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Trump Mideast envoy to leave job before peace plan released

Jason Greenblatt , a long-time lawyer for the Trump Organization who became the president's special envoy for global negotiations, announced his departure Thursday, saying he would return to the private sector in the coming weeks and spend more time with his family in New Jersey. Read More »

Putin says major Russian prisoner swap with Ukraine is close


Ukraine captured Tsemakh , accused of fighting for pro-Russian separatists, in June this year, but he is believed to be a person of interest in the downing of MH17, which was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. "I think (the swap) will be fairly big", he said in televised remarks, adding that it would be a "good step" to improve Russia's ties with Ukraine. Read More »

Big Rev-eel: Scientists un-loch mystery of Scotland’s mythical creature Nessie


The findings quickly debunked one of the most popular theories: that the Loch Ness Monster could be a reptile, or population of reptiles, which survived from the time of the dinosaurs, such as a plesiosaur. The earliest chronicles of a creature in Loch Ness are attributed to Saint Columba, who brought Christianity to Scotland in the sixth century. Professor Gemmell was philosophical about the study findings, and believed no matter what science said, there would always be belief in the ... Read More »

This is why Corbyn will not agree to a General Election…. Yet


MPs voted by a margin of 327 votes to 299 to back a bill that seeks to delay Brexit beyond October 31 unless a deal is approved by Parliament or Parliament agrees to a no-deal exit by October 19. Wales has been told there is growing opposition to an October election among Welsh Labour MPs. Political journalist Tim Shipman later posted a message from a Labour source, who said that Mr Cummings was "drunk" when he shouted at Mr Corbyn. Read More »

Facebook launches dating service in US


Matches on Facebook Dating are suggested to you, and there's no swiping. . Facebook Dating launched in the USA on Thursday and gives users the chance to "make it easier to find love through what you like", including interests, events and groups, according to a press release from the tech giant. Read More »

South Africa closes embassy in Nigeria after threats


This is because Air Peace, a Nigerian airline, volunteered to send an aircraft to South Africa to bring back Nigerians willing to return. He reminded President Ramaphosa that and the people of South Africa that their country is not an Island and the actions of South Africans is posing a serious risk to the South African investment and businesses in countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and everywhere as discontent continues to grow among our students. Read More »

Walt Disney Company donating $1 million to recovery efforts in the Bahamas


The National Weather Service warned of hurricane-strength winds, several feet of storm surges and the risk of unsafe flash flooding along much of the Florida coastline in the coming days. Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas over Labor Day weekend, as a record-breaking Category 5 Storm. Disney defended its decision to leave staff on the island Tuesday saying the hurricane shelter on its island is made of thick concrete and located inland from the coast. Read More »

Calgary ranks fifth in world’s most liveable cities


But it is not only New Delhi which has registered the biggest decline in Asia, as Mumbai too has fallen two places down since last year and is now ranked 119th on the list which is topped by Vienna (Austria) for the second consecutive year. Read More »

In new blow, Boris Johnson’s brother quits British government


Lawmakers voted 328 to 301 to take control of Parliament, clearing the way for Mr Johnson's opponents to introduce a Bill on Wednesday that would seek to prevent Britain from leaving the European Union without a deal on Oct 31. Most economists say a no-deal Brexit would cause severe economic disruption and plunge the United Kingdom into recession. "That's the truth of it". Read More »

Conservatives lose majority as Phillip Lee joins Lib Dems

Conservative MP Philip Lee shifted to the Liberal Democrats and took his seat on the opposition benches as Johnson addressed the House of Commons, the BBC reported. Party leader Jo Swinson said she was "delighted" to welcome Dr Lee, adding: "He shares our commitment to prevent a disastrous No Deal Brexit, and to stop Brexit altogether". Read More »

Boris Johnson puts forward last gasp General Election vote for Monday

Former justice secretary David Gauke, one of those who lost the whip for rebelling against the Government this week, said Jo Johnson's decision to resign was a "big loss". McDonnell said the party was consulting over the next few days about when the best time to hold the election would be. "The obvious conclusion, I'm afraid, is that he does not think he will win". Read More »

