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Apple unveils "breakthrough home speaker" to rival Amazon and Google

The same can be said for Google's Home device and every other smart speaker. " Apple's base should like it, because they are committed to the ecosystem", Enderle said of HomePod . "You're dealing with one Siri ", said Apple software chief Craig Federighi. During the first half the keynote, Apple hinted about the next versions of its operating systems for the Mac and Apple Watch - both of which will be available for download in the fall, alongside new iMacs, MacBooks and a new ... Read More »

Apple Takes On Amazon

Apple said the HomePod will also be compatible with the company's HomeKit system for controlling smart home devices, like lighting, heating, air conditioning and home security systems. It unveiled HomePod, a new 7-inch tall speaker for playing music, checking the news and controlling other connected devices in the home. After more than two hours of chit chat about iOS 11, the MacBook and iPad Pro at the Worldwide Developers Conference this morning, Apple finally announced something ... Read More »

Apple wants Siri to read your mind and take over your home

Other countries will get HomePods next year . A set of iOS 11 features including enabling smartphone cameras to read QR codes are aimed at the China market, where Apple would like to bolster iPhone sales. A Siri-style light will fire up when you say "hey Siri" to the HomePod , and it will also handle music-centric queries around what you're listening to or what you're likely to want to listen to. Read More »

Your Home: The next big thing for Apple

HomePod is controlled using Siri , the company's voice-activated personal assistant , which has, according to Apple , been trained to be better at answering questions about music such as " Hey Siri , who's the drummer in this?" Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller said Apple wanted to combine good speakers with smart speakers you can talk to, referencing Sonos and Amazon Alexa. Read More »

Apple's Siri aims to be in tune with your home arrangements

When Apple gets into a market , it usually has something innovative to bring to the table. To activate the speaker, users can say "Hey Siri " and then ask to play songs from Apple Music . It starts shipping in the US, the United Kingdom, and Australia . The device, called HomePod , will go toe-to-toe with existing competitors such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home . Read More »

Apple's new 'HomePod' speaker

Instead, the speaker looks a lot like the company's unloved Mac Pro and that's just fine in our book. " Apple reinvented portable music with iPod and now HomePod will reinvent how we enjoy music wirelessly throughout our homes", said Schiller. Read More »

Apple Watch to enhance fitness monitoring using NFC tag reading

According to Tim Cook , CEO of Apple , "apart from this, all news about tvOS will be announced later this year". Although the company has been intending to explore the market for connected homes recently via iOS 10 Home app and Home Kit, all that it needs is an ideal hardware to string everything together. Read More »

Apple Enters The Home Market With Its Own Connected Voice Assistant

Apple is expected to announce plans this week to make its Siri voice assistant work with a larger variety of apps , but initial changes were expected to add just a small number of capabilities. Users can interact with the speaker from across the room, even while loud music is playing. Those who think the speaker will succeed despite its high price tag claim that it will be adopted for the same reason Amazon's Echo family now has control over 70% of the market: how easy it is to set ... Read More »

Apple reveals voice-activated smart speaker, HomePod


Seeing this gap, Apple wanted to make a device that combines a quality home speaker that sounds good, with the power of a smart device capable of handling complex interactions. Since the launch of Amazon's Echo past year and Google Home in March, both of which have been popular with consumers, Apple had been widely expected to enter the market. Read More »

What to expect at Apple's 2017 developers conference?


Cook also praised the Apple developer community which has 16 million registered developers and added three million a year ago. The App Store has also given us another sneak peek: a "files" app from Apple , which looks like it'll move the operating system closer to an Android-style model of having a file browser accessible for users. Read More »

HomePod: New Intelligent Home Speakers From Apple

However, Adam Scott from comparison service PriceSpy said Apple's "late" arrival to the smart speaker market could prove an advantage. "We feel like we reinvented that in the portable player area, and we think we can reinvent it in the home as well". Read More »

Apple announces a new speaker, iMac Pro and iOS 11

At WWDC today, Apple provided a sneak peek of the new iMac Pro , an entirely new iMac designed for pro users. On the mobile Mac side of the aisle, the MacBook's infusion of Kaby Lake lets Apple's thinnest and lightest laptop hold low-power CPUs up to a Core i7 with 1.3 GHz base and 3.6 GHz boost speeds. Read More »

Amazon executive says he's open to Siri on Amazon Echo

The HomePod starts shipping in December and costs $349. But Apple was careful to frame it as a product focused on music first - potentially differentiating it from the Echo and Home. Apple announced this $350 smart speaker at WWDC to go up against Amazon Echo , Google Home , and Sonos Play 3 . If Apple or Google want to call, I'm happy to answer the phone . Read More »

Apple's iOS 11 release date, features you should know

Furthermore, the feature will be launched along with the iOS 11 update in the Fall. iPad developers will also be able to take advantage of drag and drop in their apps (I can't believe I'm writing that drag and drop is a feature in 2017!). Read More »

Is Apple's New HomePod Speaker Everything You Want It to Be?

