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Trump budget proposal would dramatically cut foreign aid

Sharp increases in defense and immigration enforcement spending, coupled with simultaneous and severe reductions to non-defense discretionary spending, particularly to many domestic and worldwide programs that assist the most vulnerable, would be profoundly troubling. Read More »

First iPhone 9 rumours emerge


Rumors suggest this year we'll see the release of the iPhone 7S , iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 - with the latter the only version tipped to come with an OLED display. Samsung reportedly predicts it will sell 180 million OLED panels to Apple for the iPhone 9, a significant increase on the 80 million panels for the iPhone 8. Read More »

Grand Theft Auto 5 sales top 80 million


Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to sell very well for Take-Two despite being on the market going on four years now. Today, news that Rockstar expects revenue in its 2019 fiscal year commensurate with what it's seen in a Grand Theft Auto launch year shot the stock up $3 to about $72 in morning trading. Read More »

Manchester Arena bombing: Twisted terrorist hung Islamic State flag from roof

Investigators hunted on Tuesday for possible accomplices of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people when he attacked an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester . The bombing also elicited painful memories of the 2015 terror attacks in Paris, where most of the 130 killed were at the Bataclan concert hall. Manchester itself has seen attacks before, but not this deadly. Read More »

Google hoping new features from Google Payment API make purchases even easier

Put differently, it's Google's attempt to push the Android ecosystem further into developing markets by offering a phone packed with decent specs for less money. "Speakers, toys, drink-mixing robots, whatever insane devices all of you think up", joked Assistant VP of Engineering Scott Huffmann with his audience of developers at the conference Wednesday. Read More »

Europa League final has lost its 'glow,' says Ajax coach

Uefa confirmed that the opening ceremony will be reduced as a mark of respect, while Manchester United will wear black armbands. But Bosz said the match, which will start with a minute's silence before kickoff, can not now be the "football feast" it was supposed to be. Read More »

Destiny 2 on PC is exclusive to Blizzard's


In addition, the publisher has confirmed that when Destiny 2 arrives on PC this fall it will be through Blizzard's! Since its reveal, Bungie has offered a first look at the interesting campaign along with the multiplayer game including the special editions and much more. Read More »

Manchester Muslims react to concert terror attack


The Mirror is reporting that the rumour of unaccompanied children seeking refuge and solace from the Manchester Arena blast site at the Holiday Inn Express is false. Last night, Manchester was subject to the worst terrorist attack in the United Kingdom since the 7/7 bombings. Local health workers and cab drivers are also amongst those offering their services. Read More »

'Apollo 8' tells thrilling story of moon mission


The moon's Crater 308, viewed from orbit during the Apollo 11 mission. The lunar sample return bag used by Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11. NASA officials verified that the bag indeed contained moon dust, a dark-gray fine powder, like graphite, that one astronaut described as smelling like gunpowder. Read More »

PM Theresa May raises United Kingdom threat level to 'critical'

Prime Minister Theresa May made the sombre announcement from Downing Street. Lunt talked to the Guardian about her worry on how the terrorism attack would affect her child. The star is a big draw for young fans, with hits including Problem and Side To Side, featuring Nicki Minaj. The Manchester Arena bombing is the worst attack in Britain since the July 7, 2015, bombings in which 52 people were killed. Read More »

First victims identified in Manchester concert bombing

Police responded to the Manchester Arena around 10:35 p.m. Monday night for reports of explosions. Emergency vehicles were helping the injured and bomb disposal units were later seen outside the venue. "It shocks me every time we hear this sort of news that attacks like this can happen", he said. Grande, who was not injured, tweeted hours later: "broken. Read More »

Samsung's Galaxy S8 iris scanner defeated with a printout and contact lens


However, the easiest way to bypass the Galaxy S8 iris scanning system right now is to take photos using digital cameras with 200mm-lens from a distance of up to five meters. The team posted a video showing the S8 smartphone unlocking itself when it saw the false eye. Hackers probably won't be trying to break into your phone through the iris scanner, but news that they can brings us back to the one great truth of the security world: Nothing is impenetrable. Read More »

