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One killed ,several injured in Damascus Airport explosion

According to earlier reports the Israeli Air Force attacked a weapons depot of the Lebanese Hezbollah near Damascus's global airport. The incident comes after Syria's official news agency reported that Israel struck a military compound outside Damascus International Airport. Read More »

Top Senate Intel Republican 'Troubled' By Comey Firing


President Donald Trump abruptly fired Comey on May 9, ous. It seems highly unlikely that Trump would fire his Federal Bureau of Investigation director for making an announcement credited with getting him elected president-six months after the fact. Read More »

After Comey firing, Arizona lawmakers want independent Trump-Russia investigation

In testimony to a congressional committee in March, Mr Comey confirmed the FBI was investigating Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 elections, including potential ties to the Trump campaign. This is the reasoning provided for the firing provided in the letter which referenced unfair treatment of Trump's then opponent Hillary Clinton . The discovery of those emails while Weiner was being investigated for possible lewd contact with a minor online is what triggered the re-opening of the ... Read More »

Arvind Kejriwal to speak on allegations in special Assembly session

Mr Mishra, who was suspended by AAP earlier this week after he accused Arvind Kejriwal of corruption, has written a letter to his former boss that he tweeted this morning, naming the five leaders - including a minister Satyendar Jain and senior leaders Ashish Khetan and Sanjay Singh - whose trips he wants investigated. Read More »

Divorced through triple talaq, UP woman sees hope in SC ruling

Anuraag Awasthi, a legal expert, however, said that the High Court was within its rights to pass the ruling. In December 2016 the court had observed that "triple talaq is unconstitutional as it violates the right of Muslim women". He thus stated that the complaint of her wife must be quashed as on the date when the report was filled they were no more husband and wife as per the Islamic personal law. Read More »

Country in need of 'shutdown'

Pelosi said that if Republicans pass "Trumpcare" millions will lose health coverage. Removing sick people from insurance rolls was not the aim of the Republican healthcare bill, he said, but added, "The point is that the state governments know how to treat children like the Kimmel baby better than the federal government does". Read More »

No Change to US Navy Freedom of Navigation Patrols: Commander


The admiral added that the US Navy sees "no change in policy" towards the region under Trump and that the navy will continue proposing the freedom of navigation operation in the sea the same way it did under the previous government. They also welcomed "progress to complete a framework of the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea" by the middle of this year. "They are either taken advantage of or they're not". Read More »

1st large Chinese-made passenger jet takes its maiden flight


The C919 during ground tests. But to steal a phrase from Dr Samuel Johnson, it is like a dog walking on its hind legs: it doesn't matter how well he does it, one is impressed that he can do it at all. Japan is now pinning its hopes on the 50-seat Mitsubishi Regional Jet, but it is a big comedown from its earlier dreams. Just as the jet relies on systems from firms based around the world, many of those systems are built with components that originated in China. Read More »

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton to launch anti-Trump resistance organisation

The thought he might have influenced the outcome made him "mildly nauseous," he admitted, but that "wouldn't change my decision". "The department can not, by itself, credibly end this, '" Comey said. Clinton will act as the connector, said one source, bringing donors to these groups and helping raise money for them, too. Having identified herself as a part of the so-called resistance, "I'm now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance", Clinton told CNN in an interview ... Read More »

Federal Bureau of Investigation in turmoil over James Comey sacking

He then confirmed the news he had been fired . President Trump's decision to fire FBI Director Comey is extremely suspicious. Leahy, a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in a statement that Comey's firing was "shocking" and "bizarre" and "raises troubling questions about the president's motivations". Read More »

Senior BSP Leader Naseemuddin Siddiqui, Son Afzal, Expelled For 'Anti-Party' Activities


Mishra also accused Siddiqui, a three-time senior minister in BSP governments, of being a partner in many slaughter house businesses and of having "benami" properties at many places. Mishra said Nasimuddin has been accused of accepting money from people in return for work. After the Uttat Pradesh assembly polls BSP chief Mayawati had carried out a major organisational rejig in her party. Read More »

