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Fortnite LTM Playground Mode on Hold Amid Matchmaking Issues


Yes, this is another instance where Epic isn't able to give a solid launch date for Playground mode . Last week, as part of the game's v4.5 update , Fortnite briefly introduced a limited time mode called Playground, but it was taken down nearly immediately after it launched due to long queues and consistent error messages . Read More »

Google reportedly allows outside app developers to read people's Gmails


Last year, the company promised to stop reading the emails of Gmail users in this manner but, as a report from the Wall Street Journal suggests, the company is still allowing third-party developers full access to your emails. Google was yet to comment on the report. In most cases, the people who signed up for the special price-comparison deals and other programs agreed to provide access to their inboxes as part of the opt-in process. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S9 sending users private pictures to people

Samsung phones seem to be trying to take over the world, messaging random users' contacts and sending them messages and photos. So for Samsung Galaxy users, this means that the best way to now get around the bug is to avoid Samsung Messages entirely or revoke its permission to access your photo gallery. Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J8 now in India, to rival Xiaomi Note 5 Pro


These leaks have hinted on some of the major upgrades that the device will have once it is released. Industry watchers told The Investor that the earlier launch date is Samsung's way of attracting more consumers before Apple introduces its new lineup of iPhones in September. Read More »

UP man lynched in Tripura on suspicion of being child lifter


June 22, 2018: An unidentified man was allegedly beaten to death by a mob on suspicion of being a child-lifter in Chhattisgarh's Sarguja district . The incident took place when a mob of around 30 persons attacked four women who were travelling in an auto rickshaw. Read More »

Early Galaxy S10 Rumour Claims Samsung is Ditching the Iris Scanner


Relevant information was provided by the South Korean resource familiar with the situation. The Galaxy S series is nearing its 10-year anniversary, and Samsung is planning a significant change to commemorate the milestone. EDIT: When I wrote "coming your way next" above, I momentarily forgot that the Galaxy Note 9 wasn't yet released. After the news that the Galaxy Note 9's biggest upgrade has been cancelled, Samsung may be delving into even hotter water with their latest ... Read More »

Light's multi-lens camera tech is coming to a phone


According to the report , the company wants to announce this smartphone with multiple lens system later this year. "It says its phone design is capable of capturing 64MP shots, better low-light performance and sophisticated depth effects". Read More »

California Goes Beyond GDPR With New Data Privacy Law


The new law grants consumers more insight and control over their data stored online, though similar to but not as expansive as the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) launched in Europe. Lawmakers say the legislation will affect every California consumer and will likely inform legislation throughout the country. The statewide ballot measure, Assembly Bill 807, would allow the Legislature to change the practice with a two-thirds vote, the Los Angeles Times reported . Read More »

Here's the OnePlus 6 in lovely new Red Color


The dual-SIM (Nano) OnePlus 6 runs Android 8.1 Oreo with OxygenOS 5.1 on top and is upgradable to Android P. The handset features a 6.28-inch full-HD+ (1080x2280 pixels) Full Optic AMOLED display with a 19:9 aspect ratio. It started off with web video producer Marques Brownlee sharing an image of red smartphone that's directly behind the Midnight Black variant of OnePlus' latest flagship. Read More »

Fissure goes wild with Wrecking Ball in PTR scrims


Wrecking Ball is none other than Hammond, who was on the Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston according to Overwatch lore. Later on, after testing is over, you can expect Hammond to become available for all. Gathering his winnings, Hammond was able to upgrade his mech enough to survive the unsafe trek out of the Junker-controlled Outback. His machine is similar to Overwatch's D.Va, but there's one key difference - Hammond can curl into a ball and roll around to move about faster. Read More »

Warner Bros. calls Bethesda lawsuit over Fallout Shelter "baseless"


In a statement issued to Game Informer , Warner Bros . said the allegations were "untrue" and that it never "induced" developer Behaviour Interactive to include any code in Westworld from Fallout Shelter . On top of this, Bethesda's Todd Howard, recently speaking with Venturebeat , didn't have much to say on the matter. Of course, with this being a survival game you'll also need to craft some weaponry and defensive tools to guard your settlement from whatever monsters are lurking ... Read More »

