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FG plans renewable energy for rural communities


The agency expects this level to drop in the summer months. Breaking down March's record, wind accounted for 8 percent, while solar brought in 2 percent. Australia offers an attractive environment following the June 2015 ratification of the government's Renewable Energy Target (RET) as well, whereby 33,000 GW, or more than 23.5 percent of Australia's electricity, will be derived from renewable sources by 2020. Read More »

DNA Reveals How Domestic Cats Originated and Spread Across the Globe


Of these five, only the Near Eastern wildcat was ultimately tamed by humans. Today , tabby cats are absolutely everywhere - like arguably the most famous one of all, Garfield. To figure out when domestic and wild cats first split, the researchers studied patterns in the animals' fur. The researchers discovered that one of the most characteristic markings of the modern domestic cat - the tabby pattern - only emerged about 800 years ago. Read More »

Grocers facing a united Amazon-Whole Foods must adapt

John Mackey not only snatched his brand from the hands of financial engineers: he sees the future he wants to create for Whole Foods . Mainers shared mixed feelings about the potential deal involving internet giant Amazon purchasing grocery chain Whole Foods. Read More »

Pence hires outside legal counsel


By hiring Cullen, Pence has followed in the footsteps of President Donald Trump who hired Marc Kasowitz , his long-time legal advisor, in May as his counsel for the Russian Federation election probe. USA and Central American officials found common ground Thursday on the benefits of economic development as a way to fight violence and drug trafficking and reduce illegal immigration. Read More »

Ram Nath Kovind resigns as Bihar Governor

Mamata Banerjee also said that someone of the stature of Sushma Swaraj or L K Advani should have been the presidential nominee. A BJD MP said there could not have been a scenario when the BJD would support a Congress candidate given the fact that the regional party thrived on anti-Congress planks all these years. Read More »

Trinidad & Tobago to close schools, offices ahead of storm


Maximum sustained winds were near 40 mph (65 km/h) with higher gusts and little change in strength was forecast during the next 48 hours. A tropical storm warning is in effect for Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, part of Venezuela's east coast and Isla de Margarita. Read More »

Leaked images reveal Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone


We'll let you know once the company drops word. All I'm saying is if you spent £70 for Infinite Warfare's Legacy Edition , I'm really sorry. It has also been revealed that the game will cost $39.99 which is slightly cheaper than newer titles, but it is still pretty expensive for a game that was released a while ago. Read More »

Spotify confirms testing 'Sponsored Songs' in playlists


This new feature was first spotted when a new "Sponsored Content" setting suddenly appeared on Spotify . A representative from Spotify confirmed to The Verge that Sponsored Songs is a test program that will only appear to users on the free tier, The Verge says. Read More »

SpaceX Delays Today's Launch, But Might Have Two Next Weekend


SpaceX engineers needed time to replace a pneumatic valve on the fairing, the protective nose cone that covers the satellite during liftoff, but there was already a backup in place, he added. It will be located at the Bulgarian orbital position at 1.9 degrees East longitude and will provide reliable satellite communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers. Read More »

Kia announces Stonic SUV to take on Nissan Juke


We thought the new Kia Stonic - Kia's compact SUV take on Hyundai's new Kona - was going to get revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show . The Kia Stonic is claimed to offer the company's most striking design to date with sharp horizontal feature lines, blended with softer sculpted surfaces. Read More »

Elon Musk gives promising update on creating a tunnel network under LA


But Musk acknowledged Sunday he is less concerned about the technology required to build the tunnels, and more anxious about gaining permits from cities. Ever confident of his ability to develop his ambitious projects, Musk tweeted that planning permits would be harder than the technology. "I would love to see, maybe even with the new tunnel technology that people like Elon Musk is looking at, whether we can have a quick and direct route from LAX to Union Station", Garcetti said. Read More »

Technology CEOs urged to join Trump initiative

Specifically, Tim Cook pitched to President Trump that the united States should make coding a requirement in school's, something he has voiced his opinion on in the past as well. Almost 100 major technology companies - including Facebook , LinkedIn and Intel - also opposed the administration's travel ban in February. Silicon Valley has never exactly been a hotbed of Trump support. Read More »

Google leverages search engine expertise to launch robust employment engine


For employers, Google is offering detailed tutorials and guidelines to ensure that their job postings are properly documented and easy to discover . Search results will also include companies with job listings on their homepage. To further improve the search experience, Google said it would continue adding more filters and information in the future. Read More »

Special Counsel Is Reportedly Investigating Jared Kushner's Business Dealings

As the Post noted , Kushner is just the latest associate of the president to be under scrutiny for questionable business dealings with Russian Federation. In another tweet, Trump called it "the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history - led by some very bad and conflicted people!" On June 15, officials disclosed that the DOJ probe was investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice . Read More »

Psyonix on How Nintendo Wanted Rocket League on the Switch — Interview

Sony is firmly refusing to allow cross-platform multiplayer for now, but Psyonix is ready to move should the time come. "We also have to look at policy issues and business issues as well". Or, because the communities for these games have become so huge, the risk level for opening up the network to other networks you have no security control over is too great. Read More »

