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Banks tipped off to new tax: Hinch calls for investigation

A senior executive at one of the Big Four banks warned the government of "unintended consequences" of introducing a new levy. In what has been described by political analysts as a bid by the Turnbull government to hit the reset button, Mr Morrison's second budget has sought to once and for all bury the Labor Party's election "Mediscare" campaign by guaranteeing the scheme. Read More »

ITunes and Apple Music Coming to Microsoft's Windows Store


While Microsoft embraced a cross-platform strategy after Satya Nadella took the reins as CEO three years ago, these updates mark their most significant success in embracing both Android and iOS. Microsoft also announced its own set of motion controllers that works with the sensors built-in and within the headset, so you don't need to install cameras around your room like in HTC Vive. Read More »

X-ray services at Basingstoke hospital hit in NHS cyber attack


The Shadow Brokers group, which is suspected of having ties to Russian Federation, posted Windows hacking tools last month . In his first public comments since the attack on Friday, Mr Hunt told Sky News: "Although we have never seen anything on this scale when it comes to ransomware attacks, they are relatively common and there are things that you can do, that everyone can do, all of us can do, to protect ourselves against them". Read More »

Experts Believe North Korea May Be Responsible For Global Cyber Attack

Researchers have said that some of the code used in Friday's ransomware, known as WannaCry software, was almost identical to the code used by the Lazarus Group, a group of North Korean hackers who used a similar version for the devastating hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014 and the last year's hack of Bangladesh Central Bank . Read More »

Narwhal hunting with their tusks caught on video for the first time


While it looks like they would be able to use their tusks as skewer to make their own personal fish kebabs, narwhals instead smack their prey with them. Of 16 potential teeth in the narwhal, 12 are genetically silenced at birth-teeth that could be used to chomp fish. Because these so-called "unicorns of the sea." live in remote Arctic waters, it is hard for scientists to observe them. Read More »

Researchers say global cyber attack similar to North Korean hacks

Over the weekend, the largest such attack ever registered hit over 200,000 computers in 150 countries. "We are grateful for the hard work of staff at trusts and GP practices who are still suffering IT issues but have found ways to work around this, as well as the patience of people who have been affected". Read More »

Latest North Korea missile test represents significant advance


Kim personally oversaw Sunday's test, the official Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) said, and pictures by state media showed him gazing at the missile in a hangar before the launch. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, told ABC television that new sanctions against North Korea could hit oil imports and energy. The Council "vowed to fully implement all measures" imposed on the isolated island nation. Read More »

US Joins Arctic Council In Calling For Action To Curb Climate Change

The Trump administration has not come out with a decision on whether the USA will pull out of the Paris Climate accord signed under President Obama. WALDHOLZ: Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom asked, what if our planet had a seat at the table? "Then that did not happen, and I think that bodes well for the future", Wallstrom said. Read More »

The WannaCry ransomware attack was temporarily halted. But it's not over yet

Hackers hijacked computers, locking users out of their data unless they paid a ransom in Bitcoins, nearly impossible to trace. It is a malicious piece of software, and it blocks access to computers until you pay the money. Enable the "Show file extensions" option in the Windows settings on your computer. MalwareTech also reports many who paid the ransom aren't even getting their decryption keys. Read More »

Trump revealed classified info to Russians


McMaster, Trump's national security adviser. On Monday, the Washington Post reported that Trump discussed intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in a way the Russian diplomats could have identified secret sources and methods. Read More »

Video Confirms HTC U11 Design, Showcases "Edge Sense" Squeezing Features


HTC U11 is backed by a 3,000 mAh battery which has two different power saving modes. Simply squeeze the edges to launch apps, activate the camera and more, the clip shows. On the front of the handset will be a 16MP selfie camera with UltraPixel technology. The U11 also contains four microphones for recording in 360 degrees, with an Acoustic Focus feature that can be targeted in a specific direction by zooming on the target in the video. Read More »

