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Google Experimenting With VR Ads


Google's Area 120 project came into existence early past year and is aimed at encouraging Google employees to work on their own projects using 20% of their time and hence the name. "By tapping on the cube or gazing at it for a few seconds, the cube opens a video player where the user can watch, and then easily close, the video". Read More »

Steps to Remove From Google Search Your Private Medical Records Results


Critchlow breaks down the EU's ruling and explain why this could be the start of many more fines to come. It has denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate. This wrapped up only the first of three investigations by antitrust regulators at the European Union into the technology and search engine giant . Read More »

Sony to start pressing vinyl records again after nearly 30 years


Sony stopped the domestic manufacture of these discs in 1989 due to the monopolisation of the music market by CDs, the other digital physical format that Sony co-developed and began distributing in 1982. They'll include classic Japanese pop albums, as well as contemporary chart-toppers. The company stopped producing vinyl records almost 30 years ago to focus primarily on CDs, but given that vinyl sales reportedly reached a 25-year high last year, it makes sense that Sony would consider ... Read More »

NASA sounding rocket releases artificial clouds above mid-Atlantic


The vapor tracers that are released are made of barium, lithium, and trimethylaluminum, the same ingredients you might find in fireworks. Check out viewers' shots of the vapor tracers on NASA's Wallops Facebook page . The blue-green and red artificial clouds were deployed shortly after takeoff and are used to track particle motions in space. They were released 100 miles above the ground, posing no risk to observers. Read More »

Danielle Bregoli pleaded guilty to multiple charges


These incidents took place prior to Danielle's appearance on the Dr. Phil show but her behavior does not really appear to have improved. "My daughter is being exploited", Peskowitz said after court, adding that he feared Danielle was being groomed for a career in pornography by people who want to cash in on her weird celebrity. Read More »

Canon Charts Non-4K Course With Canon EOS 6D Mark II


The 200D can also do continuous shooting at 5fps. The camera also allows for taking sharp and handsome images in this age and craze of selfie focused smartphones. The polycarbonate resin and carbon-and-glass-fibre body doesn't feel as robust as the more expensive models in Canon's range, however it feels adequately strong to shake off the occasional bump or knock it might receive in day-to-day use. Read More »

Ford recalling more than 400000 vans and buses


Separation of the driveshaft can also cause secondary damage to surrounding components, including brake and fuel lines. The recall covers certain 2015 to 2017 Ford Transit vans and chassis cabs built in Ford's Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri. Read More »

Find Pokemon Go Raid Battles in seconds with this awesome online map


For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite. Niantic has previously taken quite a dim view of apps like GymHuntr , so there's no telling if the company will attempt to shut it down - especially now that the site's new functionality makes it even more useful and the increased traffic could have a negative effect on Pokémon GO's servers. Read More »

Companies hit by global ransomware attack on June 27


Several prominent companies and services across the globe have already been impacted by this new ransomware , with computers locked up and displaying a distinctive red block of text asking for payment in Bitcoin. Ukraine's National Bank was the first to report a cyber attack, warning banks and institutions about a unsafe malware. He says that if one computer gets infected, the new malware has a backup mechanism to spread to patched computers within the network as well. Read More »

Film more than just high-speed chases


He's also smart enough to lay back in the scenes created to let his famous co-stars flex - they're capturing the jittery intensity of people with "nasal difficulties" trying to top and out-badass each other, and just as the character knows to let them growl and bark, so does the actor. Read More »

Falcon 9's blastoff with BulgariaSat 1


As revealed by documents filed with authorities, it proposes the construction of a 67,222-square-foot hangar south of its launch sites in Cape Canaveral for the said objective. Check out imagery from Friday's liftoff of a previously-flown Falcon 9 rocket booster with the BulgariaSat 1 communications satellite from Florida's Space Coast. Read More »

