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Days Gone shows off zombie wolves and bears in new trailer

The game's protagonist Deacon St. John is able to traverse his environment by foot or by motorcycle. In the new trailer the game's hero is shown riding his motorbike out of his settlement, looking for his pal Manny. As of now, we have just got a trailer showcasing the gameplay of the diverse zombie open-world shooter that will be exclusive to Sony's PS4 lineup. Read More »

LeBron James spectacular again, but efforts not enough for Cleveland


The Warriors are the NBA's benevolent dictator, and they wear their festooned military jackets with style. The 1989 A's won a championship a few miles from home at the Giants' Candlestick Park, but that was definitely not the same, coming on enemy territory and after the devastation of the Loma Prieta quake and an unprecedented 11-day break between Games 2 and 3. Read More »

New Days Gone Gameplay Revealed At E3 2017


We also are treated a couple of scenes that show us the zombies are not the only ones that pose a danger to the main character, Deacon St. John. Thanks to the latter, freakers assaulted the camp, which allowed Deacon to get away before coming across yet more of the not-zombies. Read More »

Oil Oversupply Continues To Outweigh OPEC

US data this week showed a surprise 3.3-million-bbl build in commercial crude oil stocks to 513.2 million. Expectations that the slide in oil prices had been overdone helped trigger fresh buying support during Monday, although markets were braced for selling interest on rallies. Read More »

Destiny 2 for PC coming October 24

Check out all the PlayStation Destiny 2 exclusives in the video below. This highly anticipated FPS/MMO hybrid has already obtained a massive following due to the insane success of the original Destiny . And finally, Activision announced the PS4 timed exclusive gubbins for Destiny 2 for launch. No pre-oder? Then it will open up to all console players at 10AM PDT (6PM BST) on 21st July. Read More »

Baadshaho teaser poster: Despite no Ajay Devgn, it packs the right punch!


Well, read below to know more about Badshaho teaser poster that released yesterday. It looks like the film be about a bunch of uncompromising conspirators on the road. As it is a Milan Luthria film, surprises will be a part of his plot! Interestingly, Ajay and director Milan returned to barrens of Jodhpur after 17 years. Read More »

E3 2017 | Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Announced, PS4 Exclusive

Spider-Man will see players taking control of Peter Parker as they swing through the streets of New York City as Spider-Man in this huge open world title. At the same time he's struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career while the fate of nine million New Yorkers rests upon his shoulders. Read More »

Iowa City Mayor signs initiatives supporting Paris Agreement


The presidents of Lafayette and Moravian colleges, as well as the mayors of Easton and Bethlehem, also signed the pledge. In the letter, the Senators applaud President Trump for his executive actions to undo overreaching environmental regulations from the Obama administration, specifically the Clean Power Plan regulations. Read More »

Apple just made all your iPhone apps way less annoying

Apple is making it so that app ratings don't reset upon each update, though developers can choose to erase their rating upon an update if, say, a previous update tanked their review score due to a bug or unpopular feature that's now removed and doesn't represent the current state of the app. Read More »

Apple's MacBook Pro still isn't fit for professionals


This means that you will notice change in tempo, pitch and even know when Siri is emphasising a point. Photos in Portrait Mode can be taken with the help of True Tone flash, high-dynamic range, and optical image stabilisation for a more professional result. Read More »

Sony's bringing 'Shadow of the Colossus' back with a ground-up remake

It will feature an all new graphics, and of course will have trophies. The major difference is that graphically the game has seen a major overhaul. Stay tuned for all the big announcements from Sony as they arrive later today. The game is unusual within the action-adventure genre in that there are no towns or dungeons to explore, no characters with which to interact, and no enemies to defeat other than the colossi. Read More »

Detroit Become Human Trailer Shows a Struggle Between AI and Humans


Become Human is a game set in the future about the lives of Androids taking over their lives and living for themselves. Will you use violence to spread your message, or will you play the role of a pacifist? You choose the violent path and many androids will die, but if you take the pacifist path, you will see a far better path towards Detroit: Become Human's end. Read More »

Pokémon Go will host real-life events to celebrate its anniversary


The event is supposed to end on June 20th at 1PM Pacific Time, too. The events were officially from Niantic Labs and were translated by SlashGear. The cornerstone of the event is an increase in Fire and Ice Pokemon out in the wild. This is the first Pokemon GO event in which two different Pokemon types are included in a common push. That's 6pm for any United Kingdom fans hoping to make the long journey across the pond. Read More »

Apple reveals price of new products in India


Apple also announced the launch of a new 10.5 inch iPad Pro , which has a retina display and weighs only 0.45kg. WWDC 2017: Featuring next-generation Intel Xeon processors up to 18 cores, iMac Pro is created to handle demanding pro workflows. Read More »

'God of War 4' Sony E3 2017: Release date, trailer, gameplay


The E3 trailer shows Kratos teaching Kratos Junior, or whatever his son's actual name is, how to be a warrior. The trailer ends here before elaborating on the motives of this mysterious new character, whose appearance is reminiscent of Kingseeker Frampt from Dark Souls . Read More »

New iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac India costs announced

It has a slower processor than the Mac Pro , and it has one USB-C port . Moreover, it also comes with a new display that is 43 percent brighter. You can read Apple's full press releases on the iMac and MacBook Pro lineups at the links below. And the 27-inch 5K Retina display model will have a choice of Radeon Pro 570, 575, and 580 graphics cards with up to 8GB of VRAM for 5.5 teraflops of graphics computing. Read More »

11 things you should know about iOS 11


The Message app will sync across various devices, so watch out if you delete a message on your iPhone, as it will get also deleted on your iPad. - New effects were introduced in Live Photos, plus Portrait Mode images can now be snapped with OIS, True Tone flash and HDR. Read More »

Xbox Design Lab custom controllers finally come to Europe!