Putin undecided on what melody to play for Trump

But he decides to plunge ahead regardless. "Also the incursions into the territory of foreign states, changes in regime, lead to such kinds of arms races, " Mr. The dialogue will always be better, Putin said, quoted here by the Russian press and who has been in a working visit to China since yesterday. I can not say I played, I was just pressing the keys with two or three fingers. Read More »

North Korea: Ballistic missile test successful


Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking in China, condemned North Korea's latest missile launch as "dangerous" but cautioned against "intimidating" the country. Ji also repeated an assertion by North Korean officials that Pyongyang has successfully foiled a CIA-backed plot to kill leader Kim Jong Un last month with a biochemical poison. Read More »

Trail of global cyberattack could lead to North Korea

The official declined to comment on intelligence-related matters. Tom Bossert, President Donald Trump's top cyber and homeland security adviser, brushed aside suggestions that the attack stemmed from a flaw discovered by the US National Security Agency and later leaked. Read More »

New Assassin's Creed Game Confirmed To Launch By March 2018


The existence of this next title was announced in two different places. During Ubisoft's yearly earnings report today, they've revealed their plans for the next year with the return of four big franchises for the company. Elsewhere, Ubisoft confirmed that South Park: The Fractured But Whole is indeed going to come out at some point. Along with the Far Cry 5 logo , the Assassin's Creed (thanks, IGN ) and The Crew 2 logos were both tweeted by the respective Twitter accounts today. Read More »

Jai Lava Kusa first look on 19th May


Naidu will be joining the team. The production house of Jai Lava Kusa , NTR Arts , lashed out at the rumours and cleared all the air. Chota K Naidu took over the Cinematography work. NTR is playing triple role including one as villain and he will be using prosthetic make up for one of his looks. Bollywood top cinematographer CK Muraleedharan is handling the camera. Read More »

MEC 'deeply saddened' by passing of Mandla Hlatshwayo


Mandla Hlatshwayo who is also a DJ with radio station Jozi FM was shot at a pub in Pimville in the Soweto township, local media News24 reported. "We convey our heartfelt condolences to his family". Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said four men had been placed in custody, but was coy to confirm if they were linked to the murder. Read More »

South Korean media: New president will visit US next month

South Korea's presidential Blue House said in a statement on Monday that special envoys would be sent to the US, China, Russia, Japan, and Germany to meet with high-ranking officials there and discuss how to develop firmer ties. Mr Moon has said he would be willing to visit the North " in the right circumstances ", but also slammed Sunday's launch as a " reckless provocation ", saying dialogue would be possible " only if the North changes its attitude ". Read More »

WannaCry Ransomware Gets Upgraded and This Time There Is No Kill Switch

If weaponized and released , this version would skip the initial pre-infection beacon, and we would return to the same stage we were on Friday afternoon when WannaCry was making victims left and right, with nothing standing in its way. For a variety of reasons, that fix never made it onto the affected computers. About 52,000 PCs and 2,350 servers in Ireland's Health Service Executive (HSE) have had anti-virus software deployed as IT experts moved to counteract the threat of the global ... Read More »

Cyberattack wave ebbs, but experts see risk of more

The victims include hospitals, universities, manufacturers and government agencies in countries like Britain, China, Russia, Germany and Spain. And the spread could be just the beginning. The online extortionists behind the global WannaCry Internet attack had raked in less than $100,000 by late Monday. The president of Microsoft laid some of the blame at the feet of the USA government. Read More »

How to keep your PC safe from the massive ransomware attacks

Europol said a special task force at its European Cybercrime Centre was "specially created to assist in such investigations and will play an important role in supporting the investigation". The New York Times offered a deeper dive into softward that can help you avoid attacks. The companies and government agencies targeted were diverse. Read More »

Log in, look out: Cyber havoc may grow

In the case of WannaCry , the program encrypts your files and demands payment in bitcoin in order to regain access. That's why it's called ransomware. President Donald Trump on Friday night ordered his homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert, to convene an "emergency meeting" to assess the threat posed by the global attack, a senior administration official told Reuters . Read More »

WannaCry ransomware loses its kill switch, so watch out

Russia's interior ministry said some of its computers had been hit by a "virus attack" and that efforts were underway to destroy it. "The recent attack is at an unprecedented level and will require a complex global investigation to identify the culprits", said Europol, Europe's police agency. Read More »

What is the 'ransomware' WannaCry worm and how does it spread?