Nixon Library weighs in: Comey firing '#notNixonian'


In his recommendation to Trump, also obtained by NBC News , Rosenstein wrote that Comey mishandled the overall investigation of the email scandal and said he was wrong to have announced last July that the Justice Department's investigation of Clinton's emails was being closed . Read More »

Trump Abruptly Axes FBI's Comey in Midst of Russia Probe

I have said to my colleagues and to the public for over four months that FBI Director James Comey would do the right thing in the Trump-Russia investigation. The White House distanced itself from those remarks, saying there was no scientific evidence to support a connection, or to show that officers were pulling back from their responsibilities. Read More »

French police, protesters clash in anti-Le Pan rally in Marseille


French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who has dominated the campaign with her anti-immigration, anti-EU proposals, is appealing to her electoral base in the hopes of maintaining a shot at the run-off. While Macron attacked his rivals as wanting to take the country back to the past. While Macron vs Le Pen remains most the likely second-round scenario, for the investment community, a positive surprise could be an outcome that pits Macron against Fillon, while a negative one ... Read More »

Liberal Moon Jae-in wins South Korean presidential election


Speaking to supporters Tuesday at a rally on Seoul's historic Gwanghwamun Square - the site of mass protests that helped eject Park - Moon said he would be a "president for the people". Moon Jae-in, the liberal former human rights lawyer, must lead a country still deeply divided between conservative and liberal - even as he navigates the political mess left by ousted Park, who once jailed Moon for leading student protests. Read More »

'Pressure Not Working?': CBS' Dickerson Asks Trump About North Korea's Missile Tests


North Korea's continuous actions which disregard the global community's wishes, has actually added fuel to the existing geo political tensions across the globe. "Bad!", U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted . Still, Trump expressed tepid admiration for North Korea's leader. On Thursday, in an interview with Fox News, Tillerson said that China has threatened Pyongyang with sanctions if they continue to conduct nuclear tests. Read More »

Sean Spicer: Trump will not announce Paris climate decision until after G7


On Tuesday, Tiffany & Co. posted an Instagram encouraging the president to support the 2015 Paris climate agreement , an worldwide pact to combat global warming. "The Paris Agreement is the manifestation of our dual obligations to care for the earth and protect the most vulnerable populations among us", Pesner said in a statement. Read More »

Niece of France's Le Pen held as rising star quits politics


Marion Marechal-Le Pen had been seen as a rising star of the nationalist and anti-immigration National Front party. The 27-year-old, one of only two National Front lawmakers in the outgoing parliament and a popular figures among the party faithful, said in a letter to the Le Dauphine Libere newspaper that she would be leaving political life for a while for personal and political reasons. Read More »

In Venezuela, soldiers arrested for criticising Maduro


President Nicolas Maduro accuses the opposition of attempting a coup, and has responded with an initiative to rewrite the constitution. Maduro, 54, the former bus-driver who narrowly won election to replace Hugo Chaávez in 2013, says his foes are seeking a violent coup with the connivance of the United States and encouragement of worldwide media. Read More »

Hamas picks new Gaza leader amid bid for more influence

Ismail Haniya , a longtime leader of Hamas in Gaza , was Saturday officially named the senior leader of the militant group, which has been trying to soften its public image as it jockeys for influence in the Palestinian territories and internationally. Read More »

THIS Is The One Parenting Technique Ivanka Trump Swears By

Due to the high amounts of concern , President Trump has released an official statement sharing with Americans that his daughter will only serve as an advisor to him and will be bound to the same ethical standards that any other government official is held to. Read More »

