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Kid Rock, Ted Nugent meet with President Donald Trump


The specific objective of the unannounced visit wasn't immediately clear but the unlikely trio was pictured in photos on social media alongside Trump in the Oval Office and in other rooms. Donald Trump's presidency is literally a stomach turning sickening festival of sex crimes that brings shame to our great nation. Now, Palin has reappeared at the White House, likely angling for an ambassadorship or other mid-level federal position. Read More »

Mike Pence: Working With Allies to Put Pressure on North Korea


U.S. Vice President Mike Pence assured Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday that the United States stands "100 percent" behind its anchor ally in Asia in working to defuse risks from North Korea's nuclear program. President Donald Trump took office in January. Pence's economic discussions in Tokyo will be closely watched to see how hard a line Washington is prepared to take on trade. Read More »

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour 'turkeys' are set to vote for Christmas

Labour is reportedly considering an election manifesto pledge to include a second Brexit referendum as it looks to curry support from remain voters. Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor, at The Times tweeted an exclusive poll conducted by YouGov on April 18 and 19 on behalf of the newspaper which showed that voting intentions put the Tories in a massive lead at 48% (+4), compared with Labour with just 24% (+1). Read More »

Topsy-turvy French election saves biggest surprise for last


If independent candidate Emmanuel Macron were to win the French presidential election, his policies would not differ from the policies of incumbent President Francois Hollande, French presidential hopeful and former Prime Minister Francois Fillon said Thursday. Read More »

Former UKIP MP Douglas Carswell won't contest election


Britain is going to become a sovereign country again. Mr Carswell, who was one the leading figures of the campaign to leave the European Union, defected from the Tory party to join Ukip but left last month amid bitter infighting. Prime Minister Theresa May called the election in a statement that slammed "political game-playing" by anti-Brexit parties, which she said could damage a future deal with Europe. Read More »

New Australians will need fluent English and four years' residency


It will now be replaced by two temporary visas, one for two-year stays and another for four-year stays. Mr Turnbull said on Tuesday that the number of occupations eligible for the new skilled foreign worker visa programme to replace the 457 will be reduced, and the threshold to qualify will be raised. Read More »

Trump takes credit for blocking Democratic win in Georgia race


Perez said he hopes the Georgia win will be one of many as the 2018 midterm elections approach. As financial backers lined up and nationwide buzz around Ossoff began to build , the Republican Party started getting very nervous and President Trump himself took to (where else?) Twitter to try and keep the seat under GOP control. Read More »

Tillerson: Iran complying with nuclear deal, but still sponsoring terrorism

In addition to the US, five other countries and the European Union agreed to lift sanctions against Iran in exchange for it's assurance it won't try to make or acquire a nuclear weapon. If the administration were to decide to walk away or otherwise renege on its commitments, it would open the door for Iran to cast aside its own promises and resume the unfettered development of its nuclear program. Read More »

Real-life Mowgli found living with monkeys


The girl, who was found in January in the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh, could not speak or understand language, according to the Times of India . The monkeys and the girl screamed when the officer detained her. She was almost naked and had wounds all over her body. The girls is being compared to Mowgli , the character from Jungle Book who was raised by a pack of wolves. Read More »

North Korea is 'getting the message': US Vice Prez Pence


That's for job creation and economic growth for both parties. But Pence foreshadowed some reworking of the commercial and economic relationship saying that US exporters should face a level playing field. He said the USA plans to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region and remained dedicated to the protection of Japan. The official said Tuesday that Japan still hopes to bring the US back into a multilateral framework such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Read More »

What Are Snap Elections? What to Know Ahead of June 8

However, Strathclyde University Professor John Curtice, who carried out the analysis, warned that "although Mrs May goes into this election with an enormous lead over Labour, she is not guaranteed to secure the overwhelming majority that she evidently hopes to secure". Read More »

Airline crew delivers baby girl mid-flight


The Turkish Airlines flight's pilot then made an emergency landing in Burkina Faso so the mother and the newborn girl could receive medical attention before continuing on to Istanbul . After the baby was born flight crew, including the captain, stopped to pose with the baby. Meanwhile the Turkish Airlines staff received a lot of love on social media. Read More »

Venezuelans gear up for major march against Maduro

He announced he would multiply the number of pro-government militias and arm them, while organizing parallel pro-government demonstrations to counter the opposition's one. The opposition called on its supporters to gather in about two dozens points around Caracas and march to the office of the state ombudsman, a human rights activist, just as they tried to do on Wednesday. Read More »

Emirates Airlines throws major shades at United Airlines


The filing said "after being duly processed by the ticket agent, checked in by the attendant and seated in his assigned passenger seat, Petitioner was forcibly dragged and removed from the said aircraft by City employees, sustaining personal injury". Read More »

Pres. Trump says US-Russia relations may be at "all-time low"


The president throughout the campaign hailed Putin's strength as a leader, the FBI is investigating the ties of Trump associates and Russian Federation. Washington said the strike came in response to what it claims was Damascus' use of chemical weapons in the Idlib province. And U.S. analysts say the timeline and strike location suggested by Russian Federation don't match reports from the ground or satellite imagery. Read More »

The Trump Era of Stricter Immigration Enforcement Has Begun


He vowed the Trump administration would bring more felony charges for illegal border crossings, and promised to add 125 immigration judges in the next two years. "The main question is will prosecution be used to circumvent decisions that were made in regards to immigration detention to refugees and families". "We want to partner with the federal government as we can, but not to do immigration enforcement", Estrada said. Read More »

Canadian envoy downplaying talk of potential trade rift with the US

Canada's ambassador to the USA said Tuesday night that Trump is wrong , and denied any unfair trade practices with the dairy industry. A similar policy is being adopted across Canada, which prompted the governors of NY and Wisconsin, two major dairy-producing states, to ask Trump to take action. Read More »

