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Former official says she warned White House about Flynn

Mr Trump fired Flynn, a retired general, in February for failing to disclose talks with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak about USA sanctions on Moscow and then misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations. Sergey Kislyak. But Trump didn't move to fire Flynn. Yates was joined at the hearing by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Read More »

Monotheism hat trick for Trump's first foreign tour

Trump met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House on Wednesday, and will meet with him again during the trip, the White House said. " "America First" is fully compatible with American leadership in the world", a senior administration official told reporters Thursday at the White House. Read More »

Niece of France's Le Pen quits politics for now


In her letter, she wrote that "you know my history, you know that the political world has been mine all my life. At 27 (year old) it is time for me to leave it for some time", she was quoted as saying. In her concession speech, Ms Le Pen hailed the FN as France's main opposition player and proclaimed a new faultline has been drawn "between patriots and globalists". Read More »

International Court of Justice stays Jadhav's hanging


The global court of justice has given the order under Article 74 Paragraph 4 that stipulates order indicating provisional measures without waiting for oral hearing. Experts say the decision would provide some "breathing space" to India to save Jadhav from Pakistan Military Court's verdict. Jadhav's death sentence had resulted in a major diplomatic face-off between two rival nations and India had been trying hard to get Jadhav back. Read More »

Truce in Syria safe zones mostly observed

But the full details of the proposal were not made available and prospects for its success appeared bleak. The walkout and the comments underline the huge difficulties of implementing such a deal. The four areas include key territory held by anti-Assad forces. The security zones would be in place in Idlib province, to the north of the city of Homs, in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus, and in southern Syria. Read More »

Did The Kushners Really Tell Chinese Investors They Could Get A Visa?

Kushner's lawyer says he has no financial interest in the project that was being pitched in China and that he will recuse himself from matters involving the EB-5 visa program . Though Meyer's presentation stopped short of claiming outright that Kushner Companies has special access and privilege to the White House, the Chinese are well accustomed to seeing the children of their own political elites harboring considerable political influence and power. Read More »

Exit polls in South Korea forecast win for liberal Moon

According to the National Election Commission, more than 33.8 million people voted - a turnout of 77.2% - the highest since 1997 when liberal President Kim Dae-jung was elected . But though South Korea's domestic politics likely played the largest role in Moon's victory, his win will have global consequences - including for President Donald Trump's policy toward North Korea . Read More »

Turkish army, Kurdish militia exchange fire across Syria border

Turkey on Wednesday carried out several strikes in Syria and Iraq against separatist Kurdish rebels and their allies, drawing the wrath of United States officials who accused Ankara of lacklustre coordination. Thus, we need to continue our struggle against terrorist groups in joint solidarity. Together the United States can "turn Raqa into a graveyard for Daesh (IS)", Erdogan said on Saturday. Read More »

Phoenix serial killing suspect arrested in deaths of 7


From August 2015 to July 2016, someone was gunning down victims after dark in a largely Latino neighborhood of Phoenix as they stood outside homes or sat in cars. Margarito Castro, father of Manuel Garcia, 19, visits his son's grave. . Saucedo is not believed to have personally known any of the victims, except for the first. Read More »

US President says China 'putting pressure' on North Korea


The UN Security Council is likely to start discussing a statement to condemn the missile launch, said diplomats. The interview is set to air later Sunday in the U.S. Trump has also recently sent a nuclear-powered submarine and aircraft super-carrier USS Carl Vinson to Korean waters. Earlier this week, the United States carrier had joint drills with Japan's naval forces. Read More »

North Korea congratulates Emmanuel Macron for French Presidential election win


As NPR's Lauren Frayer reports from Seoul , the first, named Kim Sang Duk, "was arrested late last month while trying to leave North Korea, and accused of trying to overthrow the government in Pyongyang". Kim Dong Chul , a South Korean-born USA citizen told CNN he was president of a trade and hotel services company in Rason, North Korea. Warmbier, a University of Virginia student from suburban Cincinnati, made a tearful public confession to stealing a propaganda banner while visiting ... Read More »

Anti-government protesters, police clash in Venezuela

Still, the move apparently aims to shore up Maduro's footing with Venezuela's poor, a group that has long provided a bastion of support for his United Socialist Party and his predecessor and mentor, Hugo Chavez . That could distract them from organizing the near-daily street protests that have kept up for four weeks, political analyst Luis Vicente Leon said. Opposition leaders are also seeking to maintain momentum that brought more than 1 million supporters into the streets in marches ... Read More »

Trump's comments on Muslims could haunt him in appeals court

Protesters hold signs and march in front of the State Capitol across the street from the USA 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond , Va., Monday, May 8, 2017 . Professors had sued citing the 1st Amendment and the freedom of speech, but the high court said it would not second-guess the government's reason for denying the visa. Read More »

Donald Trump praises Australia's single-payer health care system


Mr Trump's comment was repeatedly played on USA cable TV news networks and sparked debate. Eyeing a victory, a jubilant Trump tweeted during the vote that, if successful, Republicans would gather for "big press conference at the attractive Rose Garden of the White House" immediately afterwards. Read More »

UNESCO votes to condemn Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem

Rivlin said at an event to celebrate Israel's 69th Independence Day that " Jerusalem has always been the centre of the Jewish world. Their refusal to agree to the outrageous charges leveled by the UNESCO Executive Board is a small but significant moral achievement for Israel and all purveyors of democracy within the global community". Read More »