Where to Buy the Nintendo NES Classic Edition


Below, we've listed the retailers that will be stocking the NES Classic as of tomorrow, June 29 . The NES Classic is a great stand-alone system, offering classic games like Super Mario Bros . No, it was the NES Classic Edition , a modern remake of the hugely popular original that took the market by storm when it was introduced over three decades ago. Read More »

Sane Trilogy is now live on Xbox One consoles


Sane Trilogy at no additional charge. It's with good reason then that Activision has chose to bring them back for the N. Sane Trilogy, but are they still as good as they were more than 20 years ago? Developed by Vicarious Visions , Future Tense brings an extra layer of difficulty to Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped's Future world, as players dodge rockets, destroy robots and leap over lasers while ascending a massive futuristic skyscraper. Read More »

Here's the OnePlus 6 in handsome new Red Color

OnePlus has been busy, releasing a new color of its latest handset , the OnePlus 6 , on a monthly basis so far. OnePlus, as usual, could not resist and proceeded to post a teaser video on its Twitter , which came with the tag 'C61422 '. Read More »

‘Overwatch’ Reveals New Hero Wrecking Ball, a Genetically Modified Hamster


There isn't now a release date for Wrecking Ball, but based on the launch of previous hero's, fans should expect the character to officially arrive in the game in the very near future. Early leaks show internal mail from the Lunar Colony talking about "smaller test subjects". Who is Hammond , the Wrecking Ball? Coupled with a host of events through the year and a steady reveal of heroes, it's interesting to see what Blizzard adds next to the game. Read More »

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be revealed Aug. 9


The timeframe certainly lines up. The fact that this was filed a month earlier than their usual schedule gives credence to the rumor that we might see an earlier announcement of the new device. 25,990, down from its original price of Rs. 28,000. It is also reported that the technology used in the ISOCELL Plus uses some element built by Fujifilm which is a legendary name in the camera community itself. Read More »

Huawei to launch 5G chips and phones by June 2019


CEO Eric Xu stated that with the Release 16 of the 3GPP protocol issues with low-latency and massive connectivity will be cleared and the development of 5G networks and services will open up. Their baseband units and remote radio units are the same, their protocols are largely the same, and mobile internet services [form] the bulk of data traffic in both 4G and 5G networks. Read More »

Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign teased


For the first time ever, Nissan has teamed up with Italdesign in developing a concept vehicle called GT-R50, which will premiere in Europe next month. The modified drivetrain could show the GT-R's potential before an all-new model appears by 2020. What about the the engine? Under its striking skin, the GT-R50 is powered by a heavily fettled version of the Nismo's hand-assembled 3.8-liter V-6 that now produces 710 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque. Read More »

Microsoft’s Panos Panay teases the Surface Phone on Twitter


A report on Friday from The Verge outlines a product codenamed "Andromeda" , a device name that has actually popped up several different times over the course of at least two years. The internal documents say the device is slated for 2018, with some of Microsoft's partner OEM's planning to follow suit with interpretations, much like they have with the mixed reality headsets now on the market. Read More »

Whatsapp 'Send Messages' Group Controls Officially Rolling Out on Android, iPhone


In an announcement late Friday, WhatsApp revealed the official rollout of the new feature that allows group admins to restrict participants from sending messages, on the stable version of Android and iPhone . We've introduced this new setting so admins can have better tools for these use cases. Open a WhatsApp Group, then go into Group Info tap Group Settings Send Messages . Read More »

Apple is rebuilding Apple Maps with satellite data and LIDAR vans


Interestingly, Apple and Cue confirmed that some of the data collected by Apple will actually come from iPhone users, something that may not immediately make that much sense given the company's continuing focus on user privacy. But moving forward, Apple wants to own, and be in control of, all of its map data, hence the interest in first-party data. For example, a road network is something that takes a much longer time to change now. Read More »