Although only the UK, France and Germany are included in Xbox Design Lab's foray into Europe for now, the service will arrive for more European countries later this summer. It also means you don't have to worry about mixing your controller up with anyone else's during a big local multiplayer session. How do you plan on designing your Xbox One controller? Alternatively you can start from scratch by heading here . Read More »

Uber fires over 20 workers after internal harassment review

The company broke the news to employees during an all-hands meeting Tuesday in San Francisco, according to an anonymous source who spoke with the New York Times . Morton says, he's seen a lot of large companies with HR problems similar to Uber. Uber said the complaints going back as far as 2012, and it had so far taken action in 58 cases, and no action on 100 more. Read More »

Steep is getting an Olympics expansion this Decemeber


You can check out a trailer showcasing the upcoming content that you'll be able to play in the lead up to Christmas, 2017. New events include slalom and skicross, thus ensuring more competitive aspects for Steep's gameplay. Players take on the task of leading their athlete to victory at the 2018 Olympics in a number of snow sports including slalom, snowboard cross, halfpipe and slopestyle. Read More »

E3 2017: Xbox Head Reveals Other Names Considered for Xbox One X


Here's everything else you may have missed. After a long time waiting and a few details drip fed to fans over the past few months, the highly-anticipated Project Scorpio got its official name: Xbox One X. le. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers that followed also took design cues from the Controller S, instead of the Duke's princely size. The console houses the same components that were announced at last year's E3. Read More »

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Quick Update on Its Features and Availability


If anything, the price really is premium, since you have to pay Rs. 59,990 for it. Throughout the video, which was filmed at various locations across Lebanon, Fares Karam showcases the new Xperia XZ Premium at key moments in his journey, from experimenting with the smartphone's Super slow motion feature in different environments to highlighting the Xperia XZ Premium's other intelligent features. Read More »

Griftlands, a new role-playing game from Klei Entertainment, revealed


Don't Starve was a PC mega hit, an indie survival game from Klei Entertainment that went on to become a YouTube sensation for its hardcore sentiments and endearing aesthetic. Griftlands is set to launch in early 2018. From the little bit of information we have about the title, I can not wait to get my hands on Griftlands based on the art style alone. Read More »

E3 2017: Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a Game Using Starship Collectibles


Suddenly, three enemy ships emerge from a nearby asteroid field and it becomes very clear you are not welcome. Then you can change the parts on the spaceship, and those changes show up in the game on the fly. You can also play the game on the Nintendo Switch. The worlds will evolve in response to your actions and choices, with enemies reacting and fighting back to take over the star system if you do nothing to stop them. Read More »

Boris Johnson denies plot to topple tottering Theresa May


She's attempting to form a government . Corbyn accused the Conservatives of undermining Britain's security by cutting the number of police on the streets. The Democratic Unionist Party itself has long criticized the idea of a Hard Brexit , and it is believed that May will have to change her own plans to get the DUP's support. Read More »

Intel Gets Game On With E-Sports Partnerships, Virtual Reality, New Chips


In the next month, ESL One Cologne, DreamHack Masters Malmo and ESL One New York all have prize pools of at least $200,000 and will qualify as Grand Slam events. Intel and ESL announced a "landmark deal" during Intel's presentation at E3 today that will see Intel become the Global Technical Partner of ESL , a move they said will "further advance the worldwide growth and development of esports ". Read More »

Apple clarifies how tips should work in iOS apps


But as Medium blogger Johnny Lin found out, the mechanism that Ngan Vo Thi Thuy exploited involves tricking gullible users in the app and spreading awareness of the app through ad listings on App Store searches. The second important point is that the app review prompt will be shown up only 3 times every year irrespective of how often the app has been updated. Read More »

E3 2017: Microsoft debuts PS4 Pro-rivalling Xbox One X

They also cost much less than this console. I would, but there was very little mentioned about the Xbox One x and Virtual Reality. That said, the real appeal of the console is its high-octane internal specs that have earned it the title of being the most powerful on the planet right now. Read More »

Here's a Look at X-Com 2 Expansion, War of the Chosen


Check out the trailer below! In addition to all of this are the Lost, who are heavily mutated humans that act in large swarms. The Chosen are on the hunt for the Commander and will kidnap, interrogate, and kill XCOM's soldiers to complete their objective. Read More »

Microsoft announces Xbox One X as 'world's most powerful console'

Also, with the Xbox One X Game Pass, subscribers can get 100 games per month to download and play. Now there are no pre-order deals for the Xbox One X, but we expect that a number of retailers will announce deals to save you money or help you score the latest games with your new console. Read More »

Square Enix Releases Brand New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer


It's particularly exciting because, since the release of " Kingdom Hearts II ", Disney has been rather busy releasing awesome new films and acquiring new companies like Marvel and Lucasfilm. Additionally, the other patch unlocks all of the cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts to be viewable in Theater Mode . In a recent chart listing posted on Famitsu, as cited by Nintendo Everything , the said game landed at number six with 409 votes while the PS4 and 3DS versions of "Dragon Quest 11" nabbed the ... Read More »