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New 'Alien: Covenant' Images Include a Nasty Neomorph Chowing Down


When I visited the set of Alien: Covenant previous year, we toured the film's creature shop and one thing was very clear: this movie would feature a more traditional Xenomorph and a bunch of creepy, slimy, and hungry new friends. Alien: Covenant is set for release on May 19th and is penned by Michael Green, Jack Paglen and John Logan. Alien: Covenant also stars Katherine Waterson , Danny McBride, Amy Seimetz, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, Tess Haubrich , Nathaniel Dean and Carmen ... Read More »

Bayern report Spanish police to UEFA


Ronaldo's first 15 Champions League goals came for United - including a towering header in the victorious 2008 final against Chelsea in Moscow - before he joined Madrid in 2009 for what was then a world-record fee of €94million. Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti agreed with Vidal and said in his media conference that the referees needed video help. "In a quarter-final, you have to put a better referee, or it is the moment to introduce video refereeing, which is what UEFA are trying, because ... Read More »

How Putin meddled in US election


The documents obtained by USA intelligence from the RISS did not mention the DNC hacking, according to the officials who spoke to Reuters . The officials told Reuters that two private documents - which are in the possession of USA intelligence - revealed a framework chalked out by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies to influence the 2016 election. Read More »

Athletes, fans honor Stockholm truck attack victims


Hundreds of flower bouquets covered the steps leading down to the square next to where the truck ploughed into the Ahlens department store, with more piled up under boarded-up windows. Four people, including a British man, a Belgian woman, and two Swedes, were killed on Friday (local time ) when a stolen delivery truck crashed into crowds in central Stockholm. Read More »

Violent 'Anti-Fascist' March on Le Pen Rally Before French Election

If no candidate wins more than 50 percent of the vote on Sunday, there will be a run-off election between the two top vote-getters on May 7. Until recently, the expectation was that France would not have an electoral shock like Britain did with Brexit and the United States with the election of Mr Donald Trump. Read More »

Defense treaty covers Diaoyutai: Vice President Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence, center, visits the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on the border between North and South Korea on April 17, 2017. Pence also spoke to U.S. and South Korea business leaders in Seoul, saying that the Trump administration wants to restructure the South Korea-U.S. trade deal, known as 'Korus.' He says the trade deficit with South Korea has doubled since the deal came into effect. Read More »

On CNN, Dershowitz Slams 'Holocaust Denier' Smear of Spicer

It was a mistake to do that". "We didn't even use chemical weapons in World War II", Spicer said Tuesday in response to a question about Russia's alliance with Syria. Robert Rozett, director of libraries at Yad Vashem, said Spicer's comment implied a "profound lack of knowledge of the events of the second World War, including the Holocaust" and "are liable to strengthen the hands of those who seek to destroy history". Read More »

New test results indicate use of sarin gas in Syria

Thus, the criticism that Assad continues to launch air strikes, from the base we hit or from elsewhere, misses the point. At least 86 people, including 30 children, were killed in the chemical attack on Khan Shaykhun, a rebel-held area in north-western Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports . Read More »

UK Foreign Secretary Cancels Moscow Visit

Tillerson said he will raise the U.S.'s concerns with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The hope, he said, is that "we can navigate a political outcome in which the Syrian people, in fact, will determine Bashar al-Assad's fate and his legitimacy". Read More »

U.S. tells North Korea: We don't want a fight, don't start one


Japan is weighing a retaliatory strike capability against the North. China made a plea for a return to negotiations. The North threatened a "super-mighty preemptive strike" Thursday, warning that it could "wipe out" US forces, as well as turn USA bases and the continental US into a "pile of ashes". Read More »

United Kingdom parliament clears mid-term 'Brexit poll'

The opposition Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats welcomed May's surprise call on April 18 for the early poll, while the Scottish National Party (SNP) signaled that its deputies would abstain in the vote. He said: "I think she had little choice because so many parliamentarians have not accepted the referendum result and are seeking to reduce her ability to secure a good deal for Britain - and really I think in the hope of forcing a change of mind from the British public". Read More »

EU urges Turkey to probe referendum vote

The move comes despite protests from opposition parties and global monitoring groups - as well as Trump's own State Department - about voting irregularities during Sunday's referendum. In an address to politicians from his ruling party, he said the people had voted to switch from a parliamentary to a presidential system, adding: "The opposition should not speak after the people have spoken". Read More »

First Family attends their first Easter Egg roll


Watch Melania Trump give her husband, Donald , a little nudge to remind him to put his hand over his heart during national anthem. As the annual event got underway on the White House grounds, President Donald Trump stood beside the first lady and their son Barron on the Truman Balcony. Read More »

Rex Tillerson: U.S. Is Conducting 'Comprehensive Review' Of Iran Nuclear Deal

Tillerson said the review would not only look at Iran's compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal but also its behaviour in the region which he said undermined USA interests in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. What is the United States doing about Iran? Like the diplomats, Kirby said the administration may be looking for political cover. Obama, Kerry and others who negotiated the deal strenuously defended its terms and said the agreement made the world a safer place. Read More »

UN strongly condemns North Korean missile launch after delay


United Nations diplomats said the proposed statement had consensus from the other 14 Council members, including China, North Korea's biggest ally and a Council permanent member. "Russian Federation blocked it", Rycroft said, expressing surprise at Russia's position and noting that Pyongyang ally China had been on board with the version pushed by the USA on Wednesday. Read More »

Food and Farm-Milk Dispute story


Several U.S. dairy trade groups and legislators at the state and national levels have been pushing for the Trump Administration to take action against Canada for what they deem as protectionist policies. The debating the idea of a border tax that could hurt certain imported products - including Canadian oil, which is a leading source of America's energy supply. Read More »