France promises proof Assad regime behind chemical attack


Assad fervently denied that his regime was responsible for carrying out the attack, asserting that the government no longer possessed chemical weapons and would not use them even if it did. Top Assad ally, Russia , has asserted a Syrian government airstrike hit a rebel chemical weapons factory, causing the disaster. The chemical attack has boosted worldwide calls to oust Assad from power as global ceasefire and peace talks continue to end the conflict, which has killed 400,000 people, ... Read More »

Fox News to pay Bill O'Reilly 'tens of millions' to leave


As for O'Reilly, the sources declined to say exactly how much money he will receive. As The Late Show host, Colbert was far more direct in his criticism of the former Fox News star. Even with O'Reilly gone from Fox, Sesno said he doubts that the public appetite for his brand of "angry, high-decibel" chatter will give way to a new regard for civility. Read More »

As Zuma Marks Birthday, South Africans Set to Hold Protest March

The economic situation has deeply worsened, over the last six years. Addressing his supporters, leader of the EFF Julius Malema said they came out in large numbers to "sent a strong message". But in the capital, Pretoria , organisers say at least 10,000 people are expected to join the second anti-Zuma march. President Jacob Zuma is playing the long game in his ultimate plan for South Africa -which leaves the country with an uncertain future, and some potentially worrying outcomes. Read More »

USA backtracks on 'armada' sailing towards North Korea

It turns out the aircraft carrier group was actually heading toward a naval exercise with the Australian navy but is now headed toward Korea. On April 15, the Navy posted a photograph to Flickr with a description that said the USS Carl Vinson was heading through the Sunda Strait, putting it several hundred miles south of Singapore, around 3,500 miles from the Korean Peninsula. Read More »

White House defends Korean 'armada' push

The saga of the wayward carrier might never have come to light, had the navy not posted a photograph on Monday of USS Carl Vinson sailing through the Sunda Strait, which separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. The Pentagon has since corrected the record, saying the ship's planned port visit to Fremantle, Australia, was canceled - not the exercise with Australia's navy. Read More »

US Moves to Extend Iran Sanctions Relief

In an ominous warning, Tillerson linked Iran's behavior to that of North Korea and said that with both countries, the USA would no longer engage in "strategic patience". His tone suggested that even if Iran is fulfilling the letter of its nuclear commitments, the deal remains on unsure footing. The European Union's foreign policy chief, Frederica Mogherini, said last month after meetings with senior Trump administration officials she was reassured in the talks that the USA was committed to ... Read More »

Pence says Trump to attend Asian summit in Nov


Speaking to USA and Japanese troops on board the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier Wednesday, he called North Korea the most urgent and risky threat to the peace and security of the Asia-Pacific region. Pence declined to comment when asked if the United States used cyberattacks to thwart the North's latest missile launches. "I think at the 100-day marker, the American people are going to conclude what I have concluded: President (Donald) Trump is off to a great start". Read More »

United Kingdom parliament approves June 8 general election

The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 outlines that general elections are scheduled to take place every five years. The vote in parliament this afternoon was passed by 522 to 13 a majority of 509. But May, who had repeatedly ruled out the possibility of an early election, has faced criticism for the sudden reversal. Despite criticism of May among MPs, current opinion polls give the ruling Conservatives their strongest lead in years. Read More »

Facebook Murder Suspect Found Dead


It was just the latest instance of crime footage being shared on social media. "I am just a kid from Arizona who unfortunately saw this video on Facebook and wanted to help", he wrote on the page. The initial video in which Stephens shares his intent to murder was never reported , according to Osofsky. A multistate manhunt for the suspect in a random killing that Cleveland police say he recorded and posted to Facebook is entering its third day. Read More »

Japan says Pacific Rim pact offers best trade deals


Japan would begin to assume a larger role in defense of the region in coming years, Pence said, and the US would uphold its commitment to protect all Japanese territories, including the Senkaku Islands, territory counter-claimed by China in the East China Sea. Read More »

Britain's House of Commons approves snap general election

Unofficial electioneering kicked off in the weekly Prime Minister's Questions session in the House of Commons, as May traded barbs with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. "Core voters in the north who voted for Brexit are not convinced, and metropolitan liberal voters aren't convinced by that either", political expert and author Eliza Filby told AFP. Read More »

United Kingdom election will test markets' Brexit optimism

She said that waiting until 2020 would mean the "most sensitive" part of the two-year Brexit negotiations would come during the run-up to an election. According to Westminster insiders, the real reason for May's startling political U-turn was a dawning realization that the Brexit negotiation timetable-now set in stone by the triggering of Article 50-would leave her government open to unpalatable long-term political risk. Read More »

Here's What Trump's 'Buy American, Hire American' Order Means

Insofar as H1-B visas were concerned, the cap has remained at 65,000 since December 2004 when the H1-B Visa Reform Act of 2004 was enacted by the US Congress, he noted. "In particular, they say there's a shortage of science, technology, engineering and math talent in the USA - especially with higher degrees like Masters and PhD.s". Read More »

PM may take part in Question Time-style TV session with voters


She appealed to all MP's to vote for the general election as she asked the representatives of their constituencies to place their trust in her. But former Lib Dem deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has said he will stand in Sheffield Hallam, while it has been reported that Conservative grandee Ken Clarke will again contest Rushcliffe, a seat he has represented since 1970. Read More »

Trump finds Iran in compliance with nuclear deal

The Secretary of State said the Trump administration was reviewing the lifting of sanctions against Iran, arguing that the country remains a sponsor of terrorism. "The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran". Earlier this month, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi warned US Defense Secretary James Mattis against making " unwarranted and malicious accusations against Iran ", according to Iranian media. Read More »