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Instagram Will Now Let You Take Down Your Posts Without Deleting Them


The updates is available as part of Instagram version 10.21 and above. Archive also preserves posts that are too important to delete, Instagram told CNET. "All you need to do is tap the "..." you see at the top right of an individual post. From there, you'll be presented with a few different options, with one of them being the ability to Archive it. Read More »

Sony Unveils New 'Spider-Man' Game at E3 Expo

More footage of the new Spider-Man title was shown at E3, featuring all kinds of kinetic action and fun, with impressions suggesting that this might be the best Spider-Man game yet. Final Fantasy 7 Remake , Shenmue 3's Kickstarter , the return of The Last Guardian sat alongside the aforementioned 2016 reveals, Horizon Zero Dawn , Bloodborne and numerous PlayStation VR titles. Read More »

Destiny 2 PC release date set


After the exclusive early access, the beta opens up to all console players on July 21 , concluding on July 23 . PC gamers, your delayed shot at Destiny 2 has finally been pegged with a date: October 24. PT on July 23 . Thus, Guardians can enjoy two extra days of fighting off the Cabal. Destiny 2 is nearly here, and it's closer than anyone expected. Read More »

The 9 most exciting Xbox One games of E3 2017


Xbox One X is Microsoft's latest attempt at challenging Sony's dominance in the console market. Underneath the generic Xbox shell, Microsoft says it produces six teraflops of graphical power thanks to a custom GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz. Read More »

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 RPG Game Confirmed For Nintendo Switch


Below is the official launch trailer where you can see the journey of Rex and Pyra, both on the lands of Elysium are bounded with tremendous power to fight with various creatures and other powerful characters. When it first released on the Nintendo Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles was applauded for being the rare lengthy Japanese role-playing game on the platform. Read More »

Apple unveils iMac Pro

The main new feature in the new MacBook is that it sports seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processors . This will be our fastest and most powerful Mac ever, which brings workstation-class computing to iMac for the first time. This allows the iMac Pro to metaphorically FLY, providing a level of performance never seen from an all-in-one before. The new MacBook Pro is a great machine for many users, but for others, it is tough to use as their main laptop. Read More »

Waymo retires Firefly driverless vehicle


Waymo hopes to commercialize its autonomous driving tech, but to do that, it will need to partner with a company that is actually willing to manufacture cars-which is still a complex and cash-intensive business. Now that we've moved to our next phase - letting members of the public use our self-driving cars in their daily lives - we're ready to retire our fleet of Fireflies and focus on integrating our latest technology into vehicles like our new self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Read More »

Samus Returns Is a 2.5D Side-Scroller for the 3DS — Metroid

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about a new Metroid game prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch, and his response was interesting. What are your thoughts on Metroid: Samus Returns? Hmm, this might explain why Nintendo shut down that Metroid II fan project. Given this, and the fact that there's no footage, it would be safe to assume that the game is pretty early in development. Read More »

MVP Durant, Curry lead Warriors to NBA title

Steve Kerr's team were haunted by their blowing of a 3-1 lead in the finals previous year as a LeBron James-inspired Cavaliers fought back to win the series in Oakland in game seven. James, Irving, Kevin Love , and Tristan Thompson are all max players. It's the first championship won by a Bay Area team in their home arena, since the 1974 Oakland Athletics won the World Series. Read More »

Federal court upholds block on President Trump's travel ban


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in its ruling largely upheld an injunction on the ban issued by a lower court, but said the government was within its right to review the vetting process for people entering the country . Critics of the ban have asserted that the president's order was motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment, in violation of the Constitution's separation of church and state. Read More »

Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Shown, Still No Release Date

There's a new Spider-Man game that's being developed by Insomniac Games. Japanese gaming giant Sony has sold more PS4 consoles than rival Microsoft and its Xbox One , but faces renewed pressure from the U.S. It appears to be an open world game with its stellar gameplay. This includes titles such as The Inpatient , Bravo Team and even a game that Elijah Wood is involved in. Read More »

