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Duck boat sinking results in US$100m suit


The lawsuit claims Ripley Entertainment recklessly put the lives of its passengers in danger by ignoring storm warning and failing to take corrective safety measures. A Ripley spokeswoman said in a statement Monday that the company remains "deeply saddened" by the accident and supportive of the affected families. Read More »

Attorney General Launches ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’


Sessions said that, in recent years, "many Americans have felt that their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack ". He praised a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple and said "we've seen nuns ordered to buy contraceptives" and USA senators ask judicial nominees about their religious beliefs. Read More »

‘Globalist Koch brothers’ have become a ‘total joke in real Republican circles'


A day after the Koch brothers said they would not back the Republican in a key Senate race, Donald Trump duly took aim at the conservative billionaires, calling them a "total joke" with a "highly overrated" political network. "If [he] doesn't step up to lead, that makes it hard to support him". Koch told reporters that he had regrets about some of the congresspeople his organizations have supported, and Seidel referenced a desire to push back against a feeling among politicians ... Read More »

United States must return to nuclear deal for talks: Iranian adviser

Aboutalebi said Iran had showed its openness to dialogue in the past, particularly with the phone call between Rouhani and Trump's predecessor Barack Obama in 2013. The offer comes almost two weeks after President Trump fired back at Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for threatening the United States. "I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet, and I'm ready to meet anytime they want to". Read More »

North Korea: Spy images pick up 'new activity' at missile site

North Korea is building new missiles just weeks after President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un , according to a report from The Washington Post . North Korea has threatened to attack the US and its allies with nuclear weapons on numerous occasions. "So between this and Kangson, we are seeing an expanded and improved nuclear and missile force". Read More »

Trump and Conte cement populist front

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said yesterday (27 June) the renewal of EUuropean Union economic sanctions against Russia should not be automatic, as Rome seeks to resume EU funding to small Russian firms to ease tensions with Moscow. Read More »

President Trump willing to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani without preconditions

He entered a standoff with Iran after pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and restoring sanctions. "I'll meet with anybody, " he said. Mr. Trump said that meeting was especially important when war or starvation hang in the balance. Qasemi criticised the United States withdrawal from the nuclear deal and economic sanctions that follow, noting "there are no conditions for such a discussion at all". Read More »

North Korea 'making new missiles' despite USA pledge

Monday's report, citing intelligence gathered by US spy agencies and unidentified officials, also said there were signs that North Korea is continuing to construct at least one, and possibly two, liquid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) capable of reaching the United States. Read More »

One Dead As California Battles Raging Wildfire Spreading Near City


At least five deaths have been reported and almost 40,000 people have been displaced as the massive blaze burns. With the unyielding 100-plus degree temperatures and bone-dry vegetation, authorities said there was no end in sight to the fire and expressed particular alarm about its rapid expansion. Read More »

Colbert Predicts Giuliani's Next Trump Defense: 'Since When Are Crimes Illegal?'


The former NY mayor said if Trump is interviewed by Mueller's legal team, "Our real concern is they're going to set up a perjury trap", attempting to catch Trump, who often misstates facts, in a lie, which is a criminal offense. Kennedy, wrote a law review article in 2009 in which he said that sitting presidents should be exempt from time-consuming investigations and litigation that distract from national security issues and poorly serve the public interest. Read More »

Thieves with stroller allegedly steal shark from San Antonio aquarium


Police say the suspects used a baby stroller to then sneak the shark out. Three people are suspected of stealing a shark from the San Antonio Aquarium by hiding it in a stroller. "[He] very much knew what he was doing - kept that animal alive and was able to continue to see that animal thrive, which was pretty shocking to all of us", Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said, as cited by KSAT12. Read More »

No 3-D gun plans in Pennsylvania, company agrees - for now


The SAF had filed the lawsuit on behalf of Cody Wilson , who had designed a 3D printed gun and published the plans for the gun online. The multistate lawsuit alleges that the settlement between Wilson, his company and the Trump administration did not get the approval of the Department of Defense, and didn't give Congress 30 days notice before agreeing to allow Defense Distributed to begin publishing 3D-gun files, by creating a special exemption for Wilson's company in the ITAR. Read More »

Powerful storm hits disaster-ravaged Japan


Many flights were delayed or canceled at Narita and Haneda, the two main airports serving Tokyo . Critics said the official warning came too late, and officials are urging those in disaster-struck areas to stay vigilant. "We are seriously anxious". Electricity services have been disrupted in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures. About 70 domestic flights were cancelled while global flights, including those leaving for Asian or North America destinations, have also been cancelled or delayed. Read More »

Manafort earned $60M from Ukrainian consulting work, prosecutors say


Prosecutors say the evidence is also necessary to illustrate Manafort's relationship with the oligarchs who supported the Party of Regions and who paid him through foreign bank accounts. The figures emerged in court filings ahead of Paul Manafort's trial on Tuesday on tax and bank fraud charges. Manafort faces charges in two different courts and could spend decades in prison if convicted. Read More »

Iran's Currency Hits Record Low Ahead Of US Reimposing Sanctions


Iran's currency rial fell to a record low of 1.12 lakh to a USA dollar on Sunday amid a deepening economic crisis and imminent United States' sanctions. Banks are crippled by bad loans amid years of poor regulation. Iranians anxious by the impending sanctions have rushed to buy dollars, gold coins, cars, and small apartments to store up their savings, while the severe shortage of hard currencies has pushed up the price of goods. Read More »