And though they're late to the game, excuse Apple's tardiness as they spent an inordinate amount of time (like they always do) developing a product that brought together the world of hi-res audio and smart speakers under the umbrella of one device-the HomePod . Read More »

IOS 11 will make older iPhones, iPads, and apps obsolete

Originally spotted by Cydia Geeks , when enabled, the Offload Unused Apps feature will remove apps that you never use, while keeping their documents and data on your device. Apple's latest brings improved multitasking features - particularly the ability to drag and drop frequent apps onto virtual docks on the edge of the screen. Read More »

Apple Beefs Up iMac and MacBook Lines, Teases the iMac Pro

Connectivity wise the Apple iMacs would come with two USB Type-C connectors with Thunderbolt 3. Apple took considerable heat from its professional users when it released new MacBook Pros a year ago. If that doesn't make you drool, you can stop reading this bit now, but the long and short of it is that the iMac Pro looks set to be an extremely quick machine, and work great for demanding graphics, video, yes VR/AR, and that somewhat scary application, machine learning. Read More »

Sony Revitalizes PlayStation Ahead Of E3 2017


But at E3 2015, Microsoft did have some response, albeit reminiscent of when you think of the ideal thing you could've said to the jerk who took your parking spot after you've already driven home: the Xbox One would play some Xbox 360 games . Read More »

MacBooks and iMacs Refreshed, macOS High Sierra Introduced

Yes, I'm being facetious and I'm certainly not suggesting someone buy a $5,000 computer just for its accessories. But what stole the show is the sneak peek of iMac Pro , described to be the most powerful Mac ever to be made. When it comes to RAM, all models still ship with 8 GB. At least until a new Mac Pro makes its debut, and many of those who live and die by the teraflop won't want to wait. Read More »

Apple Unveils Powerful New iMac Pro

The MacBook Pro refresh is certainly more boring, as besides processor and RAM, most everything else remains the same. The updates are definitely welcome, especially on the MacBook Pro front, so if you've been waiting to snag a new Mac for months, now might be the time. Read More »

Apple unveils new iPad, iMac and MacBook at developers conference


Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi announced the new feature as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose . At WWDC 2017, Apple also announced a new version of the OS for its mobile devices. iOS 11 comes with nice additions which see Siri getting upgraded to enable it to better use machine learning . Read More »

Radeon Pro 500 Series for iMac: Powerful Performance for Breathtaking 5K Computing

The iMac Pro will be available this coming December starting at a whopping $4,999. Be sure to follow along with TMO's coverage from the event. The new iMac Pro will also come with AMD's Radeon Pro Vega GPU . In the USA it will cost $US349 ($466), more than twice the price of its Google competitor. The updated 13-inch MacBook Pro features Kaby Lake processors up to 3.5 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro goes up to 3.1 GHz Core i7 with Turbo ... Read More »

Apple nixes Facebook and Twitter integration from iOS 11

Up to now, " Amazon subscribers have only been able to watch their shows on Apple TV using Apple's comparatively cumbersome Airplay system, which involves connecting another Apple product, like an iPhone , to an Apple TV using a Wi-Fi connection", my colleague Peter Kafka wrote . Read More »

Apple is using artificial intelligence to carve out new features


There are also a bunch of improvements in iOS 11 such as redesigned App Store , control centre customisation, maps for airports and shopping centres in Apple Maps, improved Apple Music and more . When in a moving auto, the iPhone will show a blank screen and anyone who tries to contact the driver will get an automatic response, customisable in the settings menu. Read More »

Apple to launch powerful iMac Pro in December


The brand has also introduced a new 13-inch MacBook Pro and has refreshed the entire MacBook lineup with the latest specifications. The device may help Apple rekindle its relationship with professional-level users dismayed by the relative lack of updates to its Mac Pro , which hasn't seen a notable upgrade since 2013. Read More »

Little Nightmares DLC Announced: Secrets of the Maw


Bandai Namco has announced Little Nightmares Secrets of the Maw , an expansion pass containing 3 new chapters for the side-scrolling horror game. Little Nightmares itself was met with fairly strong critical acclaim and if you haven't played it yourself, then now is as good a time as ever. Read More »

Apple's New HomePod vs. Amazon's Echo

Google is approaching perfection while Siri is still working out the basics. The HomePod is in a league of its own when the device's sound quality is compared to the one offered on Amazon's Alexa-powered smart speaker . "There is so much momentum building around these speakers that it would be hard for Apple not to come out with one", said industry analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. Read More »

Apple's New iMac Pro Is Coming in December

Seven devices (including MacBook Pros and iMacs) have all had Intel's 7th generation processors added. "This will be our fastest and most powerful Mac ever, which brings workstation-class computing to iMac for the first time", said John Ternus, Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Apple. Read More »

Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

It takes me a long time to get it right when I ask it to play a song. Apple doesn't necessarily need to talk AI in abstract terms. During Monday's WWDC keynote, Apple spent more time playing up the speaker's music and audio capabilities and barely mentioned that it's a new way to experience Siri . Read More »

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Integrates New Feature Into Apple Pay


Features which will compete with other well-known services like Venmo and Paypal . In fact as it stands, that's pretty much the only thing that the NFC technology inside these devices are used for, but it seems that Apple could be planning on expanding NFC capabilities beyond Apple Pay . Read More »