Until Dawn Headlines July 2017's Free PlayStation Plus Games


Don't Die, Mr. Robot is an arcade-flavored game about a robot who eats fruit and explodes to kill enemies. Like their other titles, players face excruciating decisions that have a big impact on the story. These games will be available to download on all platforms until July 4, 2017, at which point the new PlayStation Plus lineup becomes available. The better you know your fellow players, the more points you'll pick up. Read More »

Ubisoft founding family raises stake to ward off Vivendi


Despite those achievements, the game failed to meet sales expectations which has left some to believe that Ubisoft may have finally lost hope in one of their most beloved franchises. We don't have anything specific to share at the moment but teams are working on different things, so stay tuned for more". To this end-how would you like to see Splinter Cell's next outing play out? Although Guillemot didn't reveal anything else, the wording strongly implies that while we may see a sequel at ... Read More »

Ukraine says cyberattack stopped


Intelligence agencies and security researchers have linked last month's WannaCry attack to a group associated with North Korea. But Kaspersky described it as a new form of ransom ware. Petya is still affecting airports and ATMs in Ukraine and hampering worldwide businesses from the shipping giant Maersk to the drug company Merck. Read More »

Documents reveal Facebook policies on hate speech


A new report from ProPublica elaborates on this convoluted process, which Facebook's team of 7,500 content moderators must learn the ins and outs of. However sometimes, a clear consensus on what constitutes hate speech can not be reached because the words themselves are ambiguous, the intent behind them is unknown or the context around them is unclear. Read More »

SpaceX launches first Bulgarian Satellite Bulgariasat-1

The SpaceX Falcon 9 blasted off at 1:25 p.m. PDT Sunday from the coastal base. SpaceX is today sending the 10 satellites into low-Earth orbit on behalf of Iridium Communications , which runs a global mobile voice and data satellite communications network. Read More »

North Korea in threat to South's former president Park Geun-Hye


This team is from North Korea and they are performing in Seoul for the first time in 10 years. South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet his U.S. Victor Cha, a Korea expert with CSIS, agreed that the two allies have more in common regarding North Korea than widely believed. Moon, however, said the temporary suspension, pending an environmental impact assessment, was only aimed at boosting what he called the "procedural legitimacy" of the United States missile shield and that it did ... Read More »

China aims to reduce pollution with new 'Forest City'


The project has a high profile in China and, if it succeeds, it will set an example for green city design elsewhere in the country and around the world. The project was commissioned following the success of the Vertical Forest in Milan, which saw two residential towers have 900 trees planted on the exterior to help absorb air pollution . Read More »

Top Trump aide warns Syria: 'I wouldn't test Donald J

Trump, red lines mean red lines". The Guardian also reported that the UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said the US had not shared any intelligence on a potential chemical weapons attack. Iran is Assad's closest ally along with Russian Federation, which also denounced what the Kremlin called Washington's "unacceptable threats". Amnesty International UK said Britain "shouldn't support USA air strikes that pose a significant risk to Syrian civilians". Read More »

Slow-dancing supermassive black holes are orbiting at a snail's pace


A galaxy 750 million light-years away from the Earth has not one but two supermassive black holes at its center and they form a binary system, orbiting each other. Despite putting in decades of research into the little understood phenomenon, it was not until the gravitational wave discovery that things began to fall into place as the collision between the black holes that created the wave will help us understand what leads up to their merger. Read More »

Qualcomm Introduces new Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanners at MWC Shanghai

Since it's based on an entirely new technology which is much less fazed by contaminants, Qualcomm says the sensors also work underwater, or when your fingers have any manner of debris or liquid on them. "They will work on current generations of Android, as well as future generations", Seshu Madhavapeddy, Qualcomm's vice president of product management, said during a prebriefing. Read More »

Project Fi Opened Up to All G Suite Users in US


The company will make the change later this year, bringing Gmail in line with its G Suite products for business users. The blog post says that "Consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization after this change". Read More »