Parties begin to gravitate towards Imran


The Election Commission (ECP) said Friday that with only a handful of seats left to count, Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will be the biggest party in parliament. While Khan's pledge to eradicate graft appealed to voters, his campaign was characterised by complaints by journalists, politicians and activists of so-called pre-poll rigging by the military, which has dismissed the allegations. Read More »

Trump says he's willing to talk to Iran without preconditions

Publicly, the Trump administration says its policy with Iran is not "regime change", but to change Tehran's behaviour so it stops nuclear and missile work, support for proxies in the Middle East and backing of militant groups. " No preconditions . If they want to meet, I'll meet". "There is nothing wrong with meeting", the president said. "I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and I'm ready to meet any time that they want to". Read More »

Rand Paul backs Trump's pick for the Supreme Court


He acknowledged that he had expressed some concern about Kavanaugh's record on the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program and added in another tweet, "In reviewing his record on other privacy cases like Jones, and through my conversation with him, I have hope that in light of the new precedent in Carpenter v". Read More »

Motorist Sacked For Deliberately Driving Into Puddles To Splash Pedestrians


On Sunday, Black & McDonald issued an apology and confirmed the driver was no longer employed with the company. The video quickly went viral, racking up more than 600,000 views in two days' time. "We apologize to everyone impacted by the recent incident in Ottawa of unacceptable driving by one of our van drivers", stated Black & McDonald Limited on their Facebook page . Read More »

Freeman: No charges against Minneapolis cops in Blevins shooting


After the chase turns down an alley, Blevins is shot, still running. "Their decision to use deadly force against Mr. Blevins under those circumstances was authorized by Minn". Sydnee Brown, a cousin of Blevins, told the Star Tribune that the video confirms her belief that he was not a threat to police. Gordon continued by calling for an independent investigation in to the actions of the officers, an overhaul of policies and consequences for action leading up to all use-of-force ... Read More »

Trump offers to meet with Iranian President Rouhani, without preconditions

Mr Trump said he had "no preconditions" for a meeting with the Iranians, adding: "If they want to meet, I'll meet". 'They are having a hard time right now, but I ended the Iran deal. Speaking during a joint news conference with Italy's premier, Trump said he would meet with the Iranians "anytime they want to". "I don't do that from strength or weakness". Read More »

Massive motel fire kills a mother and her 5 children


A cause of the fire has not been determined. The Berrien County Sheriff's Office has contracted with a private security firm in Grand Rapids to analyze the fire alarms and smoke detectors in the motel. Joseph . She worked hard and she did everything she could to make a better life for herself and her kids'. A resident of the motel, Camillo DeMaria said that he saw a man holding his child outside the building screaming that his family was still inside. Read More »

US President claims 'business relationship' with Mueller


But he has made a similar argument to that of Giuliani's , telling The New York Times in December that "There is no collusion, and even if there was, it's not a crime". And why isn't Mueller looking at all of the criminal activity & real Russian Collusion on the Democrats side-Podesta, Dossier? The question is how many more crimes there were. Read More »

American college student goes missing while swimming in Israel


Bill Bull, the vice president of Health and Safety at the CIEE left her a voice mail message saying her daughter, who was studying in Amman, Jordan, had gone to Israel for the weekend. "Right now there's concern that she went out swimming and she has not yet returned and it's been about 2 and a half hours". Family members of Jones told the News-Press and WINK (TV) News Monday morning she drowned. Read More »

Worldwide relations dept to study Grace Mugabe judgment


Engels sustained deep cuts in her forehead and the back of her head and registered a case with the police the following day. "It is declared that the decision of the minister of August 19, 2017, in terms of the diplomatic immunities to recognise Dr Grace Mugabe immunities is inconsistence with the Constitution of South Africa". Read More »

Presidential frontrunners Mnangagwa, Chamisa reported to cops by commission


Former Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe has come out guns blazing against his former ZANU-PF party, who he accuses of having orchestrated his ousting a year ago. Mukura said she had registered at Dangamvura Primary School in Ward 9 in the Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency in Mutare. And Mugabe added: "Whoever wins, we wish him well". Read More »

Six dead, seven missing as California wildfire nears 90000 acres


But experts say this has been one of the worst starts to the fire season in 10 years - partly due to the 2012-2017 drought that killed off large amounts of vegetation. It has destroyed over 650 houses. "My heart is crushed", she said. " More people living in high fire risk areas than usual". Nevertheless authorities "are very encouraged with the fire status" in Redding, said Cal Fire incident manager Bret Gouvea. Read More »

Bear caught in storm drain freed when manhole cover lifted


Colorado Parks and Wildlife believes the bear has since headed into the gulch along Cherry Creek and since it hasn't display any threatening behavior, there's no need to respond. It only took a few minutes for the bear to find the way and pop its head out of the manhole. This is the second bear sighting in the state in one day. Read More »

Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis hospitalized


Dems demand Trump officials testify on election security Dems lash out at Amazon over facial recognition software misidentification George Takei to publish graphic novel on his childhood in U.S. He was the keynote speaker at the historic March on Washington in August 1963. The long-serving Democrat was a young activist and leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee when, in March 1965, he joined forces with Martin Luther King lead a voting rights march out out Selma, ... Read More »

China blames USA for trade tensions


Hunt's gaffe is therefore unlikely to go down well with Beijing, with whom the United Kingdom hopes to strike a profitable trade deal post-Brexit. His trip follows a visit by May earlier this year where £9bn worth of trade deals were signed and new measures were agreed to open up China to United Kingdom goods and services. Read More »