Pentagon Confirms Death of US Servicemen in Eastern Afghanistan

Achin is the same district where a USA soldier was killed earlier this month and where the massive ordnance air blast (MOAB) bomb was dropped April 14. Says one of the villagers staying near the exploded area that the bomb dropped at the tunnel was the center of operations for Islamic states and was used to hide weapons and hold prisoners. Read More »

Gold snaps 7-day fall, gains Rs 20

Holdings of gold exchange-traded products tracked by Reuters have held fairly steady during the recent sell-off, now standing less than 1% below April's near-five-month high. Louis Federal Reserve bank president James Bullard said on Monday. In other precious metals, silver was down 0.7 per cent at US$16.13 an ounce. Gold prices traded in a narrow range just below $1,230 late in the United States session on Friday as the USA employment data failed to provide sustained direction. Read More »

U.S. has deep concerns about Maduro's power shakeup


His government says that the opposition is promoting street violence and refusing dialogue, so it has no choice but to shake up Venezuela's power structure to bring peace to the oil producer. A presidential election is supposed to be held next year. On Monday, Maduro called not for new elections, as many in the opposition and overseas had urged him to do, but rather for a new constitution, to be established by a newly-formed constituent assembly. Read More »

Le Pen's niece will not seek re-election as French MP


She also failed decisively in last week's debate with centrist Mr Emmanuel Macron, who leads new party En Marche, where analysts said she effectively "redemonised" herself and the party. In 2015, Maréchal-Le Pen told the Guardian , "I'm here for the long term". "It is the problems of the euro, of Europe, of pensions which have dragged down the campaign of Madame Le Pen, I think", said Mr Le Pen, who was expelled from the party in 2015. Read More »

Maduro woos his core support following violent protests

The leader of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, Julio Borges, called the idea of a constitutional assembly a "giant fraud" by Maduro and his allies created to keep them in power at any cost. Nonetheless, increases over the past three years have failed to keep up with the country's triple digit inflation. "NO NORMALITY" "One of the aims of the constituent assembly is to seek the conditions of stability to be able to go to those electoral processes", said Elias Jaua. Read More »

Dozens of Nigerian school girls freed by Boko Haram

Twenty-one girls were released in October past year after negotiations between Boko Haram and the Nigerian government brokered by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Swiss government. Around 57 managed to escape , but more than 200 had remained missing for more than two years. According to the Nigerian President's office, 82 schoolgirls were released after negotiations with the Boko Haram terrorist organization. Read More »

White House plays down Trump's praise of Australian health-care system

Trump for admitting that universal health care is the better way to go". Amid protests, US President Donald Trump returned to NY for the first time since taking office, a media report said . "We had a great call", he said, adding, "I mean, we're not babies". Despite this assurance, many U.S. citizens are anxious that they will not be able to afford healthcare under the changes. Read More »

Theresa May's party secures big gains in local elections

May is asking voters to strengthen her hand as she seeks a mandate for her plan to implement the result of last year's Brexit referendum by quitting the EU's single market. Mr Corbyn, who earlier addressed supporters in Leicester, criticised the Tories for leaving hospitals and schools underfunded, and hit out at the prime minister's approach to negotiations with the EU. Read More »

After losing the French election, what's next for Marine Le Pen?

He has vowed to unite the country. Le Pen sounded the charge for her next battle against the "globalist" Macron just minutes after Sunday's results were announced. Around 11 million people voted for Le Pen, about a third of those who cast their ballots. In a short speech to supporters, Le Pen claimed a "historic, massive result" and said she had called Macron to wish him "success" in tackling the country's challenges. Read More »

Always Dreaming wins the 2017 Kentucky Derby


Todd Pletcher knew how to get it done. Always Dreaming returned $11.40, $7.20, and $5.80. But Velazquez, who had positioned his mount to not get mud kicked in his face, settled the victor of the Florida Derby into a relaxed stride in the run down the backstretch as the pace slowed, close but not too close to the lead. Read More »

Macron marches to French presidency

Austria may be the far-right's best hope for a victory, where opinion polls suggest that the anti-immigrant Freedom Party may be able to lead a coalition after elections that must be held by next year at the latest. "She will be at my side, as she has always been, but she will also have a public role", he said. The Times , in contrast said Ms Le Pen had been "crushed". Read More »

China hopes Pakistan, Afghanistan to defuse border tension

The Afghan DGMO acknowledged that border was between villages. However, he said, the armed forces would not allow anyone to enter Pakistani territory as "we will not compromise on our worldwide border". "The army and other security forces are enjoying complete support and confidence of the people of Pakistan and will continue to face future challenges with utmost dignity and integrity", he added. Read More »

Judges raise thorny questions about revised Trump travel ban

People protest outside the federal courthouse in Richmond, Va ., Monday, May 8, 2017 . Lawyers are arguing the case before judges of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. Judge Paul Niemeyer repeatedly challenged Jadwat's arguments, questioning the wisdom in opening the door to using a president's past to evaluate the constitutionality of a policy. Read More »

Arizona serial killing suspect arrested in deaths of 9


However, they said, none of the evidence between the two series matched. All but one of the killings took place in a predominantly Latino neighborhood between March and July of 2016. She said he preferred playing basketball with friends to partying. "Stop him from hurting other families". A man was arrested in connection with what became known as the Freeway Shootings, but the case was later dropped. Read More »

European Stocks Fall as Traders Turn Toward French Parliamentary Elections


Macron ran from outside of the political establishment, but his policy proposals are centrist and, at times, appeared created to appeal to everyone all at once. "So there might be a drop in the Front National vote, but if the situation is bad in 2022 [at the time of the next presidential election], they could rise again". Read More »