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Indonesia rocked by 7.5 magnitude quake, tsunami warning issued


According to the spokesman, blackouts were also ongoing with only two of the seven power stations serving Palu and its surrounding areas operating and many electricity poles down. Palu resident Morits Kodongan told the Jakarta-based private television network Metro TV that "residents need gasoline because it has started to run out". Read More »

Judiciary Refers Potential False Allegations Against Kavanaugh For Criminal Investigation

Ford divulged the details of her charge in a nationally televised hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, and two more women have come forward publicly claiming episodes of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh. Jeff Flake said he would not vote for Kavanaugh unless the Federal Bureau of Investigation was allowed to investigate. He has already denied Dr Ford's allegations. Read More »

FBI contacts Kavanaugh Yale classmate in its investigation


President Donald Trump has ordered the FBI to reopen Kavanaugh's background investigation after several women accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. A lawyer for another accuser, Deborah Ramirez , a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh's who asserted that the judge exposed his genitals to her during a dorm party, said Saturday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had contacted him about talking with Ramirez. Read More »

Kim Jong Un And I ‘Fell In Love’


U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Ri in NY and is planning to go to Pyongyang next month to continue discussions. FILE - U.S. President Donald Trump holds up a document he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had signed at their summit on Sentosa Island, Singapore, June 12, 2018.in Singapore. Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation has reached out to Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez

Keyser", Kavanaugh said. Ford continued, "He was just nervous and not really wanting to speak with me, and he looked a little bit ill". Previous media reports said the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe would be limited in how many accusers the agency would interview regarding Kavanaugh's past - but the president wrote Saturday that he had placed no such barriers on investigators. Read More »

Tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for SVG - Advisory #8


Lucia and 145 miles southwest of Martinique, and is moving to the west at 12 mph. Forecasters say the storm will likely lose its organization and be downgraded to a tropical depression by early Saturday. The extreme weather has prompted governments to put in place tropical storm warnings in place in the islands of Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Read More »

Kim Jong Un and I 'fell in love': Donald Trump

Washington is wary of easing sanctions or agreeing to another of the North's priorities - a declaration ending the Korean War - without Pyongyang first making significant disarmament moves. Trump, speaking before the U.N. Security Council Wednesday, warned Assad against a far-reaching offensive on the northeastern region: "I hope the restraint continues". Read More »

India at UN: Pakistan is Harboring Terrorists


FM Qureshi also warned the United Nations chief to remain wary of Indian propaganda, "Pakistan is willing to hold talks with India for peace and is ready to talk with India on all matters, however, India should also play its role". He referred to extremist attacks in his home country, including one at an army school in the northwestern city of Peshawar in 2014 that killed more than 150 children, which he said were perpetrated by "terrorists supported by India". Read More »

Hundreds Killed After Catastrophic Earthquake and Tsunami Strike Indonesia


In Palu, hundreds of people had been preparing for a beach festival that was due to start on Friday night. Authorities fear that the death toll, which was at 48 several hours earlier, could continue to rise quickly. Such shallow quakes tend to be more destructive. The ruins of cars as seen after a tsunami hit in Palu, Indonesia , on September 29, 2018. The water smashed into buildings and a large mosque that collapsed under the force. Read More »

U.S. pulls diplomats from Iraqi city, citing threats from Iran


All week, US officials have issued increasingly ominous warnings to Iran that the United States will respond aggressively to any perceived threats to its interests in the Middle East. The decision came days after US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani exchanged taunts at the United Nations General Assembly, with Trump vowing more sanctions and accusing Iran's leaders of sowing " chaos, death and destruction ". Read More »

Stealthy F-35 fighter sees 1st combat action


The Marine version of the aircraft is capable of conducting short takeoffs and vertical landings like a helicopter. Officials did not say how many planes took part in the operation, but the F-35 flies in pairs or larger groups. "As part of the Essex Amphibious Ready Group, this platform supports operations on the ground from global waters, all while enabling maritime superiority that enhances stability and security", Stearney said. Read More »

FBI investigation into Kavanaugh is 'uncharted territory,' expert says


Returning from the hidden arm-twisting effort, Flake told the committee that he would vote to move the nomination to the full Senate but was asking Republican leaders to delay a full Senate vote until the FBI investigates -- with a one-week deadline - sexual harassment accusations made against Kavanaugh. Read More »

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake a `yes' on Kavanaugh, in a big lift


Trump said he had no message for senators undecided about whether they would vote to confirm Kavanaugh, like Sens. "I've never sexually assaulted anyone", Kavanaugh said. The AP does not usually name people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they come forward publicly about the allegations, as these women have done. Read More »

US House Committee Votes To Release Donald Trump-Russia Transcripts

The committee voted Friday to release the 53 documents, which will first go to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) for review and classification. He said no transcripts will be released until the declassification review is completed for all of them. None of the transcripts, including those set for public release, have been provided to Mueller as part of his investigation, a move Democrats unsuccessfully pushed for on Friday. Read More »

