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Middle Section Of Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Near Big Sur Demolished


Using a giant jackhammer attached to a front loader, workers drilled down from the top of the bridge until it broke apart. Work on the new bridge is expected to start next week. Heavy rain damaged the bridge beyond fix, stranding more than 400 residents on one side. A steel structure replacement could be rebuilt in as little as six months, according to Caltrans. Read More »

Arizona-based Border Patrol agent convicted of bribery, drug trafficking


Juan Pimentel pleaded guilty to smuggling 50 kilograms of a substance he thought was cocaine from Arizona to Chicago in 2015. U.S. Judge Ranier Collins sentenced Pimental to 160 months in prison and five years of supervised release. Attorney's Office. His bribery conviction stemmed from an incident on February 13, 2015 in which he received cash for distributing license plate information obtained from a police database. Read More »

Iraqi prime minister joins Trump for meeting focusing on IS


Top officials from the 68-nation coalition fighting the Islamic State group are looking to increase pressure on the group as USA -backed forces move closer to retaking Mosul. At the forum, Abadi called for more financial contributions from the global community. According to al-Abidi, Iraq's forces "are at the last stage of liberating" the city of Mosul and its province from fighters of the IS, or ISIS. Read More »

Officials Claim Electronics Ban Not Prompted By Specific Threat


A USA official stated on Wednesday morning that it was made a decision to ban electronic devices larger than a cellphone on flights departing from certain countries after new intelligence was obtained. John Katko of NY told CNN . The U.S. government has been concerned about explosives being hidden in electronic devices for some time. Sources say it's a reaction to intelligence gained in Yemen and that Al Qaeda has been working on bombs that use little to no metal. Read More »

Global Positioning System devices 'switch off' part of the brain


A University College London team took 24 volunteers on a two-hour walking tour of Soho, then asked them to "drive" a computer-simulated vehicle through the area's narrow streets the following day. The experiment also helps scientists compare the ease with which one can navigate various street networks of major cities around the world. And that, as any London taxi driver will tell you, is the whole goal of the Knowledge . Read More »

Trump Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch faces Senate hearing

She said she was "deeply disappointed that it is under these circumstances that we begin this hearing". Dianne Feinstein said in her opening remarks as the top Democrat on the committee. But I want to say one thing based on what we've seen so far. In a lighter exchange with Gorsuch, Graham praised Trump's choice. But when his turn finally came to speak, he pledged to remain "independent" and delivered a message of unity - the smoothness of which likely left Republicans smiling. Read More »

Upgrades coming to Brooklyn Bridge this year, mayor says


He gave the green light to more than a dozen projects like the Fifth Avenue bike lanes that are part of his "Vision Zero" plan, a citywide project working to lower traffic accidents and fatalities. The city has received about $100 million in federal funding for Vision Zero projects in the past three years through the U.S. Department of Transportation's programs like New Starts and TIGER grants. Read More »

Gorsuch: Trump believed he could've won Colorado with more time

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday that colleagues were unimpressed by Gorsuch's committee performance because of his unwillingness to answer substantive questions. What does one have to do with the other? On another contentious case, Gorsuch, who has spent 10 years on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, defended his vote in favor of the ability of the Hobby Lobby craft stores to assert religious objections to paying for contraception for women covered under ... Read More »

Ajmer Dargah blast: Two RSS members sentenced to life imprisonment


Indian news reports said two of the convicts were former preachers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or National Volunteer Corps, a Hindu group that has always been accused of stoking religious hatred against Muslims. The dargah was packed to capacity with about 5,000 devotees when the blast occurred at the time of Iftaar (breaking of fast). Rajasthan ATS was first asked to investigate the case, which was later transferred to the NIA. Read More »

Gorsuch Defends His 'Unkind' Opinion In So-Called Frozen Trucker Case


Gorsuch, and the room, erupted into laughter. "The law as written said that he would be protected if he refused to operate and I think by any plain understanding he operated the vehicle", Gorsuch said Tuesday, when asked about the case. Mr. Sasse said he tries not to kick things off by taking sides, but that Judge Gorsuch's nomination would ultimately hinge on what Democrats decide to do. Read More »

