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Comey's successor a critical choice for Trump

In an odd twist, a White House official said the letter firing him was delivered to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by Keith Schiller, Mr Trump's longtime armed personal bodyguard who is now director of Oval Office Operations at the White House. Read More »

Trump throws his hat into Mideast peace process ring

The deal would not just be about a peaceful, two-state solution, but also about solving the issue of refugees and prisoners "according to global law". The US president "stressed that he is personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a comprehensive peace, and that any peace settlement can only be the product of direct negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians", the statement said. Read More »

Kosovo gov't loses no-confidence vote, early election likely


Valdete Bajrami of the NISMA opposition, which initiated the motion accusing the government of failing to meet its campaign pledges and creating public distrust, told parliament: "The country is badly governed". Each now holds 69 seats in the 120-member parliament. The ruling coalition had always been strained by growing discord between its two main parties, President Hashim Thaçi's centre-right PDK and the conservative LDK of Prime Minister Isa Mustafa. Read More »

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Convinces President Trump To Renegotiate NAFTA


Trump tweeted that the leaders of Canada and Mexico agreed to re-negotiate NAFTA. Trudeau said he reminded Trump they both were elected on a similar platform of helping people find and keep jobs. Meet with him. Tell him how reasonable you are and how powerful he and the United States are. Formal Nafta talks likely will not get started until August. Read More »

Texas Police Officer Fired for Fatally Shooting Jordan Edwards

But during the departmental investigation Chief Haber said video contradicted that information and that the vehicle was driving away from Officer Oliver when he fired his weapon. But on Monday, Haber reversed course and said, after reviewing video, the vehicle was driving away from police. Cindy Stormer, Oliver's lawyer, told The Dallas Morning News that he will not comment at this time. Read More »

Trump's approval rating slips to 36 percent


The last poll conducted by Quinnipiac in mid-April saw a bump in the President's approval rating , following his decision to launch a missile strike in Syria, but the numbers have since flagged again. -A top-heavy 66-29 percent majority feel the 45th President is not level-headed, although 62 percent of those surveyed feel Trump is a strong person. Read More »

Moon makes easing tensions on Korean peninsula top priority

The Chinese president noted that denuclearization of the Korean peninsula was also a goal for China, adding that the country supported peace and stability in the region. Mr Moon would not be the first South Korean president to try to engage the North; past leaders have done so - usually offering aid as a sweetener. China sees the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) system as a threat to its own military capability and has slapped a series of measures against South ... Read More »

Macron 'carries hopes' of millions of Europeans: Merkel


The French media might hate her, but they'll cover her every pronouncement, her every controversy, and you can be sure she'll dredge them up, lacerating Macron after every terrorist attack and faulting the globalists for any and all economic disruptions. Read More »

French Socialist ex-premier wants to join Macron's movement

French voters on Sunday elected Emmanuel Macron-a 39-year-old centrist, pro-European Union, pro-NATO political newcomer-as the nation's next president. The first round ends on June 11, with runoff elections held on June 17-18. He said French voters are expecting something new. "So, his next domestic challenge will be to secure enough seats in the Parliament and then later on in the Senate to have enough domestic support from the legislative branch so that he can also implement some of the ... Read More »

State police: 3 dead, including deputy, in rural Arkansas


Lt. Deputy Kevin Mainhart, 46, was part of the Yell County Sheriff's Office and was pronounced dead at the Dardanelle hospital, according to Bill Sadler with ASP. Lt. Mainhart had served the citizens of Yell County as a law enforcement officer for five years and previously retired from the West Memphis Police Department following a career of more than 20 years. Read More »

Backed Syrian militias say capture Tabqa from Islamic State

Other officials said Trump's authorization includes safeguards meant to reassure the Turks that the additional USA weaponry and equipment will not be used by the Kurds in Turkey. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who is on a visit to Montenegro, said in a televised news conference that every weapon supplied to the Kurdish militia constituted a threat to Turkey. Read More »

FG sends Chibok girls' photos to parents

But it was the mass kidnapping of 276 girls in April 2014 that horrified the world and brought the extremist group global attention. Tuesday. May 9, 2017. "The Government of Nigeria and other stakeholders must ensure that the services these girls need, including psycho-social and other health services and information on livelihood opportunities, as well as access to remedies, are available" they noted. Read More »

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on Ireland visit


He said that because of Ireland's historical and geographical ties with the United Kingdom, a shared land border with Northern Ireland and strong economic links, the Republic was in an unique position and some members would be affected more than others states by Brexit . Read More »

Netanyahu trashes Hamas' new roadmap


Last month, the Palestinian Authority announced a series of steps to cut spending in the Gaza Strip in order to "dry up" sources of funding for Hamas rule. Haniya is a onetime Palestinian prime minister based in Gaza - which the group has controlled for 10 years. Since then, the ties between Egypt and Hamas have been on hot edge. Read More »

USA expected to announce no charges in Louisiana black man's shooting


As officers tried to subdue Sterling, Salamoni shouted that he saw a gun in Sterling's pocket. Landry said he had taken action "to ensure this matter is investigated by the agency with the most expertise in officer-involved shootings". The Justice Department ultimately decided that it did not have enough evidence to pursue charges against either officer. The state charges could be murder or manslaughter, whereas the federal government was considering whether officers Blane Salamoni and ... Read More »

Oil up on falling US inventories, Saudi cuts to Asia

Oil prices rose on Wednesday, bolstered by the biggest one-week drop in USA inventories so far this year, and after Iraq and Algeria joined Saudi Arabia in supporting an extension to OPEC supply cuts. Calling on United States to join in the rebalancing of global oil market, OPEC said "a large part of the excess supply overhang contained in floating storage has been reduced and the improvement in the world economy should help support oil demand". Read More »