Rift Reprieve: Judge Cuts $250 Million From Facebook's Debt to Zenimax


The damages award was brought down to $250 million, plus $54 million in interest. Following Zenimax's copyright win, the company went straight for the jugular by seeking to bar Oculus from selling the Rift and Gear VR headsets . Based on a strong evidentiary record, the jury in this case found that ZeniMax was seriously harmed by the defendants' theft of ZeniMax's breakthrough VR technology and its verdict reflected that harm. Read More »

Amy Hennig has left EA to start her own studio


Since the Visceral shutdown, the project has been moved to EA Vancouver . While it was reported by Kotaku that Hennig was in discussions about her future at EA, she confirmed to Eurogamer than she departed earlier this year. It makes it sound like I just went home! Thankfully, Hennig hasn't stopped working in gaming. Hennig has instead started her own studio which she hopes to keep small. Read More »

69% of Fortnite players have spent money on in-game purchases


You'll get over it pretty quick though, as Season 5 will commence from 8am BST on 12 July and we can't wait to see what story Epic decide to tell. We want to inform you that the Playground LTM will remain closed for repairs for the night. Finish all of them to earn as many Battle Stars as possible - which will give you maximum value, in terms of loot, for your Battle Pass. Epic's free-to-play battle royale title is available on almost every console including the Nintendo Switch , making it ... Read More »

PUBG drops copyright lawsuit against Epic Games' 'Fortnite'


In fact, on Wednesday, the developer shared its latest batch of patch notes for v4.5 of the game, which includes an interesting new mode, a new weapon type, and a Save the World finale. Week 9 challenges are expected to go live at around 9am, BST, with plenty of new activities included for Battle Pass owners to complete. Friendly fire is turned on, but if a friend kills you, you respawn nearly immediately, dropping from the battle bus again with the freedom to go anywhere else on the island. Read More »

Comcast outage widely reported across United States


Comcast has restored most of its internet and cable service following an outage that affected customers coast-to-coast on Friday. The outage began about 1 p.m. Comcast is one of the nation's largest operators of cable TV and residential internet services. The company could not say how long it might take to rectify the problem, which it called "nationwide". Read More »

This brilliant case packs an airbag for dropped smartphones

He calls the device the "AD Case", short for "active damping". There are plenty of cases out there that protect smartphones from drops and bumps, but a German engineering student named Philip Frenzel from Aalen University designed a slick smartphone case that could well be the future of device protection. Read More »

Porsche's 919 Evo crushes Bellof's Nordschleife record


Porsche competed in the LMP1 division of the World Endurance Championship with the 919 Hybrid from 2014 to 2017, taking three straight titles and successive Le Mans 24 Hours victories. Over the course of the lap record the 919 hit a top speed of 229.28mph and covered the track at an average speed of over 148mph. Stuttgart. With 5 minutes and 19.55 seconds on the stopwatch Timo Bernhard (37, Germany) crossed the finish line of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife this morning at the wheel of ... Read More »

Motorola One, Motorola One Power event: what to expect

Android One is a great system for distribution of a very basic Android , and this simple execution from Motorola will be a great vehicle for Android One. Also rumored to be included are 12MP and 5MP rear cameras and a 3780mAh battery. The display is nearly edge-to-edge, therefore, nearly bezel-less. As AndroidHeadlines has been provided with information from a reliable source that the phone shown will arrive as the Motorola One . Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features and Specifications Revealed


Through the initial preview, he was able to spot that there were minimal differences between the design of the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Note 8. Some new tweaks to the Samsung Experience UI are also being said to be on the way. Murtazin also stated that base version of the device would have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage, though it would also come in 8GB RAM and 256GB storage as well as 8GB RAM and 512GB storage configurations. Read More »

OnePlus guarantees software updates for two years, and security for three years


One of the biggest complaints and hesitations around purchasing a OnePlus device was if it would be updated and left behind in the Android software lifecycle. The lack of system and security updates in the Android handset world has always been a thorn on users' sides, and it's certainly one of the factors contributing to Apple's success with its phone business. Read More »