Portuguese PM leads calls for Dijsselbloem to quit over 'xenophobic' remarks

I can't spend all my money on booze and women and then ask you for your support. Dijsselbloem refused to apologise late on Tuesday. "Europe will only be credible as a common project on the day when Mr. "I think that people like Dijsselbloem, who also belongs to the European Socialist party even if perhaps he didn't realize it, doesn't deserve to hold the position he now holds", Renzi wrote on Facebook , adding that the Dutchman's resignation would also be good "for the credibility of the ... Read More »

Ivanka Trump gets White House office


Ivanka Trump is one of her father's closest advisors. Some say the suit rests on questionable legal grounds in that Modern Appealing Clothing is an independent multi-label boutique, not a standalone brand and therefore not a direct competitor of Ivanka's company, according to Refinery29 . Read More »

'Intruder arrested' at the White House


Secret Service also said he did not have a history of arrest. Trump was in residence-and the intruder allegedly told Secret Service officers who arrested him, "I jumped the fence", CNN has reported . The Secret Service did not identify the individual. April 2016: Intruder throws backpack over outer fence and scales it. "But Secret Service was fantastic". Read More »

Keane's plan to tackle Wales threat: nail Bale . . . fairly

However, Keane believes his players should relish the challenge presented by the Real Madrid star and show they can mix it with the best. Roy Keane has admitted working out a plan to stop "brilliant" Wales dangerman Gareth Bale will be easier said than done. Read More »

The Queen sends message of condolence to the widow of Martin McGuinness

Gerry Murphy, Northern Secretary of the Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO), took the decision to defer the action as a mark of respect and recognition of Mr McGuinness's contribution to education. "Martin, as we all know, was a very passionate Irish republican". Later, as Northern Ireland's deputy first minister, McGuinness decried dissident republicans as "traitors to the island of Ireland", a remarkable comment from a one-time IRA chief. Read More »

Firearms incident reported near UK Houses of Parliament


MPs and journalists were told to stay in their offices as the incident unfolded in the street outside. Social media users said they heard noises "like gunfire" at Westminster. "I saw people running past the entrance to the New Palace Yard entrance to Parliament, and then at least one person try to run into the Yard itself". Read More »

President Santos' Campaign Money Questioned


Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos publicly apologized for recent declarations that the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, involved a worldwide corruption scheme, illegally gave money to his presidential campaign. The funding scandal will remind Colombians of cash paid to the 1994 campaign of former President Ernesto Samper by the Cali drug cartel. Santos's 2014 rival is also facing investigation by electoral authorities for allegedly receiving Odebrecht money. Read More »

White House says underfire Trump campaign chair had 'very


It is normal, even routine, for presidents to indulge in weekend recreation out of sight of the news media. President Barack Obama played golf frequently when the weather and his schedule permitted. A president's golf play is far from controversial: In fact, it's the most common pastime of the country's leaders. It's a little late for Trump and his allies to argue that presidential golf is meaningless trivia, given that Trump himself spent months telling Americans that this was a credible ... Read More »

Nigeria is the 95th Happiest Nation in the World & 6th in Africa


Because this report is about a subject as vague as "happiness" and people are not good at parsing the credibility of social science, it is nearly certain that those in power will use it to advance a prescriptive agenda that is diametrically opposite from the one described above. Read More »

EasyJet bans large electronics on flights from Turkey and Egypt

A similar ban's been announced in the US. This means the UK has not included four countries in its ban - Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates - which are covered by the US. Royal Jordanian said all such devices - including laptops, tablets, cameras, DVD players and electronic games - would need to be checked in under new U.S. Read More »

'Beijing and U.S. must cooperate'


To underscore the uncertainties ahead of the meeting, just hours before his arrival in China, Tillerson said military action against North Korea was an option (something bound to irritate Xi) and yet at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing he cordially brushed aside such hard talk and called for cooler heads on the issue of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme. Read More »

Former asylum seeker guilty of 'twisted' double murder of elderly Suffolk couple


Despite following up hundreds of lines of enquiry, police have been unable to locate Mrs Stuart, 69, but prosecutor Karim Khalil QC told the trial there was "compelling evidence" that she too had been murdered by Qazimaj. It also contained a number of hairs from Mrs Stuart in the boot and traces of Mr Stuart's blood. The court heard that Qazimaj had been a carer for Steven Paxman's father Sidney Paxman and had allegedly been told by him that Mr and Mrs Stuart were millionaires. Read More »