'Look at me': Women confront Flake on Kavanaugh support


Supreme Court . Sen. Cory Booker , D-N.J., gave a lengthy speech to the committee underscoring his opposition to Kavanaugh and again pressing for a delay in a vote , but then joined other Democrats in walking out after he finished. When asked by the press who had caught up with the confrontation if Flake had anything to say, he simply said: 'There have been a lot of questions here'. Read More »

Kavanaugh, Ford hearing marked with hundreds of protesters around Capitol Hill

Hill lost no time in talking about the testimony the public heard from Christine Ford about a sexual assault Ford says happened when she and Judge Brett Kavanaugh , President Donald Trump's nominee to the high court, were in high school. The Constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process. During the lecture, Hill spoke out against Sen. Jeff Flake, announced he supported Kavanaugh but called for a delay of up to a week to further investigate Ford's allegations . Read More »

RELEASED: Brett Kavanaugh’s Opening Statement For Hearing On Sexual Misconduct


At a crunch Senate hearing on Thursday, California university professor Christine Blasey Ford will detail allegations that Kavanaugh assaulted her at a high school party when they were both teenagers. Kavanaugh has denied both allegations. Swetnick did not identify Kavanaugh or Judge as her attacker in that incident. None of these people definitively prove Ford's allegations, as they were not present at the alleged assault . Read More »

New military jet crashes, pilot ejects in SC


A military jet crashed in coastal South Carolina Friday, but the pilot was able to eject safely from the aircraft. "There were no civilian injuries". The Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps all have their own versions of the F-35. Once servicing and maintenance costs for the F-35 are factored in over the aircraft's lifespan through 2070, overall programme costs are expected to rise to US$1.5 trillion. Read More »

Kamala Harris leads walkout on Senate committee vote on Kavanaugh


Christine Blasey Ford's testimony about her alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was "very compelling", calling her a "very credible witness". Whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed by the full Senate likely hinges on three Senators: West Virginia's Joe Manchin , a Democrat, and Maine's Susan Collins , and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski , both of whom are Republicans. Read More »

American Bar Association Seeks Delay in Kavanaugh Nomination

He also "categorically" denied sexual misconduct claims against him and Kavanaugh made by another accuser, Julie Swetnick . The contentious Friday morning Judiciary Committee meeting began with Sen. John Kasich also called for the vote to be delayed. Jeff Flake of Arizona, said he could not promise to vote for Kavanaugh on the Senate floor and called for a delay of up to a week for a further investigation. Read More »

7.5 magnitude natural disaster in Indonesia triggers tsunami, officials say


Onlookers captured the moment the tsunami hit on camera, and the brutal footage shows the incredible force of the wave as it crashes and tears through buildings, submerging entire structures and sending people screaming and running. Indonesia's Disaster Management Agency said that several buildings in the city were damaged. The tsunami came after an initial warning was lifted, as officials asked people to remain on the alert amid a series of moderate aftershocks. Read More »

Trump cites George Washington’s slaveholding past in defense of Brett Kavanaugh


So far the White House and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have declined to ask for the FBI to investigate the decades-old allegations against Kavanaugh. At one point, Trump even mused that "didn't George Washington have some allegations against him?" Kavanaugh was referring to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford , who has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party in the suburbs of Maryland when they both were in high school. Read More »

Netherlands raids neutralize extremist threat, authorities say


They say they were tipped off about the plot in April 2018 by intelligence services, who said the main suspect wanted to target "a large event in the Netherlands where there would be a lot of victims". Three of the seven suspects had previously been detained after trying to join foreign militants overseas. Prosecutors said the suspects ranged in age from 21 to 34. Read More »

Powerful 7.5 magnitude natural disaster rocks Indonesian island


He added that communications to the area had been disrupted, hampering efforts to find out more information on what had happened. A video on social media shows people screaming and running in fear as the wave sweeps through Palu. "The situation is chaotic, people are running on the streets and buildings collapsed", she said. A 9.1-magnitude natural disaster, one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded, struck off the west coast of Sumatra in December 2004, unleashing a massive ... Read More »

On Eve Of Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing, Anita Hill Remembers Her Own Testimony


After Ford came forward, two other women followed with their own allegations. How is it possible, they wondered, that she didn't recall the exact address where the assault took place or how she got to and from the house? "We still have so far to go in terms of the power that he had and the license that he had ... Read More »

Catholic Church in Germany publishes investigation into child abuse


Joerg Schuh of the Berlin-based Tauwetter centre for victims of sexual abuse told AFP TV that "the Catholic Church has a global problem". But at the same time, it is not altogether surprising to many church watchers. "For too long abuse has been denied and hushed up in the church", he said. He has previously announced a Vatican meeting of national Church leaders on the protection of minors, for February 2019. Read More »

Here’s why Justin Trudeau says the Americans are finding NAFTA talks ‘tough’

No such meeting was ever requested, a Trudeau spokesman told CNN , adding: "We do not have any comment beyond that". One such attempted encounter led to a brief handshake, with Trump remaining seated when approached by the prime minister. The text needs to be published by late Sunday night - 60 days ahead of a November 30 deadline for President Donald Trump and Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto to sign the deal before his successor takes office on December 1. Read More »