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U.S. Intelligence Chiefs, Current And Former, Fire Back At Trump


Brennan said, "Because clearly he's concerned and, I think, fearful about what might be exposed in that investigation". Add to that the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the U.S. The White House tweeted that after the one-on-one session, the two leaders will hold an expanded bilateral meeting and a joint press conference . Trump's comments differ from his previous position. Read More »

Boeing scores opening win with Farnborough orders


DHL Express , an worldwide courier division of leading German logistics firm DHL , has agreed a deal with USA aerospace giant Boeing to purchase 14 of its 777 Freighters for a price of $4.7bn. Boeing's latest order will double the size of DHL's global 777 fleet, the companies said. Airbus also confirmed that China's Sichuan Airlines has ordered 10 A350-900s for its long haul global routes. Read More »

Britain's May wins parliament vote after bowing to Brexit pressure

Theresa May claimed the Chequers agreement had not been changed, but the climbdown has prompted a furious row across Conservative benches. Tory Remainer Anna Soubry suggested Mr Rees-Mogg was now "running Britain". A second forces the Government to commit itself in law not to allow a customs border down the Irish Sea. Doing so would lessen the chance of a vote of no confidence by Tories against the prime minister, something Brexiteers continue to threaten following the resignation of ... Read More »

Brexit tensions as Tory rebels back a second referendum


But this angered MPs from the party's pro-EU wing who refused to back the new amendments, saying they would undermine the UK's recently-announced negotiating position. It would also mean that there would be nearly no time for Tory MPs to hold a confidence vote in the prime minister if one was called. Ministers argued rightly that that a lot of them just legally reinforced their current negotiating positions. Read More »

Trump calls European Union foe on eve of Putin summit


Asked who is the United States' biggest foe globally, Trump said, "Well I think we have a lot of foes". He says of China: "But that doesn't mean they are bad". "The collective blood pressure between the United States and Russian Federation is off-the-charts high so it's a good thing these presidents are getting together", he said. Read More »

Assad forces move to secure Syria-Israel border zone


The military confirmed that soldiers used bullhorns to tell approximately 200 Syrians to back away from the fence, but an IDF spokesperson said that this was due to concerns that they were approaching a live minefield near the border. Another rebel source said artillery from nearby Syrian army barracks launched a salvo of missiles on the town. The Daraa onslaught took less than three weeks to break the rebels' grip, with the regime now in control of more than four-fifths of that province's ... Read More »

Justine Greening calls for a fresh vote on Brexit


The Leave-supporting Conservative MP, who was elected after David Cameron stepped down following the Brexit vote, is the latest official to resign over Mrs May's proposals for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union . The most talked-about of the four amendments proposes to make it illegal for the British taxman to collect duties for the European Union without reciprocal arrangements, after May proposed that the United Kingdom would collect tariffs on goods heading for the EU after ... Read More »

Trump sides with Russian Federation against Federal Bureau of Investigation at Helsinki summit

The White House has struggled for months to dispel suggestions that Trump was unwilling to stand up to Russian Federation. Although the summit was described by Trump as "a very constructive day" and by Putin as "first important step", questions from reporters about the alleged meddling with US elections by Russian Federation still highlighted the post-summit press conference . Read More »

Donald Trump praises Queen as ‘beautiful’ in Piers Morgan interview


US President Donald Trump insists he did not criticise British Prime Minister Theresa May during an interview this week with The Sun newspaper in which he questioned the United Kingdom leader's handling of Brexit . Trump said in the CBS interview, referring to his Scottish-born mother and to his father, who was born in NY to German immigrants. Trump downplayed the comments at a news conference, describing the story as " fake news " and saying he had a recording of the interview to ... Read More »

Clinton trolls Trump ahead of Putin summit with World Cup tweet

The Russian foreign ministry responded by liking Trump's tweet and then replying: "We agree". To Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, it was something not seen "in the entire history of our country". Sen. John McCain , Republican of Arizona, called it "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory". " Russia interfered in the 2016 election". Read More »

13 injured after lava flies through roof of Hawaii tour boat


He says the explosion came from behind as the ship was leaving the area. Later Monday, officials added that 10 other passengers were treated at the harbor, raising the number of injured to 23. The lava bomb left a large hole in the boat's roof, the fire department said. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources said at least 13 people were injured Monday. Read More »

Former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has 'explosive' thrown at his home


Mr Adams said he is "very, very thankful" that no-one was hurt, but said two of his grandchildren were in his driveway just 10 minutes before the attack. "I'd like those who are involved in exploiting children in Derry to do the same thing, or those who are poisoning the atmosphere in east Belfast and causing havoc to do the same thing". Read More »

May bows to pressure from Tory Brexiteers over customs plan


She has framed her plan as a compromise avoiding the need for a hard border in Ireland while maintaining "frictionless" European Union trade and allowing the United Kingdom to negotiate free trade deals. The government's acceptance of the amendments to the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill, or customs bill, also did little to ease the tensions in May's party, which is at war with itself over the Brexit plans. Read More »

Cyber threat warnings 'blinking red' for US national security says intelligence official


