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Mary Keitany breaks a marathon record with 3rd London win

Rafael Botello Jimenez was third after a dramatic finish on The Mall as Weir passed Tanni Grey-Thompson's six victories and said it helped banish the demons of his failed Paralympic bid. Having pulled away from her main rivals in the opening kilometres, Keitany found herself well under the pace required to beat Radcliffe's absolute record of 2:15:25, a time he Briton set with male pacemakers and often described as "Beamonesque". Read More »

Australia, New Zealand hit back at North Korea threat

However, in response to the comments, North Korea's state-run KCNA news agency on Saturday quoted a foreign ministry spokesman accusing Ms Bishop of "spouting a string of rubbish" against the nation. "It is hard to expect good words from the foreign minister of such government". The tit-for-tat came as US Vice-President Mike Pence again attacked North Korea's weapons program while in Australia. Read More »

White House defends claim carrier group was headed to Korea

US Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday it would arrive "within days" but gave no other details. The move increased tensions with Pyongyang, with its official Korean Central News Agency calling the carrier's deployment "nothing but a reckless action of aggression to aggravate the tensions in the region". Read More »

Saudi King Appoints Son as Country's Ambassador to US


The decision by Saudi Arabia's King Salman to restore cuts to financial allowances for civil servants and military personnel is being seen as helping the kingdom avoid recession this year while smoothing the path toward economic reforms. Additionally, Emir Abdulaziz bin Salman was appointed as Minister of State Responsible for Energy. A royal decree dismissed the kingdom's information and civil service ministers and set up a committee to investigate allegations of abuse of the civil service ... Read More »

General election 2017: Blair warns against Brexit 'blank cheque'


May and the Conservatives, thus weakening instead of strengthening her position in the Brexit negotiations, possibly putting the United Kingdom's Liberal Democrats, opposed to Brexit, in a stronger position in national politics, and perhaps even forcing her to resign for her bad judgment in calling the elections in the first place. Read More »

Turkish election body to evaluate poll result concerns


The brief statement does note that Trump thanked the Turkish leader for supporting the recent USA strike in response to the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons. The White House said Trump spoke with Erdogan "to congratulate him on his recent referendum victory" and to discuss Syria and the fight against the Islamic State group. Read More »

'No doubt' Syria behind chemical attack: Pentagon chief


He said Moscow has lots of questions about the "very ambiguous" and "contradictory" ideas emanating from Washington. "We consider it of utmost importance to prevent the risks of replay of similar action in the future". Intelligence services from several Western countries dispute that claim. The health minister in Turkey, which treated numerous attack's victims and conducted autopsies on others, said Tuesday that test results conducted on victims confirmed sarin gas was used. Read More »

British MPs approve PM May's call for snap election

The episode served to underline how slim May's majority was in parliament. Avoiding a situation in which negotiations reached their conclusion in the run-up to a British general election campaign was also positive for the European Union, he said. Read More »

British PM May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes after election


Or Labour, whose natural instinct is to always raise taxes'. She said that since Britons voted to leave the European Union in June, the country had come together, but politicians had not. "It is pretty ironic for Labour, of all people, to be using the "tax bombshell" line". "She looked across the despatch box and thought "I can not resist the temptation of taking on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party - the most ineffective opposition in inter-planetary history". Read More »

Turkey's electoral board rejects referendum appeals - statement

The parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE) also noted that the referendum "fell short of CoE standards". The Turkish government has been widely condemned by Western nations for its repression of opposition figures following a failed military coup past year. Read More »

U.S., Iran trade barbs over landmark 2015 nuclear deal


The tough talk is a smokescreen to allow him to stick with the deal . "The strategy is to use rhetoric to distract from the reality", Mr Rubin said . Iran has reiterated that the U.S. Trump described the accord as the "worst deal ever negotiated" during his campaign and threatened to tear it up, but analysts say that is increasingly unlikely. Read More »

France tightens security ahead of presidential elections


In response to the attack, Le Pen called for the closure of all the mosques in France and the expulsion of all those suspected of terrorist acts. The risk for the main presidential candidates is misjudging the public mood by making an ill-perceived gesture or comment. Read More »

Emirates trims US flights after Trump administration curbs


Emirates, hit hard by President Trump's ban on using electronics on us -bound flights, is cutting its schedule to five American cities because of "significant deterioration" in bookings, the airline said. Five cities out of 12 will see cuts, according to Business Insider , and the number of flights will be reduced rather than stopped altogether. They also say the ME3 are in violation of the Open Skies agreements that govern air travel between the USA and 120 nations including the UAE and Qatar. Read More »

Lebanese PM asks U.N. to help seek permanent truce with Israel


Fayyad's remarks come three days after Prime Minister Saad Hariri criticized Hizbullah's border tour during a landmark visit to the South. The recent verbal escalation between Hezbollah and Israel has been intense bringing into memory the devastating 33-day war between the two sides in July 2006 that ended with the United Nations Security Council issuing resolution 1701 that halted all the military operations on the border. Read More »

Australia to tighten citizenship rules for new migrants

The Australian government has announced changes to its current visa programs, with plans to axe the four-year 457 visa for highly skilled workers and replace it with two temporary skills visas. The 457 visa, now used by about 95,000 foreign workers, will be replaced by a new temporary visa and the list of occupations that qualify for a visa will be reduced from more than 200. Read More »

Labour eyes referendum on Brexit deal in 2017 manifesto

The Labour leader has faced challenges from within his parliamentary team since he won a landslide victory to take the reins following Ed Miliband's departure, but has remained in charge due to his high level of support among its core membership. Read More »