British MPs Reject Boris Johnson's Call For Early Elections, Brexit Plan

Events have spiraled out of his control. "He said only two days ago that he would support an election and now Parliament, having passed a Bill that destroys the ability of Government to negotiate, is he now going to say that the public can't be allowed an election to decide which of us sorts out this mess?" The first minister said he was "instinctively not attracted" to electoral pacts, saying "people who want to vote for the Labour Party can know that there will be a Labour Party ... Read More »

Boris Johnson Loses Parliamentary Majority Ahead of Crucial Brexit Vote


The government's closed-door meetings with rebel MPs and open ultimatum failed to change the situation on the ground in the government's favor as the parliament returns on Tuesday after summer recess. Lee, a pro-European, crossed the floor of the house as Johnson was delivering a statement on the recent G7 leaders summit in France. Johnson, who succeeded Theresa May as Prime Minister in July this year, had a working majority of just one in the 650-member House of Commons, but even lost ... Read More »

Iran oil tanker pursued by U.S. turns off tracker near Syria


Iran's President Hassan Rohani has ruled out bilateral talks with the United States , though the removal of sanctions against it would allow for multilateral talks including those who signed a nuclear accord in 2015. Trump's withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and Western powers and the imposition of heavy economic sanctions on Iran have blocked it from selling its crude oil overseas, a crucial source of government funding for the Islamic Republic. Read More »

Boris Johnson urged to apologise for Muslim women 'letterboxes' article

Members of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom applauded Labour party MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi after he criticised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his derogatory and racist remarks. The article triggered widespread condemnation in Britain, where there has been a spike in hate crimes against Muslims. Footage of Dhesi's remarks were hailed by supporters. Read More »

"Deplorable": UK Foreign Secretary On Protests Outside Indian Embassy


They have fought two wars over the region and their forces regularly trade fire across a 740-km (466 mile) Line of Control, which is the de facto border. Pakistan has sought the support of the United States, former colonial power Britain and others to press India over Kashmir but India has ruled out any outside involvement in the issue. Read More »

Baby found in American's luggage at Manila airport


An American woman was taken into custody early yesterday morning at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( Naia ) after the authorities found a baby inside her luggage. The child did not have identification, and its nationality was not immediately known. When questioned about the infant, the woman said she was the child's aunty. Read More »

UK PM Boris Johnson’s Tory government loses majority in Parliament


The British government has officially lost its working majority in the United Kingdom parliament after Tory MP Phillip Lee quit to join the Liberal Democrats, delivering a hammer blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson . Most of the rebels back Brexit in principle, but won't allow Johnson to leave without a deal. Yet, as Leave and Remain supporters become even more entrenched, they need to remember that this turmoil is doing absolutely nothing to ease the anxiety of all those workers on low ... Read More »

U.S. Blacklists Iran Oil Shipping Network Over Alleged Syria Sanctions Breach


Iran has been gradually reducing its compliance with the 2015 agreement in a bid to pressure European countries to compensate it for the severe damage done to its economy by multiple rounds of USA sanctions. The State Department was offering the money to sail the ship to "a country that would impound the vessel on behalf of the U.S". The Adrian Darya 1 was held for six weeks by the British overseas territory of Gibraltar on suspicion that it was set to deliver oil from Iran to its main ... Read More »

Iran rules out direct USA talks


France has since been trying to convince the offer Iran some sort of relief from sanctions it has reimposed on the Islamic republic since its pullout. sanctions by extending credit to Tehran. Britain, France and Germany , parties to a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran along with the United States, China and Russian Federation, are determined to show they can compensate for last year's USA withdrawal, salvage trade promised to Iran under the accord and still prevent Tehran from ... Read More »

Downing Street dog moves in with United Kingdom prime minister


The rescue dog came from the Friends of Animals Wales charity, which said the "gorgeous pup will be living his best life with Carrie and the Prime Minister at their Downing Street home". The dog's adoption came in after England made a decision to bestir Lucy's Law by next year which sets a ban on puppy farms . The clampdown targets third-party pet sellers who breed canine usually in terrible situations in massive agricultural sheds after which promote them to pet retailers. Read More »

Trump Says Not Worried For Boris Johnson: "He Knows How To Win"