Spider-Man Gameplay Demo Shows Off Open World and Web Slinging Combat

Besides other high profile third party exclusives like Ni No Kuni II, the near future brings the triple remaster threat of Final Fantasy XII, Patapon and Crash N.Sane Trilogy. The Before the Storm standalone expansion for Life is odd will release on 31 August 2017. The game will release on 8 September 2017. Sony released a new trailer for Gran Turismo Sport , which is set to release later this year. Read More »

E3 2017 - Breath Of The Wild DLC Detailed


According to Nintendo , the first pack includes " Trial of the Sword , Master Mode, Hero's Path, Travel Medallion, Korok Mask and eight new armors", most of which we previously explained here. Through the new adventure, players will be able to explore brand new dungeons complete with new enemies to battle. The second DLC pack is scheduled to debut later this year during the holiday season and is named The Champions' Ballad . Read More »

Washington woman selected as a NASA astronaut candidate

Zena Cardman is a newly minted pick for NASA's 2017 class of astronauts. The Astronaut Class of 2017 includes doctors, scientists, engineers, pilots and military officers from Anchorage to Miami and points in between. NASA selects its top astronauts from a diverse pool of applicants with a wide variety of backgrounds, according to its website . The astronauts were selected on the basis of expertise, education, and physical tests. Read More »

Theresa May 'promises to get Tories out of the mess she created'


British MPs, who are by tradition not named at such meetings, told reporters that there were no dissenting voices and that the party had no appetite for a leadership election. The prime minister's spokesperson clarified the government's position were in line with Davis' statement. May also restored former Justice Secretary Michael Gove to the Cabinet in another move created to show she was willing to listen to critics. Read More »

Apple Now Allows Users to Tip with In-App Purchases

If a user chooses to leave a review, the app has to wait for at least a full year and after a new version of the app has been released before it can ask the user to review it again-a feature developers my find too restrictive and make it hard to get feedback on new features. Read More »

United Kingdom election: Brexit plans in disarray

It is also not known if the other parties will be determined to obstruct her path, and come together to let Mr Corbyn - known to be on the left wing of Labour - lead a new government. The shock result thrust Northern Ireland's centre-right Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) into the role of kingmaker, with its 10 seats enough to give the Conservatives a fragile but workable partnership. Read More »

Microsoft have released their new Xbox One X, marketing at around €450


Also, the cooling system has been improved to ensure better performance.Microsoft Xbox One X price & availabilityThe new Xbox One X will be available from November 7, 2017 and carries at a suggested retail price of $499 / €499. On top of this, the Xbox One X supports 4K gameplay and is supposed to have better graphics at 1080p resolutions for everyone without a 4K TV. Formerly known by the code-name " Project Scorpio " the console will be completely backwards compatible with other ... Read More »

Sinn Fein maintains abstentionist stance as DUP puts out feelers to Tories

The Sunday newspapers carried reports that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was set to launch a bid to oust her, although he dismissed them as "tripe", insisting on Twitter: "I'm backing Theresa May ". With Northern Ireland having been without a powersharing executive since March and without a first and deputy first minister since January, a new three-week process to salvage devolution is starting in Belfast on Monday. Read More »

E3 2017: Days Gone Stage Demo a Howling Bloody Time

To kick off its E3 showcase, Sony showed off brand new gameplay footage of its survival horror zombie game Days Gone . We got to look at stealth knockouts and actions. Of course, all threats pale in comparison to the zombified grizzly bear we see at the end of the footage. " Days Gone " is an open-world game set two years after a devastating global pandemic, where much of humanity has turned into monstrous flesh-eating zombies . Read More »

Xbox One X is Microsoft's powerful new game console

Microsoft faces a tough road ahead in its mission to dethrone Sony's PlayStation . Aiming at the hearts of gamers, Microsoft also showed off 42 coming games, with 22 titles being tailored for exclusive play on Xbox One consoles. Both the consoles offer 1TB of internal storage. The One X is heavier than its rival at 8.4 pounds compared to the PS4 Pro's 7.2 pounds. Xbox One X comes more than three years after the launch of the Xbox One , which critics slammed because you had ... Read More »