Bus and vehicle crash near Te Anau


The Te Anau Fire Brigade was battling the fire. Fire Service southern communications centre shift manager Riwai Grace said both vehicles were "fully involved". The bus was travelling between Queenstown and Milford Sound and was returning to Queenstown at the time of the crash, he said. Several of these occupants required first aid at the scene and later at a local medical centre. Read More »

3-year-old girl meets Pope, then steals his hat


But it's not often the leader of the global Catholic church actually gets the hat stolen off his head. Estella was accompanied by her godfather who posted the video on Twitter. Dressed in full Papal attire, the infant named Quinn Madden had the Pope in splits when he saw him in the crowd. To be fair to His Holiness, he kept his sense of humour and laughed as adults around her scrabbled to return the hat. Read More »

Stormont pays tribute to Martin McGuinness

He received support from others who wrote McGuinness was a "true legend of a man" and "a great Irishman, if not the greatest ever". For the first time in its history, Northern Ireland no longer has a unionist majority. This single picture epitomised the changes in Northern Ireland. The former Ukip leader agreed that McGuinness had played a significant role in the peace process but said it was not right to ignore his past, adding he had never heard the former IRA leader "apologise". Read More »

Would Bernie Sanders Have Won? Poll Shows Senator More Popular Than Trump


Still, the CBO said effects on healthcare coverage would be felt nearly instantly, with the initial drop-off in care occurring after Obamacare gets repealed by Congress. "Yet", Timm continued, "instead of embracing his message, the establishment wing of the party continues to resist him at nearly every turn, and they seem insistent that they don't have to change their ways to gain back the support of huge swaths of the country". Read More »

Malaysians among top 50 happiest nationalities in the world


What have we got to be unhappy about? The rankings use averages of the last three years of surveys. "The material can stand in the way of the human". "There are also considerable inequalities in life evaluations in African countries, and this inequality in happiness has increased over the past years". Read More »

India to take on Cambodia ahead of AFC Asian Cup qualifiers


Both the teams will approach the game with seriousness, as it's their last competitive outing before kicking off their respective qualifying campaigns for the AFC Asian Cup in 2019. "There are four-five players who are carrying slight niggles so I haven't yet decided on the starting XI. Let me see what suits us best", the Coach stated. Read More »

Emmanuel Macron seen as winning first televised presidential debate


She is pledging to take France out of the euro and hold a referendum on European Union membership. The debate, which has been seen as a key opportunity for candidates to differentiate themselves in the election where almost 40 per cent of voters are undecided, lasted three hours and overran by 50 minutes. Read More »

Savills reports 'resilient' United Kingdom home sales despite Brexit jitters


The firm said revenues were £1.45bn in 2016, up from £1.28bn the year before. Savills attributed this to improved Investment Management performance and the benefit of business development activity in recent years. Peel Hunt analyst Clyde Lewis said: "The group has indicated that 2017 has started well and has a pipeline of work carried over from 2016, which we believe means there will be at least a 7-9% upgrade to consensus estimates even if Brexit and Trump concerns remain". Read More »

Woman tried to cross border, pot hidden inside her body


Officers said the vehicle the woman was in had a strong odor of marijuana. She was transported to a local medical facility for an examination which revealed that she was carrying approximately 13 grams of marijuana. "This seizure illustrates the great lengths that people will go through in an attempt to import contraband into the United States undetected", said Pembina Area Port Director Jason Schmelz. Read More »

Maxine Waters: 'Get Ready for Impeachment'


The tweet comes one day after FBI Director James Comey's testimony at the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia's influence on the 2016 election. "The House Intel Republicans' exclusive focus...on the leaks and not on the Russian cyberattacks...more in line with President Trump's incendiary tweets than the actual intelligence the members received from the public servants charged with ensuring our national security". Read More »

Targeted Mover: Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP)


Finally, ARP Americas LLC acquired a new position in shares of Avon Products during the fourth quarter worth approximately $111,000. Avon Products, Inc is a manufacturer and marketer of beauty and related products. Looking forward, the company is expected to report earnings of $0 per share for the current quarter. The stock gained a consensus recommendation of 2.33 on Zacks Investment Research where the scale runs from 1 to 5, 1 representing Strong buy and 5 showing Strong Sell. Read More »