Protester killed in violent demonstrations in Venezuela

That's their weapon. Now they have another weapon: "excrement", said a 51-year-old dentist preparing containers of faeces in her home for protesters to launch at authorities. Demonstrators and riot police clashing during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro. About three carried guns and one reportedly fired into the air. Read More »

Alex Jones And Roger Stone Contradict Trump's Pretext For Firing Comey

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein, his deputy, to appear before the Senate to answer questions about the circumstances surrounding Trump's action. And warhawk Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona said Congress must form a special committee to investigate Russia's alleged interference in the election. Read More »

25 great white sharks spotted off Southern California coast


Warning signs were posted after at least 10 juvenile great white sharks were spotted swimming along the shore in the Long Beach peninsula Wednesday afternoon. People were asked to leave the water. A crew in a tow boat got an up close look at the sharks cruising in the waters. There have been several other shark sightings in the last few weeks. Read More »

Afghan ISIS leader and mastermind killed

The U.S. government would request North Atlantic Treaty Organisation nations to send thousands of troops. Hasib had also "ordered fighters to behead local elders in front of their families and kidnap women and girls to force them to marry ISIS fighters", Reuters reports . Read More »

Violence in Paris as Hooded Thugs 'Protest Against Election'


Le Pen senior gave his own traditional May Day speech at a statue of national heroine Joan of Arc, a short walk from where Macron commemorated the death of young Moroccan Brahim Bouarram. In turn, Ms Le Pen said: "Then, there is the frontier of the Rhine, the most open, the most promising too - this Germanic world with which we will yet cooperate in so many ways, as long as we regain the status of allies and not of subjects or serfs". Read More »

Trump invites new South Korean leader to US

North Korea recently tested other missiles, but those failed, while the US on May 3 conducted its second missile test in seven days from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The fate of the U.S. THAAD anti-missile system under Moon's government also remains in doubt. Given that, the prospect for improved ties between Seoul and Beijing isn't clear, with some saying China won't back down until it gets a major concession on the system's deployment and others saying China is also eager ... Read More »

Top leader: Iran will 'slap' anyone causing election unrest


Ayatollah Khamenei then described enhancing "the Islamic Establishment's deterrent power" as a grand policy that prevents global bullies from thinking about any assault against Iran. For the second week in a row, the staff at the campaign headquarters of incumbent President Hassan Rouhani in north Tehran has been prevented from campaigning in the run-up to Iran's May 19, 2017 elections for president and local councils . Read More »

Labour meets to agree election manifesto after draft is leaked


The Labour leader refused to take any questions from the waiting press-pack. "Our manifesto will be an offer, and we believe the policies in it are very popular, an offer that will transform the lives of many people in our society". The left-wing commentator, founder of the commentary website Novara Media, expressed his support for the key policies outlined in Labour's manifesto. Read More »

Trump Firing Comey Shrouds Russia Probe in Doubt, Turmoil

Trump , in a letter to Comey dated Tuesday, contended that the director had told him "three times " that he was not personally under investigation. "And the reason for bringing both the attorney general and the deputy attorney general before the Senate is to see whether there's a connection between those building blocks". Read More »

Turks in Germany won't be allowed to vote on death penalty: Merkel


Germany is home to the largest Turkish expat community numbering at least 3 million ethnic Turks, some 1.4 million of whom hold dual citizenship and are eligible to vote in Turkey's elections and referendums. "The federal government in no way plans or discusses the issue of ousting from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation such an important partner as Turkey which has been fighting for the freedom of the West together with us for generations", Schaefer told reporters answering the question ... Read More »

Family apologizes for using Jared Kushner in China invest pitch


Richard Painter, who was the chief White House ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush, tweeted his objections on Monday. Nicole Kushner Meyer mentioned her brother over the weekend at an investment conference in Beijing while she pitched the audience on a development in Jersey City, One Journal Square . Read More »

Keep the faith, former PM Brown tells Labour activists as defeat looms


The Labour Party has promised to repeal the Lobbying Act, according to the party's leaked manifesto. The speech coincided with the leak of a draft manifesto showing Corbyn, a lifelong socialist, will fight the election on a markedly left-wing platform, planning to renationalise industries and boost public spending. Read More »

Trump and Lavrov meeting round-up

It would also signal that the two countries have improved ties that Trump recently described as being at an "all-time low". Lavrov met with Trump and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson against the backdrop of the US leader's firing of his Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey, who was leading a probe into Russia's alleged meddling in last year's US election. Read More »

Spicer: Trump Will Decide on Paris Agreement After Summit

That means the president will head to the G7 summit in Italy at the end of May amid continued global uncertainty over whether the United States will remain in the emissions-cutting deal struck in Paris under the Obama administration. John Kerry, then secretary of state, speaking at the United Nations signing ceremony for the Paris Agreement climate change accord in New York, April 22, 2016. Read More »

Russian blogger convicted for playing 'Pokemon Go' in church


Ruslan Sokolovsky posted his video at the height of the game's popularity in August 2016. Sokolovsky had been initially been held in a detention centre, but had been released under house arrest . During the trial, the prosecution pushed for Sokolovsky to be jailed for three-and-a-half years. "They said it doesn't even exist, so I'm not really surprised". Read More »

Russia Dealings: US Senate subpoenas Flynn

Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-Va.) said in the Wednesday statement that the subpoena was issued in response to Flynn refusing to comply with an April 28 request for the records. He and Warner have invited Comey to testify before the committee on 16 May in a closed session. "My hope is that you will continue to live our values and the mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution". Read More »