Apple upcoming iPhone images running iOS 11 leaked - Check out images

The new iPad Pro's screen is about 20% larger than the last, while the tablet itself is only slightly bigger. The iPad Pro will soon be able to fill that gap with fewer compromises than ever. The iPad's new camera has an aperture upgrade from f/2.2 to f/1.8, and in fancy photography terms, that means you can take some killer selfies in low-light conditions. Read More »

Everything Sony Revealed At E3 2017

Like numerous games shown off at Sony's press conference, players can expect to get their hands on Insomniac's Spider-Man sometime in 2018. During its presentation, Sony revealed a trailer of Horizon: Zero Dawn's first downloadable content. Read More »

Hidden Agenda Is Like Until Dawn With Co-op


Sony Playlink works by connecting smartphones to the PlayStation 4 machine and the phones turn out to be the flawless controllers. The first was Hidden Agenda , which is from Supermassive Games, the makers of the very excellent Until Dawn . Read More »

Did Tim Cook just spill the beans on Apple self-driving vehicle?

Apple has hired over 1,000 engineers to work on the initiative it calls Project Titan internally. You can rest your hopes of seeing self-driving Apple auto with Siri at your disposal, for now, instead look forward to Apple's self-driving tech being incorporated into vehicles. Read More »

Apple allows in-app tipping for content creators


Among the many ways that our apps get on our nerves is when they repeatedly pressure us to leave a review in the App Store , but as of this week, Apple is cutting back on those annoying prompts significantly. If a user does go through, a Touch ID prompt box pops up for authentication, but states that the user will pay $99.99 for an automatically renewing seven-day subscription . Read More »

Destiny 2 launches on consoles September 6, PC coming October 24

PT on July 23 . The format is the same from Destiny 1 with an exclusive Strike, exotic weapon, gear, and Crucible map. Destiny 2 is due to hit consoles on 6 September, with a PC release "later". PC users will likely have to wait a bit longer to play the highly anticipated massively multiplayer shooter. If so, feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know. Read More »

Apple's New iPad Pro Appears In Promo Video


The iPhone already has a similar feature installed called "invert colours" which is aimed at helping people with vision issues, but it seems Apple is adding a "smart invert" to iOS 11 as well. Once iPhones start upgrading to iOS 11 this fall, users will notice a stream of new features, including an automatic Do Not Disturb feature that's created to stop drivers from being distracted by their phone. Read More »

New Days Gone gameplay at Sony's E3 press conference

In the trailer, we see more of Deacon's day to day life in the zombie apocalypse, featuring some motorcycle traversal and hand-to-hand stealth combat. Methods of distraction are a popular way to divert the attention of both the living and the undead. Days Gone is shaping up to be an absolute thrill ride, and we're looking forward to learning more about it. Read More »

Sony @E3 2017: New Days Gone Gameplay Trailer

This time around, the new Days Gone gameplay trailer focuses on the game's more stealthy aspects. From what we have seen of Deacon already, we know he's more than capable of handling himself and getting out of tough situations. Of course, all threats pale in comparison to the zombified grizzly bear we see at the end of the footage. We also are treated a couple of scenes that show us the zombies are not the only ones that pose a danger to the main character, Deacon St. Read More »

Jeff Sessions to appear before Senate Intelligence committee


White House spokesman Sean Spicer is declining to say whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions should invoke executive privilege in testimony to Congress Tuesday. What was your involvement in the decision to fire James Comey? "I urge that the Committee hold a hearing with the Attorney General in the open so that the American people can hear for themselves what he has to say with regard to connections to the Russians and the President's abuse of power", wrote Sen. Read More »

E3 2017: Racing is 'reborn' with Forza Motorsport 7

The vehicle, which is one of the game's star models, will be officially unveiled by Porsche later this year. Track-spec bodywork like the big rear wing, front air intakes and flared wheel arches will improve downforce and help make the GT2 RS the most powerful Porsche ever. Read More »