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Trump Suggests He Could Handle Press Briefings Instead Of Sean Spicer

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has definitively said the Trump campaign did not collude in Moscow's interference with the 2016 election. Asked whether Spicer would be press secretary "tomorrow", Trump said, "Yeah, he is, sure". Trump was widely known to record some phone conversations at his office in Trump Tower during his business career, sometimes remarking to aides after a call as to whether or not he had taped that one. Read More »

Conyers and Cummings want to hear Trump's dinner tapes

The veiled threat added to the storm over Trump's abrupt firing of Comey on Tuesday. Trump stressed he wanted to get to the bottom of the issue and that his firing of Comey did not mean that he was putting an end to all investigations on the matter, though he did not believe any alleged collusion had affected the 2016 election. Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation chief 'nauseous' that he may have skewed vote


Come said, "I can't consider for a second whose political fortunes would be effected in which way we have to ask ourselves what is the right thing to do, and do that thing". Comey said he made a decision to go public with his findings from the Hillary Clinton email investigation following former President Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch . Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation chief sacking: White House denies Comey loyalty pledge


As has happened on previous occasions since Trump took office, different versions rapidly circulated of an event, in this case phone conversations between Comey and Trump and a dinner the pair had at the White House. "When James Clapper himself, and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch hunt, says there is no collusion, when does it end?" Those comments directly contradicted his own surrogates' claims that the decision followed a formal recommendation from Deputy Attorney ... Read More »

Ivory Coast hold emergency security meeting over soldiers revolt

Mutinous soldiers have now opened up access to the city, a leader of the uprising and Bouake residents said, allowing vehicles to move in and out for the first time since Friday. The government then agreed to a deal that provided amnesty for the mutineers and agreed to pay each soldier 12m CFA francs ($19,950). "We can no longer turn back", said their spokesman Sergeant Seydou Kone. Read More »

Government pushes on with company tax cuts


The budget contains an extensive infrastructure program, pledging to deliver A$75 billion infrastructure funding and financing over a decade. "I can confirm tonight that the budget is projected to return to balance in 2020-21 and remain in surplus over the medium term", Mr Morrison said. Read More »

France's new president vows to fortify EU, revamp politics


Macron arrived at the Elysee Palace earlier and walked down a red carpet. Despite historic low approval ratings, the former president tweeted after leaving the palace: "I leave a country in a much better state than I found it". His first trip overseas will take him to Berlin today to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Macron met with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo later Sunday and visited the Percy military hospital in the Paris suburb of Clamart to meet with two soldiers injured during ... Read More »

Emmanuel Macron sworn in as French president, bids farewell to Hollande


Although his victory over Le Pen was comfortable, nearly half of France's 47 million voters chose candidates with views opposed to Macron's in the first round of the election. Emmanuel Macron takes over from Francois Hollande who had been in office since 2012 and under who's tenure unemployment rate hit new lows and terror took over France. Read More »

North Korea says missile could deliver nuclear warhead


The test was meant to examine the "technical details and characteristics" of a new type of rocket "capable of carrying a powerful and big nuclear warhead", KCNA said. But the launch came only days after Moon was sworn in. Outsiders express more skepticism about North Korea's nuclear warhead claims. Moon, the first liberal leader in Seoul in almost a decade, said as he took his oath of office that he'd be willing to visit the North if the circumstances were right. Read More »

U.S. pressure dial on North Korea at 'five or six':Tillerson


Noticeably absent from Tillerson's remarks was any mention of Trump's proposal to slash the State Department's budget - or the massive personnel cuts that Tillerson is said to be considering. Over the last two decades, he said, Washington had "lost track" of whether post-Cold War alliances were still serving USA interests. But in remarks stretching to almost 40 minutes, he did not address the administration's proposed 28 percent budget cut for USA diplomacy and foreign aid, which would ... Read More »

Turkey assails United States move to arm Syria Kurds against IS


Turkey has warned the United States that its decision to arm Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State in Syria could end up hurting Washington, and accused its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally of siding with terrorists. "We expect that this mistake is to be rectified", he said, days ahead of a crunch meeting in Washington between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and United States counterpart Donald Trump . Read More »

Cyber threat could hit more people today

Britain's National Health Service , one of the largest state-run systems in the world, was also one of the most significant victims of the attack, with almost 60 of the U.K. "We've seen the extent to which the ransomware, which had its infection rates slowed down over the weekend, now mutated by the cyber crime groups behind it", Rob Wainwright, director of the European Union police agency Europol, told ITV News. Read More »

China: Xi invites all to benefit from new Silk Road schemes


Xi addressed nearly 30 leaders on the second day of a forum on his new Silk Road plan, an infrastructure project Beijing hopes will revive ancient trade routes from Asia to Europe and Africa. The " Belt and Road " project is China's biggest foreign initiative to date as Beijing looks for global stature to match its economic success. Pakistan has been a flagship country and one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the One Belt-One Road initiative, in part because many projects are for ... Read More »

World's biggest cyberattack hits 150 countries, the threat is 'escalating'