Shah Rukh Khan's daughter prepares for Bollywood debut


Many of Gauri's industry friends came out to support her in the forthcoming venture including dear friends Farah Khan and Karan Johar. Shah Rukh has three in total, eldest Aryan , then his daughter Suhana and the cute AbRam . "The minimum requirement is to graduate", Shah Rukh told an Indian news agency. He gets really excited telling me about gaalis he's learnt. The conversations I have with them, I would have with my friends, if I had any. Read More »

Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think

Spring usually marks a period of low electricity demand. Solar energy has seasonal swings, but with more installations being completed every month and the summer months being the highest generation, we can expect more records for solar generation as April, May, and June data is reported. Read More »

Jaguar Land Rover to hire 5000 new staff


The newspaper said the recruitment drive, which could be announced next week, would focus on electronic and software engineers as the industry adapts to develop autonomous vehicles. Tata Motors shares rallied 4 percent intraday Tuesday on buzz of initial public offering of Jaguar Land Rover that was bought by the company in 2008 for United States dollars 2.4 billion. Read More »

Pakistan's path to Champions Trophy glory

India missed direct hits when it mattered, they bowled no-balls when batsman (read Fakhar Zaman ) edged and got caught, bowled negative lines in pursuit of containing Pakistan openers and although Pandya hit some meaty blows to score a fastest half-century in ICC ODI event final, it was too little too late. Read More »

The petty crime that cost Otto Warmbier his life in North Korea


Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old student who was returned to the U.S. in a coma last week after 17 months as a prisoner in North Korea, has died in a Cincinnati hospital, his parents announced. Doctors in Cincinnati said they found no active sign of botulism or evidence of beatings. He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour in March 2016 for trying to steal a political banner, and was medically evacuated to OH last week. Read More »

Research says deadly heatwaves will become more frequent in the future


Almost three-quarters of the world's population could be hit by potentially lethal heatwaves within a lifetime if vast amounts of greenhouse gases continue to pour into the atmosphere, scientists have warned. RG: Who is most at risk? "Increasing inequality leads to increased deaths from heat extremes", says Keller. Thousands of people have died in India from the heatwaves in recent years. Read More »

IKEA's Apple-Powered Augmented Reality App Launches This Fall

The new augmented reality platform is capable of performing a lot of tasks and Tim Cook, in his recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, referenced IKEA AR partnership. We have nearly 400 of them and we want to complement them in as many ways as possible, through mobile, social media, AR and third-party e-commerce players. Read More »

Greenpeace in Spain protests Trump climate decision

The missive takes a strong stance against the USA, typical for the secretive regime. Fortunately, the reaction to Trump's announcement has been encouraging. A number of USA mayors have vowed to do the same, proving that local leadership can have an impact even in the face of federal opposition. "As the federal government turns its back on the environment, New York and states across the country are picking up the mantle of climate leadership and showing the world it's possible to address ... Read More »

Man rams police vehicle in Paris; attacker likely killed


The "radicalised" attacker, 31, who has been pictured being stripped naked by bomb squad officers, "was known to the police", said an investigating source. It also marks the second time this year that Paris' most famous avenue, renowned for its shopping, dining and monuments, has been the scene of bloodshed. Read More »

America's Energy Secretary doesn't believe Carbon dioxide causes climate change

Perry, in his TV appearance Monday, said there should not be a debate about whether the climate is changing or if humans have an effect on the climate. "I'm excited what we're gonna see coming out of our national labs, coming out of the private sector". "Our oceans absorb millions of tons of carbon dioxide a day, making them dangerously acidic". Read More »

OnePlus 5 all but officially revealed in India


Additionally, OnePlus will also be holding pop-up events in four cities across India, that is Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. OnePlus 5 will come with a Snapdragon 835 processor , this is an octa-core one with 10nm FinFET design. Read More »

More iPhone 8 Secrets Revealed by a Humble Screen Protector Image Leak

Recently, MobileFun - an accessory maker who has previously nailed phone predictions three months in advance - released a new screen protector for the upcoming iPhone 8 , it revealed quite a bit . "Well, rest assured that not only will this screen protector allow you to use 3D touch as you would normally but regular touchscreen accuracy is also unaffected", reads the product description. Read More »

Shooting forces lawmakers to rethink their security


Scalise has undergone multiple surgeries and will need more. Announcing the changes during a speech in Miami, Mr Trump said Cuba had secured far too many concessions from the United States in the "misguided" deal but "now those days are over". Read More »

Now You Can Get an Apple Music Yearly Subscription Direct in iOS


The company already offers monthly and family subscription plans but it hasn't offered an annual tier, until now. They will only be able to subscribe to the monthly plans mentioned above. In the App Store (on iOS 10), scroll to the bottom of the featured tab and tap the " View Apple ID " option. Previously, Apple Music gift cards could be purchased that offered a year membership for $99, but you had to go out and buy a physical gift card to be eligible. Read More »

Dead, missing toll in London fire rises to 79, police say

The company behind the renovation also reportedly used banned, flammable cladding on the building's exterior to cut costs and make it more aesthetically attractive for neighbors in the Kensington and Chelsea borough, one of the UK's richest areas. Read More »

NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life


Although the Kepler mission has yet to fulfill one of its goals, which is determining the fraction of sun-like stars hosting Earth-like planets in our galaxy, these data will help astronomers determine that number in the next few years, the researchers said. Read More »