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Keira Knightley presumed Pirates of the Caribbean would be a disaster


In an op-ed written for The Radio Times , the "Love Actually" writer-director said it has been a "particular delight" for him to see how "brilliantly" the cast has blossomed over the years. The trip down memory lane comes in the wake of Friday's United Kingdom debut of a short follow-up to Love Actually , which promises to catch up with its main characters over a decade later. Read More »

Rumour: This year's Call of Duty may be called "Call of Duty"


The leak was first reported in a video on TheFamilyVideoGamers , a YouTube channel which said the details were emailed by an anonymous source. The banner, which can be seen above, appears to depict the D-Day Normandy landing. It sold extremely well compared to most games, but not extremely well for a Call of Duty . This was assumed to mean the series would be set during a historical conflict. Read More »

Google ad boycott could aim ire at ad-serving software

In this case, she said , the filters apparently failed. "We know advertisers don't want their ads next to content that doesn't align with their values". However, the big part of the advertising revenue comes from search advertising. At the beginning of the week, several popular creators of YouTube videos spoke out about a new discovery: videos produced with a gay or transgender theme were being blocked by YouTube's Restricted filter, an option for folks and institutions who want ... Read More »

Tempe Police: Self-driving Uber vehicle involved in rollover


Damon DeSpain. According to a report in the Arizona Republic, another vehicle failed to yield while making a left turn onto Don Carlos Drive, colliding with the self-driving auto. Local reports said there was a person behind the wheel but it wasn't known if they were in control of the SUV when it crashed. Uber, on its website, stressed the use of the vehicles is in its early stages. Read More »

The Sea Turtle That Ate 915 Coins Has Died


An emergency corrective operation was conducted but Omsin slipped into a coma after, she said . Although the turtle initially appeared to be recovering well, a check-up over the weekend revealed intestinal problems. CT scans taken before the turtle's first surgery clearly show a mass of metal in her innards. The team chose to operate on Omsin again after finding excessive gas in her resulting from an inflamed and twisted intestine. Read More »

Two More People Detained in Connection With London Attack Released, Police Say


Telling us stories about where he lives", said manager Sabeur Toumi. " London is a great city full of wonderful people from all backgrounds and when Londoners face adversity we always pull together". However, he had not been convicted for any terrorism offences, according to Home Secretary Amber Rudd. "Some years ago, he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism". Read More »

Led airstrike in Syria kills 'dozens' of civilians


While the SDF is fighting to encircle Raqqa with support from the coalition, the militant group is also losing territory it once held to the Russian-backed Syrian Army, Turkish-backed Syrian rebels, and US -backed Iraqi forces in northern Iraq. Read More »

Valley Attorney Weighs In On Gorsuch Hearings

U.S. Sen. Jack Reed's spokesman confirmed Reed is opposing Gorsuch's nomination. "After all , they stopped a president who wasn't under investigation from filling a seat with almost a year left in his presidency". issues. She too was repeatedly asked about hot-button legal issues, particularly when it came to her views on the Supreme Court's 2008 Second Amendment decision in District of Columbia v. Read More »

Astronauts complete spacewalk to retrofit space station


Pesquet is a flight engineer from the European Space Agency and Kimbrough is a commander on NASA's Expedition 50. The PMA-3 provides the pressurized interface between the station modules and the International Docking Adapter, which will accommodate commercial crew vehicle dockings. Read More »

Democracy In Crisis: Paul Ryan's No Good Very Bad Day


Indeed, even the bill's chief opponent, Freedom Caucus chair Rep. Mark Meadows, has praised Trump for going to great lengths to engage lawmakers on the details of the bill. Obamacare repeal is an issue that has been near and dear to the heart of the GOP since 2010. "The decision to pull this bill was a sound, commonsense one", said. Read More »

Schumer calls Trump 'incompetent' after GOP-backed bill collapses

Republicans can lose only 22 votes in the face of united Democratic opposition. The collective defeat of the healthcare effort could strain that tolerance. Trump, in brief remarks after Ryan pulled the bill from consideration, did not take responsibility for its demise. But it never won over conservatives who wanted a more thorough eradication of the Affordable Care Act. Read More »

Animal Adventure: No baby yet, but 'All is well in Giraffe Land'


They also reported on Wednesday that she seemed to be a little moody. The keepers will go in with April occasionally to clean her pen and give her treats (but not Oliver). April the giraffe was one step closer to giving birth Friday. "The teams at Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us, including our own giraffe - Geoffrey - are thrilled to be supporting the Animal Adventure Park and its efforts around worldwide giraffe conservation". Read More »

Big US companies pull YouTube ads after extremist content sparks uncertainty

Following some investigations by the United Kingdom press, several have now pulled their ads either from YouTube specifically or from Google platforms in general until Google fixes the problem. Alphabet has lost almost 4% this week amid the ad flap, dropping below and 867.10 buy point. If this wasn't enough of an internal crisis for YouTube , it also had to address an issue where its optional Restricted Mode excluded some LGBTQ videos. Read More »

