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Asks Donald Trump To Stay In The Paris Agreement

Before taking office, President Donald Trump pledged to cancel a deal signed by almost 200 countries in Paris in 2015, which aims to limit rising temperatures by phasing out use of fossil fuels. "He told him [Mr Trump] that he will protect what was made in Paris", she said. What: The Peoples Climate Movement will flood the lobby of Trump Hotel early in the morning with a massive wake-up call to the president. Read More »

U.S. intel chiefs express doubts about Kaspersky security software

The CEO of Russia-based global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab defended his company Thursday as the heads of six us intelligence agencies testified on Capitol Hill that they have treated the company as a threat. Nonetheless, it appears that the faith that U.S. officials have in the company has wavered. However, if there is any reason that you do not trust the publisher of any software installed on your computer, you should remove that software by following the manufacturer's published ... Read More »

5 moments Donald Trump and James Comey were at odds


But the president contradicted that statement on Thursday, saying that he would have fired Comey regardless of Rosenstein's recommendation. Asked whether he agreed that Comey was "showboat", Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) called him "one of the most ethical, upright, straightforward individuals I've had the opportunity to work with". Read More »

Texas votes to give immigration lockups child care licenses

Legislators must still take a final vote on the bill . In a Washington Postessay titled,"Texas school officials don't understand transgender athletes", trans writer Katelyn Burns says there are alternatives to politicians and leagues trying to control trans athletes with misguided regulations. Read More »

US To Arm Kurds In Syria, Despite Turkish Opposition


The retaking of Tabqa comes shortly after the United States announced that it would arm Syrian Kurdish fighters as they pushed to recapture Raqqa despite boisterous opposition from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey, the AP reported. Read More »

South Korean President Moon Jae In scraps state-issued history textbooks


Meanwhile, Moon also spoke over the telephone with Chinese President Xi Jinping for about 40 minutes and urged him to help in dealing with the North Korean nuclear menace. The UN Mission said the Ministry of State Security has declared a "Korean-style anti-terrorist offensive will be commenced to mop up the intelligence and plot-breeding organisations of the US and South Korea". Read More »

Nepal, China to ink deal on OBOR today

Currently, more than 100 countries and global organizations have voiced their support for the Belt and Road Initiative, among which more than 40 have signed cooperation agreements with China. China's economy is almost five times the size of India's. South Korea launched its "Eurasia Initiative" in 2013 to develop rail, trade and energy links across the two Koreas and Russian Federation to Europe. Read More »

Council leader-elects back our fake news fight

You would have thought politicians would have made the eradication of these hoax story sites a top priority, demanding that the global internet and social media giants must be made responsible for what they transmit. We will be hosting Q&A sessions on Twitter and our website throughout the day. Journalists will answer your questions about the paper, as well as streaming any breaking news on Facebook Live. Read More »

North Korea lashes out at U.S. over United Nations push to enforce sanctions

A statement Thursday from the mission said a "Korean-style anti-terrorist offensive will be commenced to mop up the intelligence and plot-breeding organizations of the USA and South Korea". The CIA and the White House declined to comment on the statement from the North's Ministry of State Security last week. And Pyongyang's statements that it needs nuclear weapons to survive suggest Kim "does not intend to negotiate them away at any price", Coats added at a Senate intelligence hearing on ... Read More »

Comey, Trump, and the GOP

Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday , "the president will be meeting with Acting Director [Andrew] McCabe later today to discuss that very thing - the morale at the Federal Bureau of Investigation - as well as make an offer to go directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation if he feels that that's necessary and appropriate". Read More »

New Moon over South Korea may doom US THAAD anti-missile system

Moon, a liberal who favors dialogue with North Korea, won South Korea's elections on Wednesday, replacing impeached President Park Geun-hye. In the 25-minute conversation, the two leaders agreed to meet in the near future and cooperate closely in dealing with North Korea's nuclear and missile threats, Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Yoon Young-chan told reporters. Read More »