The ransomware , believed to be a variant of the WanaCrypt0r malware, has affected systems in 100 countries, and has also struck big corporations, including the owner of mobile network O2, Spanish telecoms company Telefonica. Who was behind the attack? India was said to be among the countries worst affected in the attack with data from anti-virus provider Kaspersky showing five per cent of all affected systems were in India. Read More »

North Korea renews accusation of Central Intelligence Agency assassination plot

An official at the North's embassy in Beijing told foreign reporters that its missile test will be conducted at any place and time that the leadership decides, according to sources. Moon chaired an emergency meeting of security advisers early Sunday, within hours of the missile launch. Kim proclaimed his nation's development of intercontinental ballistic missile technology earlier this year. Read More »

Asus ZenFone 3 Max starts receiving Android Nougat update


This could be a typographical mistake from the company. It only mentions that this update will bring Android 7.1.1 Nougat to the device.However, it will include new features, enhanced ZenUI, performance boost, general bug fixes and latest security patches. Read More »

Cyber Attack: What You Need To Know Today

The so-called WannaCry ransomware locks access to user files and demands money - in the form of the virtual currency Bitcoin - in order to decrypt them. In the world of ransomware, that was "unheard of six months ago", Levy said. The effects were felt across the globe, with Britain's National Health Service , Russia's Interior Ministry and companies including Spain's Telefonica , FedEx the USA and French carmaker Renault all reporting disruptions. Read More »

Moms in need get to celebrate Mother's Day


Make a resolution that you will not just be physically near your mother often but actually be with her and there for her. Bert Christensen compiled a list of humorous things that people had learned from their mothers . Mother will always be with you at every stage of your life. Nissan's "Spirit of Motherhood" forces us to think that the emotions, strength, hard work, love, sincerity that goes into being a mother aren't and shouldn't be restricted to moms. Read More »

Cyber Attack: How it's affecting Northumbria NHS Trust

A large cyberattack crippled computer systems at hospitals across Britain on Friday, with appointments cancelled, phone lines down and patients turned away. It said 16 NHS organizations had reported being hit. The attack has hit more than 75,000 computers in 99 countries. Vicente Diaz, a security analyst at Kaspersky, said big companies would have spent the weekend implementing such measures, but smaller firms without a dedicated security team could still suffer from the malware. Read More »

China Hit by Cyber Virus, Europe Warns of More Attacks

The security flaw that hackers used to launch the attacks Friday was made public after information was stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency, which routinely searches for flaws in software and builds tools to exploit them. Install Microsoft's official patch. Some organizations around the world will likely wake up to computers infected by the ransomware, causing it to potentially spread even further. Read More »

Samsung And Intel Back FTC's Antitrust Allegations Against Qualcomm


The FTC's lawsuit accuses Qualcomm of trying to corner the market for semiconductors used in smartphones. Both companies alleged in their statements that Qualcomm abuses its patents in order to retain its position as the No. Qualcomm is trying to fend off a series of legal and regulatory challenges to its business practices around the world, including a massive lawsuit by Apple. Read More »

UN Security Council to meet Tuesday over North Korea missile launch

The nose cone resembles that of the KN-08 ICBM the North is believed to be developing, and the lofted trajectory tests re-entry by putting the missile through extra stress, said Joshua Pollack of the US -based Nonproliferation Review. Japan's defense minister says the missile test-fired by North Korea might have been a new type given the altitude and duration of its flight. He says the missile was not flying toward Japan and that the country did not launch a safety alert system. Read More »