June 2017 Xbox Games With Gold Lineup Announced

While subscribers still have several days left to get free copies of this month's remaining Games with Gold (Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris and Lego Star Wars Complete Saga) we now know what games Microsoft has planned for June. Furthermore, Xbox One also released their Games With Gold lineup. Some of the major titles included in the sale include "Red Dead Redemption", "Skate 3", "Black Ops II", and "Grand Theft Auto IV". Read More »

Poor and disabled big losers in Trump budget; military wins

For instance, the Trump budget plan continues to project revenues collected from the estate tax, a tax on estate transfers of over $5.5 million that Trump wants to eliminate entirely. To their credit, both Republicans and Democrats have said this budget is a non-starter . "This budget exposes all of that verbiage for what it really was: just cheap and dishonest campaign rhetoric that was meant to get votes", Sanders told a news conference. Read More »

Global Cyber Attacks Linked to North Korean Hacks


The virus locks computers and demands a ransom be paid to unlock files. The nation shut its computers at educational institutions, local government offices and other significant places that were expected to be worst affected. Lazarus has also been linked to the hacking of Sony Pictures [official website] in 2014 and accused of stealing millions of dollars from a Bangladeshi bank in 2016. Read More »

NASA's Goof Could Mean $4M Windfall for Illinois Woman


The Lunar Sample Return Bag in an undated photo supplied by Sotheby's auction house. When the bag returned to Earth, the US government emptied it of its contents and dubbed it a national treasure. It was one of the biggest moments in history; the Apollo 11 mission of 1969 brought man to the moon. After no one bid on it in three initial auctions, she bought it in February 2015. Read More »

Gingrich adds his eulogy to loss of Roger Ailes


Ailes resigned from Fox News under pressure on July 21, 2016 due to numerous sexual harassment allegations. Ailes died at 77, his wife said in a statement Thursday morning. The floodgates opened on Ailes as dozens of women came forward with their own allegations of sexual misconduct against him, including another former Fox host, star Megyn Kelly . Read More »

Uber admits stiffing NYC drivers by millions of dollars


Tens of thousands of drivers in New York City were shortchanged, Uber acknowledged, and will now collect an average of $900 each in reimbursements, which includes interest on the lost earnings. The company says it had mistakenly continued to calculate its commission based on the gross fare, before any taxes and fees were deducted. "We stand together with the twenty-one driver partners and their families, and will continue to provide assistance, including legal support, during this hard ... Read More »

New Ford CEO's resume includes furniture and football

The new CEO will help "unlock the full potential of our people and our business" as the company attempts to transform itself into a broad-based provider of transportation services. The 114-year-old automaker said Fields [pictured above] is retiring at age 56 after 28 years at the company. " Ford has no plausible approach towards mobility and e-vehicles yet and lags behind General Motors in that respect", Christian Stadler, a strategy professor at Britain's Warwick Business School, said in a ... Read More »

Trump budget slams safety-net programs for poor

President Donald Trump releases a 2018 budget request on Tuesday that includes huge Medicaid cuts and changes to anti-poverty programs as it strives to balance the budget within a decade, the White House said in previewing the plan. Read More »

Nokia Oyj (NOKIA) PT Set at €6.50 by JPMorgan Chase & Co

Often, young, fast-growing companies prefer not to pay dividends, opting instead to re-invest their retained earnings into their business operations, compounding their growth and thus the book value of their shares over time. Nokia Oyj has a 52-week low of $4.04 and a 52-week high of $6.65. Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE: NOK)'s quick ratio for most recent quarter is 1.40 along with current ratio for most recent quarter of 1.60. Read More »

Alexa Will Soon Control Your Ikea Lights


At that point, the lights will gain compatibility for Assistant, Alexa , and Apple HomeKit (Siri). Currently, IKEA's lights can be operated through a separate smartphone app. Pricing for additional IKEA smart bulbs starts at $11.99 and tops out at $19.99, depending on brightness. That said, IKEA's TRÅDFRI line is an affordable option if you're looking to get into smart home lighting-and HomeKit-without spending loads of money. Read More »