Former Rep. Corrine Brown Found Guilty in Charity Scam

She watched the judge read each verdict with no visible reaction. "She later left the courthouse holding onto the arm of a companion, surrounded by dozens of reporters", reported the Orlando Sentinel . Former Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown was found guilty of fraud. After the Florida Supreme Court redrew the lines past year after a lawsuit, she went on to lose her reelection campaign in the primary to Al Lawson. Read More »

Turkey to extradite top Australian IS recruiter 'within months': PM


The Australian government wrongly reported previous year, based on U.S. intelligence, that Prakash had been killed in an airstrike in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. He is also said to have been in touch with Numan Haider , the 18-year-old who was killed after stabbing two police officers in Melbourne in 2014. However several government sources told AAP Australia was still working with Turkish authorities and no had indications that a timeframe for the extradition had been given. Read More »

Trump threatens to cancel briefings for 'sake of accuracy'


In his latest tweet storm Friday morning, the president threatened to "cancel all future press briefings" - suggesting instead to "hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy". But in the NBC interview, Trump contracted that as well, telling Holt that Comey's firing may "lengthen out the investigation". "And no one is immune from whatever he believes to be true in the moment", she said. Read More »

South Korea's President Is Firm on Denuclearization

The problem is, they pretty much never are. Trump said the relationship is not simply good, but great, and that their two presidential election victories should be celebrated together, according to the report. Washington has asserted that all options are open in dealing with the North Korean imbroglio, including the use of force. North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests and test-fired almost 30 missiles since a year ago. Read More »

Analyzing The Spoken And Unspoken At Today's Trump-Abbas Press Conference

President, it's about time for Israel to end its occupation of our people and of our land", Abbas said, referring to the Palestinian territories in the West Bank under Israeli control. WASHINGTON (NBC) - On the heels of the 62nd anniversary of Israel's independence, President Trump is set to take a meeting Wednesday with the Palestinian Leader. Read More »

President Trump Says Michael Flynn Is 'a Very Good Person'


The panel investigating the alleged interference by Russian Federation in the USA election has issued a subpoena to Trump's former security adviser Michael Flynn . Yates earlier this week testified that she warned White House officials Flynn that could be "blackmailed by the Russians" due to his conversations. Read More »

Trump, South Korea's Moon agree to cooperate on North Korea

South Korea might see a sharp departure from recent policy under Mr Moon, who favours closer ties with North Korea. "President Moon accepted the invitation", the White House said. Moon has understood that the only way to resolve crisis on the Korean peninsular is by talking, said Nillson-Wright. That said, it is not clear that Seoul and Beijing can immediately get on the same page and put bad blood behind them. Read More »

Trump lawyers push back against Russia ties in letter


The White House says that it asked for a letter reviewing Mr Trump's tax returns following a request from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who is leading a congressional committee investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. Under U.S. tax law, not all financial ties would be required to be reported on a personal tax return. They've said that Trump should release his returns voluntarily and that it's not against the law for Trump to keep them private. Read More »

North Korea demands handover of suspects in assassination plot

The agency said a veteran CIA operations officer was chosen to head the mission center as its assistant director. " Creating the Korea Mission Center allows us to more purposefully integrate and direct CIA efforts against the serious threats to the United States and its allies emanating from North Korea ", CIA Director Mike Pompeo was quoted as saying. Read More »

China says it tested new missile in north-eastern Bohai Sea

A statement by the Chinese defence ministry yesterday said that Chinese rocket forces tested a new type of missile in the Bohai Sea. It's unclear when exactly the test occurred, but Taiwan's Central News Agency reported it took place in the Bohai Sea, situated inside the Yellow Sea to the northeast of the mainland. Read More »

Can Nigeria's Chibok girls ever be truly free?