Prince was 'greatest performer of his generation'


Prince wrote about social issues in his music up until his death: His final studio album, 2015's Hit n Run Phase Two , contained the song "Baltimore", which referenced the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. The first 10,000 fans through the doors at Target Field will receive " Purple Rain " umbrellas, and Prince's music will, naturally, be played throughout the evening before, during and after the game. Read More »

Exxon seeks waiver from U.S. sanctions on Russia

Congress has launched an investigation into Russia's actions during in the US presidential election, and the FBI has an investigation into connections between Trump campaign officials and Russian intelligence. The company sought to resume oil drilling in several areas of the Black Sea banned by USA sanctions on Russian Federation. It was however, allowed to complete some drilling projects as the sanctions took effect. Read More »

Exxon Won't Be Getting That Waiver From Russian Sanctions


An Exxon spokesman said the company declined to comment on ongoing issues. For ExxonMobil, the current situation is far from he flawless status, the concern that it could lose its contractual exploration rights in the Black Sea if drilling operations did not recommence by the end of 2017. Read More »

French voters begin casting ballots in presidential election

A slate of other candidates are polling in single digits. By 5 p.m. local time (11 a.m. ET) 69.42% of France's 47 million registered voters had cast their ballots, according to the Interior Ministry. Polls suggest far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, an independent centrist and former economy minister, were in the lead. There are speculations the vote will be impacted by the recent terror. Read More »

Stephen Colbert Scolds Russia For Criticizing Donald Trump After Electing Him


Navy admiral who served as vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Barack Obama, said President Donald Trump's words didn't mean action, and that his tough talk was created to keep the pressure on North Korea. "When we requested to restore the agreed language that was of political importance and expressed commitment to continue to work on the draft. the USA delegation without providing any explanations cancelled the work on the draft", the Russian UN mission said in a ... Read More »

Venezuela opposition vows fresh massive protests despite deaths

Massive protests against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro were held on Wednesday throughout the country as organized demonstrations outside of the Venezuelan embassies in Colombia and Peru were also conducted. The crisis escalated on March 30, when the Supreme Court tried to take over the powers of the National Assembly, the only lever of government Maduro and his allies do not control. Read More »

North Korea threatens Australia with nuclear strike

That prompted the furious response from North Koreans. It would be "an actual example to show our military's force" according to the newspaper, but such a strike would also likely lead to war on the peninsula. The report said the situation on the Korean Peninsula was "inching close to the brink of war in an evil cycle of increasing tensions". "Is this really what Australians want to be involved in?" Moon Jae-in, South Korea's leading presidential candidate, on Sunday announced a set of ... Read More »

Rouhani among 6 candidates selected for Iran election


He further spoke about the country's economic situation adding that the officials should make serious efforts to improve the nation's livelihood. President Hassan Rouhani was among six candidates approved Thursday by Iran's conservative-dominated Guardian Council to run in next month's election while former leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was barred, state media reported . Read More »

Early voting under way in French presidential elections


There are approximately 6,000 voters registered with the French consulate in Western Canada, which opened five polling stations to accommodate them a day ahead of the vote in France. He was quickly arrested and no one was hurt, police said . Le Pen or Melenchon would struggle, in parliamentary elections in June, to win a majority to carry out such radical moves, but their growing popularity worries both investors and France's European Union partners. Read More »

Turkey must investigate referendum doubts - European Commission


Turkey's main opposition party u. Hundreds of demonstrators marched in a central neighbourhood, clanking pots and pans and chant. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel). Trump joins a short list of leaders who have openly congratulated Erdogan, including Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Saudi King Salman. Turkey's main opposition party urged the country's electoral board Monday to cancel the results of. Read More »

OSCE monitor killed in Ukraine when mine blows up vehicle


Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian foreign minister and OSCE's chairman for Europe, tweeted that a thorough investigation is needed and those responsible will be held to account. The Russian foreign ministry claimed that the incident was likely a "provocation geared at breaking down the settlement process in Donbass". "It is a awful tragedy", German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said in a statement, calling for "an immediate end to the violence and unjustified accusations, especially on the ... Read More »

Uphill battle looms as Trump seeks revamped healthcare plan

The American Health Care Act was pulled twice from a House floor vote last month amid strong opposition from members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and some moderates. The amendment would allow insurers to charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions in states that get a waiver. With the Senate reconvening on Monday and the House of Representatives on Tuesday after a two-week recess, lawmakers will have only four days to pass a spending package to keep the ... Read More »

Now, Yogi reduces security cover of Akhilesh, Mulayam


Though the Z-plus security has been maintained for three former chief ministers Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav, the security cover of almost 100 former legislators has either been reduced or withdrawn. The Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh downgraded the security cover of several important Opposition leaders in a sudden move late on Saturday. Read More »

French Voters in Montreal Queue Around the Corner to Cast Ballot


French voters have started casting ballots for the presidential election in a tense first-round poll that is seen as a test for the spread of populism around the world. Hard-line right-winger Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who rails against Europe, was the first of the presidential candidates to vote in his constituency in the leafy Paris suburbs. Read More »

Support for marijuana legalization at all-time high

Ottawa is planning to set up a cannabis tracking system to collect information about marijuana products from licensed producers, distributors and retailers - just one of a host of proposed changes to be ushered in alongside legalization. Marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Sessions in the past has compared marijuana use to opioid addiction and promised to do his utmost to oppose its legalization in the long term. Read More »