'Destiny 2' - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Many Destiny fans will surely be delighted to learn about this development, as they would no longer need another medium to experience what the game's storyline has to offer. And let's not forget just how much better shooters control with a mouse and keyboard, even if I suck at them with either mode of operation. For the lowdown on Destiny 2's PC version , we have a massive article. Read More »

Facebook is making live video more like FaceTime


Users will now be able to livestream simultaneously with another person in a dual broadcast, and coming later this year, everyone will be getting a private-chat feature built directly into Facebook Live. You can invite friends who are already watching, or anyone who you think might want to tune in. You can jump back and forth between the public conversation and your private one throughout the broadcast, and continue the conversation with your friends after the broadcaster has chose to stop ... Read More »

Trump urges Muslims to fight 'crisis' of extremism in Saudi speech

Rouhani also pointed to the hypocrisy of Trump's speech in Riyadh , coming in the wake of the Iranian election: "Mr. Trump visited the region at the time millions of our people went to the polls". And that it hardly ever considers its own actions when placing the blame for terrorism is unsurprising as well. "Islamist" terrorism, on the other hand, refers to the extremist movement that tries to connect with and draw support from the rest of the Muslim world. Read More »

Kvitova to decide this week on French Open comeback


The injuries she suffered at the time forced her to undergo surgery to fix tendons and nerves in her left hand and it was suggested at the time that she may not play at all this year. Reports say that she has made a faster recovery than expected since being attacked in December and while her participation in Wimbledon all but confirmed, Kvitova could also take part in the French Open which starts later this month. Read More »

Researchers find a solution to save Windows files encrypted by WannaCry ransomware


While WannaCry is still evolving, people so far have been largely unaware about its reach, except for knowing that it targets almost all Windows versions released before Windows 10. The latest tally of computers that have been touched by this worm is 416,989, albeit not all computers have had their files encrypted, as WannaCry's ransomware payload has been defanged by a clever British researcher . Read More »

Huawei surprises with three new laptops at a premium price


The Matebook X measures just 12.5 mm x 286 mm × 211 mm, and weighs approximately 1.05 kg. Other features include a fingerprint sensor, 41.4Wh battery and Dolby Atmos Sound System. Power button and fingerprint reader combo. But for a new line of Windows laptops debuting on Tuesday, the USA will be among the initial markets. Keep that cost down Huawei, and you might just have a proper Surface Pro rival on your hands. Read More »

Comey to testify publicly before Senate Intelligence Committee

Comey turned down an invitation to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Reuters was not immediately able to verify the accuracy of the Times' account. Rod Rosenstein said he was not pres sured into writing a contro versial memo. But they will not break with Mr. Trump unless his supporters abandon him, or unless there is incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing by the President. Read More »

'Red Dead Redemption 2' Delayed; Releases New Images


All in all it does appear that the delay will only increase the hype for Red Dead Redemption 2, and when it does arrive next year it will be one of the must have titles no matter which console you own. Korea Portal has reported beforehand that Amazon began accepting pre-orders for " Red Dead Redemption 2 ". That could include more scenarios on the potential story behind them, something that will maintain the hype as game developers buckle down to work. Read More »

Apollo 11 relic owned by Illinois woman to be auctioned off

It started in 1969, when the off-white, purse-sized pouch flew to the moon and back with the legendary astronaut, who used it to collect the first lunar rock specimens during the Apollo 11 mission. Auctioneers think the bag could be sold for between two to four million dollars. She sent it off to Nasa to be tested, where they found traces of moon dust still on it! As the agency said in a statement after February's court ruling: "This artifact, we believe, belongs to the American people and ... Read More »

Water leaks into 'Doomsday' seed vault


Flooding breached a supposedly impregnable Arctic "doomsday" vault containing a collection of seeds stored for an apocalypse scenario last week, after warmer-than-average temperatures caused a layer of permafrost to thaw. But the seeds' future safety is suddenly in question. All the same, the Norwegian government is making a few technical upgrades to reduce the risk of water damage in the future. Read More »