Ms Alhassan said they travelled to Chibok for Christmas but upon their return to the capital said they were scared to go back to their community. On the previously released 21 Chibok girls, she said the girls were reunited with their families within one week of their return in October 2016. Read More »

Mugabe in Singapore for eye treatment, spokesman says


George Charamba was quoted by the state-owned Herald newspaper as saying that Mr Mugabe travels regularly to Singapore to receive specialised treatment for an eye condition. "The president goes to Singapore for a very specific problem which has to do with the level of sophistication of medical skills that we have developed", the spokesman said, adding that such an arrangement wasn't unusual for a head of state and that Mugabe's regular physician was a black Zimbabwean. Read More »

Hope for improved China, South Korea relations after leaders speak

He also said he would give software startups a probation period for the payment of corporate taxes. "I, too, aim to find a way to begin talks quickly between North and South Korea as well as the six-party talks", Moon said, referring to talks aimed at denuclearising North Korea involving the United States, China, Japan, Russia and the two Koreas. Read More »

North Korea sends rare letter of protest over new USA sanctions


The bill targets North Korea's shipping industry and use of slave labor. North Korea resumed its encrypted numbers broadcasts, a Cold War-era campaign to send coded messages to its agents in South Korea, in June past year. North Korea said US and South Korean agents bribed and coerced a North Korean man into joining the plot which was foiled by its state security ministry. Read More »

Puerto Rico requests bankruptcy protection for public debt


The case will not be formally called bankruptcy, since Puerto Rico is barred from using Chapter 9 proceedings used by insolvent local governments in the US. Many economists anticipated the island's move Wednesday to seek a bankruptcy-like process amid a 10-year recession, but no one can predict what lies ahead. Read More »

AP Analysis: S. Korea's Moon floats summit; will North bite?

The U.S. also moved its THAAD missile defense system to a deployment site in South Korea last month in preparation for a potential North Korean attack. The North also said "a guy surnamed Han" taught Kim how to enlist accomplices. It reiterated the government's determination "to hunt down and mercilessly smash every single one of the terrorist maniacs of the CIA and the South Korean" Intelligence Service. Read More »

Chibok Girls A long road to recovery from Boko Haram's camp

It is being reported that the girls were handed over on Saturday in exchange for five Boko Haram suspects after negotiations - a deal which has been criticised by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi. We want to assure Nigerians that the army and the Nigerian government won't relent until this battle is won", Usman said. On the other 21 girls released before now, the Minister said they will be returning back to school in September alongside the recently released ... Read More »

Trump says he was always going to fire Federal Bureau of Investigation director


Lynch when the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton's emails. Thursday: "He had already made that decision". "When I did this now I said, 'I probably, maybe will confuse people, maybe I'll expand that, you know, lengthen the time , ' because it should be over with, in my opinion, should have been over with a long time ago, 'cause all it is, is an excuse, " he said. Read More »

South Korea's Moon to Send Delegation to China Amid Frayed Ties


Kim had watched the Cold War come to a peaceful end in Europe, and he wanted to bring his own country's ongoing confrontation with the communist North to a similarly nonviolent conclusion. Moon symbolically has greater means to entice North Korea towards engagement based on his familial roots in the north, as his parents fled the port city of Hungnam in late 1950. Read More »

Le Pen vows to revamp party after huge loss

I want Emmanuel Macron, his government and his majority to succeed, for France. Outgoing President Francois Hollande said the official transfer of power to Macron will take place on Sunday. "I hope he'll manage it". Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to a question during question period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Read More »

Israel to Cut UN Funding Over UNESCO Vote on Jerusalem 'Occupation'

It further cited Israel's "failure" to stop its "illegal" and "persistent" construction work, such as excavations and the building of tunnels, in East Jerusalem. Israel summoned the ambassador of Sweden, Carl Magnus Nesser, to the foreign ministry in Jerusalem to protest his country's vote in favor of a UNESCO resolution disavowing the country's sovereignty in the Israeli capital. Read More »

McConnell asks all senators to join all-male health group

I would be surprised if they're impacting them at all. I have always believed, however, that Obama was prescient in seeing that the ACA would have a larger impact that would be hard if not impossible to erase, no matter what Republicans did to the law itself: It established the principle that health care, as Obama said in accepting the Profile in Courage Award at the John F. Read More »