A timeline of Yates' warnings to the White House about Mike Flynn

After dropping out of sight for a pair of glamorous island getaways, Mr Obama is emerging for a series of paid and unpaid speeches, drawing sharp contrasts with Mr Trump even as he avoids saying the new president's name. He was sacked, with the White House citing "an eroding level of trust". Trump was notified immediately of Yates' concerns about Flynn. Flynn served as the twenty-fifth national security advisor from January 20, 2017, to February 13, 2017. Read More »

Rivlin thanks French victor Macron for stance against anti-Semitism


Speaking at a campaign event in Harrow, northwest London, the prime minister suggested that Mr Macron's landslide defeat of Marine Le Pen would strengthen France's hand in negotiations over Brexit. France's economic malaise, especially high unemployment, had undermined the popularity of outgoing Socialist President Francois Hollande to the point where he decided not even to run again as a candidate. Read More »

Trump to visit Israel and Saudi Arabia on first trip

The US is trying to push through a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia ahead of US President Donald Trump's visit to capital Riyadh, according to a report. "Saudi Arabia realizes the challenges it has; and there is a similar feeling throughout the region", the official said. Saudi Arabia, along with other Arab Gulf nations, then felt neglected when Obama brokered a deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons, leading to fears the U.S. Read More »

Key moments that led up to FBI Director Comey's firing


While Senator Bob Casey called the termination "Nixonian " in a statement, several Democratic officials compared Trump's decision to Richard Nixon's "Saturday night massacre" when the president removed the special Watergate prosecutor, Archibald Cox, leading to the the resignation of attorney general Elliot Richardson, The Guardian reports. Read More »

Theresa May: Conservatives must not take local election results for granted

Alex Salmond has accused the Tories of making "vainglorious boasts" about their chances of winning his seat in the General Election, as he warned Ruth Davidson she could be brought "back down to earth with a bump" by the voters. "At the moment, Theresa May is heading for a majority even bigger than the ones that Margaret Thatcher had in the 1980s, and that means all our communities, your family, your children, being taken for granted". Read More »

JP Morgan sees Macron winning French election even though race has tightened


Still, caveats must apply following Donald Trump's victory in the USA presidential election and Britons' vote to leave the European Union, events which both caught markets off guard past year. It appeared not quite full. France's internal intelligence agency had warned the main candidates of a threat, campaign officials said. "We feel everywhere the temptation of barbarism ready to surge in other guises". Read More »

Now, Sally Yates says she had warned WH against Flynn


They targeted people who worked with Flynn on contracts after he was pushed out of his job as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, it reported . Yates will be speaking publicly for the first time on what she knew of Russia's interference in the November election, a scandal that has dogged the Republican president from the start of his four-year term. Read More »

Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

The White House decision to seek Attorney General Sessions' recommendation also raises questions about whether he has fully recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation. Comey has come under intense scrutiny in recent months for his public comments on an investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton's email practices, including a pair of letters he sent to Congress on the matter in the closing days of last year's campaign. Read More »

UK PM Theresa May talks Brexit with French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron


Without a working majority, Macron could quickly become a lame-duck president, unable to push through labour reforms and other measures he promised to the broadly disgruntled electorate - shown by a record result for his defeated far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, and a record number of blank and spoiled ballots in Sunday's runoff vote. Read More »

ISIS' Afghanistan Chief Eliminated by Special Forces

The Daesh chapter of Afghanistan is called Daesh-Khorasan or Daesh-K and it was headed by Abdul Hasib, who was killed during the operation. Afghan officials described Hasib, who replaced Saeed, as a charismatic and ambitious commander who orchestrated several high-profile attacks, including the March 8 stealth assault on Kabul's military hospital that killed scores of patients and staff. Read More »

Venezuela leader calls for citizens congress


Demonstrators shout “Police dont support the dictatorship” during a May Day march by opponents of President Nicolas Maduro in eastern Caracas , Venezuela, Monday, May 1, 2017. Triple-digit inflation and widespread hunger after two decades of socialist rule have engendered protests and street battles, and dozens have been killed in clashes in the past month. Read More »