Before, Microsoft had made such fixes available only to mostly larger organisations that pay extra for extended support, yet millions of individuals and smaller businesses still had such systems. However, this is not all of the story, and the NSA is not entirely to blame for the success of the attack. Becky Pinkard, from Digital Shadows, a UK-based cyber-security firm, told AFP news agency that it would be easy for the initial attackers or "copy-cat authors" to change the virus code so it is ... Read More »

Pyongyang unveils satellite photos of Thaad in South Korea


The South Korean leader said he plans to send a special envoy to China to discuss Thaad and North Korea. Moon, South Korea's first liberal leader in a decade, faces a number of foreign policy challenges, including the threat from North Korea's nuclear and missile programs and frayed ties with China, its biggest trading partner. Read More »

Syria de-escalation zones go into effect at midnight

The Observatory said it had not recorded any deaths as a result of fighting in the four zones since midnight, but there had been some violations. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov also spoke over the phone about "efforts to de-escalate the ongoing conflict in Syria and supporting the talks in Geneva to move the political solution forward" the State Department said. Read More »

BC election exposed a polarized province

The ever-upbeat Clark tried to spin the May 9 election results in a positive light, despite the fact her party ended up the biggest loser, with a number of Liberal cabinet ministers losing their seats to the NDP. "I want to work with him, I really do, and I've tried and I've continued to try but he's got to control his temper". "I do intend to work across party lines... Read More »

U.S., China Strike Trade Deal On Beef, Poultry And Natural Gas


Aside from easing restrictions on American beef and liquefied natural gas, Thursday's agreement would lift restrictions to allow US electronic payment processors to operate in China . "Normally trade deals are denominated in multiple years, not tens of days". China continues to face serious challenges with weak enforcement of food safety laws and regulations, including problems specifically related to poultry products. Read More »

Homicidal madman turns down invitation to White House


I can not lie about it", the newspaper quoted Duterte as saying. "I can not make any definite promise", Duterte told reporters,"I'm supposed to go to Russian Federation". Duterte said Monday that his efforts to loosen the alliance were only a response to the drug war criticism. The Philippines leads ASEAN, which just released a statement indicating its most lenient stance yet on China building and arming manmade islands in the South China Sea. Read More »

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx enjoy Paris trip


According to PEOPLE .com Katie and Jamie enjoyed a few romantic days together, while Tom was working just a few blocks away on the set of his latest movie. " Jamie had a big smile on his face as they returned to their hotel and snuck in through a private entrance", the source continued . The publication suggested that their romance was "not a secret among their friends" though both Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have never openly addressed their romance. Read More »

North Korea Incites Citizens to War

The rogue regime threatened to launch a "counter-terrorist attack" against American and South Korean forces in retaliation for the alleged biochemical plot, according to Yonhap News of South Korea, the Telegraph of the United Kingdom reported . Read More »

Ransomware attack should be wake-up call for governments, says Microsoft

Colleges: Internet security firm Qihoo360 issued a " red alert " over the weekend, saying a large number of colleges and students in China had been hit by the ransomware attack. Bitcoin, the world's most-used virtual currency, allows anonymous transactions via heavily encrypted codes. Ryan Kalember, senior vice president at Proofpoint Inc., said that millions of devices could be vulnerable if they have not applied security patches over the weekend. Read More »

Cyber attack updates: Microsoft issues ransomware warning as NHS threatened

Many people in fact believe someone at NSA must have tipped Microsoft that the files had been stolen, which is how it knew it needed to push out that particular patch, said Ryan Kalember of Proofpoint, a Sunnyvale, Calif. Deutsche Bahn: The German railway company told CNNMoney that due to the attack "passenger information displays in some stations were inoperative" as were "some ticket machines". Read More »

Czech PM threatens to resign


Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka will not deliver his cabinet's resignation to the president on Thursday, but his plan to resign in mid-May still stands, government spokesman said. The second-richest Czech businessman, estimated worth almost as much as U.S. President Donald Trump, has come under fire over the legality of his use of tax-free bonds and the payment of European Union small business subsidies to a company he ultimately acquired. Read More »

Simple Ways to Improve your Relationship with Your Mom This Mother's Day


Many times it means going above and beyond to care for your children. In fact, when it comes to kids coming up with ideas, mothers are pretty easy to please. I am blessed and fortunate that she is still around so I can return a measure of her love and that she can see that her sacrifice was not in vain. "Best present ever", she said. Read More »

Moors murderer Ian Brady dies aged 79


Brady was declared criminally insane in 1985 where he was then moved to Ashworth Hospital and staged repeated hunger strikes - but now it's reported that the killer, who was caught in 1965 for the murder of five children, is close to death. Read More »

South Korea says North's claims on nuclear missile need analysis

North Korea says Sunday's launch was of a new type of "medium long-range" ballistic rocket that can carry a heavy nuclear warhead. "If a nuclear test is carried out, in its turn Japan will insist on adopting a new resolution of the UN Security Council envisaging additional sanctions", Abe stressed at the Japanese government's meeting. Read More »