Man United will trigger Atletico star's €100m release clause


Manchester United are on the verge of completing a stunning deal worth around £86m to sign Atleitco Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann this summer, according to the Manchester Evening News . There is no security. While Lacazette has been reportedly pursued at the behest of Griezmann, the club are aware that they would be powerless if Man United met his €100m release clause, something the Red Devils are willing and able to do. Read More »

Former Chelsea Defender Criticises N'Golo Kante


N'Golo Kante lacks the leadership skills to be Chelsea's "boss", according to former Blue Frank Leboeuf. The French midfielder has been one of the Premier League's top performing players this season following his arrival at the club from Leicester City last summer. Read More »

Pinoys urged: 'Shine a light on climate action'

Urging her constituents to join in, Jackie Baillie said: "Earth Hour has become well established as an important way of supporting global efforts to tackle climate change ". Climate change is impacting us here and now. In the United Kingdom alone, over 10 million people took part, along with over 4,800 schools, 200 landmarks and thousands of businesses and organisations. Read More »

Navy deploys warship to patrol Benham


Lorenzana said the Navy would deploy the BRP Gregorio Velasquez to conduct a survey of Benham Rise. The Philippines has conducted initial studies on Benham Rise but researchers have yet to reach the deepest parts of the maritime territory located in the Pacific Ocean, where conditions can be harsh. Read More »

Everything We Do and Don't Know About What Happened Today in London


Neighbors told the British press he was a keen gardener who lived with his wife and young child until December 2016, when the family suddenly moved out. "In these grave moments, we Germans feel very close to the British people", President Frank-Walter Steinmeier added . At least 50 people from at least dozen were injured in Tuesday's attack, with 31 needing hospital treatment, police said. Read More »

London terror attacker has a Nigerian father


Earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May said the man behind Wednesday's deadly attack near Parliament was born in Britain and known to intelligence services. "It is still our belief, which continues to be born out by our investigation, that this attacker acted alone and was inspired by global terrorism", Rowley told reporters. Read More »

Honey Nut Cheerios pulls bee mascot to send a message


Bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate, and that includes honeybees like Buzz'. Wildflowers can help to increase bee populations by providing nectar and pollen, and Cheerios has pledged to grow 3,300 acres of wildflowers on their oat farms by 2020, in addition to giving the seeds away. Read More »

Southern Lights flight a 'great success'


The flight was timed to take advantage of the equinox aurora effect, where there was 12 hours of daylight and 12 of darkness, so passengers were almost guaranteed a view of the Aurora Australis, the New Zealand Herald reported . Tickets were NZ$3950 (US$2775) for two economy seats and NZ$8500 (US$5973) for a pair of business-class seats. Griffin also said that people were only allotted the window seats to get an up-close view of the spectacle. Read More »

Up to 70 killed from flooding and mudslides in Peru


In Lima, the capital, classes have been suspended and running water has been restricted after treatment systems were clogged - prompting a rush on bottled water that produced shortages at some supermarkets. A state of emergency has been declared in about half of the country, especially in the north. The Peruvian President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski ( PPK ) rejected those opinions, saying that Peru needs to fulfill its global commitment. Read More »

Marking Earth Hour this weekend

With 2016 breaking temperature records for the third consecutive year, it's never been more important to tackle climate change. That's why Earth Hour is so crucial - it's a chance for everyone across the globe to come together and speak up about climate change . Read More »

Movado, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger prepping Android Wear smartwatches

Movado Connect will have five customisable dials designed and inspired by Movado's Museum dial featuring different complications, backgrounds, and watch hands. According to Wareable , though, the Hugo Boss Touch watch feature a stainless steel case, support for swapping straps, and NFC, but there's no heart rate monitor onboard. Read More »

'Life' imitates several movies, but still good for a scare


But that doesn't make the outcome of Life any less jarring, or less of a downer. Often it is the case - and is the case in Alien - you have a militarized conspiracy theory. "Then they worked together and came up with an idea". In a vacuum it gets a higher recommendation - in the real world, you're better off just watching Alien - but if you're in need of a new monster-in-space movie, Life will scratch that itch. Read More »

Accused of assault, MP files counter-complaint


The train is expected to reach Mumbai around 10 am. "Now railway employees have reason to feel scared", a BJP politician quipped. Tension-free hona chahiye na . "A 60-year-old man should know how to behave", he told reporters. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said she can not take suo moto action and that she would take a call only if the case was brought to her notice in the House. Read More »

PM Modi condemns London 'terror attack', says India stands by UK


A total of 90 percent of United Kingdom citizens think that further terror attacks are likely to happen in the country after the attack in London, which is 6 percent more than in summer 2016, a YouGov poll issued on Friday revealed. There is no report of any Indian casualty so far in the terror attack near the UK Parliament, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said. The Chinese leader added, "There can not be continued instability in the world", adding, "We must cherish peace and ... Read More »

Cruise ship damages West Papua reef


Investigators of the incident discovered that the ship was equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like Global Positioning System and radar instruments to foresee the surroundings of the cruise liner, but the ship's crew continued to drift the low tides. Read More »