The defeat in the House of Commons saw Johnson's Tory government fail to reach the 434 threshold required with only 298 MPs supporting the early election motion and 56 lawmakers voting against it. In a freaky twist MPs approved an amendment resurrecting Theresa May's Brexit deal - possibly by accident. The Prime Minister added: "By contrast, everyone will know that if I am Prime Minister, I will go to Brussels, I will go for a deal and get a deal but if they won't do a deal we will ... Read More »

Johnson seeks election as United Kingdom lawmakers deal him another blow

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the Bill must be passed through the Lords and have received Royal Assent before he would entertain the thought of heading to the polls. The Bill was tabled yesterday morning after MPs voted on Tuesday night to seize control of the Commons agenda from the Government and - in a radical departure from normal proceedings - debated all its stages in one day. Read More »

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong leader, withdraws extradition bill


The next few weeks will tell whether Lam - and her backers in Beijing - bet correctly that relenting on one key demand would deflate a protest movement that has only gotten more violent. As part of the "one country, two systems" agreement made when the British ceded control of the city in 1997, Hong Kong was meant to retain autonomy for fifty years or until 2047. Read More »

Victim in Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner's Sexual Assault Case Reveals Her Identity


Her struggles with shame and isolation provide a microcosm into the oppression that sexual assault victims - even those with supposedly "perfect" cases - experience, it says. "Her story illuminates a culture biased to protect perpetrators, indicts a criminal justice system created to fail the most vulnerable, and, ultimately, shines with the courage required to move through suffering and live a full and handsome life", the publisher's summary says . Read More »

Trump Presented A Fake Hurricane Dorian Forecast To Protect His Ego


It was supposed to go - actually we have a better map than that which is going to be presented where we had many lines going directly, many models, each line being a model, going directly through. U.S. President Donald Trump isn't giving up on the dubious idea that Alabama faced a serious threat from Hurricane Dorian - something meteorologists refuted after he said it on the weekend. Read More »

'All I can smell is fish': Vegan sues neighbour over barbecue use


According to Australia's Nine News , Cilla Carden took the case against her next-door neighbours to the Supreme Court of Western Australia in late 2018. "Don't let Cilla destroy a good old Aussie tradition, join us for a community BBQ, and help Cilla Carden GET SOME PORK ON HER FORK", the event description reads . Read More »

Johnson faces calls to apologise for Muslim ‘letterbox’ comments

His impassioned plea was met with a highly unusual round of applause in Parliament. The new British leader wrote a column past year in which he said it was ridiculous that women should resemble bank robbers or letter boxes. Monitoring group Tell MAMA [Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks] had unveiled research earlier this week which claimed that Islamophobic incidents rose by 375 per cent in the week after Johnson's references to the burqa as "oppressive" in the newspaper column. Read More »

Horse joins owner on flight from Chicago as service animal


The horse is named "Flirty ". Miniature horses are actually the only alternative species to dogs used as trained service animals allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Hensley told KMTV-3 that she has only had run-ins with people who didn't understand her situation a few times, including some where she was kicked out of stores. Read More »

Stocks Decline On US-China Trade Escalations And Weak Manufacturing Data


Still, stocks fell as investors turned pessimistic that any resolution will be forthcoming in the near future, even as negotiators from the US and China are supposed to meet in September to continue trade talks. -China trade war is weighing on manufacturers around the globe as they battle a steady increase in trade barriers between the world's two largest economies. Read More »

Britain's Boris Johnson Proposes Early Election On October 15


The government has scheduled a vote on an election after about 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday. "Let there be no doubt about the consequences of this vote tonight. That said, even if the government follows through with the request, it doesn't necessarily mean that a no-deal Brexit is averted. "I welcome tonight's vote". Read More »

UK: British PM Boris Johnson loses parliamentary majority ahead of Brexit vote


To call an election under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, Mr Johnson would need support from Labour as he requires the backing of two-thirds of the UK's 650 MPs. Several, including Soames, said they would not stand at the next election. "It is using political manipulation, bullying and lies ". In a moment of high-drama in the House of Commons, Lee crossed the floor while Prime Minister Boris Johnson was delivering a statement on the recent G7 summit. Read More »

UK's Johnson faces new Brexit battle after stinging defeat

Johnson versus Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons. The catch here is that Johnson would prefer not to set a date on the election so he could possibly look to shift it beyond 31 October - after Brexit is achieved - but he may not have much choice if he can't garner the needed two-thirds majority. Read More »