you debate live and on television?" "I don't think people get much from politicians having a go at each other", the prime minister said. Read More »

New South Korean president in calls with China, Japan leaders

Numerous missile tests were considered failures, but experts have said Pyongyang is making faster-than-expected progress toward its stated goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could reach the US mainland. "Moon will be different from previous progressive leaders who focused on the ideology of the "one nation" identity", Hyun-Wook Kim, a professor at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy in Seoul, told Sputnik. Read More »

General election 2017: Workers' rights protections promised by Tories

The statutory right to leave to care for a family member is similar to provision that already exists in countries such as the Republic of Ireland. Mrs May, who is trying to position herself as the politician on the side of working people, will commit to increasing the National Living Wage - now £7.50 an hour - in line with average earnings until 2022. Read More »

Israel wants White House to explain U.S. official's Western Wall comment

Visiting the Wall: According to a report by Israel's Channel 2 , the USA advance team rebuffed a request from Netanyahu's team to accompany Trump while he visits the Western Wall. "It will advance it by righting a historical wrong and by shattering the Palestinian fantasy that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel", Netanyahu said. Read More »

Police warn: If you're hit by cyberattack, don't pay the ransom

Europol, the European Union's police agency, said the onslaught was at "an unprecedented level and will require a complex global investigation to identify the culprits". In Brazil, the social security system had to disconnect its computers and cancel public access. The patches won't do any good for machines that have already been hit. Read More »

Cinco de Mayo: Why is it a holiday?


People at the restaurant say the holiday has become a celebration of the Mexican culture for them. The unlikely victory of the Mexican forces at the time made the Battle of Puebla worth commemorating year after year through common traditions like parades depicting the remarkable battle. Read More »

Thousands turn out for Jeremy Corbyn rallies in West Yorkshire

Britain's opposition Labour Party will launch what it calls a "radical and responsible" manifesto on Tuesday, signalling a shift to the left to try to capitalise on voters' concerns over education and health before next month's election. The policy announcement comes after Labour's leaked manifesto pledges were found to be hugely popular with the public. The NHS is facing one of its toughest-ever financial challenges as it struggles with a growing and ageing population, and there have been ... Read More »

President Trump, please don't fire Sean Spicer


I'm sure there are some people who are disappointed. Acosta retweeted CNN Senior Producer Edward Davis, who claimed that Huckabee Sanders confirmed that rumors that the White House may be losing confidence in Spicer may have some weight. Read More »

UN Condemns North Korea's Recent Missile Tests

A South Korean army soldier walks by a TV news program showing a file image of missiles being test-launched by North Korea, at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul , South Korea, May 14, 2017. In Seoul , some citizens expressed frustration. "It underscores not only the importance of the U.S. -Japan alliance, but also U.S. -Japan-South Korea trilateral cooperation". Read More »

South Korea Spits in the Face of North Korea's New President

Within North Korea's existing operational arsenal are the Hwasong-5 and 6, Rodong, and Musudan missiles. Its state media agency, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), added further details. "I want to confirm that we are categorically against the expansion of the club of nuclear powers, including with the Korean peninsula and North Korea", said Putin, who said any such move would be " harmful and dangerous ". Read More »

China 'may back' new United Nations sanctions over North Korean missile test

Sunday's test missile flew 787 kilometers (489 miles) across North Korea and into the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, according to state media, and it appeared to have struck near the eastern coast of Russian Federation. Putin did not specify what countries he had in mind, but he has in the past repeatedly criticized the United States for military operations in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and accused it of trying to oust legitimate governments. Read More »

Trump revealed highly classified info to Russians during White House visit

The newspaper cited current and former U.S. officials who said Trump shared details about an Islamic State terror threat with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the U.S. She demanded that Congress must be given a full briefing on the extent of the damage President Trump has done in compromising highly classified code-word intelligence to the Russians. Read More »

Running Windows? How to protect against the big ransomware attack

The attack is unique, according to Europol, because it combines ransomware with a worm function, meaning once one machine is infected, the entire internal network is scanned and other vulnerable machines are infected. "We have been in touch with Microsoft and others...even they have not got any reports ", CERT-In director general Sanjay Bahl told PTI. "They can easily be thinking now, that Microsoft will bail them out if the situation is grave enough". Read More »

UN Security Council condemns North Korea missiles tests

North Korea is known to be developing both nuclear weapons - it has conducted five nuclear tests - and the missiles capable of delivering those weapons to their target. Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday the North's latest missile test was unsafe, but warned against attempts to "intimidate" Pyongyang. ICBM's are considered to have a range of about 6,000km, but analysts believe the missile tested on Sunday would have travelled about 4,000km if it had been fired at a standard ... Read More »

Tipton: New health plan protects those with pre-existing conditions

Stefanik is pro-life, she should make sure that mothers and babies have health care", said Carolyn Cyr of Thurman. This is unacceptable and unsustainable. The AHCA gives states the ability to waive certain requirements for health insurance plans located in that state. Further, even if a state chooses to seek a waiver and establish a risk-sharing program, any person who maintains continuous insurance coverage can not have the community rating provision applied to them by an insurance ... Read More »