SNES Classic UK release date, price and games confirmed by Nintendo


In addition to announcing the release date, the Japanese gaming giant has also confirmed the 21 games that will be bundled on the mini younger brother to the NES Classic , which came out a year ago. The Super NES Classic Edition will retail at $79.99. If, after the initial wave of excitement wore off, you immediately began panicking over the potential scramble to get one, following the shortages of last year's the NES Classic model, then trust us, you weren't alone. Read More »

Massive cyberattack hits airlines, banks, power grids across Europe and the US


The first reports of trouble came from Ukrainian banks, kiev's main airport and Rosneft , in a major incident reminiscent of the recent WannaCry virus . But global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab described it as a new form of ransomware , and estimated the number of victims at around 2,000. "Perhaps you are busy looking to recover your files but don't waste your time ". Read More »

New cyberattack causes mass disruption globally


European countries seem to be worst hit, with the Ukraine , Russia and the United Kingdom all reporting major disruptions. In addition, the pharmaceutical giant Merck was affected, and said it was looking into it. A wave of cyber attacks hit the globe on Tuesday, ensnaring computer systems ranging from shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk to various institutions in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe . Read More »

New cyberattack causes mass disruption in Europe


Researchers said the attack may have borrowed malware code used in earlier ransomware campaigns known as " Petya " and "GoldenEye". "The criminals behind this attack are asking for $300 in Bitcoins to deliver the key that decrypts the ransomed data, payable to a unified Bitcoin account", Kaspersky said in a news update late Tuesday afternoon, noting that the culprits asked victims to send electronic payment via email. Read More »

Record numbers of travelers predicted for July 4 weekend


AAA estimates 1.3 million Georgia residents will travel for the holiday, which is up 4.2 percent - or 52,000 people - from previous year. "This is great news for an already bustling summer travel season". AAA reported Georgia's average price of regular unleaded gasoline on Monday was $2.11 per gallon. On Independence Day 2016, gas prices averaged $2.272 nationwide and $2.231 in Florida - the lowest prices for the holiday since 2005. Read More »

Your bandwidth is safe: only Xbox One X will download 4K assets


However, Microsoft has told Aussie site Stevivor that only the Xbox One X will download the game's 4K assets, so the bandwidth of Xbox One and Xbox One S owners will be spared. The above quotes coincide with the most recent words by Head of Xbox Phil Spencer . "Next year we're going to sell a lot more Xbox One S consoles over the X, there's no doubt". Read More »

America's Pets Are Getting Much Fatter, New Report Says


More than ever, pets are treated as family members, and Breuninger said owners often "show love" to them with table scraps, treats and extra scoops of kibble. When it comes to paunchy pooches, MI ranks No. 3 nationwide behind only Minnesota and Nebraska, according to a newly released study. "Being overweight does not simply impact how a pet looks or feels", the release stated. Read More »

Ubisoft Announces Assassin's Creed Rebellion for Smartphones and Tablets


Different assassins have different skills and work better with other assassins on a variety of missions so how you choose to develop your assassins will change how you play the game. As you'd expect, iOS and Android devices are both getting Rebellion , with iOS 8 and Android 4.1 as the recommended versions. The word "unlock" should give you an idea of how this free-to-play game will play. Read More »

SpaceX closes out a rocket doubleheader with Iridium launch and booster landing

The space syndicate in January dispatched the first 10 satellites, each weighing about as much as a Mini Cooper, as part of Iridium Communications' next-generation global satellite constellation, Iridium NEXT . Some of the new satellites will be so-called on-orbit spares, or older satellites that remain in orbit on standby for use if the newer ones malfunction. Read More »

Defense Ministry confirms military intelligence officer's death in vehicle explosion in Kyiv


Police said an explosive device in the vehicle blew up while the auto was moving on Tuesday morning (local time), killing the driver and wounding a passer-by. In early June, a Ukrainian volunteer commander originally from the Russian region of Chechnya, who had once been jailed on suspicion of plotting to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin, was shot and seriously wounded. Read More »