University student brutally killed over alleged blasphemy allegations


Blasphemy is an extremely sensitive topic in Muslim majority Pakistan, where penalties range from small fines to the death sentence and dozens of people are on death row in the country's jails. Mardan's Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Mohammad Alam Shinwari said the 23-year-old victim died of a fatal gunshot. Khan was a resident of Swabi village and was studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the University. Read More »

Two people killed during anti-government protests in Venezuela

Crowds swelled to hundreds of thousands, including Maduro supporters who held a counter-demonstration in the capital at the urging of the president. The government last year abruptly postponed regional elections the opposition was heavily favored to win and cut off a petition drive to force a referendum seeking Maduro's removal before elections late next year. Read More »

Baby orca! Last killer whale born at SeaWorld

SeaWorld didn't immediately name the calf because the park's veterinarians had not yet determined whether it was male or female. Takara was already pregnant with the calf when the company announced it would cease breeding the animals past year. Read More »

Trump to meet Italian premier ahead of G-7 meeting in Italy

He says the United States "has, right now, enough roles, with a role everywhere". And while Europe has sought solutions to accommodate the uptick in refugees, Trump has sought to close the US' borders to refugees, particularly those from Syria, arguing that they could be a "Trojan horse". Read More »

The race to be Iran's next president kicks off

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the recent U.S. missile strike on Syria did not faze him in a recent interview with the Associated Press. "From now on, protecting the deal is one of the most important economic and political issues", he said of the nuclear deal. Ebrahim Raisi , a hard-line cleric close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has filed to run in the May presidential election. Read More »

Police officer killed, another wounded in Paris shooting


Tweeting following the attack, he said his thoughts are with the dead policeman's family and relatives of the wounded officers - adding that a national day of mourning will now be held. Emmanuel Macron, the centrist candidate that polls show has the best chance of being France's next president, said on France2 television that "the first duty of a president is to protect; this imponderable threat will be with us in coming years". Read More »

Officer, Suspect Killed in Attack in Downtown Paris


Police have not given a possible motive for the attack but a terrorism investigation has been launched. French police tweeted , "Police intervention underway in the area of the #ChampsElysees avoid the sector and follow the instructions of the police forces". Read More »

Police, protesters clash ahead of Le Pen rally

This suggests that the FX market, which has been good at predicting market volatility in recent elections, is becoming less concerned about a market-negative outcome from the French election, which may suggest that they have a degree of confidence that Le Pen won't make it to the second round on Sunday, and it could be a more euro-friendly Macron/ Fillon outcome. Read More »

Cannot be complacent about potential threat of N. Korean missiles - UK minister

The U.S. trade relationship with South Korea is "falling short", with the free-trade deal between the countries under review, Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday. "In the middle of him talking with North Korea, I'm going to hit them with currency manipulation", he said. "The US is disturbing global peace and stability and insisting on the gangster-like logic that its invasion of a sovereign state is "decisive, just and proportionate" and contributes to "defending" the worldwide order in ... Read More »

Pence avoids direct answer on North Korea sabotage

The White House Foreign Policy Adviser travelling with Mr. Pence told reporters that the type of missile that North Korea tried to fire on Sunday was medium-range, and that it exploded about 4 to 5 seconds after it was launched. Speculation that the United States may have used cyber capabilities to thwart the North Korean missile test comes at a time of escalating rhetoric between the two nations. Read More »

Tories lead over Labour reaches 24 points in latest poll

The latest poll comes after ComRes and ICM gave the Conservatives a 21 point lead, suggesting Theresa May could win a triple-digit majority at the general election on 8 June. Earlier, Mr Corbyn dismissed Mrs May's argument that she needs a fresh mandate to deliver Brexit, and said it was "extremely interesting" that she had chosen to call an election as the Crown Prosecution Service prepares to decide whether to press charges against a string of Tory MPs over allegations relating to 2015 ... Read More »

How Trump's 'Buy American' order could play out


After the trouble with H-1B visas, Indian IT professionals are being denied visas by Singapore and other countries as well, which have developed a sudden aversion to foreign workers. On Tuesday, Australia abolished a visa programme that is used by over 95,000 temporary foreign workers including Indians. This year sees sharp decline in number of American employers seeking H1B visas. Read More »

Nawaz Sharif to remain Pakistan PM, says Supreme Court


Under tight security, Pakistan's top court is to deliver a much-awaited decision on Thursday on corruption allegations against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family which could determine his political future. While 3 judges of the bench called for further investigation, 2 judges had said that PM Sharif should be disqualified. Sharif and his family have denied any wrongdoing. Read More »

Trudeau defends Canada's dairy system against Trump protectionist charge

Trump was echoing and amplifying the complaints of Wisconsin and NY governors, who say Canada's decision to create a new lower-priced, classification of milk product has frozen USA producers out of the Canadian market. "Rules, regulations, different things have changed". The "terrible" plight of American dairy farmers has captured the attention of USA politicians of all stripes as the US sector grapples with the twin difficulties of overproduction and low global prices for milk. Read More »

Tories lead in latest United Kingdom opinion poll


We will not give her a blank cheque. At the time , some Labour figures, among them Lisa Nandy, Clive Lewis and Jonathan Reynolds, argued their party should consider a similar move. The Conservatives will never do that. "Over the last seven years the Tories have broken every promise on living standards, the deficit, debt, the National Health Service and schools funding. Read More »

Pence In South Korea, Visits DMZ And US Troops


The vice president brought greetings from President Donald J. Trump and commended the troops for their vigilance "here along this historic frontier of freedom". Citing the threat posed by North Korean missiles, the US military has sent the first elements of its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system to South Korea . Read More »