Targets include US businesses, the federal government, the military, state and local governments, academic and financial institutions and critical infrastructure, he said. "We are just one click of the keyboard away from a similar situation repeating itself". Intelligence officials have seen aggressive attempts, including by those "masquerading as Americans", to manipulate social media and to "spread propaganda focused on hot-button issues that are meant to exacerbate socio-political ... Read More »

Intel Under Bus At Putin Summit

The Russians said it lasted two hours and 10 minutes. Putin echoed the comment saying that the U.S. could help Russian Federation by assuming leadership on the humanitarian task of helping displaced Syrians return to their homes. "It is obvious to everyone that bilateral ties are going through a hard period". But while Mr Putin came over as the seasoned professional, eager to present his country as an equivalent to the USA in terms of being a nuclear superpower; an energy provider; and a ... Read More »

USA launches WTO challenge against Canada's tariffs


Both China and Europe have stressed the need for trade differences to be addressed through the WTO, but the U.S. has said China's unfair policies are too urgent and too big for the trade body to handle. Yes, although it could take a while. "It is clear that Ontario is not a national security risk to the United States". Washington could refuse to implement such a ruling but would then face the possibility of sanctions. Read More »

Girl, 7, killed on interstate after walking away from crash


A 7-year-old was killed early Sunday after she was struck by a vehicle while attempting to text 911 for help for her father. She said she thought her father died. A poor lady that was driving down 94, that will have to live with the fact that she struck a child for the rest of her life, ' Shaw said. Romulus Police are investigating the drunk driving portion of the investigation and MSP is investigating the fatal crash. Read More »

Putin: Trump 'paid particular attention' to Israel's security at summit

Trump is facing mounting pressure in the confront Putin over Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. But while Mr Putin came over as the seasoned professional, eager to present his country as an equivalent to the USA in terms of being a nuclear superpower; an energy provider; and a key actor in the Middle East, Mr Trump seemed more intent on castigating his opponents back home. Read More »

Germany says it can 'no longer completely rely on the White House'

China is a foe economically, certainly they are a foe. Trump sat down with CBS News' " Face the Nation " today and labeled the European Union a "foe", but his remark is a little more nuanced than it seems. "I respect the leaders of those countries", Trump said. "Germany made a pipeline deal with Russia", Trump said. "I think it's ridiculous". The US has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium against the European Union and other allies, sparking retaliation. Read More »

UK's May: Trump told me to 'sue the EU' over Brexit


Trump said Queen Elizabeth, 92, was a "fantastic woman", adding: "up close, you see she's so handsome. and she's got a lotta years left". Some pro-Brexit Conservatives fear that a deal could emerge that leaves Britain tightly bound to European Union rules and represents a Brexit in name only. Read More »

Theresa May's office quickly dismisses MP's call for new Brexit referendum

British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a Commons showdown with Tory Brexiteers determined to force her to abandon her controversial blueprint for leaving the European Union. May spent the weekend defending her plan, and did so again in a speech at Farnborough airshow Monday, insisting it would protect trade in goods with the European Union and avoid border checks in Ireland. Read More »

3 detectives shot in KC; person of interest in homicide killed


Authorities said the suspect was being watched as a possible suspect in the recent killing of a University of Missouri-Kansas City student. Police said the suspect then left the scene with a passenger in the auto. Police have taken the vehicle and placed in custody the other person, who is believed to be not involved in the fatal robbery. Police were searching for a suspect near 40 Highway and Manchester in Kansas City, according to a social media report from police. Read More »

Angered By Attack, Mob Slaughters Hundreds Of Crocodiles In Indonesia


West Papua Natural Resources Conservation Agency chief Basar Manullang criticised the retaliatory attack, saying the farm operated legally but that the crocodile slaughter " violated the law on destroying others' property ". Police say they tried to stop the mass killing but were outnumbered by the mob, which reportedly involved hundreds of angry family members and residents. Read More »

Sen. Mark Warner: Vladimir Putin will 'take advantage' of Donald Trump

But we had much better defenses. I think hopefully we can do something about that because it's not a positive force it's a negative force. "I think the DNC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked". But after being asked about that by his interviewer, Trump said "certainly I'll be asking about it" although extradition is highly unlikely. The Russian foreign ministry "liked" his words and tweeted back: "We agree". Read More »

Donald Trump opens up about his conversation with the Queen

Hoo boy, British tweeps are feeling the rage after President Donald Trump ballsed up. Well I don't want to speak for her, but I can tell you I liked her. "That is a handsome woman", Trump told Piers Morgan in an interview with the Daily Mail. Then at a press conference the next day with Mrs May, he rowed back and said "just make sure you can trade with us, that's all that matters". Read More »

Trump's Supreme Court nominee donated money to Ohio Democrat


USW International President Leo Gerard said orking families "cannot tolerate another corporate apologist on the U.S. Supreme Court, fawning over CEOs and stomping on the rights of workers". Judge Brett Kavanaugh , nominated by President Donald Trump to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy , wrote in 2013 that the need for climate action is "urgent and important at the national and global level". Read More »